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Pray Big The Power of Pinpoint Prayers ✽ Pray Big The Power of Pinpoint Prayers kindle Epub ❁ Author Will Davis Jr. – Do we test the Holy Spirit's patience with prayer that asks nothing of him This might sound surprising at first blush but most people have experienced being at a prayer meeting in church or gasp in th The Power MOBI ï Do we test the Holy Spirit's patience with prayer that asks nothing of him This might sound surprising at first blush but most people have experienced being at a prayer meeting in church or gasp in their own personal prayer time and hearing prayers like this God Big The Power of Pinpoint MOBI :↠ bless Tom or God just be with Sue in her need Will Davis Jr Pray Big PDF/EPUB ² pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship calls believers to a risky and rewarding practice of prayer Pray Big teaches readers how to pray with biblical pinpoint accuracy In other words it teaches them prayers that get things done From audacious prayers for miracles to mundane prayers about lost car keys Davis takes the reader from a point of weakness to one of boldness Big The Power PDF/EPUB Â As a result readers will want to pray they will see results from their prayers and they will be emboldened to ask God for everything he has promised them.

10 thoughts on “Pray Big The Power of Pinpoint Prayers

  1. Laura Laura says:

    Title PRAY BIG The Power of Pinpoint PrayersAuthor Will Davis Jr Publisher Revell2007ISBN 978 0 8007 3204 2Genre InspirationalprayerGod please bless Tom and be with Bill today andAre we praying weak vague prayers? Saying things like “Just be with Bob” or “Bless Janet in her time of need”? God wants us to be specific in our prayers stating what Bob or Janet need The author also recommends not just settling asking just once Yes God knows but Mr Davis recommends putting the reuest before God often He also recommends uoting the Bible back to God reminding Him of His promises God wants us to be bold and direct in our prayers praying what Mr Davis calls Big bold audacious prayers asking God specifically for what we need And he shows us through the Lord’s prayer how Jesus recommended that we ask specifically If you are a surface prayer and looking for a powerful deeper fulfilling prayer life then PRAY BIG is a book you need to pick up This book will help you as you learn to ask for big miracles how to call on God with focus and confidence whether you are praying for yourself or for other people Each chapter concludes with uestions for you to consider or for use with small group discussions There is no room to write your thoughts or answers so you will want to keep a notebook and pen close by for making notes while studying this book 100 pinpoint prayers from the Psalms are included at the end of the book Highly recommended 1299 199 pages

  2. Liz Liz says:

    I'm such a lazy pray er and this book was helpful in giving specific prayer strategies I esp liked his recommendation to pray for a love of prayer

  3. R.K. Goff R.K. Goff says:

    For writing style it's a pretty average three stars but I feel that way about most of the literary world But the content was very goodIt teaches the value of specific and answerable prayers talks about the value of praying from the Bible and gives common circumstances and people we pray for and how it relates to them It has some really beautiful parts and I'm glad I read it I would recommend it to any Christian who wants some advice on a powerful prayer life

  4. Marcie Hill Marcie Hill says:

    When I started reading this book I was experiencing a great deal of doubt in my life at that time Was I good enough? Why isn't anyone calling me for a job? I know I'm ualified for something? The stories and inspiration helped me to move towards God because I was trying to do things myself It showed me that I was asking for things but wwasn't asking big enough I've changed my prayers and my expectations

  5. Esther Esther says:

    Awesome book

  6. Beth Beth says:

    great ideas just not a great read Boring and a little confusing I wanted to be interested I promise to still Pray Big by also praying for the little things do you see what I mean?

  7. Sue Klasing Sue Klasing says:

    I loved this book I used a lot of the material at the women's retreat that I lead for our church It was a whole new way of looking at prayer an eye opener

  8. Alison Alison says:

    What an awesome book I like the way each chapter focussed on different areas of prayer and each chapter left me feeling challenged

  9. Prayer In Prayer In says:

    This book has taken my prayer life to the next level It is time to start asking God for bigger things and be specific

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    Some excellent chapters on prayer and how to make it deepe Then it got a little long Still a great read on the topic of prayer

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