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Maestro Homecoming #2; The Legend of Drizzt #29 [KINDLE] ❂ Maestro Homecoming #2; The Legend of Drizzt #29 By R.A. Salvatore – Something terrible unspeakable immense has come to Menzoberranzan and is leaving death and destruction in its wake The primordial of Gauntlgrym stirs sending Cattie brie and Gromph to Luskan and the r Something terrible unspeakable immense has come to #2; The PDF ↠ Menzoberranzan and is leaving death and destruction in its wake The primordial of Gauntlgrym stirs sending Cattie brie and Gromph Maestro Homecoming PDF \ to Luskan and the ruins of the only power that can keep the beast in check The damage of the Darkening of war and of a demon ravaged Homecoming #2; The MOBI ´ Underdark has sent cracks out across the North Some of this damage may never be repairedAnd Drizzt is going home But not to Mithral Hall Not to Icewind Homecoming #2; The Legend of PDF/EPUB ² Dale He’s going to Menzoberranzan Bruenor is ready to march with him¾bringing along an army of dwarves¾to end the scourge of Menzoberranzan but Drizzt needs to see what’s happening there The dwarf army may not be necessary The City of Spiders might already have fallen to the demons and their wicked prince But even if that’s true what’s to say the demons will stop thereMaestro picks up where Archmage left off plunging Drizzt into his most dangerous adventure yet and with all the action adventure beloved characters dark elves monsters and demon princes Drizzt fans adore.

About the Author: R.A. Salvatore

As one of the fantasy genre’s most #2; The PDF ↠ successful authors RA Salvatore enjoys an ever expanding and tremendously loyal following His books regularly appear on The New York Maestro Homecoming PDF \ Times best seller lists and have sold than copies Salvatore’s original hardcover The Two Swords Book III of The Hunter’s Blade Trilogy October debuted at Homecoming #2; The MOBI ´ on The Wall Street Journal best seller list.

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  1. Sean Gibson Sean Gibson says:

    Standard RA Salvatore Biased Review Caveat Bob Salvatore is one of my favorite authors and has been for 20 years; he’s also amongst the writers I’ve had the good fortune to meet andor interview one of the nicest and most generous with his time So any book that has his name on the cover gets an extra bump up the review scale compared to if the same book had been written by someone not named Bob SalvatoreAlso—MAJOR SPOILERS TO FOLLOW You’ve been warned via typographical shoutingOver the years Drizzt Do’Urden has been through trauma than even Vigo the Carpathian who as we all know was shot hung stabbed disemboweled drawn and uartered He’s lost friends and lovers been tortured and mortally wounded and even been killed And yet none of that—even dying—was as unsettling as what he experiences in Maestro When I contemplate what’s to come in book three of this series I feel a little bit like I’m watching a slow motion video of a bowling ball speeding straight at some poor unsuspecting sucker’s giggleberries at 500 mph I am by turns horrified aghast anxious and nauseous—and yet I’ll start reading the next book the minute it’s released Bob and Drizzt have earned that loyalty over the years and the course of approximately 30 books and all I can do now is trust that whatever happens it won’t be as horrifying as it appears and that no one’s nuggets are going to be pulverized to smithereens because ouchThough it’s never a good idea to extrapolate too much about an author’s personality from his workI almost wrote “read too much into” an author’s personality and then I realized that even I couldn’t abide that horrible play on words so I stopped myselfbut then I just wrote it anyway so let’s just run with it We’re all having pun nowThough it’s never a good idea to read too much into an author’s personality from his work one senses that the evolving complexity of Drizzt’s worldview has been a reflection of Mr Salvatore’s own Drizzt has always been a complex character who wrestles with thorny moral and ethical issues but the past decade or so in Earth time has seen him navigating a gray world of moral relativism that he would not have been capable of operating in upon emerging from Menzoberranzan so many years ago Evolving views on right and wrong make for strange bedfellows which is why in Maestro Drizzt finds himself on the path to his dark and terrible homeland alongside the ever opportunistic Jarlaxle and former nemesisassassinnoted halfling torturer Artemis Entreri to rescue Drizzt’s crazy and violent former lover Dahlia side note if I were a single man about town dating a lovely woman who was kindly enough to engage with me in acts of a carnal nature I think I would take to introducing her as my “bedfellow” because it’s just a really great word and I know how much a lady of class would like to be introduced as such Streams of Silver era Drizzt would not have embarked on this mission; fighting alongside killers and thieves not to mention banging psychopaths would have violated his moral code Sure he occasionally found himself teaming up with Entreri in those early days but generally speaking it was an alliance of momentary convenience for the purpose of combating—and surviving—a greater evil not a shared sense of mission characterized by if not friendship at least a mutual respect for each other Maestro era Drizzt however readily embarks on this mission his only hesitation related to leaving Cattie Brie’s side as she works to rebuild the Hostower of the Arcane in Luskan to reinvigorate the fading magic that holds the dangerous fire elemental captive within the bowels of Gauntlgrym It’s precisely this willingness to walk into dark places alongside companions of uestionable character that paves the way for the horrific toll Drizzt must pay to emerge alive—along with his companions—not only from Menzoberranzan but from an epic albeit disappointingly brief duel with Demogorgon And that’s the part I want to focus on here—not the perplexing prevalence of drow lady on drow lady action a new development in the Salvatorian oeuvre not Gromph Baenre’s lasciviousness gross and psionic rapery not the plots within machinations within intrigue in the ruling houses of Menzoberranzan whose leaders make Machiavelli look like Mister Rogers only maybe with better threads because you know he was Italian and not the mysteriously rapid development of the infant Yvonne the Eternal recalling to mind those creepy talking baby ETrade commercials No the focal point of this story for me was the insanely unsettling end in which a mind addled Drizzt affected by some combination of the breakdown of the barrier between Faerun and the realm of the demon lords which I suspect is a highly unpleasant place—Demogorgon just doesn’t strike me as the picket fence two car garage in suburbia type though I could see the Prince of Demons drawing whistles from bored housewives whilst mowing the lawn sans shirt ‘cause hermaphroditic tanar’ri got it going on both top AND bottom and the magic of the aforementioned Yvonne leaves Menzoberranzan convinced that everything that has transpired of late in his life—including the return of his beloved Companions of the Hall from the dead—is nothing than an illusion a manipulation of the evil goddess Lolth Drizzt believes hopefully incorrectly that none of it is real that he’s imprisoned within his own mind and when he emerges at story’s end it is with the chilling certainty on Yvonne’s part that Drizzt is so sure of his belief that all around him is false that he will return to his friends not to rejoin them in continuing to build toward the future but to slay them as the illusory abominations they are Reality is a perplexing thing; we each cleave to that in our lives which our brains can make sense of a narrative in which we are the hero and those around us supporting but very real characters and even the slightest shift in perspective – a false note rung out by someone we trust a startling realization of our own insignificance in the grand scheme of life the insight that if we are hit by a bus tomorrow the world will go on just as it did before – can send us reeling if not right back into the fetal position Imagine then being overcome not just with the fear but the certainty that everything you know everything you believe all your hopes and dreams are falsehoods created by some unseen force for the sole and cruel purpose of controlling and ultimately destroying you Shoot me stab me hang me disembowel me draw and uarter me give me the Vigo treatment—but don’t tell me that my loved ones aren’t real That the people I rely upon most in life with whom I’ve shared both darkness and light are constructs of an unseen manipulator Because the former tortures will merely agonize me and kill me; the latter would unhinge my mind and destroy all that I am as a person In choosing between those two fates I’ll take the physical pain every time though maybe with a good tincture of laudanum So it is with a heavy heart and nerves on edge that I wait to learn Drizzt’s fate I believe though that Drizzt will triumph I believe in him and believe that as has always been the case he will walk the darkest road and still find the strength to persevere to believe Or maybe I’m just a figment of Bob Salvatore’s imagination and he’s been setting me up for the past 20 years to crush me with the next installment And now I might need a hug Or at least some chocolate Chocolate would definitely help

  2. Travis Duke Travis Duke says:

    I am a loyal Salvatore fan and I enjoyed this book however I am also pissed off at this point on that later I will admit the writing is slightly focused we get less descriptions on sword play and a tad insights into magical details and trinkets which i thought was lacking in the previous books The plot is not what I expected with a title like Maestro referring to Jarlaxle I still liked the main story and the side story with the host tower but as a loyal fan i cant help but feel duped spoilers beyondThis is the point that makes me royally pissed off With a title like Maestro you would hope for some history about the mysterious mercenary we have all come to love or maybe some link to Zaknafein At least some back story to Bregan D'aerthe But no a resounding big fat middle finger from Salvatore Was he forced on the title I find that hard to believe I get it he organizes a few groups to achieve two goals but thats what he always does Remember when he found Cadderly or all the other times he has intervened to help drizzt? I find no differences here This book should or could of been called anything other than Maestro and it would of made sense Whenever I see this cover it's going to piss me offrecap spoliersDrizzt and the companions have successfully taken Gauntlgrym from the Xorlarrin drow but there is a problem that Cattie brie has uncovered The primordial is not stable and the host tower in Luskan needs to be rebuilt So Jarlaxle pools everyone together and gets the dwarves dragons humans and drow to help with the host tower Then he asks Drizzt to help him get Dhalia back from the drows with the help of Artemis his old buddy Cattie brie goes toe to toe with Gromph about who should lead the rebuilding on the tower and in the end wins She learns that the primordial must be set free to contruct it gromph agrees after seeing her visions Meanwhile 'daughter has magically grown up and is super powerful She find Kimmurials mom and together they do some crazy psionic magic We finally get the showdown between Tiago and drizzt and drizzt tricks him with his own bow and blows him up was pretty sweet to get closure on Tiago Drizzt gets caught but the new Yvonnel likes drizzt and allows him to champion Loth and take on the demogorgon then she will release his friends Drizzt is used as conduit and takes in a ton of magic and releases it in one blow to the demogorgon monkey dude who wasn't very nasty if you ask me Anyways Drizzt awakes and is being tortured and is given a choice to kill 1 friend and release the other two he refuses Yvonnel discovers drizzt believes he is doomed and that all his friends are dead including Cattie brie I guess when the faezness got ripped it infected drizzt or some shit Now yvonnel believes drizzt will kill cattie brie because he believes it is all lie or something the end was kind of unsatisfying to me

  3. Khurram Khurram says:

    A really good book I am biased as I am a huge Drizzt Do'Urden fan This book tied up a lot of loose ends and some end games coming to fruition from previous book and series So it was a very enjoyable read for me However there were problems in the book and writing style The first a lot of stroy arcs were repetitive from former stories The second thing is at the critical moment of a fight were someone is about to win or lose he cuts to another characters story making me wanting to rush through this part to get back to the resolution of the battleThe story Since reclaiming the dwarves ancestral home of Gauntlgrym King Bruenor is given the news that the Primordial an ancient demonic being of elemental fire trapped to power the dwarven city's forges could escaped in a Dwarf's generation This is because the power source of the of the water elementals holding it there are is no destroyed a couple of series ago Now Catti Brie is leading an expedition of the most powerful wizards mages from around the world and of every race in the realm Almost everyone has their own agenda none that the former Archmage Gromph Who has that buildings on his mindMeanwhile Drizzt is undertaking a dangerous mission himself Under the given information from Jarlaxle What could make Drizzt return to the last place he ever wants to go again Also the power structure of Menzoberranzan has changed and if possible become even dangerous and deceitful if possible than before Also something is wrong with Drizzt the last 23 of the book something is wrong with Drizzt's perceptionThis is good book if for me as a fan of the series To full appricate this book I would recommend reading from atleast the start of the Neverwinter series However many of the ramifications of this book go back to the original Dark Elf trilogy The book has a slow star the speeds up as the book goes on Great fights and battles including a rivalry from the start of the Neverwinter series

  4. Adam Fisher Adam Fisher says:

    ARC from Netgalley for an honest reviewPossible Spoilers Read at your own riskMaestro Book 2 of the Homecoming Trilogy and overall Book 29 of the Legend of Drizzt Saga continues the current DD arc Rage of Demons and throws some major dilemmas our hero's way Much like the previous title Archmage and its causing us to ask whether the title referred to Gromph or Catti Brie Maestro also presents us with a few options for its namesake Is the Maestro Jarlaxle who graces the cover and whose machinations always come into play recently? Or is it Yvonnel who seems to have orchestrated events since her rebirth to flow in her favor and in line with the will of Lolth? Perhaps the Maestro is Drizzt himself whose descent into madness here shows him a path of chaos that he started when he decided to rebel against his drow heritageOne of the major themes in this novel is legacy When we look back at our lives and think about the legacy we'd leave behind if we were to pass on now we focus on the positive the friendships we've had the people we've helped the children we've raised and good things that make people smile when they remember us But do we ever stop to consider that the bad is part of our legacy too? The people we hurt the lies we told those we couldn't help the things we destroyed and any of the evil we did these make up who we were too Without revealing too much of the plot there is an attack on Drizzt who has finally come home to Menzoberranzan at that point in the latter half of the novel where he is confronted by the evil in his legacy the father he murdered the sister he left behind the fate of the elven girl Ellifain etc and his mind begins to unravel Is he in principle the Chosen of Lolth instead of Mielikki being able to look back and see all the chaos he caused?Her husband's fate on his Underdark journey being unknown to her Catti Brie embarks on a mission of her own The primordial near Gauntlgyrm cannot be held by the remaining water elementals and he will soon escape his prison destroying the recently reclaimed dwarven homeland Her solution is simple in idea but very complicated in execution the Hosttower of the Arcane must be rebuilt in Luskan Only its ancient magics can contain the power of the fire primordial forever It will take every magic using friend and acuaintance she has ever known and she takes Guenhwyvar with her on this mission to assist in collecting themWhile the flow of this book feels very much like the middle of a trilogy in that all of the events aren't resolved the action seuences are some of the best Salvatore has written Underdark tunnel fighting drow house wars a myriad of psychic attacks and whatever happens wherever Demogorgon shows up all maintain a balance to the emotional turmoil of our Companions of the Hall Legend of Drizzt Book 30 Homecoming Vol 3 Hero is on the horizon for this October Salvatore himself has made it known that he is heading back to his created world of Corona for a while after Hero Are we seeing the end of an age upon us? 30 books is a long journey for any set of literary characters I guess we'll see I know I will follow my friends on any journey they pursue whether into the haunted passages of Illusk the wilds of the Underdark or the perils of the surface world I take up my weapon which looks remarkably like a hardback book LOL and I stand with them ready to face whatever Salvatore has shared another masterpiece with us

  5. Kostas Kostas says:

    7510The second book in the Homecoming trilogy proves a much better continuation than Archmage was in the continuing war of the drow as Salvatore shows that he still can bring some entertaining stories in this long seriesOf course Maestro has also its flaws most importantly with Gromph’s parts which I didn’t like as he doesn’t feel any like the character that I so long ago loved; but nevertheless Salvatore has managed to make a good enough story to keep those flaws aside as Drizzt and Jarlaxle go through their adventures in the Underdark and the addition of Entreri and the mysterious plots and schemes of Yvonnel makes it all the betterDefinitely an improvement from the last few books and I’m hopping for an even better finale in this saga

  6. Kendra Lawrence Kendra Lawrence says:

    This newest Drizzt book held my attention but for the latter half of the book I found myself thinking “what the?” I like deep philosophical discussions but this was just strange Throughout the last few books we have been led to believe that Drizzt is if not a Chosen of then at least favored by Mielikki and perhaps even Lolth though he would clearly never acknowledge the latter But now I am truly curious where this is going and in some aspects find myself disappointed Because of this curiosity however I find myself anticipating the next one wondering where this is all leading Jarlaxle is as amazing as ever and Valas Hune whom I loved from WotS was mentioned but never actually made an appearance He is referenced a lot but rarely actually appears Drizzt has been a beacon for males—and perhaps a few females—who felt trapped in a world dominated by Lolthites and they are now all rooting for him That is great let Drizzt be their champion if he will but what about Eilistraee and Vhaeraun? If it were another author perhaps one of those two gods or both since by accounts they are allies in 5e would reach out to Drizzt but this is Salvatore who doesn’t really care about any of that But Eilistraee and even Vhaeraun have been trying to show a better way for centuries though their followers have to be careful in a Lolth dominated society and suddenly it is Drizzt who gives them hope? I mean Drizzt is awesome don’t get me wrong and I think it’s great he’s started something butThere were some other scenes that bothered me I saw little point to the sexual tension between Catti brie and Gromph and the conversation between her and Penelope actually made me angry Gromph and Catti are both above such pettiness Perhaps it was used as a mechanism for Cat to prove her merit and put Gromph in his place but I think it was poorly chosen and offset the story And I won’t go into the last battle with Drizzt and the prince of demons Oh and of course Drizzt suddenly uestioning EVERYTHING due to some apparent madness caused by the thinning of the Faezress I mean really? One minute he’s fine and the next “it’s all an illusion my life is a lie” Seriously?In spite of these flaws it was a good read and I look forward to the next one I feel that the Drizzt books are out of touch with the rest of the Realms sometimes but I love Drizzt as a character

  7. Island Island says:

    I don't know what to say really Let me start with the good points that's a shorter list 1 We still have Drizzt 2 We still have Drizzt after all 3 No orcs 4 Gromph 5 No 10 page long combat scenesBut that's the end of it We have Jarlaxle but he is far from his best shape these days And what else do we have? The same ol' story over and over again How long has it been? For like 10 12 volumes? Drizzt thinks Catti brie is dead but she is still alive then he thinks she is dead but she is alive then he thinks she is dead but she turns out to still alive then Drizzt REALLY thinks she is dead and she is dead at last BUT she is ressurrected and then Drizzt thinks she is still dead OMG somebody kill the poor woman and let him look forward I am so fed up with this and with all the other dead resurrected characters Is there a single character or drow noble house in this novel series who hasn't been deadthought to be dead at least once? The nadir is Catti brie's who else brooding about the infidelity she committed when due to Gromph's mental inspiration she had unclean thoughts about the drow wizard And then And then she forgives Gromph for inpiring these unclean thoughts And then Gromph Baenre the centuries millenium? old Archmage of Menzoberranzan bows to the MIGHTY Catti brie Did he ever witness anything that could have convinced him that this girl was his eual? And Drizzt I don't understand Drizzt any At least the poor guy could have a good f back home but instead Ah nevermind And YES I am still a fan I will never stop being a fan That's why this hurts so much

  8. Alissa Alissa says:

    35 stars Drizzt Ah Drizzt I love this series He doesn't appear before the 25% mark but I hardly noticed because the titular character truly shines through most of the tale What else? Lots of drow politics a wicked Mistress a wonderful Catti Brie and brilliant battles also Entreri Can I ever get enough of this one? Hardly Go go ArtemisI like this very uestioning DrizztOh and I get it Magical pouches are handy and Cattie Brie reverts to a lovely dwarven brogue when she is off balanceFast paced well written back to form and truly entertaining Life is a journey from trial to test from love to hate from friendship to grief We each deal with unsettling uncertainty and we each march on ever on following the road that will ultimately lead to our grave

  9. Matt Gabert Matt Gabert says:

    Salvatore definitely does not skimp on the action in Maestro Book 32 of The Legend of Drizzt Book 2 of Homecoming But then he never doesOverall he provides a great continuation for the story he has wrought since The Companions bringing together almost all of the characters from the The Companions the Companions Codex trilogy and of course Archmage to face problems that could have worldwide ramifications He does this very well but a few things he chose to do weakened the story for meSpoilers BelowFirst Salvatore actually brings to the fore the one issue I had had with the resurrection of his former characters Granted it is due to the madness inspired by the weakening of the walls of Faerzress and the presence of Demogorgon on the mortal plane but Drizzt has come to believe that none of his companions are actually back and they are all an illusion cast by Lolth to trick him I think this is a brilliant piece of storytelling as it really shows just how much Drizzt has actually been through and brings back in stunning clarity Wulfgar's torture at the hands of Errtu I look forward to seeing how this works out in the endNow on to the things I cared less foriRegis and Wulfgar were completely absent which was not surprising but still disappointing and I think Bruenor was in one scene totalii Drizzt's defeat of Demogorgon I get that that was fight was all staged by Yvonnel but still A single blow to kill the Prince of Demons? After building up his threat all book? That struck me as weak and disappointing While I understand the narrative purpose it just felt like a buildup for nothing

  10. Mark Medina Mark Medina says:

    As always these books are easy to read There is not a great depth to the plot but they are faced paced and fun This book is of the same and follows Drizzt as he returns to Menzoberranzan as the series title Homecoming suggests All the old familiar characters are there with a couple of new ones Downsides are it all feels a bit samey and the ending seemed rushed to me Good fun to read if you don't want to think too hard

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