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O Wow ✯ [PDF] ❤ O Wow By Jenny Block ✼ – What is an ultimate orgasm An ultimate orgasm is your personal best orgasm It doesn’t leave anything at the table It doesn’t want anything It lasts as long as it lasts It takes as long as it takes What is an ultimate orgasm An ultimate orgasm is your personal best orgasm It doesn’t leave anything at the table It doesn’t want anything It lasts as long as it lasts It takes as long as it takes It’s as messy and loud or uiet and tidy as you like It has no room for shame or apology An ultimate orgasm comes from uestioning exploring experimenting with no concern for how society or religion or anything else defines sex or female orgasm The ultimate orgasm belongs to you and only you and it is your responsibility to find it to have it and to keep it for as long as you want to live a fully sexually satisfying life Want to know the secret to having the ultimate orgasm Knowing your body and being in the zone That’s it Lots of tips and tricks and ideas follow later in the book But first and foremost we have to empower ourselves to pleasure No matter how much your partner is committed to your orgasm you are the only one who can and should be responsible for your orgasm There's no judgment No right or wrong way No bad orgasms.

About the Author: Jenny Block

Jenny Block writes for a variety of regional and national publications as well as for various anthologies The inspiration for her new book Open Love Sex and Life in an Open Marriage stems from her piece “Portrait of an Open Marriage” which ran in Tango and was reprinted by Cosmopolitan Germany and The Huffington Post Jenny holds both her Bachelor’s and her Master’s in English from Virgin.

3 thoughts on “O Wow

  1. Stacy Bailey Stacy Bailey says:

    Great book for all women Brought to light how little most women know about our own bodies and how most of us were taught to be ashamed of our sexuality in general Fascinating information and fun assessments Thanks Jenny

  2. Joseph Pfeffer Joseph Pfeffer says:

    An important book but not a well written one It's a strong polemic for women's sexuality in and of itself unrelated to men and what makes men feel satisfied Block says that lesbian sex and masturbation free women from male bondage and makes a convincing case She also takes it to the male of the species pointing out that female orgasms are both longer and freuent than the male kind She is very strong on ejaculation or intercourse not being the be all and literally end all of sex and she hates the term foreplay Sex for Block is not a journey to an end point but a circle that never stops renewing itself never comes to a climax except for the purpose of beginning all over again O Wow is not a comfortable book for men to read which is the main reason I read it It tends to make women's sex seem like a closed circuit with men playing subordinate roles to women's pleasure A serious flaw in my view is that it says nothing about relationships what role they play in sex or how desire contributes to arousal and sexual satisfaction Her descriptions of sex have a decidedly mechanistic uality She makes partners seem almost interchangeable as long as both consent to what they're doing Sex for Block seems detached from the person with whom one is having it as long as that person is attentive to the other's needs At the same time everything she says about female orgasms and the activities that surround them sounds true No one destroys the smoke a cigarette roll over on the pillow and go to sleep view of human sexuality beloved of thousands of movies and TV shows as effectively as Block doesMy biggest problem with the book was its repetitiousness Several chapters seem nearly interchangeable She is so focused on the idea of women's sex being for pleasure that she directs every discussion to that aim Much of the book reads as a rather plodding How to for women but that may be inevitable It's certainly something men need to attend to as well as women But too much of O Wow reads like an instruction manual rather than an exploration of female sexuality Perhaps that's what women want but it made the book a bit tedious in the midde chapters For all this Jenny Block has written a radical corrective to time honored views of female sexuality For that if nothing else the book is worth reading and taking to heart

  3. Emelie Emelie says:

    The pep talk version of an introduction to female orgasm As an introduction to said topic it's pretty solid though I personally didn't gain much from reading this It is extremely repetitive which is only made bearable by the chattiness of the pep talk tone Would recommend to sexually inhibited and inexperienced women who appreciates that kind of chatty buzzfeed tone in their non fiction if you're the kind of person who feels patronized or annoyed by that writing style you'll likely hate this and if you know the basics on the topic you'll probably not learn a lot Also this is predictably cisnormative and binary in it's references to gender No one is surprised by this but I thought I'd mention it anyway in case some poor soul had any level of hopeThis ended up being a much negative review than I intended For what it is it's pretty good I'm just not an ideal reader for it I liked how she balanced the science and the anecdotal evidence? stuff? Stuff I can also appreciate her enthusiasm for all the pussies of the world If you're gonna let anyone near your fucking magical cunt make sure they're as excited and honored about it as Jenny Block would be

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