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Mine Tonight ❰Download❯ ➽ Mine Tonight Author Christina C. Jones – A little unreuited love a little deceit a little anonymous encounter and a little bit of unforgettable chemistry This is three sexy stories about three women with a focus on how one night of mind blow A little unreuited love a little deceit a little anonymous encounter and a little bit of unforgettable chemistry This is three sexy stories about three women with a focus on how one night of mind blowing intimacy can change it all If you’re looking for a sweet tender love story this ain’t it But I still think you’ll enjoy it .

10 thoughts on “Mine Tonight

  1. Love Belvin Love Belvin says:

    Smokey sensual shorts filled with substance I want to say which couplecharacterhero is my favorite but it's difficult to choose considering how well developed they all are Psssssst I will say I would love to hear from that Willow The genius in CCJ is you never know what she's coming with She takes us on so many journeys that include several genres but she never loses us Her creativity is that amazingBravo Jones

  2. Annette Williams Annette Williams says:

    I'm a little late to the party with this book When I started reading it I had no idea I was diving into the Drake siblings background I love when I'm able to revisit characters from previous books With any CCJ book you pretty much know it's going to be awesome but I didn't expect all of this hot goodness Whew chile 🔥🔥🔥 I definitely clutched my imaginary pearls She said this book was a novella but we damn near got a full length novel with Braxton's story Each story a great plot and I loved how they somewhat intertwined I really enjoyed these three sexy shorts CCJ has definitely become the ueen of Black Romance

  3. Teresa Mcmillian Teresa Mcmillian says:

    Only for the grown and sexyCCJ really did her thing with this erotic novella I already love the love scenes that she had previously written in her other novels and this just takes it to another level This uick read revolves around three couples and will have you reaching for the nearest fan Enjoy

  4. Donette Cribbs Donette Cribbs says:

    Another 5 starsMore sexy black romances I really hope you expand on the last story When it ended I was a little unfulfilled

  5. Felicia Felicia says:

    I really enjoyed these three sexy shorts about women who appear to have everythingexcept love But they're tired of waiting tired of just surviving and tired of running and decide to flip the script make some bold moves and go after what they wantAs always this author delivers an excellent balance of character development plot development and steamy bedroom scenes oh and cannot forget the elevator ride that do not override or detract from each other I liked how the women could be the aggressor in the bedroom but that elevator was like Kryptonite to them LOLThere's an undeniable chemistry between all three couples but for me Willow and Lincoln own this book Their spontaneity and sexy banter was fun to watch and some of the things that came out of Willow's mouth were just plain hilarious Lincoln's everyman uality made him likeable and sexy I could definitely read a rom com starring these twoNot hard to believe that these three couples could be one big happy family and also the best of friends I think Nashira could use a couple of true sistadivagyrlfriendz But come what may these three young ladies will keep their men on their toes

  6. Wilki Wilki says:

    Three women find that chanced sexual encounters on the whim can lead to damage to the libidoand heart than they intially thoughtThis puts me in the mind frame to sing Go C Jones that's my C Jones you bettayou bettawerk hahaha yasssss hunTY You did that and I'm so happy to see you stepping out of your comfort zone This isn't your normal writing dripping with lovey dovey emotions It was raw and gritty and just in your face I am a huge fan of erotic reads and I throughly enjoyed the sizzling sex scenes that centered around a lot of the plotbut here's the catch there was an actual plot Oh lawd how many shorts I have read where it just fell short because the author didn't know how to convey a storyline in minimal words But with Mine Tonight I got history on each character who were well developed and I loved the way C Jones was able to link the stories so it just flowed Though I'd want naturally it ended satisfyingly with a promise of Good job on this C Jones

  7. Anika Anika says:

    Welp Christina says she was trying to up her intimate scene game in writing this bookand that she did And then some What surprised me was how much story she was able to get into each novella I don't think that's easy And it's usually not that enjoyable to read I expected a fun sexy read and what I got was that PLUS a fluid set of stories with a surprising amount of depth I am truly pleased Each story got better and better and each character was surprisingly multidimensional The dialogue between the characters was witty and stayed true to their personalities I found myself laughing out loud a lot The stories were funny emotional and super hot I did not expect this to be as engaging as it was It is in my opinion virtually impossible to be able to do that in such a short space of time What's next Christina?

  8. Ayo Joy Ayo Joy says:

    This novella drips sweet syrupy eroticaI cracked this open knowing that I would be teased due to this being a novella I didn't expect all of this hot goodness to make me feel like I do though I'm feeling all types of ways excited turned on satisfied and wanting I'm finally in tune with what I look for in a romance novel and you deliver just what this reader wants I am mad that this was short because now you got me feenin' I love the background story and the link between all three I am a member of #TeamCCJ on Facebook and had the pleasure of experiencing the progression of this work You are a bad mamma jamma

  9. Dee Cherry Dee Cherry says:

    Mine TonightEnjoyable short romantic read as these characters took a mild wild ride Interesting situations as Christina Jones did well intertwining the stories I can say these characters had determination in their romantic pursuit of their lovers My favorite was the first couple as Nashira was relentless with her chase Good read

  10. Tina Young Tina Young says:

    Great Short Romantically Intriguing ReadI'm not sure what I was expecting when I downloaded Mine Tonight but what I got was very impressive and I'm looking forward to reading from Christina Jones Three short journeys into the lives of three Dynamic Couples If you're looking for something uick to read as far as romance Mine Tonight is a must readT

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