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The Order of the Eternal Sun [Download] ✤ The Order of the Eternal Sun Author Jessica Leake – Lucy Sinclair’s debut will be a parade of everything opulent Edwardian London society has to offer Most importantly it will be nothing like her older sister’s dangerous experience—especially if of the MOBI í Lucy Sinclair’s debut will be a parade of everything opulent Edwardian London society has to offer Most importantly it will be nothing like her older sister’s dangerous experience—especially if her overprotective brother in law Lord Thornewood has his way As if screening her dance partners isn’t enough Thornewood insists that his brother James train Lucy in self defense She wouldn’t mind so much if her treacherous mind didn’t continue to replay the kiss they once sharedBut awkward defense lessons are the least of her problems Her arcana a magical talent that allows her to mentally enter any scene The Order PDF/EPUB or that she draws grows stronger by the day Again and again Lucy is compelled to draw a portal to her mother’s realm of Sylvania—and with each stroke of her pen she risks attracting the attention of The Order of the Eternal Sun the sinister brotherhood that steals the power of Sylvani blood for their own dark endsWhen a bold new suitor arrives from India Lucy can’t help but be intrigued—though her family uestions his mysterious past But as Lucy’s own suspicions grow and the threat of the Order looms larger Lucy will have to learn to harness her unpredictable Order of the ePUB ☆ power or risk falling under the Order’s shadow forever.

About the Author: Jessica Leake

of the MOBI í Once upon a time Jessica Leake was a psychotherapist but even though she loved her clients she couldn't stop writing She wrote and wrote until she got her first book published and then she wrote some In between all that writing she had four beautiful and hilarious children with her husband best friend and man she's known since high school; also hilarious moved back to her adopted hom.

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  1. Alyssa Palombo Alyssa Palombo says:

    I absolutely adored Jessica Leake's first novel ARCANA and I loved this follow up novel just as much if not It was so wonderful to visit with all the characters I loved so much in the first book and THE ORDER OF THE ETERNAL SUN expands greatly on the world established in ARCANA Leake's world building brings the realm of Sylvania to magnificent technicolor life for the reader until I almost feel as though I'd been there myself Filled with romance suspense and lots of Jane Austen esue witty banter this is a book that's difficult to put down Be on the look out for it this August

  2. Anna Tan Anna Tan says:

    Lucy Sinclair is making her big debut in London Society Everything is going well her presentation to the King and ueen is as wondrous as she hoped and her brother in law Lord Thornewood is scritinizing everyone and everything to make sure that she's protected from The Order of the Eternal Sun Yet Lord Alexander Radcliffe Earl of Devonshire manages to attend her debut ball unknown and uninvited managing to steal her heart and exposing her to danger all in one slick move On the surface The Order of the Eternal Sun felt a little run of the mill After all you have a young female protagonist who is coming of age and has new powers she's still learning to control there's a love interest and another potential love interest both very young and handsome dangerous enemies who are after her and her family an overbearingoverprotective father figure and an old mentor who steps into the picture And yet Leake makes it fresh and exciting Lucy is no shrinking lily she's half Sylvanian with dangerous enemies after her and a growing power she's still learning to control but she's not sitting around freaking about it She's taking decisive action mostly rational though sometimes too trusting like any eighteen year old tends to be when they're in love or at least when they think they are Alexander starts off as an enigma Leake masterly fills you in with pieces of his history so you think you know his motives and yet at the same time you're left confused as confused as Lucy because you can't tell if he is good or bad You want him to be good because you don't want Lucy to be hurt but at the same all information points the other way and you think that she's being overly naive and trusting Because she's a teen and I suppose this is YA fantasy maybe? there's a love triangle and whilst I'm tired of this it was uite well set up and not simply a sappy girl who can't make up her mind The Sylvanian world is well constructed You're drawn into a place of wonder and excitement It feels as if Leake has created a real world with very real rules and conseuences The only thing I really want to know is why those with lesser Sylvan blood such as Lucy's niece seems to be growing stronger powers than their full blooded or half blooded Slyvanian relatives it's something not uite explained in the book and something the ueen also wants to find out so I'm guessing this might be the topic or at least the driving force of the next story set in this wonderful worldOne slight detraction from a story set in the 1800s Victorian English most of the events of the story felt like it was set in the right period However some phrases used and spoken expressions felt a little too modern Then again I'm not an expert on the period so I can't say for sure I should probably get round to finding the first book because it appears there is one called Arcana in which exciting things happen to Lucy's older sisterNote I received a digital ARC of this book for review via Edelweiss

  3. LAWonder10 LAWonder10 says:

    To her dismay James Thornewood appeared at the end of Lucy's fencing lesson  She hadn't seen the gallant brother of her brother in law in three yearsOf course he would attend her coming out debut She tried to hide the embarrassment  over the memory of the stolen kiss and his abrupt departure after he had revealed error undying love for him Now she must endure the awkwardness of not only seeing him again  but to live in the same house until after the Ball Must they feel so awkward?  Could they just be friend's again?Lately her arcana had developed to the point of taking over her drawings she was determined to remain in control While concentrating on her debut she begins to sketch the throne room in detail and all the many people in attendance Suddenly she was drawn into a new scene beyond her control  She was drawn out of her body into Buckingham Palace and  man of Eastern influence catches her eye As he approaches a small voice calls to her It is her young two year old niece Issie Her spirit gratefully returns to her body and bedroom She cannot low her arcana to control her as it did her sister years before Her sister nearly died However the lack of control had never happened to her beforeeven shocking Izzie was able to see the tooAt her ball on the outside terrace the man from inside error drawing was there How could this be?From that point on the intrigue mystery action and romance propels forward Her maternal grandmother living in a other realm becomes an important player in this saga Lucy is faced with difficult choicesones which could alienate her from the very ones she loves She discovers dangers which may ultimately end her mortal lifeThis book can be read as a stand alone but I feel I would have a greater appreciation for It if I had read the first one Still it was captivating and the characters the characters all came to life and the scenes were easily visualized The book title and cover erected chosen well except Lucy has very blond hair The girl on the cover is depicted with brown  almost Auburn hairThis book was gifted me but that does not influence my honest reviewI deem this novel worthy of a Four and a Half Stars rating

  4. Lucie Paris Lucie Paris says:

    Fun with a fast original pace I've liked the charactersall of them Jeassica Leake has created a great family with strong women who have mind of their own and are not afraid to take risks It's intriguing light and amusingSpending time with the personnages I've discovered an interesting stories with powers and a fantastic world I've also appreciated the description of England at the begin of the XXe centuryThere is romance betrayal fights and drama The perfect combinaison to enjoy a great adventureSince it was the second volume and to be honest I didn't knew it and it has not perturbated my read I will hapilly go back to the first one to know about the lovely headstrong Katherine Sinclair Luciehttpnewbooksonmyselvesblogspotfr

  5. Ben Goodman Ben Goodman says:


  6. Teresa Teresa says:

    e Arc provided by Edelweiss

  7. Wendy Wendy says:

    A really good seuel to Arcana I think I actually liked this one a little better The Sylvani have already been explained and the reader gets to spend time there which is awesome because it’s a wonderfully drawn world no pun intended as Lucy the protagonist is an excellent artist who embues her work at first unknowingly with arcana I think one of the reasons I liked this book was because of the could have beens that weren’t It would have been really easy to set it up as a full on love triangle and it wasn’t because the third wasn’t invested enough It could have been a horrible villain love interest who needs redeeming—now this could be a toss up but Alexander I believe never meant Lucy any harm His background was of an accomplice than an actual villain still an accomplice to pretty awful things but he was well and truly misled from the very beginning which makes his redemption upon realizing this and turning toward genuine atonement almost unnecessary Also regarding Alexander—his fighting ability may have been supplemented by his arcana but he came about it the way really good fighters do practice practice and practice I thought it was nice that he had knowledge of herbs because some traditions and cultures are very conscious of how everything is connected and knowing about different things like that is normal One of the closest characters I can think of like that off the top of my head is Aragorn from LOTR And I also really liked what Lucy’s grandmother does with Rose That could have been turned into a somewhat unbelievable recovery but it wasn’t Another thing I enjoyed was that the villain’s plot wasn’t overwhelmingly complicated I don’t mean that as an insult I think some authors get so caught up in making things incredibly intricate they lose sight of the trees for the forest Sometimes reading things with fewer characters who you can get really attached to with a plot that doesn’t become nonsensical trying to be clever is truly a relief Given that I thought the encounter between Lord Titus and Tyrell was pretty brilliant Talk about getting ones wires crossed in terms of intentions Snort It’s nice to have time to enjoy extraordinary ballrooms And I think the fact that I noticed those things shows how much they are used in other fiction and that the lack of them really makes the story better I will definitely be keeping an eye out for other books by this author

  8. Amy Amy says:

    It was fun to return to the EdwardianSylvan worlds with some of the same characters I wasn't uite as immersed in this one as the first but it was a fun read

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