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Dragon Guard Series Box Set (Dragon Guards, #1 To #7.5) ❮Download❯ ➹ Dragon Guard Series Box Set (Dragon Guards, #1 To #7.5) ➾ Author Julia Mills – Thomashillier.co.uk Enter the World of the Dragon GuardForever be Changed All Seven Books in the Dragon Guard series in one place plus a BONUS NOVELLA from USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Mills There Are No Coincidenc Enter the World of the Dragon GuardForever be Series Box MOBI õ Changed All Seven books in the Dragon Guard series in Dragon Guard PDF/EPUB or one place plus a BONUS NOVELLA from USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Mills There Are No Coincidences The Universe Guard Series Box Epub á Does Not Make Mistakes Fate Will Not Be Denied Her Dragon to Slay – Revised rewritten and re edited The chemistry between a strong willed curvy girl and fierce warrior makes all the difference in the world where nothing is as it seems The existence of an ancient race of honor clad tradition bound protectors might be hard to accept but now the dead are coming back to life and holding a knife to her neck Can these fated mates defeat their greatest enemies and get their happily ever after Her Dragon’s Fire – Revised rewritten and re edited Her brilliant blues eyes and luscious curves have fueled his fantasies for over six years The guilt of his younger brother’s death a weight around his heart that kept him from claiming the one the Universe had made for him Now nothing was as he thought and the woman he believed was unattainable is within his grasp if only he can keep her safe from those that would use her to hurt him Haunted by Her Dragon Lance has spent his long life cracking jokes and making fun of his brethren as each succumbed to the sappiness of everlasting love with the one that completes them like no other Now the Universe is the one laughing and his fellow Guardsmen are the ones making jokes as the mating call of his kin push him headlong towards the one that will bring light to his soul He can no longer deny that he is meant to spend the rest of his many years with Sam but his obligation to eliminate any threats to her life must come firstright For the Guardsman who has hot dogged his way through one hundred and twelve years one brown eyed curly headed doctor will make him rethink everything he ever knew For the Love of Her Dragon Two soulsdestined for a Great Love decreed by Fate But Fate has Her hands full with this couple and if that wasn’t enough the traitor has an army ready to destroy all they both hold dear Can Royce forget the past and believe in the future Can Kyra forgive a betrayal that cuts deep and believe Love will always find a way Can they defeat an evil with no conscience only the desire for vengeance The Universe the Goddess and Fate have their work cut out for them if Kyra is to know the love of her dragon Saved by Her Dragon Anya is the light of his soul and the only woman able to tame the beast within Devon has the strength and knowledge she will need in the coming days Together they just may be the key to saving Dragon kin All they have to do is defeat the traitorbut that means they have to find him first Only for Her Dragon Nobody said it was going to be easy The fight will be real It will take compromise and a love created by the Universe Only Charlie can take the leap of faith and only for her dragon Fighting for Her Dragon One doomed dragon One very special woman One destiny no one could have predicted Will they save dragon kin or destroy it BONUS NOVELLA Her Dragon’s Heart What do you get when you combine one head strong dragon shifter with a young woman whose past won’t stay hidden add a coven of demon raising wizards and a Fate that will not be denied The perfect recipe for sizzling romance spine tingling intrigue sword swinging action and swoon worthy love.

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  • Dragon Guard Series Box Set (Dragon Guards, #1 To #7.5)
  • Julia Mills
  • English
  • 16 September 2014

About the Author: Julia Mills

Mom of two rockin' girls Reader of everything Series Box MOBI õ Author of The Dragon Guards series and many surprises to Dragon Guard PDF/EPUB or comeI am a sarcasticsometimes foul mouthed not afraid to drink a beer always southern woman with of the Guard Series Box Epub á most amazing teenage daughters a menagerie of animals and a voracious appetite for reading who recently decided to write the storied running through her brain I read my first boo.

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  1. Joan Joan says:

    Late night read The word ‘nice’ used three times on the first page a woman who drinks some weird no whip non fat iced white chocolate mocha from what ever a ‘from frou’ shop is Sounds repulsive I loathe women like that All show and no brains Dnf on page 3Not rating

  2. Carolyn Brown Carolyn Brown says:

    OMG love this seriesI this is an addictionI can’t wait to get to the next book These books flow together so wellOn to book 8

  3. Mandy Parmenter Mandy Parmenter says:

    Great value introduction to the Dragon Guard series#1 Her Dragon To Slay 4Kyndel is sassy and has got through life up to now but on a long trip home from work her destiny falls at her feet Rayne is a fearless dragon guard commander but when he meets his mate he risks losing his cool while trying to save her from his enemies Can someone who has come back from the dead and is now holding a knife to her neck destroy the person that the Universe made for him?Wow a sassy woman and a strong man what's not to like? Kyndel was curvy and sassy and Rayne hot and impossible to resist The story was dramatic and it had a lot of twists and turns in the story It was well told and I could feel all the thoughts and emotions was they journeyed through this roller coaster to find a way to enjoy their destined life together Very enjoyable can't wait to read the next one now#2 Her Dragon's Fire 4Aiden is a fierce Dragon Guardsman who has dreamed of his mate for the last 6 years and the only thing keeping him away from her is to protect her from his evil brother who would use her to hurt him Grace is a successful lawyer who works as a defender working towards justice for those who would be forgotten However when she stumbles into trouble as part of a case only the man wither the amazing hazel eyes who sends her heart facing will be able to keep her safe Aiden will do everything in his power including his very life to keep his mate safe They are meant to be together even if Andrew has been one step ahead of them all of the time No matter what he doe to them fate will not be deniedThis was a sweet love story of him Aiden and Grace finally got together and how they beat all the odds in order to have the future together that was their fate I loved the way the other guards did everything in order in order to support Aiden and Grace in order to stay alive and have the future together that was intended for them Well written and beautifully told#3 Haunted By Her Dragon 4Since her family was taken in a tragic accident years ago life has never been easy for 29 year old Dr Samantha Malone She then has to put her life back together again after being kidnapped If it wasn't for the gorgeous guy who rescued her then and now seems to be protecting her from the shadows ever since too The uestion is why and what does he want? Dragon Guardsman Lance knew from the moment he met her that Samantha was the one the universe had made for him but he knew it was not the right time to claim her Instead he has protected her from afar waiting for that right time He may have lived for 112 years but fate will not be denied he has to find a way to claim his mateThis was a sweet story of how the mates found each other then grew to know each other and finally become a single unit Well written it was an enjoyable read and certainly a good continuation from the previous book in the series as it continued a strand of the story that started in that one Well written easy to understand and very enjoyable#4 For the Love of Her Dragon 4Powerful White Witch Kyra St Croix is the child of High Priestess and a human male and has lived on her own for the last 25 years as she tries to leave her destiny to fate and not her mother's meddling However her belief in that is stretched yo breaking point when it becomes apparent that her intended mate is actually someone who can't stand her for what she is Dragon Guardsman Royce O'Reilly is the oldest and most respected member of the MacLendon Force Since joining the Golden Fire Clan he has matched his brethren become fierce warriors as he works to guide the younger guardsmen as a steadying force for good As he watches some of his brethren meet their mates he hopes to meet his own until he realises that fate has a sick sense of humour given that his mate is a five foot two inch bundle of powerful Earth witch called Kyra St Croix Can Royce move past the betrayal he feels after a witch murdered his mother and unborn sister many years ago and can Kyra move past the prejudice and rejection she can feel from Royce? Fate doesn't make mistakes and cannot be deniedThis was a sweet story which was just a little tedious during the middle as Royce struggled to get his head around his fate and how he really needed to pull himself together and get on with life It was nice to read details about some of the other characters that had already been introduced to the series in previous books in the series but it is not necessary to read them first to enjoy this book Well written easy to understand and a good story I now just wonder what Andrew has up his sleeve for the next book in the series#5 Saved By Her Dragon 4Devon has a great heritage for a Guardsman his Dad was the fiercest in history and his Mother is a healer Anya Sloane is an orphan that has been raised by earth witches when she is abducted and then left for dead outside a hospital After a month of trying to come out of the coma she is in she discovers that everything she thought she knew was illusions Can she work with Devon to find the traitor who imprisoned her and save the dragons?Lots of drama and danger in this story of evil and betrayal all mixed into a love story between Devon and Anya There were plenty of twists and turns in this story in the world of the dragon guards A nice ending and yet the promise of much to come in the next story Well written and everything was clear and easy to feel and understand#6 Only for Her Dragon 4Dragon Guardsman Aaron O'Brien has long regarded a single life as the only way to be As part of that he is very happy for his brethren who have all found mates but feels that is not the way for his life to be However Fate didn't get the memo and has other plans for him and his life Dr Charlene Gallagher is intelligent determined and very level headed So when something inexplicable jumps up and causes her to doubt her own judgement can Charlie find the answers to explain this all rationally? It seems that only Charlie can take the necessary leap of faith for her dragon and if she can do that she will find the kind of love that she could only have dreamed of Can she take that leap?This was a charming story of how an intelligent woman was able to take the evidence of her feelings and eyes in order to have the kind of love and relationship that she could only dream of Well told everything was easy to read feel and understand A nice love story#7 Fighting for Her Dragon 4Emma Sinclair currently works as the jeweller at the lair but her heritage is unknown and she long ago accepted that it would stay that way Then she realised that she could feel the pain being experienced by the Traitor and he was calling to her in the language of his kin Andrew's brothers have captured him and he is bound in silver in a cave He knows this is exactly what he deserves after the way he has behaved in the past and only hallucinations of his long dead parents are able to give him solace However he detects the scent of salt sun and fresh air and all he can see and think of are brown eyes and a smile that acts as a balm to his tattered soul Only the memory of this woman is both his solace and lifeline Can they both come out of this situation or are them both lost for all time?I loved this story which was both dramatic and emotional all at the same time It was great to watch Andrew care much for someone else which moved him out of his selfish and feeling sorry for himself mode I could feel and sense all of the thoughts and emotions of the characters involved and was thrilled with the surprises at the end of this story

  4. Tonya Tonya says:

    This is on of my favorite series I absolutely love each and every character Devon will always be mine though lol I can't wait to get about the Dragon Guard even if it isn't these guys There are still other Dragons in other clans When one of these books come out I drop my current read and have to read it as soon as I get my greedy little eyes on it Julia Mills writes fantastic stories Her Dragon to Slay – 5 starsUsually I only read about the normal shifters but this book looked interesting I'm not normally into any books that have to do with dragons This book completely captivated me and I loved it I love the love story between Rayne and Kyndel Can't wait for the next one I loved Kyndel's sass and her attitude and how she seemed to keep Rayne in his placeHer Dragon’s Fire – 5 starsThis book is amazing I love Grace and Aiden This book was nonstop I couldn't put it down I was hooked from the first line The descriptions of how Grace felt just from the smell of Aiden were amazing Grace is a very strong female lead I loved it She isn't one of those that has to wait for someone to rescue her she likes to take care of herself Yes there are times she does need help but she's still fighting and never gives up Aiden is such a hot alpha But he is caring and very loving as well I cannot wait until the third book comes out Thank you Julia for letting me have an ARC to readHaunted by Her Dragon – 5 starsFATE WILL NOT BE DENIED I need an option for at least 8 stars for this book Miss Julia has done it again Her stories of the Dragon Guard are amazing This is Lance's story Lance is the jokester of the clan has a smart mouth is gorgeous and is a beautiful Golden dragon He has lost a lot so once he finds his mate he tries to stay away from her while protecting her at the same time He doesn't want her to get hurt while they are still chasing after Andrew Samantha Sam is a doctor in her surgical residency She was kidnapped by the Auctioneer Lance saved her from the burning warehouse That was their first meeting She can't get him out of her mind and she swears he is always around watching her but not in a stalker type of way but in a protective way and she feels safe Sydney is a little cutie that is so smart She is a foster kid that Sam has to operate on Sam instantly connects with her due to them both being orphans She is a very smart little girl and understands and knows things about the dragons before she is told about it I can't wait to find out about her I do have my theories Lance learns that Fate Will Not Be Denied and he can't deny is mate any It's such a powerful call one that he can't keep ignoring From the human race women with great power will be born Not the power to maim or destroy but the power to love to heal to uplift and to rebuild The beautiful ones will be created as the perfect completion for the men who take up our spirits One woman destined for one man to live on Earth and in the Heavens joined for all times When the time is right they shall discover one another The two will become one and the woman will provide the man and the beast with love light and hope Together they shall provide heirs that will allow our great race to continue for all eternity I am already pestering Julia for the next book in the series Even though this is a series and is the 3rd book you can read it as a standalone She does a great job filling in details from previous books you will just miss the other stories of how the dragons found their mates and the adventure and struggles they had to all go through You will not be let down with reading this bookFor the Love of Her Dragon – 5 starsI really wish I could leave than 5 stars This is Royce's story And what a story it isAMAZING Royce is the oldest of the Dragon Guard He is the Gentle Giant Stubborn Proud Loyal and Loving Kyra is a White Witch with a smart mouth and is very tiny But big things come in small packages and she is the proof that proves that statement true You do know I won't melt right? She yelled That was the Wicked Witch of the West I'm the Short Sarcastic Witch of the South I absolutely love both of these characters Who would have thought that a Little Witch of 5 foot 2 would drop Royce to his knees Royce has problems believing that she is truly his mate Why would the Universe do this to him? How could the Universe in Her infinite wisdom pair him with a magic practitioner? He hates witches White witch or not He sees that she is completely good but his past is haunting him Will he get his head out of his butt and claim what is his? And will Kyra be able to forgive him for all the hurt he has caused? Kyra mo ghra' every second that we were apart the hole in my heart grew larger until I was sure I would cease to exist without you Having you here really here is a blessing and one I will not suander Will the Dragon Guard with the help of Kyra finally catch and stop Andrew? What will happen with Royce and Kyra Will Sydney's powers keep growing and will they find out about her past and Emma's? I don't think I can wait for the next book I need it now Julia has me completely hooked on her sexy alpha Dragon men She always leaves me wanting Saved by Her Dragon – 5 stars5 stars does not do this book justice at all I have loved and claimed Devon since the very first book There was something about him that drew me in and made me tell everyone including Julia that he is all mine So I had very high expectations for his story I have to say I was not let down even though I not so secretly hoped Julia wrote me in to steal him away from Anya After reading his story I love him even if that's possible There isn't as much fightingaction in this book as there is in the others but it's not lacking at all Andrew is still up to his wicked ways and being a shithead Devon is the white dragon of the Clan He is a beautiful and powerful dragon The white dragons are warriors born of the sun and the moon The Universe shines favorably on all Her winged warriors but the ones born with white scales hold both the favor of the day and of the night They are a powerful sign of purity and wisdom combined with tremendous spiritual energy Their calm exterior hides the heart of the beast and allows them to take those that oppose them by surprise Loyalty and strength of will are their two greatest attributes and they use those to protect all they hold dear Love and devotion run deeper as the years pass To mate a white dragon means to accept all that they are and honor the power shared between mates Anya is an amazing character also even if I'm so completely jealous of her When Devon is having his moments of being a total alpha Neanderthal she sure knows how to put him in his place Act like a Neanderthal and throw me over your shoulder again and see what other tricks I have up my sleeve Paybacks are a bitch dragon man I love Devon and I absolutely adore Anya This book could not be better They are perfect for each other But then again The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes I'm even curious about little Sydney after this book I hav my theories but I'm keeping them to myselffor now All my lovenowalwaysforeverForever will never be long enough I'm now ready for book 6Only for Her Dragon – 5 starsHmm what to say about this book besides that it's amazing Just like all the other Dragon Guard books by Julia Mills I absolutely love this book and the entire season Devon is still mine btw Aaron is the last single dragon of the Dragon Guards He would always laugh when one of his brethern found their mate he would tease and say he would always be a bachelor Well the guys get their pay back in this book and everything he said to them to make fun of them has come back to bite him in the butt Let me make one thing perfectly clear I want nothing ore than to make love to you I want it than I want my next breath More than I want to feel the sunshine on my skin More than I want to wake to another day She went to interrupt but his fingers magically appeared against her lips effectively silencing her words The grin left his face I have wanted you from the moment I met you but I promised myself when we were finally together I would savor every moment That it would last for days upon days Ok I really need a dragon of my own Charlie or Dr Charlene is a doctor and is Sam's best friend In previous book she saw Anya turn into her dragon for the first time She freaked Who wouldn't freak seeing a dragon I know I would She ran and went days without even talking to her best friend Charlie is just likes the other women that are mates she is a strong independent beautiful woman that can bring her dragon man to his knees with just one look I love Charlie's personality She is such a fun character to read She is going to keep Aaron in line and on his toes but he will do the same for her I'm sure That man is gonna be the death of mebut what a way to go Well hell I'm your mate aren't I? Not exactly the sentiment I'd hoped for But there is just something about Charlie She catches on fast and accepts the dragons But why is the mind talking working so well before they're actually mated? I'm not telling you you will just have to read to find out because wow just wow I wasn't expecting it at all Andrew is still out there He's injured and hiding They know where he is it's just a matter of getting him More of his story comes out I think I know who the girl is that he remembers crying before all of this began I hope I'm right Calysta is still missing Kyra and Royce have still been looking for her and following leads I hope they find her soonFighting for Her Dragon – 5 starsThis is the seventh and final book in The Dragon Guard Series I'm a little upset about it being the final book I love this world that Julia Mills has created It just sucks you right in I will always be Team Devon I have been hooked from the first word in the first book This is one of my favorite series You can read these as standalones but there is a storyline that continues through out all seven books You would miss out on all the other alpha dragons finding their mates and that mate bringing each and every dragon to their knees Andrew O'Brien the traitor has finally been caught He will have to face the tribunal for what he has done But plans change when he realizes that Emma is his mate He will do anything to protect her including dying for her Andrew changes so much in this book We see him go from completely evil to loving Emma so completely and asking for forgiveness Andrew O'Brein did not want to be with anyone he was a loner and capable of dealing with anything and everything on his ownbuthe wasn't He not only wanted to be with Emma to be a better person because of her he needed to be with her Needed to show her that her faith in him was not unfounded He just knew if he could get back there e could be the man and dragon she needed Emma Sinclair has been raised by the dragon clan she has no clue about where she cam from She is the jewelry maker Most people knew she was special just not how special and what she is exactly I couldn't wait to find out about her history When we find out who Emma really is lets just say I was not expecting that Hidden pasts and all uestions are answered in this book Sydney's scenes had me crying She is one amazing little girl I had a feeling about why she was so special and I was partially right This is such an amazing read that is full of surprises And we get the full prophecy Andrew is well on his way to redeeming himself completely His brethren are starting to come around especially after what he did for Grace Emma O'Brien I cannot conceive of a forever where you are not the center of my world I love you with everything I am and everything I hope to be Andrew really is the Special One and the Universe does not make mistakesHer Dragon’s Heart – 5 starsWhere to even start with this review This is an amazing novella of the Dragon Guard Series Julia Mills has a way with words making you get sucked into the story You aren’t able to put the book down until you are finished and she sets up the next story You’re left wanting so many of these stories of these amazing Dragon men This is Jace’s story Just like in the other books he has found his mate The one the Universe created just for him But there is evil that comes between them and it’s not Andrew this time Jace is a beautiful bronze dragon “They are protective to a fault and will fight to the death to defend those they hold dear They seek justice at all turns They have meticulous and ambitious attitudes and use a combination of their minds and hearts to make all decisions They love hard strong and endlessly They never lose faith in whom or what they believe in To mate a bronze dragon is to accept all that they are and honor the power shared between mates” Melanie Whelan is a nurse at the hospital She’s been hiding for the past 20 years because of her grandfather and his plans for her She is kidnapped and Jace is on the hunt for her and to finally claim her as his mate Lance really surprised me with his advice It’s always great to see this side of Lance and see the women bring their dragon’s to their knees “Brother you’re gonna screw up on a daily basis Sometimes she’ll laugh it off and sometimes she’ll be madder than a wet hen so I’m gonna pass along a piece of advice that was given to me by the always wise Zen Master Walsh Love her with everything you are Love her like there will be no tomorrow Love her like your life depends on itbecause let me assure youit does” These two are perfect for each other They prove once again that the Universe doesn’t make mistakes “I love you than the stars in the sky Melanie Rose Macuaid” –Jace“Yesterday today and tomorrow I’ll love you forever Jace Macuaid Just keep this bell ringing” –Melanie Now for Liam’s “the grand poobah of bitching” story

  5. Rose Rose says:

    Every book in this series has been a 5 star readHER DRAGON TO SLAY This book was fantastic The author has a wonderful way with words and can really draw you in and keep you enthralled I can't wait to read the next book in this seriesHER DRAGON’S FIRE This is the second book in the Dragon Guard series it was just as fantastic as the first I am truly loving Julia Lake Mills’ imaginationGrace is our female lead in this book she is a lawyer very strong willed very smart Aiden is her fated mate he is such a perfect mate for Grace He is strong but understands that Grace needs to do some things her wayIn the first book in this series we learned about Andrew Aiden’s’ younger brother He was captured many years ago by a coven of nasty wizards blamed his capture subseuent torture on his brother He of course is out for revenge against his brother the rest of the Dragon Guard To do this he will use any all means available including the hated Wizards’ the hunters’ even human criminals And so the story continuesThese books are very hot most definitely for the over 18 crowd Can’t wait to read the next book in the series Haunted by her DragonHAUNTED BY HER DRAGON Holy hotness This series just keeps getting hotter better This book was about Lance a golden dragon Samantha whom is a surgical residentLance is the jokester of the Guard He has spent his considerable life pulling pranks on teasing his brethren clan friends When he was barely a man he was sent to train with the Golden Fire Clan of the Dragon Shifters After his training he returned home to find his whole clan had been murdered including his mother sister Not a spoiler if you have been reading these books in order as you should Although he had heard all his life that the Universe made one true mate for each of them he had determined many years ago that he would not ever fall in love Therefore when his brethren were brought down to his way of thinking by love he teased them mercilessly about itThen while rescuing Dr Samantha Malone in the last book he finally realized that he would have no say in the matter He had found the one the Universe had mad just for him And so the story ensues And oh my what a great story As usual Julia has included danger fear romance some good old fashioned HOT sex is this wonderful story I am truly looking forward to the next book For the Love of Her DragonFOR THE LOVE OF HER DRAGON These books just keep getting better better This story is about Royce Kyra Royce is the oldest of the Dragon Guardsmen Kyra is half witch half humanRoyce doesn’t like witches Not only does he not like them he can’t stand them he doesn’t trust them So when he starts to realize that the Universe has chosen a witch for his mate he is confused resistant angry He avoids Kyra as much as he can when he can’t he has as little interaction with her as possibleKyra on the other hand has known for 25 years that her true mate is a dragon And she suspects early on that that dragon is Royce She doesn’t understand why he wants nothing to do with her She only practices white magic She’s sassy but she is a good person Why does her true mate want nothing to do with her? It’s true Andrew fooled her into helping him but as soon as she realized what was happening she aligned herself with the Dragon Guardsmen in the fight against Andrew the wizards trying to destroy Royce’s brethrenThe Universe is NEVER wrong Is it wrong this time? You will have to read the book to find out And if you have read enjoyed the rest of the books in this series you will NOT be disappointed in this one I think it is my favorite so farSAVED BY HER DRAGON This is my favorite Dragon Guard book yet Julia’s books just keep getting better betterDevon is a rare white dragon shifter part of the Dragon Guard One day while visiting the hospital he feels the pull of The One The Universe Created Just For Him Unfortunately she is a patient in the hospital she is in a coma but he can hear her calling out He sits with her every day while she in unconscious talking to her taking over of her care sure in the knowledge that she knows he is there He doesn’t know her name but he knows she was made for him He knows she is special because not only is she made for him but they are already able to mind speak something that is not usually possible until the after the mating ceremony“The universe made one astonishing woman for each dragon shifter and only him She completed him and the dragon within in every way possible A dragon’s mate brought light to their soul and love to their life But she was so much It was reflected in every persondragon mate or humanthat came into contact with her They were drawn to her as she was the light that would fill their darkness”Anya Sloane is in a fog Occasionally that fog lessens and she cries out for help She hears someone answer her from far away Eventually it is decided that the best thing for her is to move her to Devon’s mothers’ Siobhan is the healer for the clan cottage Finally she awakens unsure where she is but knowing she is safe The harder she tries to remember things the farther away they goThis is Devon Anya’s story it is a wonderful tale I hope you decide to enjoy the adventure But please remember to read the rest of the series because while they are stand alones they are best read in order Also these books are for readers 18 who love hot sexy dragon shiftersONLY FOR HER DRAGON WOW I am flabbergasted Totally flummoxed I just don’t know what to think except that I CAN’T wait for the next book in this seriesThis is Aaron’s story but it is SO much Aaron is the jokester The one that is SO very sure he can avoid what the Universe has set in motion In Saved by Her Dragon we saw him start fall for Charlie Dr Charlene Gallagher But when she accidentally saw Anya shift Charlie was so confused she shut herself away from everyoneThere are some particularly interesting twists turns in this book that really kept me on my toesFIGHTING FOR HER DRAGON Oh My What a fabulous ending to this part of the story Ms Mills has given Andrew Emma a beautiful storyI will not give any spoilers in this review but OH MY GOODNESS there is a HUGE surprise that had me crying my eyes out And that was not the only thing that will surprise readers There were so many twists turns in this book so many surprises that I may have to read it a second time just to wrap my brain around everything If you are a fan of the Dragon Guard series this is an absolute MUST read

  6. Jamie Mazzanti Jamie Mazzanti says:

    An Amazing Captivating Exciting HOT HOT MUST Read SeriesI Loved this Series If you Love Romance Dragons Witches other types of Paranormal Creatures this is a Book that you MUST Read This was an Amazing Captivating Mysterious Exciting Adventurous Hilarious Engrossing Story that I had HUGE troubles putting down I Laughed Cried went through ALL the Emotions with each of the Character's I TRULY Enjoyed the way Julia not only kept the Characters together from the Beginning of the Series but she also kept the Adventure Mystery going from one Book to the next Then with New Characters brought in a Exciting Adventure's Mystery Excitement Julia did such an Amazing Job describing everything in such a Descriptive Detail that I felt I was seeing everything that was going on through eye's if each of the Character's I got so captured into the Fascinating Twist Turns of the story that I would push myself to stay awake till I literally fell asleep with my Tablet in my lap I Loved the Alpha Male Dragon's Playfulness Protective Nature Sexy Bodies Romantic Strong Willed Characters the Female Mates Romantic Sassy Bright Strong Willed Character's Granted you can Read each Book separately but I suggest that to REALLY enjoy everything this Series has to offer you should Read the Series in order That is what make's this Boxed Set such a Phenomenal Buy I look forward to continuing this Series to see of these Phenomenal Dragon Male's not only get their mate's but see the one's already Mated have kids hopefully go on Awesome Adventures

  7. Jacklynn Sizemore Jacklynn Sizemore says:

    Her Dragon To SlayFirst of let start with saying WOW what a book just WOW I so feeling in love with this book it is so awesome amazing funny and kick ass This book is a paranormal romance and so a must read Now this is the first book I have ever read with just one kind of shifter in it and has no vampires in it Oh I so love love dragon shifters now so hot and loving and protective over their love ones My favor character in this book is Kyndel she the is awesome and a human female I love this character cause she is a full size woman who is smarta woman who take care of herself and how can face her fears head on Now I going share a teaser and one of my favor parts in this bookThe heat from her rescuer’s body warmed her inside and out Her thoughts were cut short as the sidewalk was once again coming towards her face even uickly than before Her world spun and she ended up sitting on top of the abs she had been inadvertently admiring with her bum just a moment before instead of hitting the sidewalk The arm that had kept her suspended above the sidewalk was lying across her lapA giggle slipped out as she wondered if the rest of her rescuer matched the parts she had already examined The hand that been warming the side of her breast just seconds before slid up and down her thigh seemingly of its own volition causing goose bumps to rise on her legs and thoughts that she absolutely should not be thinking about a total stranger pop into her very addled brain She twisted from the waist up keeping her legs draped over his thighs with her knees barely touching the sidewalk trying to get a look at her mystery man What she saw made her gasp The man lying beneath her had the most beautifully masculine face she had ever seen Even with his eyes closed he had an air of authority and command that coupled with his sheer size made her feel small and feminine something she had never experienced before The shadows played perfectly across his high cheek bones aristocratic nose and pouty lips The thought of touching her lips to his immediately flooded her mind accompanied by a vision that she was sure was burned into her memory for all time She knew she was gawking but there was no stopping it her mouth was only one of her body parts aching to touch this exuisitely handsome manI hope you check this amazing book out it is a must readHer Dragon's FireThis second installment to the Dragon Guard Series has exceeded all my expectations A whole new twist tomade for each other when Aiden and Grace meet face to face for the first time her special intuition spidey sense tells her that she is safe with Aiden and the pull is instant and undeniably mutualThe action is practically non stop and Andrew is moving forward with plans to take down his once beloved Dragon clanIf you read the first installment of Her Dragon to Slay which I highly recommend your gona love this oneI went through the whole gambit of an emotional rollercoaster right along side my new found friends I chuckled laughed teared up and almost wanted to roar out with the anguish felt by Aiden as he held the lifeless Grace in his arms This was my OH HELL NO moment and I was actually angry until the universe with all its wisdom stepped inYou have to read it for yourself but I will say that I was moved by this story and it looks like we are gona be meeting Samantha soon It seems that the universe has picked her out especially for LanceBut alas Andrew seems to be gearing up again He is so broken he gets diabolical the longer he is freeI sure hope Julia is working on the next installment I am so looking forward to the continuing saga of the Dragon Guard SeriesHaunted By Her Dragon WOW this series just keeps getting better with each book this author come out with I just love this book about Sam and Lance and the love they find and the little girl Sydney that is now apart of their family Just a amazing story about love and family and what make a family not by blood but by love This is so a must readFor The Love Of Her DragonThis series just keeps getting so amazing In this book of Dragon Guards it's about Royce Alan O’Reilly and Kyra Renee St Croix Now Roce has always been a favor of my cause he is just a sweetheart always the one who does the cooking and always there to help anyone out Now Kyra is my kind of witch she is a white witch and has a great heart but she is very sassy and independent Now when you find your soul mate you think everything be easy but think again never that easy So love the ride these two go on to find each other This is a so must readSaved by Her DragonWith each book that comes out in the Dragon Guard series just keeps getting amazing and just so mind blowing awesome So that said this fifth book is about Devon and how he find his mate the one the Universe made for him And the other dragons and their mates are so wonderful in this book to When Devon find his mate she in a coma and everyone trying to find out why So as it goes she is awaking and that when Devon Zen world goes upside down Their love for each other is so amazing But the is something really special about Anya which is Devon mate but they have yet to find what it is anyone who come near her just love her I have to say when I found out how special she is that really did shock me but its so freaking awesome what she is To find out you have to read the book it's so so so so a must readOnly For Her DragonThis amazing and oh so WOW story is about Aaron and Charlie how Fate Will Not Be Denied I love when they find out what Charlie really is it is so awesome to and how strong she is about everything The way all the Dragon Guards and their friends hunt for the traitor brother who hurt so many To find out about this amazing and wonderful story grad your copy today it's so so so a must readFighting For Her DragonFirst off I am so happy to know this is not the last in this book in this amazing series This book was just wow amazing but I did cry so many times with this book Julia Mills has really out done her self with this story Emma is the Dragon Guard jewelry maker She is a big sweet heart and has a tendency to stay to herself Andrew the traitor to his clan He has been captured by his brothers and imprisoned in a cave To know about this book grab you copy today so so so a must read

  8. Kaleigh Kaleigh says:

    Great seriesThis was one seriously wicked bargain Seven full length novels for that low of a price is amazing The writing was great the stories are engaging and you cant help but to get invested in the characters I love the world of magic that Julia Mills created with her pen or likely her keyboard lol The only complaint i have about it is that i found each book repetitive The mating ceremonies are all nearly identical and yes it was probably by design but i found myself skipping through them to the only parts that were uniue to the dragon participating Me finding it repetetive may also be because i binge read the whole box set in just a few days It might be beneficial to break it up between each book But that's up to you Anyway i definitely recommend buying this box set to any fan of paranormal romance There are plenty of sexy times so definitely for 18 audiences

  9. Susan Commeford Susan Commeford says:

    Really like the sereies so farThis has been a pretty good read overall I've enjoyed the characters and the overarching storyline However there a couple of things I found annoyingthe main one is the overuse of italics to apparently stress the conversationsI also think we get that there is one person created by the universe for each Dragon shifterthat is the main premise It is not necessary to continue to expand on it ad nauseum And lastly the love scenes are so overblown that I literally skipped those multiple pages to get to the rest of the story I know I knowthere are those that want all that in the books I am not one of themthat being said I still liked the series and will read the restthere you have itenjoy

  10. Melanie-Smokenator Melanie-Smokenator says:

    The dragon guard box set Awesomeness in one bundle This box set is so much than just all of these awesome books put together This box set has this message in it that you will only understand in the last book Trust me it's a journey worth travelingJulia Mills shared her dragon world with us and she has done a fantastic job A true artist Her book set teaches us that even those who were bad could get forgivenesses and live We will meet many awesome hot shifters and their mates But also their stories Please join us on this adventuresEach book got 5 starsHer Dragon to slayMeet Kyndel and Rayne Kyndel is the other half to Rayne But she is no walk over She has knowledge of herbs to heal Rayne is a dragon shifter and the commander of the MacLendon Force Their purpose is to protect they kind their clan and all of mankind from evil We meet the rest of the team We'll learn about them as we go Rayne is a red dragon In this book we learn of those who follow and hunt our Dragons but also of a traitor Very shockingHer Dragon's FireMeet Grace and Aiden In this book many secrets are revealed Grace is a great lawyer and her investigation is a bit too good for the bad guys We get to know the thoughts of the traitor how he thinks and how he fits in with the bad guys Aiden is the twin to Aaron They are both Silver Dragons The issues with the traitor is much harder on these brothers as the traitor is their brotherHaunted by her DragonIn this book we have a different setup It's about Samantha and Lance but they also have Sydney A very special girl that is mature beyond her age Sam is a doctor and that is how she has met Sydney Doc was also part of what happened in the previous book and due to that some of the evil forces were still out there watchingBut Lance who helped save her has been in her thoughts constantlyLance knew who she was to him And he just kept watch over her As usual trouble forces things to escalate things but now Sydney has gained a huge family as much as them gaining a true treasure Lance is also the jokester of the Guard This time all the jokes he made about mates came back to him but he couldn't care Lance is a golden dragonFor the love of her Dragon Oh oh This was a turning point for the Guard Meet Royce the gentle and biggest dragon of this Force and Kyra a short white witch Royce has a hatred towards witches and it's not just about the evil wizards and hunters but much personal The worse was that Kyra had so many unfortunate links to his past although she was nothing that he thought Kyra proved herself despite Royce's feelings of his past They overcame it Love that is what she used to overcome his past and gain his love best magic in the world Together Royce and Kyra fight together with their force to overcome evil which is becoming worse but they are gaining ground The traitor is still there but he is busy with his own plans Royce is a blue DragonSaved by her DragonFrom the epilogue of the previous book we learned of Devon's mate and her state of health I love Devon because his book is the most different of all the Dragon Guards It is so much deeper and teaches us a bit on prophesiesDevon is know as the Zen guy of the Force His mate is in the grips of black magic and nobody knew until his mom and Kyra worked their magic We also learn that Andrew does have a conscience and that makes you wonderWe finally get to meet Anya she is awesome and really special And that is why you need to read this It's special and different but I loved it Not only is Devon's book Special his Dragon is as well he is a white Dragon rareOnly for her Dragon This was a difficult book Aaron twin to Aiden also a silver dragon Brother to the traitor Andrew He feels responsible and guilty He knew that doc Charlie was his mate since the beginning and let's face it that is uite a while Doc Charlie felt betrayed She never knew about the Dragons Not from her friend Samantha or the man she really felt a Connecticut to Aaron And she effectively cut herself off from all of them Slowly but surely Aaron feels he need to atone for everything before coming to his mate But things don't work out the way we want it to He can't stay away from her Doc Charlie has some hidden things and when it comes out she is as surprised as we areWe also capture Andrew the traitor finallyFighting for her Dragon Now this was a totally unexpected book slapped me sideways Our traitor had a mate and it's our own Emma Andrew was her mate and he wanted to do the honorable thing Release her from their bond Well I am not going to divulge detailsThis book needs and deserves to be read It makes us all think deeper than just this is a bookHer Dragon's Heart We meet Jace and Melanie Melanie has a secret she needs to keep hidden and she need to hide as well Jace knew there was something wrong with His MelanieMelanie has a grandfather that wants to use her power oh she is a white witch Hmm forgot to mention that Her grandfather is the head honcho of the black wizard clanWell things go wrong and a search is launchedThe dragon guard shows us what they are best at Being a team A family that helps each otherAnd in the end good always win over evil Jace is a Bronze Dragon

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