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A Reunion to Remember ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ A Reunion to Remember By T.J. Thomas ✓ – Thomashillier.co.uk Jo Adams and Rhonda Black reconnect after ten years apart Rhonda’s twin daughters were Jo’s best friends in high school With the significant age difference Rhonda cannot believe Jo twenty years he Jo Adams and Rhonda Black reconnect after ten years apart Rhonda’s twin daughters were Jo’s best friends in high school With the significant age difference Rhonda cannot believe Jo twenty years her junior will want to be with her long termJo knows what she wants but can A Reunion Epub / she convince Rhonda she’s in this relationship for the long haulRhonda feels caught between a desire to explore a new opportunity for love and the daughter whose response she does not understand Can she and Jo navigate the reactions and responses of Rhonda’s family and deal with their own fears and doubts to find a lasting love.

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  1. Pin Pin says:

    A Reunion to Remember is the debut novel by TJ Thomas The emphasis here is on debut because it shows in several ways The book is a romance with a twenty years age gap the younger character 28 years old is the best friend from high school of the older character's twin daughtersPros age gap relationship generally I like that kind of love stories so this is a plus for me age gap relationship between the main characters is believable and not off putting likable main characters the story is easy to readCons dialogue is often stiff and that prevents the characters from expressing themselves properly story is too predictable full of common tropes so at key moments you know exactly what will happen next reactions of the children reactions of the protagonists view spoilerthe older character in the age gap relationship is hesitant and uncertain and the younger character has to be seriously injured for all things to take place hide spoiler

  2. Diane Wallace Diane Wallace says:

    'ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review'Much better than what i expected excellent writingvery indepth in dealing with the family drama and not much on the agemature thing but both the Love and admiration was on point The author did a good job creating and twisting the storyline in every way it was much on 'who trusted who ' and had time for each to be able to hold out in talking about their true feelings Just was so fascinated by this book because of how MsThomas dive into all the different layers of each character first one of the leads had to grow into herself uickly because of her life and even going through her issues then seeing her own mom being violently abuse DV this just an add on to her many predicaments then there was the other MC who had to deal with herself never being with a woman all the stuff with her children plus her never ending emotional state of mind Enjoyable storyline depth with all involve A risky topic but well done with a fantastic ending highly recommended

  3. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    I really enjoyed this book I wavered between 4 and 5 stars and finally came down on the 4 stars because I did fall out of the book a few times while reading it But I also loved it so much it's going on my comfort read list It's a pure romance and you can really feel the heat between the main characters

  4. ~ * K E L L I E * ~ ~ * K E L L I E * ~ says:

    A Reunion to Remember is a May December romance centred on Jo Adams and Rhonda Black Jo grew up in Massachusetts before going off to college in San Diego Jo’s best friends in high school were Christie and Julie Black Rhonda’s twin daughtersJo now 28 returns to her hometown in Massachusetts for the wedding of her college best friend Amy and her partner Randi 10 years away seems a long time and she had lost touch with Christie Julie and the rest of the Black familyJo and Rhonda 48 meet up again at the wedding and a mutual attraction can be felt between the two although Rhonda has her doubts due to the 20 year age difference Will Jo get the woman she had a teenage crush on or will Rhonda’s uncertainty about the age difference keep them apart?The story was well written and all characters were likeable I did wonder what happened to Rhonda’s husband Bill as he was featured in the prologue yet there was no mention of him again until the 69% mark of the book according to my Kindle I thought this should’ve been discussed earlier in the book Rhonda’s constant doubt was a little trying at times and the family drama with Rhonda’s kids was rather clichéHaving said that A Reunion to Remember had it all – love drama discovery apprehension happiness tears and an abundance and I do mean abundance of ‘loving’ – there was no ‘debut author reserve’ with these smokin’ scenesOverall this was a nice debut novel which I thoroughly enjoyed I look forward to reading the author’s future work ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley

  5. Alena Alena says:

    I feel bad about abandoning my second Netgalley offering in as many days but I can't get over the writingIt's clunky and awkward and doesn't find a flow Some things are over explained the dialogue makes things clear but a descriptive passage is added to really drive the point home sometimes minute details are described other things are left in the dark completely I don't know if some of them where did the husband go? will be explained later but I already found myself not caringIn addition I just don't see the attraction between the two The author tells me repeatedly it's there but it seemed to come out of nowhere and was instantI was looking forward to this as I generally like May December romances

  6. Catherine Catherine says:

    This was a sweet romance that really hit the mark for me in every way Everything just seemed to work for me and I loved every minute of the read The characters Jo and Rhonda were fantastic lovable and perfect for each other You not only could feel the chemistry between the two but they were that typical couple that you can just tell they are perfect for each other in every way which made them so enjoyable to read about For me a good romance novel has the chemistry and love not only in the words but the actions and through the writing and I found that TJ Thomas was able to do this perfectlyThe pace was perfect in my mind You never spent too much time in one scene which helped move the story along uickly I am someone that normally finds it annoying if you find half the book filled with sex scenes as I find it can seem very repetitive We did have a decent amount of sex in this book but I found it to not drag on and that it didn't over take the storyThe one thing for me I would have liked as a reader is in the prologue Rhonda has a husband However we don't find out what really happened to him till about 50% into the book It might just be me but I kept wanting to know what happened to him and where he was in the pictureIf you are looking for a book with lots of angst you won't find it here there is some but at the end of the day this is just a very sweet romance and I enjoyed every minute Great job from a new author and I look forward to her future workI was given this book by NetGalley for an honest review

  7. Loek Krancher Loek Krancher says:

    A must read for romance fanJo had a rough time growing up with a father with a drinking problem and a bad temper With the support of friends and their lovely family the future for Jo looks bright again She has managed her own anger and frustrations and she became a kind patient honest and strong woman When Jo returns to the town she grew up everything changed in a good way This is a sizzling romance with affable characters I loved watching the development of their relationship and how they faces all the demons the obstacles on their path and how they came out stronger It's all very heartwarming and the end came much too soon I can heartily recommend it to anyone

  8. Kitty McIntosh Kitty McIntosh says:

    I wish I could give this book 10 stars I loved it so much When a book makes you really get under the skin of the characters and you feel every emotion so intensely you know you are reading the words of a very talented writer The story of Jo an abused teen who was taken in by Rhonda and her family 10 years before is a beautiful heart wrenching love story that will reuire a box of tissues on hand for the amazing endingTen years on Jo is back in her home town for a wedding and reconnects with Rhonda the mother of her best friends at school and the woman who looked after her at an horrific time of her life She is immediately attracted to Rhonda but she is straight so assumes that nothing can happen between them Rhonda is bowled over by the adult Jo and has feelings that she is totally shocked at but can’t shake them off She kisses Jo at the end of the night and both feel something very powerful When Jo moves in with her as a temporary lodger they begin to grow closer and can’t deny their feelings Problems arise when the family find out and the women have to try and cope with their feelings tooThe book rides a rollercoaster of emotions and I rode them too The women are perfect for each other but family issues a twenty year age gap and fear of the future keeps holding them back In the end they love each other too much and their connection is too strong to let go Their love scenes are wonderfully written and really hot Jo is uite reserved and does not easily share her feelings Rhonda is holding back for another reason though she feels her age would be a problem later I won’t spoil the ending but suffice to say I was in floods of happy tears I was given this ARc by Inked Rainbow Reads in return for an honest review

  9. Heidi Heidi says:

    Good story dialog was didn't flow all the time Kept feeling something is missing but not sure what it is Good debut novel will read author again

  10. Amy Amy says:

    I received a copy of this book from Inked Rainbow Reads in return for an honest reviewI really enjoyed this book although it made me realize that I'm a hypocrite The reason? I'm in a bit of a May December relationship myself I'm the May part of the relationship; my partners have always been older than I When I read the story and put myself in Jo's position this is a wonderful love story When I put myself in Rhonda's position I become uncomfortable Hypocritical to the extreme Thanks TJ for making me realize that I need to work on myself Anyway like I said this is a wonderful love story from their initial attraction to each other that they both try to ignore to both deciding that they have to explore their feelings to developing deeper feelings and even to having to deal with the reactions of family and friends There is a double standard in society that says when an older man is involved with a younger woman it is proof that he is still virile that he still has what it takes However society frowns on a woman getting involved with a younger partner and I don't think there's much difference even when it involves two women The scene at one of the grandkid's basketball game where Rhonda is given the inuisition about her younger companion is proof of that; Rhonda scandalizes the gossips at the game when she doesn't deny that they're together Sometimes stories point out our prejudices almost as an aside But at the heart of things this story is about Jo and Rhonda and how they find happiness and home in one another And that's what romance is all about

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