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The Chronocar [BOOKS] ✫ The Chronocar ✵ Steve Bellinger – An Urban Adventure in TimeImagine being born the son of a slave with the mind of a genius That was Simmie Johnson in the years following the Civil War After a perilous escape from oppression he manage An Urban Adventure in TimeImagine being born the son of a slave with the mind of a genius That was Simmie Johnson in the years following the Civil War After a perilous escape from oppression he manages to earn a PhD in physics at Tuskegee and in his research discovers the secret of time travel He develops a design for a time machine called a Chronocar but the technology reuired to make it work does not yet existclick for reviewFast forward a hundred and twenty five years A young African American Illinois Tech student in Chicago finds Dr Johnson’s plans and builds a Chronocar He goes back to the year to meet the doctor and his beautiful daughter Ollie who live in Chicago’s Black Belt now known as Bronzeville But he has chosen an unfortunate time in the past and becomes involved in the bloodiest race riot in Chicago’s history.

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  1. Sue Burke Sue Burke says:

    A young man finds a research paper in a 1901 issue of the Negro Journal of Science explaining how to build a time traveling machine In 2015 all the parts are now available so he builds the chronocar and goes back to meet the scientist who wrote the article He happens to arrive in 1919 just as Chicago's worst race riot breaks out and he wants to save the scientist and his lovely daughter But things just keep getting worse Innocent good intentions are not enoughThis fast moving book might be especially apt for young adult readers It's interesting to see what's changed in Chicago and the United States over the century and what hasn'tIn a twist the ending solves the time travel paradox a believable and satisfying answer but not a happy one

  2. African Americans on the Move Book Club African Americans on the Move Book Club says:

    The high intelligence that Simmie Johnson was born with could be the very reason he would meet his maker given the time he lived in He was born the son of slaves When his parents were sold his grandmother took him in and raised him as her own Growing up Simmie knew he was smarter than most and begged a teacher in the white school to teach him how to read It was during this time that he became interested in physics and time travel As an adult Simmie knew it was extremely dangerous to be a black man and even so for one that possessed a high I Leaving town in a hurry Simmie ends up Alabama where he attends and earns a PhD in physics from the Tuskeegee Institute He never gave up his idea for time traveling even having his works published in a science journal Sadly he was unable to fulfill his dreams as the technology he needed did not exist Tempus Neminem Manet time waits for no one A century later the works of Dr Simmie Johnson are discovered by Tony Carpenter He studies them and decides to build the Chronocar that was designed by Dr Johnson When he discovers that it works he decides to travel back in time to meet Dr Johnson There’s an old saying of let sleeping dogs lie This may or may not be in the best interest of all involved Tony is determined to go back in time to change history but can he do so or will things be beyond his control? The reader will enjoy the story as actual history is included The author gives details down to the smallest fact and writes very smoothly All characters were developed accordingly which I think is very important Zandra BarnesAAMBC Reviewer

  3. J C Steel J C Steel says:

    Bored students will get into trouble Always In this case Tony a gifted young engineering student has stumbled across an obscure article dating to the early 1900s discussing how to build a vehicle to move through time – and has built a successful prototype Determined to meet the genius whose idea it originally was Tony sets his first journey through time to the time and address of Dr Johnson However his arrival sparks a brutal race riot and in his efforts to fix the fallout caused by his presence Tony finds himself and embroiledSteve Bellinger’s The Chronocar is a striking story based on the well loved sci fi theme of time travel and the paradoxes that it spawns The threads of race and survival woven into the plot add depth not to mention food for thought and reading gives the feeling of strands of causality twisting and parting at every turn while the characters meshed in the web live and die with them This book snared my interest early on and held it right through to the end making it a highly satisfying read with a very nice twist in the finale Certainly something I would recommend to any sci fi enthusiastsReviewed for By Rite of Word

  4. Samuel Durr Samuel Durr says:

    A thrilling page turner Like a little boy trying to clean up spilled cereal things go from messy to just plain chaotic for Tony the novel's main character Meanwhile the reader enjoys watching it all go to hell The vintage Chicago setting is uaint and the pacing is good However some of the story feels forced like the use of the Chicago race riots while interesting at times the historic event felt jammed into the story

  5. Astrid Astrid says:

    I'm not a SF fan but this was actually a pretty good tale of time travel and all the possible issues caused by it Liked the ending not at all what I expected

  6. Christian Andreo Christian Andreo says:

    Amazingly well doneI am just fantastically impressed and that doesn’t happen often Just so well done and not just the science the complexities of time travel I began to care about these characters and as they experienced hate and fear I felt it I’ve never felt that before The look at racial tension is something as a suburban white man I have a very slim understanding of I believed but I never felt This is as close as I’ve come to understanding the fear the unfairness of it all Perhaps it is that these deep hatreds are experienced by a man from 2015 an educated man from the suburbs with a similar culture thrust into a world with so much anger in it This book isn’t just a fantastic story with a mind blowing ending I really believe it’s a piece of culture that I’ll be recommending to as many people as possible My hat is off

  7. Max Fischer Max Fischer says:

    Sci fihistorical fiction combo loved itThe author employs the medium of time travel to reflect on race relations from a century ago He offers well developed characters crisp dialogue descriptive action and powerful settings I used time travel as a plot support in my first novel Mr Bellinger cranks it up a notch making it the focus of his story He does not disappoint One of my best reads this year

  8. Gretchen Gretchen says:

    uick and satisfying novella about time travel based about Chicago Extra points for the discussion of racial history in Chicago which was integrated pretty seamlessly into the storyline

  9. Tina Tina says:

    Intriguing premise surprising twist A good uick read

  10. Nina Nina says:

    This was an okay read I love historical fiction so a sci fi read about Black Chicago history should have been a great read for me However the things that I didn't like about the novel were big turnoffs Read of my thoughts on Black Girl Nerds

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