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7 thoughts on “Turok (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, #9-12)

  1. Quentin Wallace Quentin Wallace says:

    This was the final volume of the Dynamite Turok series and sadly the series just kept going downhillIn this one we find out that Turok is alsoRobin Hood In volume one the english raiders travel to the New World to steal the natives gold The daughter of the leader of the crusade comes along with the army Her name is Marion In this volume we find out she is actuallyMaid MarionThis was just too big of a stretch for me Turok travels to England with a reformed Maid Marion There we find out the King wants Marion dead so he can claim her family lands Turok saves her and his band takes to Sherwood Forest where Turok becomes known as Robin HoodSubpar art in this volume as wellIf you are a die hard Turok fan you may enjoy seeing his new take on the character and I suppose the same could be said if you are a die hard Robin Hood fanOverall this series started out with a lot of promise and then immediately jumped the shark Too bad because I really like the Turok character Hopefully the character will come back again soon and be like the original Turok

  2. 47Time 47Time says:

    Another artist change but that's the least of your worries if you pick up this book As far as I can tell Turok belongs in the jungle where he can hunt or train dinosaurs or dragons to his heart's content So the author puts him in medieval England It has dinosaurs but stillThe English Crusaders are back and are just as reckless so Turok feels responsible for their lives They want to return to England Kita and Marion invite Turok as well to Andar's dismay He is still gealous of Turok and wants to be with Marion Tom also wants Marion so he is watching Andar closely There's all sorts of love triangles here The trip to England is a far cry from how the series started As in bad Really bad medieval intrigue jousting and duelingview spoilerThey all make it to England where King John declares that the Fitzwalter lands should be returned to Marion the rightful heir He secretly tasks William de Wendenal his right hand man to kill her Turok finds out about it and gathers the group for a retaliation And becomes Robin Hood With a band of Merry Men no less Ha ha ha Now that's just plain sloppy 'He takes from the rich you see and he gives to the poor' Well duhTolle of Colechester a seductress tasked with killing Turok almost manages it She is impressed by his skill BETWEEN THE SHEETS and joins him The guy is a virgin for crying out loud The story has a piss poor ending too with RobinTurok's gang winning and favors from the people then disbanding the English army sent after them and killing the sheriff of Nottingham Awful hide spoiler

  3. Alan Alan says:

    So we abruptly hit the end of Turok's story which makes this volume a little unsatisfying Not bad mind you just a feeling of well the license ran out or sales sucked so this is it kind of endingTurok has headed back east because he sure as hell can't stay in the west after what he did there A series of events damn I so wanted to say unfortunate there you know leads to Turok Andar Kita and Turok's dinosaur hooking up with the remnants of volume one's crusaders and heading to EnglandWhere they learn that they didn't leave behind politics when they fled North America Marion's lands were seized by King John when he declared her dead in the New World Ooops she's aliveWait Marion John is a Robin Hood take headed the reader's way? Oh yes it is and it is pretty light and fund after volume two's adventures A difference between this and other Turok takes is that Andar and Turok are essentially adversaries and barely allies at best

  4. David Harlan David Harlan says:

    This is where Turok jumps the shark It might have got another star if the creators realized that and had him jump over some variety of sea monster in the book Turok makes up with both his adopted tribe and the invading English and decides to return to England with them After a Snidely Whiplash like murder and land grab plot by the king Turok becomes Robbin Hood Why not? He likes bows dislikes authority and isn't much of a materialist Except he is a despised foreigner who somehow manages to win the deep loyalty of the surprisingly open minded peasantry who become willing to throw off the yoke of feudal oppression under his leadership Unsurprisingly this is less unbelievable than the dinosaurs I'm dropping this series here

  5. Xavier Marturet Xavier Marturet says:

    Me da tanta pereza comentar este tomo como cuesta arriba se me ha hecho leerloSi en el tomo dos esta extraña versión de Turok se dirigía hacia el oeste este tercer volumen empieza de modo ue Turok decide por alguna extraña razón volver a Manhattan e incluso embarcarse rumbo a Inglaterra junto con los inglesesYa en Inglaterra descubre ue hay un tirano en el trono y directamente se convierte en Robin HoodTan ridículo como suenaSinceramente dudo mucho ue haya mucho guión de Greg Pak auí y es una pena pues el tomo anterior era bastante esperanzados a pesar de lo alejado del personaje original de Gold KeyPor otra parte el dibujante es de un nivel lamentable Miro en sus trabajos anteriores y descubro ue sí trabajó para Marvel pero en la línea Marvel Adventures de tono muy infantilAuí el tono no es ni siuiera infantil Es tan penoso ue ni siuiera el propio dibujante incluye este trabajo en su bibliografíaCierro auí pues el ciclo de lectura de Turok por parte de Dynamite ciertamente apesadunbrado por la oportunidad perdida

  6. F F says:

    Strange story where a character I read about in my youth becomes strangely enough Robin Hood Not sure how Robin of Locksley would feel about that

  7. Chad Chad says:

    The Turok revival comes to an end not with a bang but a whimper Turok goes back to his village and all his supporting characters decide to go to England There Turok becomes Robin Hood So dumb And poorly written Subpar art with a manga feel that's really out of place on this book The book ends without any real resolution either

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Turok (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, #9-12) ❀ [EPUB] ✸ Turok (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, #9-12) By Greg Pak ❤ – Life is difficult for Turok in the civilized Great Britain of the 1200s where he's treated as a savage despite being able to tame dinosaurs better than anyone But a murder conspiracy against one of hi Life is difficult for Turok in the civilized Great Britain of the s where he's treated as a savage despite being able to tame dinosaurs better than anyone But a murder conspiracy against one of his allies will send the hunter deep within Sherwood Forest and back into his element In his attempt to survive this struggle for power Turok starts to learn why dinosaurs still exist while the Sheriff of Nottingham gathers crusaders archers and a menagerie of thunder lizards to wipe out Turok's merry men.