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Pregnant by the Rival CEO ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Pregnant by the Rival CEO Author Karen Booth – It was just business And then she got pregnant Anna Langford is ready to be CEO of the family business but her brother won't give up control When she sees the opportunity for a major deal she goes fo It was just business And the Rival PDF/EPUB æ then she got pregnant Anna Langford is ready to be CEO of the family business but her brother won't give up control When she sees the opportunity for a major deal she goes for it even though it means working with Jacob Lin her brother's former best friend the guy she's never uite Pregnant by PDF \ gotten over—the man her brother now despises A successful venture capitalist Jacob makes ruthless moves And Anna has given him the perfect chance to take revenge on her brother What starts as business turns into romance—until Anna learns of Jacob's motives And an unplanned pregnancy presents them both with the greatest challenge they've ever faced.

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  1. Penny Watson Penny Watson says:

    I loved thisand it has an Asian hero YipppppeeeeThis was my first Desire by Harly I read a boat load of Harleuin Presents but never Desire TBH I'm not sure what the difference is HPs seem to have heat Is that it?Anyway this book was a big surprise Booth's writing is lovelylips that suggested sweetness and hinted of a storm Ohhhhhh I like that phrase In fact I liked a lot of her phrases Her writing impressed the hell out of meThis is well written well constructed had a believable love story that progressed at just the right pace and had lots of wonderful romantic moments and sentiments I wish the hero's ethnic identity had been addressed a bit it was touched on but not really integral to the story Overall I really adored this book and will definitely be reading Karen Booth NiceGrade A

  2. Rebekah Weatherspoon Rebekah Weatherspoon says:

    45 Star Full review to be posted on Heroes Heartbreakers This was one of those perfect reads Great hero great heroine Solid plot with perfect twists If you like romance at all check this one out

  3. Lynette Lynette says:

    “Pregnant by the Rival CEO” is the 2nd installment of Karen Booth’s Langford Family We caught a peek at Anna in “That Night with the CEO” and I admit that I was very curious about her Well she certainly did not disappoint in this book Nobody puts Baby in a cornerAnna Langford is waiting patiently to take over as CEO of her father’s company Her brother Adam has been leading LangTel since the passing of her father However he has had lot of pressure to keep the company going and Anna is ready for her turn to shine She is definitely inspiring and an intellectual Anna is confident and determined and I love her will to see her family’s company shine better than before She also has desires and wants a family and a love of her own Well she gets the crazy idea to get in bed with Jacob Lin Good lordy gracious is this man so well written and described Booth once again writes her leading man battered in gorgeous rolled in intelligence sprinkled with spunk and a nice dipping sauce of sweetness to boot He gets pulled in rather willingly by Anna and he just can’t let goThis story is simply divine There are twists and turns that made me think I was at theme park The Jacob Lin ride was rather delightful and I look forward to riding that one again wink This book is definitely romance made hard a diamond forged by past pain and family rivalry but it shines so bright in the endGet your own copy to read and you will fall in love with this story of Anna’s rise to the topof Jacob I mean her career Limited Edition sizzling motorcycling Jacob Lin is not included He’s already mineI received a free copy of this book for a honest review

  4. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    'It’s satisfying when a couple builds upon a genuine friendship to fall in love — it makes the journey of an investment for the reader This captivating romance appeals on many levels from the forbidden lovers angle to the strong dynamic characters RT Book Reviews 4 12 stars TOP PICK

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Very good reunion story Anna first made her appearance in the previous book That Night With the CEO as Adam's younger sister She wants to be the CEO of the family business and at the end of the last book Adam had promised that the job would be hers as soon as he could make it happen Unfortunately he seems to have forgotten that promise Increasingly frustrated when she sees the chance to make a huge deal she is determined to go for it The biggest problem is that it entails working with Jacob her brother's former best friend and the man she had once lovedJacob can't believe it when Anna comes to him with a business proposition For the last six years he has been working toward taking his revenge on Adam and Anna is about to give him the perfect shot at it He doesn't expect the girl he had given up to have become a woman who makes him want to give it all up But one night in her arms has him trying to find a way to stop that runaway train before it ruins everythingI loved Anna She isn't afraid to go after what she wants professionally or personally She knows that going to Jacob would be looked at as a betrayal by her brother but she can't think of another way to get what she wants She also knows that she is going to have to keep tight control over her emotions because she has never forgotten the way she felt about himI loved the way that they reconnected so uickly almost as if they had never been apart Their ride on Jacob's motorcycle had the heat that had been simmering between them burst into a full boil Though they agreed that their one night couldn't be repeated that vow lasted only a few days before they couldn't stay away from each other Over the next few weeks they spent as much time together as they could with their relationship growing deeper each day Because of the bad blood between Jacob and Adam he and Anna kept their relationship secretAll that secrecy begins to wear on Anna and she finally tells Adam the truth only to find out that Jacob is behind a group of investors trying to take over the business Because he had been trying to find a way to call off the takeover he had never told Anna what was going on Heartbroken and feeling betrayed Anna breaks off her relationship with Jacob only to discover a short time later that she is pregnant with Jacob's babyAnna's conscience and best friend won't let her keep that information from Jacob I loved Jacob's reaction and how he is determined to be a part of Anna and the baby's life The scene at the doctor's office both with his protectiveness and how emotional they both got when they heard the baby's heartbeat was really sweet I loved Jacob's determination to win Anna back He has realized that his feelings for Anna are far important than any kind of revenge but is it too late? He has continued his attempts to make things right and eventually finds the information he needs to do so That information provides a very interesting twist to the story Jacob's big moment brings everything to a satisfying endAs much as I liked Adam in the first book in this one I spent most of my time feeling like Anna should hit him with a very hard blunt object He was really obnoxious to her and to almost everyone around him I was a bit frustrated that we never really got an explanation of what had caused the rift between Adam and Jacob I also hope that Aiden gets his own story as his part in this one seemed too easily fixed

  6. Diana Tidlund Diana Tidlund says:

    Back in August I read a wonderfully well written romance by Author Karen Booth called That Night With The CEO it was so awesome I was salivating waiting to see if she was going to revisit these characters that I had fallen in love with well guess what she didPregnant By The Rival CEO came out this month and once again Karen Booth stuns the reader with her ability to create fascinating characters that grab your heart and attention and don't let go This time Adam's little sister Anna and his former best friend Jacob singe your fingertips as they set fire to the pages of Pregnant By The Rival CEOAnna had always had a thing for her brothers best friend growing up so she finally decided to do something about it only thing was Jacob lived by the man code that wouldn't let him do anything with his best friends little sister months later that friendship is over and Jacob leaves their life as the hatred and animosity between the two former friends takes overSix years later Jacob and Anna are back in each others lives and keeping it a secret from her family what has started out as business has become much and about to become even when fate and a broken condom interfereWith her family struggling to save their business as a takeover is eminent and it looking like the man she has fallen in love with is behind it Anna does the only thing she feels right under the circumstances and breaks up with Jacob only to find out the impossible has happened and the girl who couldn't get pregnant has gotten pregnantWith a problem pregnancy on the horizon Anna is forced to tell Jacob she's pregnant knowing that in the business world everyone would soon find out What will they do about the love they still feel for one another? What will they do about her family? and most important what will they do about the baby? If the baby even has a chance of survivingFor me this was an easy romance to fall in love with it continued on with a family I had already met and fallen in love with before and it was written by an author I have come to love but it also had the added troupe that I love best friends falling in love for his best friends little sisterand motorcycles and pregnancy's to boot This is another must read for anyone who like Karen Booths writing and her last book That Night With The CEO So run out and grab a copy today and don't worry of you haven't read That Night With The CEO because Pregnant By The Rival CEO is a stand alone romance that holds its own The only thing I was left wanting to know was when are we gonna learn about their brother Aiden and read his romance? Fingers crossed Karen Booth plans to do that because I'm already itching to read it

  7. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI always love it when a couple who has some history reconnect as adults and in Pregnant by the Rival CEO author Karen Booth dishes up an engaging complex and sexy story with a big twist of fate The minute I started this book I was hooked and it was simply impossible to put downAnna Langford has one goal in mind and that is becoming CEO of Langtel her family's telecom company that has been floundering since her father's death Her brother Adam was named CEO but he has other things he wished to pursue but getting the board of directors to appoint a woman is not easy so Anna intends to broker a deal for a new piece of technology that will revolutionize that cell phone world Her only problem the man who can help her get that technology his her brother's ex best friend and the man she once had a huge crush onThis was an action packed story with the threat of corporate takeovers a secret romance and a pretty big betrayal Anna Langford knows she much seek out Jacob Lin to secure the technology she wants but in doing so she also knows it will be hard to not acknowledge the incident that broke her young heart or the fact that she's never uite gotten over him It was interesting watching these two reconnect as adults and trying desperately to not give in to their attraction for one another Their history allowed them to connect uite easily and the sense of familiarity made it easy for them to move from friends to lovers With Jacob still at odds with Anna's brother Adam and secrets that could tear them apart there was a sense of unease through a lot of this book which only made the intensity between Jacob and Anna that much strongerI'm a big proponent of honesty in a relationship so I had a bit of a problem with Jacob's reasoning for not cluing Anna in on his plans but it did lead to a much needed confrontation and some good came out of it so I was able to let it go Most of all I enjoyed seeing Jacob realizing there was to life than ruthless takeovers and business 247 and that things he never thought he wanted in his life suddenly became everything he neededExciting action packed and flat out sexy Karen Booth's Pregnant by the Rival CEO is a fantastic addition to this seriesReview copy provided for an honest review

  8. Trader (RedHotBlueReads) Trader (RedHotBlueReads) says:

    I was definitely hooked on reading this book when I saw the title of this one Right from the start I knew there'd be an interesting premise in this book from Karen Booth Anna Langford Adam Langford's sister from That Night With The CEO has been interested in her brother's best friend Jacob Lin since forever But a feud between Adam and Jacob put an end to anything that might happen between themSix years later Anna decides to take a chance on Jacob even though she knows it will cause problems with her brother It doesn't take much for Anna and Jacob to end up in bed and once they do their continued relationship puts them at risk of losing it all Business takeover rumors push things to a head and well things get rough for the lovely power couple Oh and I did I mention a surprise pregnancy?Karen Booth does a skillful job of constructing a believable and very heart warming situation between business rivals here and I loved that the most about this story The beginning was a bit a slow for me and it wasn't until these two get between the sheets that this story took off for meI liked how this story was connected to the previous release That Night With The CEO Pregnant by the Rival CEO is a great addition to the Langford family story I hope there will be Overall Pregnant by the Rival CEO is a sweet romantic story perfectly sized for an afternoon readARC provided for review

  9. Marsha Marsha says:

    Anna Langford is certain she can’t get pregnant Her insides are badly scarred because of an appendectomy literally choking off the possibility of conception unless she has surgery She’s a busy career woman so she just hasn’t had time to schedule the needed operation Thus when she goes on a business trip with Jacob Lin her brother’s one time friend turned arch nemesis she tumbles into bed with him because a she’s just looking for a hot time with a guy she’s had a major crush onfor years and b she’s certain she can’t get pregnant And cue the sound of one hand clapping—against my faceWhen the condom breaks during their sexy time he’s suitably terrified He does not want to have kids nope no way no sirree bob and she uickly picks up on his horror at the thought that he might have accidentally impregnated her Then why does Anna go running to him when she learns that—surprise—she actually did get pregnant? She thinks he has the right to knowUm no Why do we go flinging around the word “right” all the time? The Constitution allows people only three basic civil rights—life liberty and the pursuit of happiness Everything else is gravy According to the late great George Carlin even those basic things are under uestion since anything that can be taken away from you isn’t a right; it’s a privilegeAnna learned from that first moment in bed with Jacob that he doesn’t want to be a father So why tell him especially since at this point she’s not even certain she can carry the baby to term? She can tell her brother mother and the rest of her extensive family if she wants warmth and family concern She’s got wealth and privilege so she doesn’t have to worry about money Why get him mixed up if it’s not necessary?But it’s not my story It’s not reality at all She went for a business meeting and had sex with him as an added bonus She was certain pregnancy was virtually impossible except that it wasn’t He didn’t want to be a father and then did an abrupt volte face and decided that hey maybe fatherhood isn’t so bad Anna wanted to be a business woman and a mommy and miraculously got bothIt’s good that Anna is a capable businesswoman although she had to wait for her brother to loosen the reins to make her a co CEO It’s great that she gets to have her cake and eat it too I just prefer that the path to the reuisite happy ending didn’t have such predictable stepping stones you could tread it blindfolded

  10. Kate McMurray Kate McMurray says:

    Fun read Heroine is also an executive the Asian hero is her childhood crush and they have to work out how to balance business and pleasure to get their HEA since the hero is also you know seeking revenge on the heroine's brother The one sticking point for me was a heroine who had every reason to distrust the hero but put up resistance to him even where it didn't seem warranted There's a lot of You don't really mean what you're saying even when it was plain he was being honest There's plenty of other conflict between the characters; this extra bit of conflict felt unnecessary Other than that thumbs up

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