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Camouflaged ❴Ebook❵ ➨ Camouflaged Author Selena Laurence – Readers who love military bad boys are going to love this action packed romance A Good Girl Tempted to Sin Alexis Garcia volunteered to go to Afghanistan as a UN aid worker But she’s never been a fa Readers who love military bad boys are going to love this action packed romance A Good Girl Tempted to Sin Alexis Garcia volunteered to go to Afghanistan as a UN aid worker But she’s never been a fan of the military and wasn’t prepared for the conditions she finds there Even disturbing is the escort who’s assigned to her—the impossibly arrogant Gabe Thompson He’s all Army and all man Struggling to keep her cool while fending off his advances Alexis feels the heat of the desert in ways than one A Bad Boy Pushed to His Limits Gabe Thompson has no use for attachments He knows his sexy charm and cocky attitude can win him any woman he sets his eyes on—until he meets Alexis the headstrong brunette who has his pulse racing and his temper flaring Gabe knows he’ll need a new kind of weapon if he’s going to bed the sexy volunteer but every time he looks into her dark soulful eyes he feels a different kind of need A War That Forces Them to Rely on Each Other When Gabe and Alexis are trapped by an ambush they need to trust each other to make it out alive As fear and desperation turn to respect and passion Alexis is beginning to see she can’t live without Gabe and Gabe is discovering that love might actually be worth fighting for A national bestseller by award winning author Selena Laurence originally published as Camouflaged.

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  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    I liked this a lot It was steamy which I always like It was short which I was in the mood for And best of all it was FREE the awesomeness of which needs no further explanation The story line was decent and the writing was great The scenes flowed along well and all of the dialogue was very smooth and natural I will definitely read the next one in the series My only problems with the book are personal pet peeves so take them with a grain of saltAlexis She kind of annoyed me Her attitude and personality got on my nerves but mostly I have trouble respecting someone who would view spoilercheat on their longtime boyfriend with someone they barely know especially after that boyfriend delayed attending the college of his choice so he could wait for you Plus he seemed like a genuinely nice guy from the description provided I felt bad for the guy honestly hide spoiler

  2. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson Tee loves Kyle Jacobson says:

    Holy HOTNESS is all I can say about this novella Man I love a man in uniform anyways There is something hot about a man willing to lay down his life for his country that makes a girl go weak in the knees Plus the way Selena tells this story has me wanting and when I found out book one in this series is out I had to buy it so now I just need to get some time and read it because I need me some romance stories in my lifeIn this story we get to meet Gabe who is a soldier in Afghanistan Fighting for his country and doing everything the army asks Gabe is comfortable with his life He is a player and makes it clear to the women he meets that it is nothing than a tag and bag and nothing else No feelings no emotions nothing than a romp in the bed As Gabe goes through girl after girl he meets Natalya and he feels something for her but not love just a deep friendship and wants to help her out So he does help her and have sex with her but soon has to tell her he will not be sleeping with her any because he does not have feelings for her and he knows she has feelings for him SO he puts the brakes on and moves on until he meets AlexisLord Alexis is a breath of fresh air for him but she is no joke because she does not break down to Gabe's whims and his charm As a matter of fact she checks him at the door and I loved that part of her because she knows what she wants and she knows she is worth than a one night stand or a notch on anyone's bed post Will Gabe win over Alexis heart and have a true and meaning relationship? Or will Gabe be left with a broken heart for the first time

  3. Ilsa Madden-Mills Ilsa Madden-Mills says:

    I've read tons of novellas and this was one of the best Selena does an excellent job painting the perfect picture of the Afghan desert and the perils the main characters Gabe and Alexis face The story is well developed and the characters layered I loved it Selena's an author to watch peeps Don't miss the companion novel Concealed that goes with Camouflaged

  4. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  5. Heather Heather says:

    Selena Laurence is the reason I made my perfect romance bookshelf over at Goodreads I adored Hidden and I could not wait to get my hands on the next book in the Hiding From Love Series I was able to read an ARC of Camouflaged and sigh – absolutely amazing Definitely another book that is going on my perfect romance shelf We have Gabe the hot guy in uniform the player God’s gift to women He knows what he wants and he doesn’t give the illusion that he is wanting to stick around for Gabe is the ultimate alpha male a hero in uniform His instinct is to protect “Secondly I’m a soldier We get ourselves killed to save other people every single day It’s my job I’ve been putting myself at risk to protect you for three years now You just weren’t around to see it”That uote stuck with me not just in relation to the book but in how it relates to our world now There are soldiers out there protecting all of us every single day We just aren’t around to see it We need to remember that alwaysThen there is Alexis Alexis wants to save the world what other reason is there for going on UN missions? She isn’t impressed with Gabe when she meets him I guess calling her babe was kicking things off on the wrong foot I suppose I’d be wary too A strong confident gorgeous man standing in front of you calling you babe with a cocky grin? I’d be on the look out for him being a player too She wasn’t looking for a playboy when she started on her trek over to Afghanistan She has baggage back home but will that stop her from seeing where these feelings she has for Gabe will take them I love AlexisShe is a strong female lead She isn’t whiny when it comes to their situation which I must admit I might have whined a little if it was me in the this particular thing they went through She just buckles down and does what is necessaryWill they make it through living in a war zone both physically and mentally? What happens when her time is up with the UN mission?You have to read it I’m not spoiling itI cannot wait until the next book A little birdie told me that I am going to love it If you have read Hidden and then you read Camouflaged you’ll know exactly why I asked if there was another one coming Camouflaged doesn’t have a cliff hanger ending Don’t worry about that It was just something I had noticed between the two books and I cannot wait to see what happens nextKeep an eye out for this one when it releases You don’t want to miss this perfect love story

  6. The_Book_Queen The_Book_Queen says:

    Camouflaged continues Laurence's Hiding From Love series though it is technically a preuel and tells the story of Gabe Thompson While Nick Hidden was sent stateside after an incident Gabe his best friend is still in Afghanistan finishing up his second tour of duty Gabe's always been the player the proverbial man who runs away from commitment But as with any playboy in romanceland this changes as he begins to fall for Alexis Garcia the UN volunteer he is assigned to show around the area I really liked Camouflaged I will admit I still love Laurence's previous novel but it's not a big drop in rating only a half a star My biggest complaint is a common but very good one I wanted I wish this novella had been a bit longer or that it had been a full length novel I wanted of a resolution in the end A lot can happen in the six months until Gabe's tour ends and I wasn't completely reassured that their HEA was reached A few chapters or an epilogue would have helped Or perhaps another novella or short story covering this couple in the future? Hint hint Ms Laurence Of course I'm a bit harsher when rating my novellas and it's very rare for me to give one a top rating However Camouflaged does come very close Obviously I loved Gabe I was a bit unsure at first due to his player attitude but he turned around I also respected his strength and dedication especially by helping to support his mom back in the States He was sexy of course but he was sweet in his own way as he got to know Alexis This entire novella is told from Gabe's POV I liked this but I also thought at times it would have been nice to see some parts from Alexis' POV too I did not connect with her as much and in the end felt like I knew very little about her Another wonderful story from Selena Laurence who is uickly becoming a favorite author or mine I zipped through Camouflaged within a day and very much enjoyed it I will be waiting for the next book in this series For a uick paced sexy NA romance be sure to pick up this novella In fact pick up this series—you can read Camouflaged and Hidden in any order without missing anything 4 STARS For my full review including favorite book uotes please visit my blog TB's Book Palace I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinionTheBookueen

  7. Nancy Steinle gummel Nancy Steinle gummel says:

    Camouflaged by Selena Laurence is a military novella The whole story takes place in Afghanistan There are at an undisclosed military camp Gabe enlisted because his friend Nick enlisted Now Nick's out and Gabe is still in Gabe meets Alexis a UN volunteer from University of Texas Austen Texas with a UN sanctioned group bringing supplies for native Afghanis They meet over a harrowing circumstance They are attracted to each other but Alexis fights it making Gabe want her all the When he is assigned to accompany her everywhere they call a truce Gabe can't get Alexis out of his mind He has never felt this way before He tells Alexis things he's never told anyone else or admitted to himself When they are ambushed by Taliban fighters he does everything to protect Alexis Will his new feelings leave room for Alexis to reciprocate? How can they evade the enemy? Can they make it back to camp before starving or being seriously dehydrated? Discover for yourself in this intoxicating read

  8. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    Gabe he's just so cocky oh sweetheart you don't know me too well Ask around You'll find there's a whole lot of things I can do that would interest you Things that would help you relax I liked being in his mind oh yeah I thought as I strode out of the tent We had a lot of unfinished business and I was just the entrepreneur to handle the transaction Alexis she's feisty do you ever stop? she asked her voice rising Do you ever stop and think about the other person in the euation? You could be doing all sorts of damage and not have any idea because you're so focused on 'winning' that you don't care about the collateral damage Gabe is also a snarky SOB I looked down at her for a split second Thanks for your concern but I promise not to get killed so I can give you a ride home I really hope Selena decides to do a full length novel with Gabe and Alexis like when he comes home from war I mean I know this was a novella but I wanted

  9. Mary Mary says:

    Wonderfully surprised by Camoflaged Selena Laurence grabs you from the first paragraph and pulls you into Gage and Alexis' story which keeps you interested until the very end A fabulous short story to pick up to pass a few hours Gage is that cocky arrogant soldier who thinks he knows what women wants Enter Alexis part of a UN contingent and suddenly Gage's charms no longer work It's not that Alexis isn't interested she just doesn't like cocky arrogant men Of course fate would make sure that these 2 have to spend maximum time together so how to they handle their clashing personalities? How about that undeniable attraction will they be able to resist?

  10. Bj Bj says:

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