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SUPERNERDS [EPUB] ✸ SUPERNERDS By Angela Richter – It’s a type of reorganization or infection of humanity’s thought system the way humanity talks to itself the way a society thinks It’s like everyone simultaneously is taking LSD Julian AssangeNo It’s a type of reorganization or infection of humanity’s thought system the way humanity talks to itself the way a society thinks It’s like everyone simultaneously is taking LSD Julian AssangeNo one is hopelessly enslaved than those who think they’re free Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Ever since Edward Snowden’s NSA disclosures the might of the secret services and the helplessness of everyday citizens are there all around us for everyone to see But who is taking up the fight against global surveillance and the erosion of democracy Theater director Angela Richter has conducted in depth interviews with a number of well known whistleblowers and internet activists – the SUPERNERDS Conversations with Julian Assange Edward Snowden Daniel Ellsberg Jesselyn Radack William Binney Jeremy Hammond and Thomas Drake an Essay by Barrett Brown and drawings by Daniel Richter.

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  1. Hannah Hannah says:

    I highly recommend this book By approaching conversations with various whistleblowers and activists as a person willing to hear their side Angela Richter asks much interesting uestions and gets much interesting answers Even if you don't agree with every opinion it will make you think

  2. M M says:

    ”Governments and corporations operate in complete secrecy whereas the life of citizens is becoming and transparent What is the danger of this development? Hammond The ruling classes and their intelligence apparatus routinely engage in warrantless searches and violating our freedom of speech while launching imperialist wars around the world They shroud their activities in secrecy citing “national security” while telling us we have to get used to being watched our phones tapped the websites we visit monitored In a free society this would be flipped – the powerful would be transparent the people would have privacy Certainly they hope to catch some people and make examples of them but the true intent is psychological They put the police in our heads – a voice that tells us not to speak out or rise up – because they are watching – hoping to deter us from even thinking about rebelling because big brother is watching””It is not the duty of the American people to be dignified or cultured or pleasant to be around or even moral It is the duty of the American people to either properly administrate the vast and opaue machinery of sophisticated espionage and surveillance that it has allowed to be created in its name or if it is not capable of doing so to demolish this machine Instead in the years since World War II the citizenry has allowed this unprecedented organism to metastasize behind the scenes and largely invisible even to those members of Congress who are supposed to be overseeing it””The lesson of 911 is not to be afraid of terrorists because though there was a significant attack and though it did claim a lot of lives when we look at it over the fullness of time we still lose people to health hazards to heart attacks to car accidents even to bathtub falls lightning strikes police officers than we do to terrorists We have lost lives from our response to 911 from misguided wars from invasions that never should have occurred from the misappropriation of public resources””Snowden Yes But I think the real threat of mass surveillance is the fact is that it provides pre criminal investigation They’re trying to stop activities before they occur We can investigate pre criminally before any crime has occurred we can identify them as criminals before they’ve committed the crime and we can arrest them try them on some new law and put them in jail Let’s say that works Let’s say we can stop terrorism we can stop murder we can stop assault we can stop property crimes we can stop car thefts we can stop any crime Richter Why would that be so bad? Snowden When governments are preempting actions even horrible actions they’re undermining the basis of western liberal tradition Our system of laws our system of justice is based on the idea that you must commit a crime to be tried for the crime Also we have to understand that what is lawful is not the same as what is moral You know slavery was lawful Everything that every dictator has done in the past was lawful The right thing to do is not always the legal thing to do We need to ask society we need to ask citizens we need to ask you to what is your first loyalty? Are you loyal to the law or are you loyal to what is right? Are you loyal to legality or are you loyal to morality? Sometimes laws were made to be broken Sometimes bad laws pass And sometimes we have not just the right but the duty to oppose laws”

  3. Alice Alice says:

    Wenn man die Nachrichten verfolgt muss man dieses kleine Büchlein nicht unbedingt kaufen Es ist ganz nett aber eben keine PflichtlektüreWer in das Thema einsteigen möchte sollte sich was spannenderes und ausführlicheres kaufen z B Der NSA Komplex Edward Snowden und der Weg in die totale Überwachung oder Die globale Überwachung Der Fall Snowden die amerikanischen Geheimdienste und die Folgen

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