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Faerie Nights (Faerie Sworn, #0.5) [BOOKS] ⚣ Faerie Nights (Faerie Sworn, #0.5) By Ron C. Nieto – Thomashillier.co.uk Why does Troy protect Lily’s grandmother What are his stakes in rescuing her Find out the keys to his past and discover why he chose to gift her the silver rose necklaceNo faerie acknowledges a debt Why does Troy protect Lily’s grandmother What are his stakes in rescuing her Find out the keys to his past and discover why he chose to gift her the silver rose necklaceNo faerie acknowledges a debt if they can help itThis wicked short story was first published as part of the Christmas Lites III collection aiming to help victims of domestic abuse You can still buy the collection and contribute You can also sign up for the author's newsletter and get this preuel to the Faerie Sworn series for freewwwroncnietocomgofaeriesworn.

About the Author: Ron C. Nieto

Ron C Nieto is a fantasy and romance author who has been writing in her secluded fortress for the longest time Recently she had a talk with her cat and decided that she should share her creations because it was selfish to hoard them all for herselfIf you would like to know about her please visit her website.

8 thoughts on “Faerie Nights (Faerie Sworn, #0.5)

  1. Devann Devann says:

    I read the main part of this series a few years ago and I noticed I still had this free story from the author's newsletter laying around I've always been fairly meh about the series in general it's got some great points but IMO focuses entirely too much on romance and reads pretty YA for something that actually features adult characters This short story features the grandmother of the woman in the main series meeting the kelpie for the first time when she is a teenager It's a nice background on the series but nothing truly outstanding

  2. Gypsy Madden Gypsy Madden says:

    Unfortunately this doesn’t have the greatest of beginnings It ruminates for a bit on the state of the world and history and takes several pages before the main character finally makes an appearance But when it finally does get started it is a fun read The Kelpie has a wonderful blend of exoticness mischievousness and magic and is refreshing in this world of indie fiction that’s choked with wolf shifters and dragon shifters I loved his playful side which is so typical of the faeries in fiction one of my favorite reasons for picking up books of faerie fiction And I loved that the girl was able to go toe to toe with him matching him for cunning I loved that she was a strong character without having to physically show it with weaponry and black leather And I look forward to seeing them again in the main series

  3. Sean Helms Sean Helms says:

    A very short read but it was helpful in understanding 'Troy' and his special relationship with Makenna Lily's grandma I think part of what I like about this story is that yes there is good and evil; however just because a certain type of Fairy folk is known for wickedness it doesn't mean they don't have good ualities and at times can be uite likeableI look forward to reading of this series

  4. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Short interesting Novella

  5. Aizlynne Aizlynne says:

    Very short read but oh so important to the series Learning about Troy and the Faerie Doctor was awesome

  6. Silver Silver says:

    Short but good explanation as to what occurred to create the pendant

  7. Ariel Ariel says:

    That left me very underwhelmed I appreciate getting to find out how their relationship came to be but I didn't expect that Considering Troy's Cadowain's ? exchange I expected there to be to that story Especially considering how amused he was by her This writer sure knows how to leave you wanting but I hope not so much that she ruins herself Hopefully I'll get way from her other stuff cause I'm really enjoying it

  8. Jan Niblock Jan Niblock says:

    I loved this story it gave you the answers to uestions about how Troy was involved with Lily's grandmother It gave insight about Kelpies and it made me want to read

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