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Craving Flight ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Craving Flight Author Tamsen Parker – Tzipporah Berger is thirty seven and single which is practically unheard of in the Orthodox Jewish community she now calls home Her increasing religiosity and need for kink may have broken up her firs Tzipporah Berger is thirty seven and single which is practically unheard of in the Orthodox Jewish community she now calls home Her increasing religiosity and need for kink may have broken up her first marriage but she’s decided it’s time to try again And the rabbi’s wife has just the man in mindElan Klein is the neighborhood butcher whose intimidating size and gruff manner hint at a deliciously forceful personality But BDSM isn’t exactly something you discuss during an Orthodox courtship Will a marriage to Elan solidify her place in the community that she loves and provide the domination and pain Tzipporah craves or will she forever have to rely on flights of fancy to satisfy her needsCraving Flight is a novella written for the Goodreads BDSM Group's Bring Out Your Kink writing event Members provided a photo and letter to inspire writers to create an original story and writers picked the prompt that spoke to them most It will be available exclusively to BDSM Group Members on September th and to the general public on September st And best of all It will be free Join the BDSM group now to see the prompt that inspired the story prompt .

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  1. warhawke warhawke says:

    Genre Erotica BDSMType Standalone NovellaPOV First Person FemaleRating Tziporrah Berger was a born again Jew After a failed marriage to a cheating husband she decided to be an Orthodox Jew and joined their community much to her parents’ disapproval Elan Klein was a widower After two years of losing his wife he had been dodging the community pressure to get a new wife When it comes to religion they were like day and night but neither realized they actually had one particular thing in common This book was written as part of BDSM a Goodreads group event where the author developed a story based on a prompt of a photo and a letter that spoke to them the most Craving Flight was based on a prompt by a religious woman with kink tendencies Too religious for one set of parents not enough for the other Will I never make anyone happy? Tziporrah was a torn woman The choices she made forced her to feel like she didn’t belong anywhere Being ba’alat teshuva a newly religious person she had a he had hard time with always feeling inadeuate to Elan and his ultra religious family even though professional she was a respected university professor He looks powerful and virile and I have the urge to get on my knees for him Perhaps someday he’ll command me to Elan reminded me of Tom Hardy's character in his movie Lawless – a terse hulking man who prefer to grunt a respond than actually talking He was a frum born and raised Orthodox Jew from a highly religious family Though religious he wasn’t as rigid as them I became good friends with Google while reading this book because I had to search for many unfamiliar words related to Jewish religionculture I didn’t realize there was a glossary at the end of the book But that’s actually one of my favorite thing about this book – learning about culture and religion It made me feel worldly hahaIf you think them being religious make it dull in the bedroom think again This is a BDSM book after all There were plenty of sexy scenes and one of my favorite was the one after her niddah a period when husband and wife can’t touch because she’s menstruating There was rawness in their needs Oh the candle scene was smoldering too Craving Flight is a story of a woman’s journey into self discovery while embracing who she really is on the inside It was an interesting look at how one balances emotional and physical needs Note 1Craving Flight is available for free If you purchase before the price change the author will donate it to The NetworkLa Red a survivor led social justice organization that works to end partner abuse in lesbian gay bisexual transgender BDSM polyamorous and ueer communitiesNote 2Special thanks to Shanny who helped enlightening me on some aspect of the cultureFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  2. Elle Elle says:

    35 STARS Re read 2x Out there we live as a man and wife as euals In here though this is a different matter We'll have our own little contract that says you've signed yourself over to me and my wished You're going to call me master I really wanna cry I mean positive cry Craving Flight was very uniue kind of erotica that I've never read before Written beautifully and torment my inner bitch Poetic words with nice flow Part of the religious side was really surprised me I thought it was impossible for a while and I just couldn't wrap the Orthodox Jew in my mind with this story Tamsen Parker really bring a whole new level kink mixed with religious background There were many rules and I don't think I can follow if it's real I'm going to silence all that noise The only things you're going to be thinking of is me Your only concern is pleasing me Do you understand?Yes master Through some tradition Tziporrah and Elan met several times and married Their connection felt so raw Tziporrah has kinky side that needs to be hurt when having sex Surprisingly Elan has no problem with it They live their lives like usual in the outside I loved how they respect her in any aspect But in bedroom Elan has full control and always in command Even they don't have label as BDSM it felt so different There is no Dominant or submissive but their vibe and chemistry told otherwise Stay still You're mine to do with as I please and I want you to keep your hands above your head And don't close your legs Open for me Always open for me Craving Flight was a light novel with emotionally intense yet erotic It makes me think even we're religious people our bedroom is still could have different taste Whether you're kinky or not I loved their journey in so many forms even the hardest part Their sex scenes was very erotic yet soothing not dictated There is no rush and it was very sexy and enjoyableI wouldn't categorize Craving Flight as romantic story because they have some unfinished business in the end There was lack of communication between them outside the bedroom They never talk about their feeling towards each other Their marriage was based on respect and religious aspect I hardly think that's because love and affection However I'm still curious about how Elan know all of this kinky shit? p So Is it a happily ever after? For me it's just a fresh start for Tziporrah and Elan They still have long journey to express their love for each other

  3. Briar& Briar& says:

    Tziporrah and Elan are another hit pair by Tamsen ParkerTo say this story is uniue is an understatement It's rare for me to read a book involving some heavy erotica mixed with religion but yet again Tamsen blows readers's expectations out of the water You can tell this is one of Tamsen's earlier novels it's written beautifully but it's not as awesome as her newer ones Her skill has grown so much that if you haven't read some of her newer readers please pick it up after this book This novel was fantastic but her skill is continually growing To pick apart this book it's an emotional roller coaster full of romance self doubt and change In so few pages Tamsen is able to weave some fantastic story telling to introduce us to a woman who seems so down on herself She finds her religion gets married and tries to live the life she wants to yet it's just not that perfect I felt so strongly for this woman and at times I hated Elan with a passion He slowly grows on you but I still felt frustrated with some of his behaviour I would love to see Tzipporah grow but in under 200 pages Tamsen did a fantastic job of growing her characterBDSM is a big part of this novel and it seems to have sex scenes in it than most erotica books I've read percentage wise anyways The romance isn't as big of a focus as the BDSM and strange relationship the main couple have That being said I liked that it was so different and wasn't just focused on some heavy romance While I was frustrated with some of the situations that just showed up skilled Tamsen is as a writer She made me feel so passionately for Tzipporah which many other writers struggle to doOverall I liked this book It's uniue and made me think Also everytime Elan said little bird it killed me a little on the inside because it seems so cuteFive out of five stars

  4. Hulya Kara Yuksel Hulya Kara Yuksel says:

    Master that was uite excited We should do some I'll always be ready for you D Spread your wings little bird I’m going to make you fly

  5. ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme says:

    When I first saw this prompt I was skeptical How could anyone write a piece with the way it is set up? Then I read a little bit of Ms Parker's story Wait we are mixing Orthodox Jewish with BDSM? Is she blood nuts? What is she writing? This is a disaster waiting to happen I stand corrected Religion and kink can go hand in hand Within the first two chapters I'm completely hooked The terminology is all unfamiliar to me as I did not have any close Jewish friends growing up Nor do I now Some of the concepts I am aware of from a periphery standpoint This story may just be a little glimpse into the life of an Orthodox Jewish and it is an eye opening one I learned about a culture and religion than I thought I would both from a secular and non secular standpointFrom a religious stand point Ms Parker does a phenomenal job of showing how religion can also be a way of life and culture To be the outsider is not easy I teared up as I read the trials Tzipporah goes through to be accepted She is always the outsider and never good enough Yet she finds a man who accept her not only for her religious beliefs but for her kink Oh my word the kink in here is so romantically erotic and so moving The intimacy and connection between husband and wife here is divine It is a form of domestic discipline mixed with Ds religious overtones and rituals These all tie in so beautifully and Ms Parker blends them into a spectacular and alluring life She shows all the good and bad and still tempers it with a loving hand I am impressed with this story and absolutely love it This is a well written story with good character development excellent world building and a lovely plot Highly recommended to kinky readers who think religion and kink do not mix In this case it does so well

  6. Amy Cousins Amy Cousins says:

    I first experienced this story as one of Tamsen's beta readers and its exuisite writing and emotional intensity floored me I read so much romance and erotica that some books go by in a blur But Craving Flight made me slow down made me savor the language and the intimacy and the fascinating glimpse into a world so unlike my own and yet no different in the end in the needs of its people I love this story so much I don't star rate books any but if I did Craving Flight would get ALL the stars ETA I just read a review of this book by Eleanor at The Book Hammock and she said all the things I'm not good enough at reviewing to say especially Tamsen Parker wrote an accurate depiction of extremely orthodox religious life and incorporated into it unorthodox lifestyle She did it beautifully and passionately and it shows – in the descriptions the terminology and the delicate way the interpersonal relationships in this culture is written

  7. Anne Boleyn& Anne Boleyn& says:

    I wanted I still want Craving Flight was a uniue and immersive tale that kept me riveted from start to finish When different authors often reimagine the same tropes a multi faceted exploration of BDSM in a marriage of convenience between two strangers in an Orthodox Jewish community will inevitability stand out Yet Craving Flight stands out for than its originality If not for the fairly hasty resolution and the teasing but ultimately glossing over certain intriguing aspects it would have been a 5 star read Because Elan’s speech to Tzipporah in her classroom? I'm not one to clamor for revising and expanding novellas into novels but here I clamor I wanted of Tzipporah's life as I was enthralled by the juxtaposition of her professorial career with her transformation from non observant to devout with her need to submit I wanted of the blossoming relationship with Elan who remained something of a mystery but displayed such tenderness and insecurity For years Tzipporah felt as though she straddled two worlds She seeks acceptance release a sense of belonging and she finds that with Elan Their connection had remarkable moments but ultimately felt curtailed While none of the BDSM scenes would have felt repetitive in a novel here some could have been swapped for of the aforementioned development or dissecting Elan because I NEED to know about how Master came into beingI'm not religious but I don't mind reading about religion as long as the tone isn't overtly preachy While I can't judge the accuracy of the depictions here it was certainly accessible Even if religious themes generally turn one off I think that the references were tolerable Craving Flight was a beautiful and highly recommended story Read for SBTB October – December 2018 uarterly Challenge A book with a Jewish main character

  8. Mandi Schreiner Mandi Schreiner says:

    I LOVED the heroine's journey in this book her struggle with the details of being Orthodox Jewish and her absolute devotion to it Well doneAlso BDSM aspects fit in the relationship wellbut honestly I was intrigued by the relationship outside the bedroom and heroine's relationship with the communityFull review coming

  9. MrsJoseph *grouchy* MrsJoseph *grouchy* says:

    stars rounded up to 5 starsTamikaYou know I haven't posted a lot of full reviews here but I decided to post this entire review because I LOVED this book Ican't really say it's up your alley but I really enjoyed it This book This one is something specialI learned about Craving Flight via the BDSM group on Goodreads and I ignored it Books with any kind of focus on religion or politics are not my thing I dislike being preached to even if I agree with the writer's POV and most books that focus on religion have a rather preachy aspectThen I read a very positive review and decided to take the plunge it is free after allWOW I wasn't expecting this book at all but I loved basically everything about it My biggest fear was unrealized there is no preaching in Craving Flight The religious aspect of Craving Flight was handled in a way that I hope other authors take note of The religious aspects were discussed and described in ways that were focused on the characters and how their faith informed their lives Deep Breath of Fresh Air The MCs are both Jewish Orthodox but the heroine Tzipporah is Ba'alat Teeshuva a person who was born Jewish but was not raised as observant who later becomes observant This is a pretty big issue in the Orthodox Jewish community that Tzipporah lives in The other people who live around Tzipporah have lived their entire lives as Orthodox and thus look down on Tzipporah's bumbling as she tries to make the day to day activity of living Orthodox a second nature I honestly think the fact that Tzipporah's Ba'alat Teeshuva status is what made Craving Flight work so well for me I had the chance to see not only how Tzipporah practiced her faith but I was able to see how Tzipporah's faith affected her daily behaviors and how she saw the world Tzipporah has to struggle with her faith and her life within that faith and that struggle made her very real to me Tzipporah is a pretty classic isolated heroine her parents are distant due to her becoming Orthodox she has a single friend and she has no real outside activities besides her work 95% of the entirety of the book is spent within the walls of Elan and Tzipporah's martial apartment Tzipporah is also an outsider which makes her even relatable She is separated from her family by her observances to her faith She is separated from her community because she is a newcomer newly observant and unmarried Tzipporah is very religious but she's also very kinky I love that She's very private but she knows herself and knows she wants to be dominated and so she seeks that I love that so much She made no apologies for who she was and what she liked As another reader mentioned Tzipporah is far from an exhibitionist She is so private that being in her head felt like I was eavesdropping somewhatElan on the other hand is a bit of a mystery He is Orthodox and was raised that way as well as widowed Elan's mystery stays intact throughout Craving Flight he isn't a big talker and he doesn't seem too inclined to discuss his past at least on pageElan is a almost too perfect match for Tzipporah sexually He is a dominate and he's very proficient in Shibari From the first sexual encounter the two had after marriage of course Elan is aware of Tzipporah's submissive nature He instructs her to call him Master while engaging in sex and he immediately ties her up The sex scene between the two was both super sweet and hot BUT I have to wonder how Elan learned so much about Shibari Tzipporah never asks him about it but I sure wanted to lol Not only is Elan extremely proficient in Shibari he also has a pretty wide variety of ropes as well as other hidden implements in their bedroom I have to believe that Elan shared this sexual activity with his deceased wife Rivka but this is never discussed Honestly the only issues I had with Craving Flight was Elan Specifically the lack of conversation and detail the reader gets fromabout Elan I wanted to know about how Elan felt and what he thought and how learned Shibari I think that getting a little about Elan would have softened some of the blow of the BigMis at the end I wanted to smack Elan for a lot than a few seconds I felt he expected a lot from Tzipporah while giving very little except sexually I would say but I don't want to spoiler any of the book or the ending All in all I greatly enjoyed Craving Flight I heartily recommend it and I've already done so I do plan to try of this author's works in the future RECOMMENDED

  10. Eleanor (The Book Hammock) Eleanor (The Book Hammock) says:

    Tamsen Parker knows how to research BDSM erotica is written by many authors and not few of them hit the nail on the head doing a fabulous job But when an author is writing a world that’s about a complete 180 from their own culturally and traditionally and hits all the little nuances – I’d say she knows her research skillsJudaism is on one hand – very complex and on the other – very very simple The religion itself probably just as all old religions is plain It’s based on honest and sometimes naïve values and on the purest form of worshipping God Then you have all the years following the origin of Judaism and all the additional rules and traditions that make it to outsider and often than not – insiders seem like it was dropped from outer spaceYou’re probably wondering why I’m babbling about religion when reviewing a BDSM novella Well first of all – I’m Jewish and as one who’s as far from religion as possible in my culture I still know a lot about it and am mostly fascinated with the little intricacies of it Secondly I’m a professional reader and the combination of BDSM and the insanely closed off lifestyle Orthodox Jews lead – it just made me have to read this storyTzipporah and Elan’s story is uniue in so many ways I’m not even going to try and touch them all I’m also not going to explain the traditions and reasoning behind everything in this story If you’re interested and you should be just read it It’s worth your two hours I promiseFor them both their marriage is a second round Elan is a widower and Tzipporah is a divorcee a huge no no btw in their culture Yet they’re matched together and somehow they hit it offI was mesmerized by Tzipporah’s openness when asked what she likes I was beyond shocked that Elan was than willing to provide her with her heart’s desire I was astonished by the easiness they both experienced delving into their physical relationship But that’s not the point in the storyThe point is breaking past the emotional barrier of their relationship Of each of them not truly believing they deserve the other or is enough for the other I think that in this – Tzipporah’s efforts were brilliant even if a little unorthodoxTheir love is felt through the words from the very first scene of them together and it just grows and grows throughout the storyI feel myself lucky to get to read amazing novellas so often I’ve said it before but this is a case where stressing my thought on novellas is important reading a novella where a reader gets a complete experience is rare Creating a world explaining the aspects of it even through the actual plot and plotting an emotional story is no easy feat when writing a novel So when an author manages to do that with a novella – it’s amazing and notableI want to give a little spoiler which isn’t really a spoiler but still – Tzippora in Hebrew is derived from the word Tzipor bird Knowing this little fact made me swoon at various parts in the story I really wish it for you as wellTamsen Parker wrote an accurate depiction of extremely orthodox religious life and incorporated into it unorthodox lifestyle She did it beautifully and passionately and it shows – in the descriptions the terminology and the delicate way the interpersonal relationships in this culture is written

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