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A Lime to Kill (Key West Culinary Cozy #1) [Ebook] ➥ A Lime to Kill (Key West Culinary Cozy #1) Author Summer Prescott – Thomashillier.co.uk Poisoned by pie The residents of Key West Florida can't believe it but that doesn't solve the problem of a homicide victim in Marilyn's pie shop Bad becomes worse when the shop owner's daughter is sus Poisoned by pie The residents of Key West Florida can't believe it but that doesn't solve the problem of a homicide victim in Marilyn's pie shop Bad becomes worse when the shop owner's daughter is suspected.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 206 pages
  • A Lime to Kill (Key West Culinary Cozy #1)
  • Summer Prescott
  • English
  • 19 January 2015

About the Author: Summer Prescott

Summer Prescott is well known in the Cozy Mystery realm having written and published several Best Sellers in the genre An avid reader of Thrillers Horror and Suspense the author has decided to follow her passion with the debut of her Thriller The uiet Type which launched in the top of the Serial Killer category on The novel has received high praise in its reviews and Summer is c.

10 thoughts on “A Lime to Kill (Key West Culinary Cozy #1)

  1. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    I wanted to read something light and on the short side Unfortunately I misplaced my copy of Critiue of Pure Reason so I had to do with this freebie It is short and it is well shortA woman opened a pie shop in Key West which became reasonably successful Her daughter having not being able to find a good job after a college joined her mother helping her with financial part of the business This setup took exactly 60% of the book Finally way into the second half a murder happened By the way I just mentioned something happening very late and something given in even greater details in two line blurb Is it a spoiler?My major problem was the way the mystery was solved An amateur sleuth did something the police usually does right away in any investigation and they are actually very good at it How come this time the official investigators were slower than an outsider? Oh well at least the police detective was handsome but probably not very brightIf any book is worth 25 stars this one is such After a long and careful consideration I decided to round it up It is short and light read after all if not very exciting I am even curious enough to give a chance to the next installment one of these days I understand my review just like a book is nothing to write home about So have a owl in a straw hat as a bonus

  2. Sheri Sheri says:

    A Lime To Kill A Key West Culinary Cozy #1 by Summer Prescott Marilyn has a pie shop in Key West Florida Her twenty one year old daughter comes to work for her Then a regular customer dies out side of the shop and it is discovered he murdered killed with poison Marilyn's daughter is the number one suspectMarilyn is very likable a hard working divorced woman The sunny Florida setting gives a relaxed feel even though a murder has been committed The story flows at a rapid pace The characters are well developed and you get a feel that you are part of the communityand story The plot is original with some funny moments Overall this was an enjoyable read I recommend A Lime To Kill to those who love a sweet cozy mystery

  3. Georgiann Hennelly Georgiann Hennelly says:

    Marilyn and Tiara Her Daughter own and operate a Bakery in Key West They make Key Lime pies Business is doing great so Marilyn hires a new Baker who seems made for the jobThan one of their regular customers Fergus dies after eating at the Bakery Now the hunt is on to catch a killer A short well written story I look forward to reading books in this series

  4. Tari Tari says:

    This was a really good shorter mystery great plot and characters I didn't guess whodunit at all I thought it was some other person all together I love the idea of a pie shop and the mother daughter team I'm not sure if there's than just one book or what but it'll be interesting to see if anything develops between Marilyn and the handsome detective Bernard or her daughter Tiana and the cute yoga instructor Drew

  5. Lady Delacour Lady Delacour says:

    Marylin thinksher only talentis making greatKey Lime PiesBut do we smellSleuthing baking?Listened with TTSClean Story

  6. Dawn Dawn says:

    Marilyn owns a pie shop in Key West specializing in Key Lime Pie Her daughter comes to work for her between college graduation and her dream job One of Marilyn's loyal customers collapses in front of the shop and chaos ensues Fergus dies and his death is declared a homicide Marilyn's daughter Tiara is the prime suspectThe first in a series A Lime to Kill does a good job introducing us to the main characters The plot moved steadily and the murderer was not obvious On to book two

  7. Kay (Brigidsmomma) Compton Kay (Brigidsmomma) Compton says:

    This was very good A new series by Ms Durand This one is all about pies and Key Lime pies and other desserts with a key Lime component Takes place in Key West and has some really interesting characters I think this will be a good series and I am looking forward to seeing what the second in this series is like

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    I absolutely loved this book What a fun murdermystery I have to admit that I had figured out who the murderer was as soon as the murder was discovered However I never thought of the reason behind the murder I definitely plan to get the next book in this seriesDefinitely recommend

  9. E E says:

    Love this author and read anything that she writes This is a new to me series Nothing like key lime goodies to make you hungry while you read this awesome book I will definitely be reading the rest of the series

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    A really fun series to create the perfect vacation atmosphereEven though this series is an older one from mega talented author and publisher Summer Prescott this is my first time reading it And I'm totally enchanted I chose to begin reading this series at this particular time in honor of a beloved brother Li friend who is vacationing with his family in Key West These wonderful lime themed books set in beautiful Key West – trusting and believing the whole series will be as awesome as this first installment is – are the perfect way to create my own armchair vacation to Key West while simultaneously beautifully bridging the miles between myself and my very missed brotherly friend They also happen to be a whole lot of fun to read as cozy mysteries go – chock full of suspense amazing top uality story content very interesting and intriguing well rounded characters a very vivid and well crafted setting an interesting and engrossing plotline and they really make me hungry and absolutely crave key lime pie Set of course in Key West Florida this first installment in Summer Prescott's phenomenal Key West cozy culinary mystery series A Lime To Kill centers around heroin and pie shop owner Marilyn and her daughter Tiara Frustrated with the financial end of her business Marilyn accepts her daughter's offer to take care of the business end of running her pie shop soon in addition to taking on Tiara as an assistant at the pie shop Marilyn also hires a new employee named Susan Things are going remarkably well with her business until one exceptionally busy day when everything seems to go south in a hurry Repairmen are called in to fix ovens on the blink Marylin is out making a pie delivery leaving the shop in the hands of her daughter and new employee to run until she returns SuddenlyS amidst all the chaos after consuming a key lime pie stuffed strawberry a regular customer literally drops to the ground having what appears to be a heart attackThings go from bad to worse when the man dies en route to the hospital and soon it becomes evident that what appeared to be a heart attack was actually poisoning connected with the strawberry he ate at the pie shop Soon both Marilyn and her daughter are among the suspects and the plot thickens when disturbing details about Tiara surface This first Key West culinary cozy mystery from Summer Prescott is a definite must read page turner once you finally learn who the killer actually is it just makes you hungry for key lime pie and phenomenal mysteries in this extraordinary series whether older or newer classic or current this series stands testimony to the fact that no matter what you read from Summer Prescott you're definitely in for a gripping engrossing fun and truly delicious mystery that will keep you guessing and turning pages to the very end of the book And once you finish you'll definitely be hungry for a whole lot All this with no graphic sexual or violent content makes these cozy mysteries the perfect reads for bookworms of all ages Put simply I cannot highly recommend this book or this series enough My only single regret is that the maximum limit for star rating of books is only five Truly this book and this whole series deserves far Too bad we are not able to give books a zillion star rating because were that possible this book most definitely would earn said rating

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