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  1. W.B. W.B. says:

    I could say Cleveland Amory is an acuired taste but whenever that cliche comes to mind I instantly think of Harry Dean Stanton's smart ass riposte to was it Crispin Glover? in Almereyda's Twister It seems to me you can acuire a taste for anything but the uestion is why would you want to? That's not the movie with the cows flying around That's the schlub Twister And so it is with Amory One wonders why one is bothering to try to acuire a taste for an author who is a self admitted curmudgeon and who resorts to such cheap tricks as making a cute cat always prominently featured on the cover the sugar candy to draw you close enough to his book to possibly check it out and then KA CHING make the purchase Well the strategy works as this is one in a series of very successful books which are really autobiographical Human autobiographical that is Polar Bear the titular kitty does make an appearance every now and then but one uickly gets the impression Mr Amory is mostly conducting his assay of Polar Bear's character via the psychological mechanism of projection Polar Bear is getting old Mr Amory is getting old Polar Bear is intolerant of most of humanity Mr Amory is intolerant of most of humanity Polar Bear is constipated Mr Amory is constipated And so on This installment in the series focuses mostly on aging both feline and human and Amory reflects on his long and sometimes lucky life in a somewhat acerbic style He is occasionally funny He is occasionally uotable But mostly this remains Reader's Digest humor It's certainly a safe book to give to that aunt or uncle who disapproves of most of your dicey reading Who is this Genet dear? Might I enjoy his books? Amory was the president of two major animal societies one of which Fund for Animals he founded The other one he helmed was the Anti Vivisectionist Society ewww you probably are saying here and I can't blame you who still does vivisections? He seems to have led a charmed life many failed marriages notwithstanding and had several careers besides this feline franchise including stints as a somewhat successful tv writer One gets the impression that he feels much of his life happened to him by accident but he remains amused by this state of affairs which renders him a somewhat likeable narrator The book could have used Polar Bear and a little less Cleveland Amory but since he had a number of famous and wealthy friends The Hepburn family for example there is some gossip which is rarely titillating but sometimes pleasantly distracting By now you probably realize this is pretty much a bathroom book or bathtub book a book to read on a day when you're down with the flu and the television offerings suck He hasn't any great insights into the workings of life and won't venture a guess about any ultimate or higher meaning to the thing but he might make you smile or giggle occasionallyHe pretty much avoids life when possible He is a bit of a window licker And you'll probably feel a little like a nerd since you'll be aware of how Reader's Digest this sort of humor is I mean if you actually laugh at it I admit I did Occasionally What I continually marveled at is the fact that Mr Amory at the time of writing this book is a superannuated fussy man living alone with a cat a man who is miraculously NOT gay I kept waiting for some detail to give it all away and drop the G bomb but it never happened He is a straight fussbucket in fuzzy slippers Would I read another of the books in this series dedicated to the hagiography of kitties? I hate to admit that the answer is in the affirmative I too have fuzzy slippers and enjoy a good cat every now and then But I execrate Reader's Digest humor in general and think Reader's Digest should be brought up on charges in an International Court for the atrocities they committed when they published those millions of abridged books That was a low point in human history Just because meals can be turned into tv dinners doesn't mean books have to undergo the same fate

  2. Elise Crawford Elise Crawford says:

    I don't think it's respectful to give a deceased author a bad review I mean his book was published after all as were so many he wrote I will say when he wasn't lost in the weeds and got back on track with moving the story forward I really enjoyed how he brought Polar Bear to life intellectually PB will always have a place in my heart If you are patient with the author's ramblings it is a great story overall

  3. Ericka Ericka says:

    The stories about his cat are amusing and relatable as a cat staff member myself but the rest of the book's stories are kind of dull He will usually track his rambling stories about his other work his friends his opinions or his personal experiences back to his cat Polar Bear but sometimes it's a huge stretch and the cat is barely involved What's nice though is that you get three full books and it's only at the end of the third book that the cat finally passes away Too many animal memoirs are short affairs which though they do focus entirely on the animal's impact on the human's life always end too soon with the animal's demise

  4. bohemian_wildflower bohemian_wildflower says:

    Three books in one Overall I liked most of itI think he was a really good storyteller and writer I liked his personality I liked most of the stories There could have been stories about his cat I will agree with thatBut overall it was a nice read and mostly amusing He seemt like an interesting person with a very interesting life honestlyI am glad I read this book and got to know about him

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    This book is three in one which is why it took me a bit of time to get through it I had to read other books in between as a sort of palate cleanser Each book is different so if you get tired of the discussion of Polar Bear's endless antics as charming as they may be never fear the entire set is not devoted to that specific thread I love animals and books about animals but there was something about the pacing of The Cat Who Came for Christmas that dragged at the end And the beginning of The Cat and the Curmudgeon did little to assure me that things were going to pick up So I put it down for uite awhile Fortunately for me however I am on a mission to get rid of my copious collection of books and I needed to finish this rather large one to get it out the door and make me feel like there might be a chance I could actually succeed at reading through my own library Anyway I forced myself to pick up where I left off in The Cat and the Curmudgeon and it ended up being delightful So delightful in fact that I raced through The Best Cat Ever in record time The latter is only barely about the cat and mostly about Amory's exploits during his distinguished career The middle book is mainly about various animal issues and rescues Amory took part in mostly through his organization The Fund for Animals All in all it is a great trilogy and I am the better for having read it It's a great series about a wonderful cat aren't they all the plight of animals in today's society and some juicy details about famous people who ran in Amory's social circles Most surprising to me I even grew fond of his love of puns and wordplay something I usually don't find that funny

  6. Jen Howie Jen Howie says:

    Oh man To be fair I have had this book sitting on my shelf for almost two decades and it's been almost that long since I've tried to read it The reason I own a copy is because in 1995 we had a white cat and I am a cat fanatic and an avid reader so my husband thought I needed to read this book I maybe made it halfway thru and gave up My goal is to pick it back up again the the new year and start from scratch I can't ever remember what it's about only that this book has been a joke for so long in my house that my husband pretends to feel hurt that I never read the book he gave me for Christmas twenty years ago

  7. Lynn Lynn says:

    Amory was the founder of the Fund for Animals in New York City and president of the New England Anti Vivisection LeagueThe 3 books included in this volume are all fantastic and can be read independently but if you read them in order The Cat Who Came for Christmas The Cat and the Curmudgeon The Best Cat Everyou're in for a treat You will get caught up in the story of this rough and tough man who melts when he saves Polar Bear a stray he found in the rainSome smilesbut alas as in real life there is inevitable death at the end so bring Kleenex Lots of Kleenex

  8. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    This book is the best book ever Three books in one that I loved so much that I read it twice and liked it even the second time Cleveland Amory's satire is so genius that even though he never met me he wrote this book specifically to me and for me Clearly non cat dog people may not get all of the inside jokes but any animal lover will appreciate Cleveland Amory's contribution to saving animals around the world and the US he is the original creator of our Humane Society

  9. Anne Teensma Anne Teensma says:

    I did not care for these books at all They seemed less about the cat than they were about the author using the cat as a segue into unrelated anecdotes There were many many tangents that literally took pages upon pages to get back to the original topicPolar Bear for the little I heard of him seemed adorable

  10. Nathan Nathan says:

    Combining a wit reminiscent of PG Wodehouse with a compassion all his own Cleveland Amory is a good pick not only for cat lovers but anyone who cares about animals Though he tends towards repetitiveness a little Amory goes a long way his humor and heart are evident throughout

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The Best Cat Ever/ The Cat Who Came For Christmas/ The Cat and the Curmudgeon ❥ The Best Cat Ever/ The Cat Who Came For Christmas/ The Cat and the Curmudgeon free download ➝ Author Cleveland Amory – Cleveland Amory's three classic cat stories have been compiled for the first time into one edition The Compleat Cat an enchanting moving and humorous collection A self confessed curmudgeon and dog lov Cleveland Amory's three classic cat Cat Ever/ MOBI í stories have been compiled for the first time into one edition The Compleat Cat an enchanting moving and humorous collection A self confessed curmudgeon and dog lover firmly established in his ways Cleveland Amory never anticipated how one dirty and scrawny alley cat could affect his life so dramatically Underneath the New York The Best Epub / grime of this hungry stray hid a shimmering white coat and an endearing pair of green eyes; Amory was smitten and Polar Bear moved right in In The Cat Who Came for Christmas Amory crafts a charming narrative between cat and owner Polar Bear converses through the swish of his tail a look in his eye and the tone Best Cat Ever/ ePUB ✓ of his meow A humorous battle of wits ensues between the headstrong owner and the even stubborn cat Amory's second book The Cat and the Curmudgeon draws us deeper still into the lives of Polar Bear and Amory as cat and human face fame romance and everyday domestic crises Now rather famous Polar Bear is uneasy about his new Best Cat Ever/ The Cat MOBI :↠ celebrity status interested only in eating his fan mail Amory's final Polar Bear book The Best Cat Ever takes a serious twist both cat and owner fall Best Cat Ever/ The Cat MOBI :↠ ill with arthritis and old age complications Amory takes Polar Bear on the cat's final trip a jaunt back to his college days where we learn about Amory's fascinating past The Compleat Cat is an exceptional invitation into the very special world of Amory and Polar Bear.

  • Hardcover
  • 812 pages
  • The Best Cat Ever/ The Cat Who Came For Christmas/ The Cat and the Curmudgeon
  • Cleveland Amory
  • 11 May 2016
  • 9780965027380

About the Author: Cleveland Amory

Cleveland Amory was an American Cat Ever/ MOBI í author who devoted his life to promoting animal rights He was perhaps best known for his books about his cat named Polar Bear whom he saved from the Manhattan streets on Christmas Eve The executive director of the Humane Society of the United States described Amory as „the founding father of the The Best Epub / modern animal protection movement“.