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  1. beachbum bookworm beachbum bookworm says:

    Newest Adventure Details Where Cays Mill Georgia Who Nola I was going to a debutante ballcan you believe itmeyeah neither could I lol But alas I washeading to Georgia to visit Nola and see her almost finished shop Peachy Keen Figured I better visit now before she gets too busy Upon arriving she told me to put down my stuffthat we were headed to the dress shop with Ginny Her daughter Emily was going to be attending the annual Peach Cotillion and her dress was ready to be fitted We arrived the shop with every other teenage girl in Cays Mill and their mother Let me just tell youthese society women are CATTY Emily ends up leaving in tears when there is a mix up with the dresses There is one dress and two girls think they have a claim on itone of them being Emily the other ueen bee of the school Emily not wanting to ruffle any feathers immediately offers to pick a new dress but not before her mom Ginny has words with the other girl's mom Vivien Crenshaw Of course this is in front of the ueen bee herself as well as several other members of the female population When Vivien turns up dead all fingers point to Ginny I knew my trip wasn’t going to be the relaxed visit I thought it was going to beoh who was i kiddingwho could relax around these tiger moms Nola and I decided we are going to keep Ginny out of prison and find out the truth about what really happened to Vivien My thoughts This is the second book in the series I enjoyed the first one but I thought this one was even better Some of the stuff that bothered me in the first one was people’s lack of interest in why Nola was back in town and what she had been doing while she was away I mean her job just seemed so fascinating but no one took any interest Anyways out with the old and in with the new This installment was a real peach The small southern town and characters are full of charm The mystery had several interesting twists and turns that kept me guessing from start to finish The cotillion plot was super fascinating to me and written exactly how I would picture an event like this I loved the added touch of the debutante rules thrown inmy personal favorite “A debutante is like a tea bag Ya never know how strong she is until she is sitting in hot water” Cozy lovers get yourself in a comfortable spot and settle in because once you start this one you won’t want to put it downFor book fun subscribe to my blog

  2. Stacie Amelotte Stacie Amelotte says:

    This is the second book in the series and it is just as wonderful as the first In this installment Nola Mae is getting her new peach business Peachy Keen ready to open It’s also time for the Peach Cotillion where the young local girls are presented into society as debutantes I appreciated that this book jumps right into the mystery The book reflects just how cut throat contests and the cotillion can be for some mothers of Cay Mills Being the mom of two daughters I could totally relate to the “drama” This conflict sets up the storyline and really drives this book forward The mystery in this story was well plotted and strong It will keep you guessing and second guessing until the very end We also continue to see the bonds of the characters grow The way the author writes the relationships shows us great depth and makes them realistic She leaves you invested in their lives and keeps you wanting and from this series The delicious recipes and the hilarious “Debutante Rules” round out this must read series

  3. Tina Tina says:

    Just so Peachy Keen Rest in Peach is just so peachy keen Peachy keen is also the name of Nola May Harper's new shop where she will be displaying and selling Harper Farm's Peach Products delicious peachy treats like peach salsa and chutney made by Nola from peaches grown on her families farm Cade Mckenna is a contractor that will help Nola renovate her soon to open shop and he also happens to be a childhood friend and Nola's love interest It is soon time for the Cays Mill Georgia Peach Cotillion It is a formal ball in which debutantes are presented all strictly a high society affair and and the young ladies of Cays Mill are gearing up for it buy purchasing dresses from Nola's friend Hattie's dress shop It is to be held at Congressman Wheeler's and his wife Stephanie's plantation The atmosphere is filled with tension and anger in Hattie's dress shop when the daughter of the “Peach ueen” who was popular in high school Tara and Nola's friend Ginny who runs the local diner's daughter Emily fight over ordering of the same dress Tara wins the dress tug of war Ginny becomes enraged at Vivian and vows to take her down Vivian is found dead in Hattie's shop soon after discovered by Nola with bloody scissors protruding from her throat clutching the very debutante gown Ginny and Vivian were fighting over With a small town fill of gossip and innuendo's flying Nola has reasons to believe that Vivian was as down right mean as the day is long and believes that Vivian had something on almost every single Cays Mill resident from the church organist to the ladies in the shop that dayBelieving that her friendGinny and also a number one suspect could not have done it But life may not be so peachy for the killer once Nola finds the truth Rest in peach was such a peach too read with a sweet southern back drop and featuring her family farm's tasty peaches Nola is a conflicted character with a past I love a great back story that she has and she was is still tormented by making her flawed and human to me something I could relate too in the romance department I'm a fan of drama and Rest in Peach had no shortage of it The Peach Cotillion is part of the Southern heritage something I had a hard time relating too but it made a great plot for this mystery and I love learning about Filled with murder tension secrets and friendships laughs and romance Rest in peach is a very juicy fast moving mystery FTC Disclosure Thank you to the publisher andor author or Net Galley for providing us with a copy of this book for reviewThis did not influence our thoughts in any way All the opinions of the book are honest and our own

  4. Lisa Ks Book Reviews Lisa Ks Book Reviews says:

    The Georgia Peach Mysteries are a prime example of everything great about cozy mysteries REST IN PEACH is a juicy mystery that’s better than a fresh peach pie When I read the first book in this series PEACHES AND SCREAM I knew this was a series I could really sink my teeth into And as delicious as that book was author Susan Furlong has bumped up the recipe and made REST IN PEACE even tastier Ms Furlong captured the pageantry and insanity of the southern cotillion perfectly I could almost hear the sound of the long white gowns swishing And I absolutely loved the debutant tips at the start of each chapter From the murder through the investigation all the way to the outstanding conclusion every word of this story captured and held tight to my imagination With a well thought out plot and masterful writing REST IN PEACH was such a delight to read I didn’t want the book to end Check out the back of the book for sweet peach recipes and an excerpt from book three WAR AND PEACH

  5. LORI (Dollycas) CASWELL LORI (Dollycas) CASWELL says:

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsI am not from the south and have never attended a cotillion but from everything I have seen and read I know the debs and especially their mothers can be pretty cutthroat So when one of the mothers was found dead stabbed in the throat with a sewing shears I must say I wasn’t surprised Beyond that this story was full of surprisesOur victim Vivien Crenshaw mother of debutante Tara gets into a spat with Nola’s friend Ginny over a dress Seems the owner of the dress shop made a huge mistake and Ginny’s daughter Emily and spoiled brat Tara ordered the same dress Vivien feels the dress belongs to her daughter and that Emily can choose a new dress Ginny is not backing down but Emily and Nola convince her to just let it go The argument happened in front of a store full of people and Ginny did threaten Vivian so when she is found dead Ginny is targeted as the prime suspect faster than you can slice a peach Nola has her new shop Peachy Keen opening soon and has so much left to do but she has to set this half baked idea that her friend is a murderer to rest as uickly as possible even if it means putting herself in dangerSusan Furlong has written another strong story She has captured the craziness that surrounds a cotillion from the dresses to the dinners and the dances in such a fun way Each chapter even starts with a debutante ruleDebutante Rule #032 Like a magnolia tree a debutante’s outward beauty reflects her strong inner rootsand that’s why we never leave the house without makeup on Debutante Rule #067 A debutante is like a tea bag Ya never know how strong she is until she is sitting in hot waterMain character Nola Mae Harper continues to grow and evolve She has decided to stay in Cays Mill and help her family’s peach business grow by opening up her own little store to sell products made with peaches from their orchard She already has an online presence and some local customers She is hoping the tourists will become than just one time buyers While she does have a plan for the business her own personal life is not so smooth I love some romantic dramaThe murder mystery was top shelf So many suspects and a few secrets make this a mystery I could really sink my teeth into I was right there to the end with Nola trying to figure out whodunitThe entire book is full of Southern charm and laced with humor It was a “perfectly peachy” read I am excited for book #3 War and Peach set for delivery February 7

  6. Tari Tari says:

    It's been so long since I read the first book in this series that I had forgotten a little about the town and all these great characters In the first book the focus had been on Nola's sister and her husband but this time we got to know her friends Ginny and Hattie even better when Ginny was accused of murdering a debutante's mother over a cotillion gown There was a little side story involving Hattie that turned out very sweet Even Maudy the sheriff had toned down her nastiness in this book in the first book I'm pretty sure I wanted to wring her neck lol I was surprised that she was actually civil to Nola Mae in this one and even dare I saynice She still seemed uick to arrest and slow to listen to anyone's theories except her own when her own sometimes weren't even based on fact But she's coming along and I do like how her character evolvedI told myself who the killer would probably be kind of early on but I had no idea why I thought that even though I ended up being right There were so many possibilities and it seemed that everyone had some sort of secret going on The showdown was awesome and Nola was great during it I liked that Cade was back in town and he and Nola got back to how things were before he left or as he called it their new beginning I know there's only one book left so I might just savor this one for awhile before moving on to it

  7. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley and Berkley All thoughts stated in this review are entirely my ownWow this is the third awesome book I've read in a row When Nola's friend Ginny becomes the prime suspect in a murder Nola finds herself dragged into an exciting and dangerous web of lies blackmail and half truths Will Nola tear through the web and save her friend or will she fail?I absolutely loved this book Honestly the first book was simply okay I was completely neutral So when I saw this book on Netgalley I wasn't uite sure if I wanted it However I reuested it and am now so glad I did This book was positively amazingAs I stated with the first book I loved Nola and the cast and crew around her However I found Hollis Nola's brother in law to be extremely annoying In this book though Hollis plays a very minor role and when he does appear he is extremely tolerable and greatI also didn't care for the mystery in the first book Yet again I was surprise dot find that this book was great in the mystery department It was wonderfully plotted and it had a great number of suspects and scenarios that could have happened The setting also took on a vibrant life in this bookOverall this book was wonderful The first book obviously suffered from simply first book problems However if this book is any indication I will simply love this series I'm sticking around for War and Peach next year

  8. Christine Christine says:

    This the second book in the Georgia peach series It's time for the annual cotilion and it turns out two of the debutant picked the same dress One of them is Ginny daughter When the other girls mother is found murdered everyone thinks gunny had something to do with her death Nola Mae is just getting her shop peachy keen ready to open Now she has to prove that Ginny is innocent while getting her shop ready and helping with the cotillion dinner The Georgia peach series is uickly becoming a new favorite of mine I loved the characters and the friendships they have I can't wait to read in the series

  9. Betty Betty says:

    Nola Mae Harper is opening her shop Peachy Keen and is catering a major social event The Cotillion Ball The excitement was high in Clay Mills Georgia as the shipment of cotillion's dresses has arrived and all the debutantes are anxious to see them The excitement turns to dismay as one gown is missing The mothers Vivian Henshaw and Ginny fight over the dress The next day Vivian is murdered and Ginny becomes a person of interest Nola Mae put aside her business to clear her best friend Ginny's name The characters are developed and you can taste the peach flavor treats I will read this author againDisclosure I received a free copy from Berkley Publishing Group through NetGalley for an honest review I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book The opinions are my own

  10. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    REST IN PEACH is the second book in the Georgia Peach Mystery series by Susan Furlong but it’s the first book I’ve tried of this author As you can expect this one has a very Southern feel to it which I really enjoyed Our heroine is Nola Mae Harper and she’s an absolute sweetheart However I did notice that we don’t actually get to see much of her personality shine through I don’t know if that’s the case because I’m starting the series with the second book or if she’s just not established well enough but I did feel a little bit of a disconnect with her character even though she seemed pleasant enoughI appreciated that this book didn’t really waste much time with getting the mystery started Furlong sets up the conflict well and I think that’s what really drives this book forward Although the Southern vibe is present it’s not overwhelming and adds a certain charm and sweetness to the story It’s a great juxtaposition to the murder mystery that is happeningI think I’ll go back and read the first book in the series just to better reacuaint myself with Nola’s character She seems like the odd one out in her group of friends so I think I’ll come around to liking her as the series progresses All in all I’m glad I took the leap and tried out this author I look forward to reading from Susan Furlong

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Rest in Peach Georgia Peach Mystery #2 [KINDLE] ✽ Rest in Peach Georgia Peach Mystery #2 Author Susan Furlong – In the refreshing new Georgia Peach Mystery from the author of Peaches and Scream an upcoming debutante ball turns into the pits when a juicy murder scandalizes a small townThe annual Peach Cotillion In the refreshing new Georgia Peach Mystery Peach Georgia ePUB ☆ from the author of Peaches and Scream an upcoming debutante ball turns into the pits when a juicy murder scandalizes a small townThe annual Peach Cotillion Cays Mill Georgia’s biggest event Rest in ePUB ½ is fast approaching and Nola Mae Harper is just as excited as the rest of the town—even though she’s busy juggling both the cotillion dinner and the grand opening of her new shop Peachy Keen But she never expected in Peach Georgia PDF/EPUB ã that plans for the cotillion would end up in the pits because of the cutthroat competition between local debutantes   When Vivien Crenshaw insufferable church organist and despised mother of the town’s spoiled rotten Peach ueen is stabbed to in Peach Georgia Peach Mystery PDF/EPUB ² death the police turn to Nola’s friend Ginny as prime suspect Apparently the two had fought over a one of a kind cotillion gown As Nola steps in to prove Ginny’s innocence she soon finds herself picking through a bushel of suspects twice as many motives and at the mercy of a killer all too keen on killing again   INCLUDES RECIPES.

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  • 304 pages
  • Rest in Peach Georgia Peach Mystery #2
  • Susan Furlong
  • 03 December 2015
  • 9780425278567

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