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  1. Mandy Mandy says:

    Cohen just got dumped by his girlfriend of 5 years He was planning on marrying her someday even if there relationship wasn't totally perfect He wasn't expecting her to break up with him and then telling him he wasn't impulsive enough After his break up he tries to get back in the dating game and goes on a string of really awful blind dates Maren has worked for Cohen's dad's furniture company for a year and they have talked on the phone almost everyday and struck up a friendship Maren has a hard life taking care of her alcoholic father dropping out of school to care for him and living in a crappy apartment She's not looking for a relationship but she develops a phone and then text relationship with Cohen until she decides to set him up with a double blind date I really loved the banter between Maren and Cohen It was really funny but also sweet Cohen is a great hero very caring and kind The sexy time was HOT My only complaint about this book was that Maren drove me crazy at times and I just wanted to talk some sense into her Overall I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading by this author ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

  2. Ara Prado Ara Prado says:

    Title Risk Me Silver Strands #2Author Lexi ScottPublication Date July 28 2015Also in this Series Own MeGenres Contemporary New Adult RomanceSource ARC Given by Publisher and Tour Organizer through NetGalleyARA'S NOTEI was actually uite undecided about whether or not I should review this book The blurb made Cohen look a little too good and boring I have no ualms about the good part but I don't like the male lead to be dull and too tame Eventually my curiosity won out and I read it Let me share my thoughts about it real uick SYNOPSISFor Cohen Rodriguez getting dumped by his girlfriend was bad enough Being told he's “not impulsive enough” was just the cheap parting gift Still he takes a break from his über responsible ways and dates his way through Silver Strand Except it's not exactlyK turning out the way he thoughtOn top of that there's Maren Walshe whose combination of sexy and down to earth is everything Cohen wants in a girl But while they've recently been talking on the phone and texting every day they've never actually met Now Maren wants to meet In personFaced with turning his oh so safe fantasy girl into an uncertain reality Cohen and Maren are both about to dive head first ready or notBUY LINKS UK CA BACKGROUNDMaren Walshe doesn't think highly of herself In fact she believes that all she's worthy of are a hole guys and a messed up life She's sad and lonely but can't really move on with her life because of the things tying her down However she wants to know how it feels to be cherished and cared for even if it's just for a whileCohen Rodriguez has always been the dependable guy The stable safe and family oriented man But that's something he wants to change He wants to develop a carefree and laidback attitude all the while hoping he finds the right woman for him REVIEWI did not expect Risk Me to have such sexy and dirty language I loved it Cohen is obviously not boring and straight laced He has a wild side and one that a woman would be happy to explore Thing is he's exactly the kind of guy I normally go for; seemingly innocent goody goody smart a gentleman and responsible I say seemingly because I know that guys like this tend to hide large beasts within themselves I talk from experience winks Going back to the story I absolutely loved the building passion between Maren and Cohen Their romance started out uite differently than what we usually read; there were no women tripping over their own feet then looking up only to see the hottest man alive or two people sharing a one night stand then finding out they have to work together It's great how they developed feelings for each other whether they admit it or not because of their personalities and not due to their mutual physical awesomeness There was the usual troubled past and expected issues they faced but all in all it still panned out pretty well The book was well written and perfectly paced I give it 4 stars

  3. Bette Hansen Bette Hansen says:

    This was an awesome story Filled with humor angst family issues and lots of sexy times Very well written and I loved Cohen and Maren togetherCohen thinks his life is going along fine Now he's just been dumped labeled not impulsive and stuck working for his parents Deciding to look for some excitement is embarks on a hilarious round of blind datesMaren has worked with the Cohen's forever She loves her daily phone calls with Cohen and would love to get to know him better Unfortunately her current family situation doesn't allow for anything serious and anything with Cohen would be serious she's sure When he starts text sharing with her all the details of his bad blind dates she decides she knows the perfect girl for him When they finally meet in person attraction is immediate Problem Big problemYou definitely will want to read as Cohen and Maren's relationship goes from work friends to lovers I highly recommend it

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    When I found out this amazing series was being re branded redesigned and released with added extras I knew instantly that I had to read them all again When I saw Risk Me on NetGalley I took a change and made my reuestRisk Me is the story of Cohen who we have met in Hide Me and Maren an employee from the warehouse Risk Me begins with Cohen and Maren's only communication in the form of phone calls regarding orders and slowly this leads to a friendship of sorts and as the book progresses we uickly see what they mean to each otherI began reading Risk Me knowing there was going to be added extras but honestly I really could not tell I think it's been so long since I re read this book in the original form that Risk Me felt like a brand new book with a lot of events happening that I had completely forgotten aboutCohen has got to be close to being the perfect friend and boyfriend He has his own place a steady job and it so thoughtful and considerate of others feelings He definitely knows how to treat a woman and take no crap from anyone putting them down He is also willing to drop everything to help friends in need out He is very open about his feelings and isn't scared to let others knowI've been dating blind for too long Maren I swallow hardI think it's time to open my eyes and see the girl who's been right in front of me all alongMaren was someone who broke my heart not with her actions or thoughts but with her life and how she lives Her Dad is a drunk who is uite happy to let Maren deal with the finances the food and working her ass off everyday to try to make ends meet But she is unwilling to let him go to make her own path and future scared he wouldn't survive without herI love the world Lexi Scott has created and how it fits perfectly with the attitude and personalities of the characters within the pages of Risk Me Yes it isn't all sunshine and roses the characters do struggle to get what they want but that only makes it real believable The characters are like an extended family to me and I really do like how we get to catch up with Whit and Deo and also see a bit of Cohen's family giving us a hint of what is to come Final Verdict Risk Me is another great summer read from this amazing author It has everything you could need in a book romance friendship sun sand sex and surfing It is another great addition to this series and I am counting down the days for the next installment

  5. Fizza Fizza says:

    This is a story about taking chances letting go of the past and moving forward First half of the book is light hearted full of humour and a lot of texting Maren and Cohen talk on phone almost everyday They are co workers both love their daily phone call but never tell that to each other Cohen is in a commited relationship and Maren's life is a mess Then circumstances led them to actually meet and its infatuation at first sight Cohen wants to date her but Maren is not ready as her life is too complicated to involve another person What she doesn't know is that Cohen will not rest until he get what he wants in this case its herThe second half of the book has serious tone as we get to know Maren's past and what's holding her back But together they both can overcome every single hurdle in their way They can solve every problem only if they believe in each other and accept helpThe story is well written and I liked all characters It was a fun and entertaining readPS I received a complementary copy of this book

  6. JOCA JOCA says:

    I wasn't engaged by the plot or character development nor the relationship development This was a DNF for me

  7. Erin Koiso Erin Koiso says:

    Risk Me is book two in the Silver Strand series Cohen Rodriguez does everything by the book Never stepping outside his comfort zone He works at his families furniture store – always reliable and dependable He has had the same best friend Deo – since they were in diapers Never faltering He seems uite content with his life and his girlfriend until she decides to dump him and to add insult to injury she tells him that he is just too predictable for her After attempting to get over the break up He decides that he is just going to step out of his comfort zone and date girls he would never normally pursueAfter one disastrous date after another the one constant in his life he realizes has been Maren Walshe an employee at his fathers furniture company While they have only ever spoken on the phone and never met in person he has a fantasy in his head of this amazing girl who has been there for him through the tough timesBut Maren isn’t content with just sitting back and keeping everything over the phone In a moment of complete impulse she asks Cohen to meet her – in person Will Cohen’s fantasies of the girl on the phone meet up to his expectations of what she really is? Or will this be the end of the amazing phone conversations they have had over work discussions for so long? Cohen Rodriguez plays everything by the book His life is planned although working at his parents furniture store is a side step he doesn’t mind taking it Everything is the way it should be But after the recent break up with his girlfriend he plays the field and each date becomes disastrous than the last All the while he is confiding in his super sexy sultry voice on the other end of his work phone – Maren She is hilarious sexy and makes him laugh – something he hasn’t been doing much of lately But when she asks him to step outside of his comfort zone and meet her – he isn’t sure he wants to take things to the next stepMaren Walshe has put her life on hold to take care of her alcoholic has been rock star father She uit college works full time – all to try and keep their life together When she forms a bond with the bosses son Cohen over the telephone she isn’t uite sure where she is treading She is completely shocked when she asks him to meet her Once she meets the man that has filled her thoughts for uite some time she realizes that she has nothing to offer him in terms of a relationship She can’t bring this amazing man into her chaotic life She doesn’t even know if they will have a place to live from one moment to the next and she certainly can’t let him know that she is drowning in the life her father has dragged her intoIn a thought provoking turn of events Cohen gains her trust and offers to help her with her father and with her life But her every instinct is telling her to run and to protect this man from the chaos of her life I truly liked the character of Cohen He has strong family beliefs and bonds and he is just what lost soul Maren needs She has no family since her mother and sister basically turned their back on her for choosing to stay and help her father Maren is a true and relatable character You just want her to have her happy ever after ending But is she willing to allow someone into her life a life that she has worked so hard at protecting and shielding from everyone in the outside world?The sub characters of Cohen’s family – Enzo Lydia Gen and Cece were truly enjoyable and I absolutely love the family dynamic that was the Rodriguez clan I loved that Deo and Whit were so involved in this story and played a huge part in bringing Cohen and Maren together I am truly enjoying the intermingling of stories and I hope that the series just continues to play out like this Such an enjoyable easy read Highly recommend this series

  8. Penny Penny says:

    45 very happy Stars I loved this book It was funny sweet sexy and real It had an excellent pace and it kept me completely engaged the whole time I’ve even finished a little sleep deprived but it was totally worth itHere we have Cohen Rodríguez who’s a dependable guy A hot sexy sweet and caring dependable guy which apparently is not good enough for his airheaded long time girlfriend who dumps himThen there’s Maren Her work is connected to shipments to Cohen’s family furniture store and they’ve been talking and being each other’s highlight of the day for over a yearNow Cohen wants to shake things up in his life and decides to go on dates with whomever his friends can set him up with thus beginning the most epic shitty first dates marathon in the story of mankindCircumstances make it that Maren gave Cohen her personal phone number and keeps him company during these horrible dates Little by little they start to share about themselves and finally get to meet one another in a double blind date they are both set up with other people which totally sucks for them at first until they ditch the other twoIn little to no time they realize just how well they fit together and get along but Maren’s circumstances are very complicated at this time and is not sure how much she can give CohenCohen being the manly man that he is won’t take no for an answer Even less when he finds out that Maren’s problems are caused by an alcoholic deadbeat of a father who doesn’t want to help himself and keeps dragging Maren deeper and deeper into despairWill Cohen’s uest of helping this amazing woman he doesn’t want to lose get in the way of his plans to have her? Will Maren’s insecurities and worries about her father’s future get in the way of her own happiness?I think you really really want to find outI want to take the time to make a little warning about Maren’s dad’s attitude during pretty much the whole book He is a washed up musician who never got over his own life’s choices He is a drunk pathetic selfish a hole who doesn’t really deserve the unconditional love and unwavering loyalty of this girl I know this kind of behavior can be a trigger for some there’s no abuse or anything like that just a lot of neglectAside from this fact I loved every character in this book Risk Me was a lovely story I enjoyed it immensely and liked every support character in it expect a few but I think they were created for the sole purpose of being dislikedI’m definitely looking into Lexi Scott and what other work from her is out thereI received a complimentary copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review

  9. Kassiah Kassiah says:

    4 12 starsOMG I loved this book After Cohen's long term girlfriend unexpectedly breaks up with him citing that he's boring and predictable he goes on a string of dates that end in epic disaster Trouble is there is one girl who's been on his mind Maren the mysterious problem solver who works for his family's business They've never met face to face but they've talked on the phone for months about orders shipping and sales and sometimes things got a little personal Cohen's put her up on a pedestal as his dream girl but does it have to stay that way? When they meet in real life sparks fly but Maren isn't ready for any kind of relationship though She's been taking care of her alcoholic father for years and can't pull anyone as awesome as Cohen into her mess of a life What will it take for Cohen to make Maren see that they're perfect for each other?A lot of people don't know that about me but my husband and I met through work We talked on the phone for months about orders and counts before we ever met in real life Of course I thought he had a totally sexy voice ; and it wasn't long before we met IRL Six months later we got married and the rest is ongoing history ♥ So even though neither of us had anything going on like Cohen and Maren do I can relate to falling in like with someone over the phoneI don't believe in love at first sight But love at first phone call I'd buyI loved the way this story was told in both Cohen and Maren's points of view and I really loved both of them Cohen was such a great guy and he was so sexyI love frecklesI loved their families and their chemistry and pretty much everything about this There were some things that drove me crazy of course like Maren's wishy washy ness and her complete inability to see what was going on with her dad at first I was so happy that everything wasn't all wrapped up in a bow at the end though it was happy And Cohen's bromance with his best friend Deo was awesome and I am so excited to read the next book in the series For reviews and bookish talk visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool

  10. Shirley Frances Shirley Frances says:

    Cohen has just been dumped by his long time girlfriend He's not all that heartbroken for the loss of the relationship but her parting words did hurt So determined prove his ex wrong and be impulsive Cohen starts dating again Unfortunately for him all his dates turn out horrible in one way or another It is during those moments that he reaches out to Maren his co workerphone pal for support and entertainment Soon they're exchanging text messages on a regular basis Maren enjoys talking to Cohen every chance she gets She knows about him and firmly believes that he's the perfect man And that's where one of her problem lies She wants to keep Cohen as her fantasy man a little longer and is afraid that getting involved with him will shatter that illusion Her life has been a series of disappointments and missed opportunities and she doesn't need to add anything to her plate at the moment But curiosity gets the best of her and soon both are taking part on a blind double date where they realize that what they share is much than either of them thought I enjoyed this story very very much Both Cohen and Maren were fantastic characters to get to know Cohen with his sense of humor loyalty and understated sexiness won my heart within a couple of pages I was intrigued by him in the first book so when I picked up his story I was curious to see who he would be paired with Mare was the perfect partner for Cohen She was strong willed yet vulnerable with a fun and flirty side They complemented each other in every way which made their story a treat to read I enjoyed their banter just as much as their candidserious moments It helped a lot that they had great chemistry too But what I appreciated the most was that although the chemistry between them was always present the author made sure to bringto the forefront Cohen and Maren's connection in every scene Although this is the second book in the Silver Strands series it can be read as a stand alone I found the characters to be intriguing and the concept well executed with plenty of humor and emotions to bring it all together All in all Risk Me had the right mix of elements for me to consider it fantastic read I received a copy of this title in exchange of my honest opinion

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Depths ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Depths Author Lexi Scott – Thomashillier.co.uk A new adult romance from Entangled's Embrace imprint You can never judge the depths by the surfaceFor Cohen Rodriguez getting dumped by his girlfriend was bad enough Being told he's not impulsive enou A new adult romance from Entangled's Embrace imprint You can never judge the Depths by the surfaceFor Cohen Rodriguez getting dumped by his girlfriend was bad enough Being told he's not impulsive enough was just the cheap parting gift Still he takes a break from his über responsible ways and dates his way through Silver Strand Except it's not exactly turning out the way he thoughtOn top of that there's Maren Walshe whose combination of sexy and down to earth is everything Cohen wants in a girl But while they've recently been talking on the phone and texting every day they've never actually met Now Maren wants to meet In personFaced with turning his oh so safe fantasy girl into an uncertain reality Cohen and Maren are both about to dive head first ready or notPreviously released under the title Depths March and has been enhanced with new material.