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  1. Mya Mya says:

    The seuel to Dark Intelligence is no less riveting and complex than the first in the Transformation series Asher is still playing with the deconstruction and evolution of being what it means to exist to act and overcome for Humans Prador the crab like alien race as well as AI entities Through Penny Royal a dark possibly insane AI the destinies of characters introduced in the first book continue to be manipulated Is it for peace is it out of guilt is it out of benevolence? The motive for Penny Royal's actions aren't clear not even to perhaps its closest victim the human Thorvald Spear What I really like about this book and mind you Asher is my favorite author has always been his world building and nuanced characters Never before has he delved so far into the Prador biology; their mating habits dietary needs and social behavior Considering that they are the freuently used brutal protagonists in his books this was an insightful treat only made better by the appearances of a few uniue prador one such who even dabbles inartAlso unlike his other works the humans definitely take a back seat to the god like manipulations of AI not even including Penny Royal The Brockle makes his appearance as a player in the great game of destiny As an AI that is just as terrifying as Penny Royal if not this Prison WardenInterrogation AI becomes obsessed with bringing the rogue Penny Royal to justice even at the threat of incurring the wrath of the main Polity protector Earth Central Artificial Intelligences aren't the only ones to steal the show though as really the Prador are the most fascinating characters in the work Sverl the mutated tripartite being part human part Prador part AI Cvorn the cyber augmented Prador vowing to hunt Sverl as a pawn to take over the Prador empire Sfolk the gutsy upstart renegade Bsorol and Bsectil Sverl's emphatically evolving first children and the ever elusive mysterious King of the Prador Each one of their narratives shine on the pageThe usual spectacular Asher staples are present throughout the work with masers CTDs rail guns planet busters gaitling guns hardfields and U space tech There are intense space ship battles heart pounding action and shocking deaths and destruction but also as usual the story attacks the brain as much as the action hits the pulse As I finish this book and eagerly await the 3rd I will admit that I have no idea where the story is headed but I eagerly look forward to finding out as the ending of this book was not exactly easy to get over

  2. Bradley Bradley says:

    I think I have finally become a card carrying fan of Asher Before it was all about the awesome tech and the cool reveals that usually surrounded the cool tech but then I was getting into the wide range of messed up characters being transformed from normal baddies to nearly godlike baddies while the rest of the Polity goes nuts with godlike AIs of every flavor and disposition ruling us poor fools however they liked Often to some very strange resultsFast forward to the current novel It continues on with the story of Pennyroyal not from his POV but from all his Faustian victims After the results and cool as shit reveals from Dark Transformation we still don’t get the ubergodlike AI’s POV but he has suddenly become my absolute favorite AI character of all time Talk about a backstoryThis novel is both a fantastic backstory and a great adventure bringing the most fascinating creatures and monsters from the previous and throwing them together in a truly awesome way At the whims of a dark god with truly crazy motives and crazier abilitiesThink of a Lovecraftian nightmare with hyperspace superintelligence and even time travel capabilities Have him apparently bring about the most elaborate scheme to enact revenge upon himself by creating paradigm shifting creatures capable of busting planets and then make him look like a king slumming it in a local bar Too freaking awesome

  3. Xavi Xavi says:

    Space opera at its best with a fantastic world building good characters and a complex surprising and addictive plot with moments of tension and action if somewhat elongated for my taste in some cases I really want to know how the saga will endFull review in english ña en castellano

  4. Tim Hicks Tim Hicks says:

    This book has flaws but I am starting from six stars for scope complexity and continuation of a very long series So five If this is your first Asher put it down NOW Go and read at least six of his others and definitely #1 of this series As I read this I kept picturing Asher working in an biggish room with whiteboards from floor to ceiling On one wall he lists all the facts he has laid out about each character On another he maps where everyone is at the current plot moment On the third he shows who everyone is and whether each is currently alive or dead both of those being rather fluid concepts On the fourth he logs all the details to date of each location in the plot And every morning he has to walk around the room uploading it all again before he can write another ten pages Neal has had a tough time of it lately and I am very pleased to see in this book and other places that he seems to have worked through it as much as anyone can So where is the accounting of the number of planets that had to be destroyed to make all the ships in this series? One is 80x50 miles and many aren't a lot smaller Where is the list of all the weapons used in the series? Just for this book where's the list of all the things Riss can do? Has anyone counted how many times the word hardfield appears? Readers you will discover that this book contains 1 two insane AIs; 2 one or Pradors who are probably insane by their society's standards and arguably aren't pradors any; 3 a snake drone of nearly limitless capability that is really really mad at someone; 4 time travel carefully limited and done in a way that actually improves the plot considerably; and much But then if you've been reading the series you've been through hooders and Atheters and 20 of the weirdest creatures ever imagined in SF so no surprise I miss the extra snarky war drone from a few books ago but there's so nuch going on here that it's not a big deal Actually if you write down the plot as you go there aren't a lot of big action scenes Just a lot of development of characters and situations As is almost always the case these days there isn't a gigantic payoff ending Possibly because it's not clear what it could have been but likely because there HAS to be a Volume 3 now with two insane genius AIs facing off It's going to be a doozy And finally when does Asher get his Lifetime Achievement Award?

  5. John John says:

    War Factory Review – Mr Asher has once again taken us on a rip roaring ride through the universe of the Polity chalk full of half human crabs and overly emotional AIs War Factory may be his best work yet As is typical in Mr Asher’s work a broad range of characters from past works particularly Dark Intelligence take part in the chaos that unfolds As the title infers the central plot focuses around AI with seemingly God like abilities finding the original factory it was created in The machinations of the AI in uestion lead to complicated sub plots unfolding including the potential for an interstellar war involving old foes the Prador As in previous work War Factory also explores past themes introduced in some of Mr Asher’s other works Such as who the king of the Prador empire is and why the Kings Guard are so secretive in their enforcement of the kings wishesI highly recommend War Factory to any fans of Space Opera If you enjoyed the likes of Stephen Baxter Alastair Reynolds or Greg Bear War Factory is for you War Factory was written as a seuel to Dark Intelligence if you have a chance read Dark Intelligence first for background

  6. Jason Jason says:

    5 Stars Are simply not enough to describe how much I loved this book from Neal Asher I am a true fan boy of his and War Factory seemed to be written just for me Who would ever think that an action packed space opera featuring next to no humans would be so identifiable and real I devoured this one and will read every book that Asher writes

  7. Mark Medina Mark Medina says:

    Silky smooth sci fi with bite More please

  8. Chris Berko Chris Berko says:

    Immensely entertaining book

  9. Sontaranpr Sontaranpr says:

    This is the kind of book where you have no idea what's going on but you're riding along giggling the whole time as it's just that good An excellent follow on in the series and one that closes out some threads while making a whole new uilt along the way Additionally I'm not even certain those closed threads will remain that way as death is a mere inconvenience in this universe Now the long dark wait till the next one

  10. Nick Nick says:

    Not terrific Internal inconsistency and way too much exposition Could've been halved in length but I guess he's famous enough now for publishers to fear editing a cash cow I'd be harsher but he's suffered loss I know how that feels and there should be mercy in the world I will always read him Jain speed Asher

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War Factory Transformation #2 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ War Factory Transformation #2 Author Neal Asher – Thomashillier.co.uk Thorvald Spear resurrected from his death over a hundred years earlier continues to hunt Penny Royal the rogue AI and dangerous war criminal on the run from Polity forces Beyond the Graveyard a lawles Thorvald Spear resurrected from his death over a hundred years earlier continues to hunt Penny Royal the rogue AI and dangerous war criminal on the run from Polity forces Beyond the Graveyard a lawless and deadly area in deep space Spear follows the trail of several enemy Prador the crab like alien species with a violent history of conflict with humanitySverl a Prador genetically modified by Penny Royal and slowly becoming human pursues Cvorn a Prador harboring deep hatred for the Polity looking War Factory ePUB ½ to use him and other hybrids to reignite the dormant war with mankindBlite captain of a bounty hunting ship hands over two prisoners and valuable memplants from Penny Royal to the Brockle a dangerous forensics entity under strict confinement on a Polity spaceship that uickly takes a keen interest in the corrupted AI and its unclear motivesPenny Royal meanwhile continues to pull all the strings in the background keeping the Polity at bay and seizing control of an attack ship It seeks Factory Station Room a wartime manufacturing space station believed to be destroyed What does it want with the factory And will Spear find the rogue AI before it gets there War Factory the second book in the Transformation trilogy is signature space opera from Neal Asher breakneck pacing high tech science bizarre alien creatures and gritty dangerous far future worlds.