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Silber: Das zweite Buch der Träume [EPUB] ✻ Silber: Das zweite Buch der Träume Author Kerstin Gier – Things seem to be going well for Liv Silver she’s adjusting to her new home in London; she has a burgeoning romance with Henry Harper one of the cutest boys in school; and the girl who’s been turn Things seem to be going well for zweite Buch ePUB ↠ Liv Silver she’s adjusting to her new home in London; she has a burgeoning romance with Henry Harper one of the cutest boys in school; and the girl who’s been turning Silber: Das PDF or her dreams into nightmares Anabel is now locked up But serenity doesn’t last for longIt seems that Liv’s troubles are far from over—in fact suddenly they’re piling up School gossip blogger Secrecy knows all of Liv’s most intimate secrets Das zweite Buch PDF Ê Henry might be hiding something from her and at night Liv senses a dark presence following her through the corridors of the dream world Does someone have a score to settle with Liv.

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  1. Alexa Alexa says:

    I am SO angry that there keep on being insinuations about a possible romantic relationship between Liv and Grayson from both outside sources and Liv and Grayson displaying attraction towards each other themselves JUST KISS ALREADY You know I'm already pretty sure that Henry and Liv is endgame but just give me one kiss scene between these two and I will die a happy womanJune 26th June 26th June 26th

  2. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    Review posted on The Eater of Books blogDream On by Kerstin GierBook Two of the Silver TrilogyPublisher Henry Holt and Co BYR Publication Date May 3 2016Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from GoodreadsThings seem to be going well for Liv Silver she's adjusting to her new home and her new family in London; she has a burgeoning romance with Henry Harper one of the cutest boys in school; and the girl who's been turning her dreams into nightmares Anabel is now locked up But serenity doesn't last for longIt seems that Liv's troubles are far from over in fact suddenly they're piling up School gossip blogger Secrecy knows all of Liv's most intimate secrets Henry might be hiding something from her and at night Liv senses a dark presence following her through the corridors of the dream world Does someone have a score to settle with Liv?Romance adventure and danger abound in Dream On the second book in the Silver trilogyWhat I LikedWhat an excellent seuel There were so many things about this book that really worked for me This book is classic Kerstin Gier with humor and a few awkward situations realistic teenage speech and actions and a hilarious and yet deceptively strong and capable heroine Also swoony boys and NOT in a trianglesuarepyramid swoony boys way This book was a really great seuel and an lovely addition to the series and I can't wait to read book threeLiv Silver doesn't dislike her life so much; she's adjusted to living with her mother's boyfriend and his twin children along with her her sister and au pair Florence one twin is awful but Grayson the other twin is actually a nice person a fantastic brother that Liv never had And Liv has been enjoying her time with Henry the boy she adores and has been dating for over two months And the mess with Anabel from book one is over or is it? Someone is haunting Liv's dreams and it's not just Liv's dreams but Mia's too And someone's been leaking personal information of Liv's to Secrecy the school's blogging gossip And what's Henry has been even secretive than usual Does it have to do with the dream world? Can Liv seek out the danger before someone gets hurt?I love Liv She's funny and adorable and sweet so sweet and she likes to talk She's one of those people that talks in a stream of consciousness kind of way and it's hilarious She's honest and kind and protective of her sister her au pair her boyfriend I like how she seems somewhat absent minded at times but she's sharp as a tack There are so many funny scenes and also several times when I experienced some second hand embarrassment HaHenry is her boyfriend and he's a pretty important character in both this book and Dream a Little Dream Henry is really good at dream weavingwalking however you want to call it and he and Liv meet in the dream world often Henry is devoted to Liv and cares about her a great deal He's affectionate and kind and also protective Did I mention that he's pretty swoony? I like him a lot secrets and all He has many secrets though and it drives Liv crazy that it seems like everyone knows about Henry than she does I don't blame her for getting irritated about his secrets they are secrets that affect her I like the pair together In this seuel novel as one would expect there are some conflicts with their relationship Most of the conflicts have to do with Henry's secrets and Liv's doubts I like that there are insecurities that one would find in any budding relationship and there are also conflicts directly related to the paranormal dream aspect of the book I like Liv and Henry together There are plenty of swoony moments in this book but also some heavy and heartbreaking moments But the romance overall is good and there is no love triangle Also the ending of the book makes up for some of the conflicts during the bookThe conflicts that have nothing to do with the romance are troubling and the climax climbs steadily until we reach the great reveal of what is happening And even then not everything is revealed I like that the larger conflict of the overall plot of the book isn't a save the world or everyone dies kind of conflict It's serious and dangerous and crazy but not on a world scale which I found refreshing And the high school gossip is not nearly as bad as the synopsis makes it out to be it barely bothered me and Liv and everyone elseI like how close Liv and Grayson become Being stepsiblings forced to live together wasn't easy in Dream a Little Dream and so I really liked seeing them get closer Grayson looks out for Liv on than one occasion like a good big brother Their relationship is purely platonic and sibling esueI've mentioned the characters relationships romance plot overall plot I think I've covered it all I really liked this book and the ending is not a cruel cliffhanger like most seuels of trilogies are I repeat no cliffhanger I mean the story is definitely not resolved and I am dying to read book three but there is no cliffhangerWhat I Did Not LikeI'm still a tiny bit confused as to what exactly Henry was doing in his dream world think mermaid scene but I think this will be better explained in book three I was hoping we'd get a solid answer about this in particular but I think it's one of several things that we'll know about in book three Gier always does a good job of answering uestions and wrapping up seriesWould I Recommend ItI love this series and highly recommend it I know there were a number of people that didn't enjoy Dream a Little Dream but I am enjoying this series Gier's books are so lighthearted and fun and realistic and relate able If you like paranormal books about dreams the dream door concept is new this is definitely a series to tryRating4 stars More please I don't know how Gier does it but you can tell her stories and writing are different from most YA stories and writing styles I loved her Ruby Red trilogy and I am hooked on this Silver trilogy

  3. Nina Nina says:

    This book was just as good as the first one and a great second part of the trilogy It was once again a very uick read and this time I also started to really connect to the characters I'm excited to see how this series will end and decided to give this book 4 out of 5 stars

  4. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    This series is fascinating to me I really like this author Short review because I need to start the third right away to get some reading done before bed

  5. ball of floof [Nija] ball of floof [Nija] says:

    45 or smthI JUST WANT LIV AND GRAYSON TO BE TOGETHERIS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASKAlso I think I'm out if that reading slump induced by Throne of Glass and the fact that after reorganising it my bookshelf looks magnificent but doesn't really leave any space for cough I THINK I'm out of it THERE IS A COVER nobody edited it yet but there isTHIS COLOR I CAN'T EVENomgdream onomg June? June is fine I'm okay with June eye twitch I can wait I can wait I WON'T burn any buildings just because I wait for Silber 2 Silber 1 wasn't even cliffhangery so it's all goodI can wait I can wait I can waitlights fireI can waitI CAN'T WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

  6. Sharon Sharon says:

    I really really want to love this series as I am a HUGE fan of Kerstin Gier’s other work However this just got a bit toocliché YA It could be sweet at times but it lacked the originality and charms from her other seriesI was feeling the romance in the 1st book but nope I’m done here Henry was just bringing too much of the cliché romance from other YAs I’ve read Too much secrecy bad communication and nonsensical angstIn general most of the females who were present in this book sucked 3 bitches who picked on the protagonist for no good reason 1 love crazed superficial girl who was sorta Liv’s best friend but heck Liv didn’t even seem to like her most of the times 1 gold digger 1 murderous psychopath literally I was done with all of their shit The “dream traveling” plot was still an interesting idea like in the first book but I think this one lacked direction I felt like it was a fun concept but I was bored at times I think this book was focused on Liv’s life at home and at school than the dream plot I would usually be OK with that but a lot of the stuff she was dealing with at home and at school weren’t fun to read about Not terrible not scarring – just unpleasant except for the stuff about Lottie and Mia Also there was perhaps too much attention on the school gossip website Gossip Girl style Also also the villain of this book had such a childish stupid reason to enact revenge I mean I suppose a lot of villains do evil things for no good reason but I’m just like reallyyyy??? Further I saw the mystery of who the villain was a mile away because I mean this book didn’t have many characters so it wasn’t hard to guessAnyway ranting aside there were some sweet moments in this book The only good pure characters would be Lottie Liv’s au pair and Mia Liv’s younger sister In addition Grayson her almost stepbrother was pretty sweet at times despite his flaws These characters were immensely caring and good to Liv They were funny and warm and the true bright spots of this book I appreciated thatThis book was not the worst It was pretty entertaining at times However as a whole it was lacking For my own preferences I wanted some good healthy female friendships and some good healthy romance and some good healthy self love from my YA And if not those I would like some kickass character developments from lowly state to self actualization in these areas Anyway this book had a few good moments but it was definitely not my cup of tea I’m giving it 2 starsI am looking forward to see how the next and LAST book would be like because who knows? Things might turn aroundThings that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Is there a happysatisfying ending? view spoilerCliffhanger but not the last book hide spoiler

  7. Ashley Daviau Ashley Daviau says:

    This was a slight disappointment after I enjoyed book one in the series so much The main reason I enjoyed it so much less is because the characters became SO damn annoying and I constantly wanted to strangle them all And the teenage drama? No thanks The whole idea of dream walking is still incredibly interesting and really intrigued me and I did enjoy getting to learn about it and how it works and that’s what kept me interested through until the end I won’t be continuing with this series though this is where my journey with it ends

  8. Mel Mel says:

    45 stars rounded up because I really thoroughly enjoyed this This book takes place a couple months after book 1 left off and I felt that the time jump didn't impact the series in a good way In fact I think it was actually really well done I felt like the character progressions where fine the way they were and that relationships didn't suffer or feel too advancedPlot wise I liked the overall theme of this one better than book 1 but I didn't like individual plot points The Mr Snuggles plot point was ridiculous the love interest drama was sort of thrown in seemingly for no reason and I felt it actually caused the strong female character to disintegrate a bit I love her still dearly but I think she can be so much stronger than she was in this book for some of it Overall enjoyable Cannot wait to finish the series I should get the last book tomorrow from the mailman and I cannot wait to finish off this trilogy

  9. Stacee Stacee says:

    I've really enjoyed al of Kerstin's books so I was beyond eager to get my greedy hands on this one As always I love Liv and Mia Their relationship is filled with banter Liv is a snark machine and being in her head is a lot of fun This entire cast of characters makes the story interesting The downside to the second book in a trilogy is that it's sometimes seems useless And while I did enjoy this story I don't feel like any of it was necessary Sure we did find a few things out but mostly it felt like nothing progressed plot wise Regardless I'll definitely be reading the next book I can't wait to see how it all ends Huge thanks to Henry Holt for sending me an arc in exchange for an honest review

  10. Zoha Zoha says:

    It was underwhelming

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