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Prince in Disguise ❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Prince in Disguise ❤ Author Stephanie Kate Strohm – Someday I want to live in a place where I never hear “You’re Dusty’s sister” ever againLife is real enough for Dylan—especially as the ordinary younger sister of Dusty former Miss Mississipp Someday I want to live in a place where I never hear “You’re Dusty’s sister” ever againLife is real enough for Dylan—especially as the ordinary younger sister of Dusty former Miss Mississippi and the most perfect popular girl in Tupelo But when Dusty wins the hand of the handsome Scottish laird to be Ronan on the TRC television network’s crown jewel Prince in Disguise Dylan has to Prince in PDF or face a different kind of reality reality TVAs the camera crew whisks them off to Scotland to film the lead up to the wedding camera shy Dylan is front and center as Dusty’s maid of honor The producers are full of surprises—including old family secrets long lost relatives and a hostile future mother in law who thinks Dusty and Dylan’s family isn’t good enough for her only son At least there’s Jamie an adorably bookish groomsman who might just be the perfect antidote to all Dylan’s stress if she just can keep TRC from turning her into the next reality show sensation.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Prince in Disguise
  • Stephanie Kate Strohm
  • English
  • 24 May 2014
  • 9781484768174

About the Author: Stephanie Kate Strohm

Stephanie Kate Strohm is the author of The Taming of the Drew Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink Confederates Don't Wear Couture and the upcoming It's Not Me It's You and Prince in Disguise She grew up in Connecticut and attended Middlebury College in Vermont where she was voted Winter Carnival ueen Currently she lives in Chicago with her fiance and a little white dog named Lorelei Lee.

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  1. Navessa Navessa says:

    This Was just The CUTESTOur town got pummeled by a winter storm overnight and so I spent today snowed inside huddled beneath a pile of blankets Sure I could have gotten up And done things Like laundry But I also had a cat or two on my lap so obvi I was stuck until they decided to move their divine furriness away from meWhich they did Sometime around noonAnd yet I stayed hunkered down in my chair binge reading this book in one sitting with what I can only imagine was the goofiest grin on my faceHere’s the thing before picking this up I was legit beginning to fear that I had turned into an actual adult One who had so lost sight of her formative teenage reading years that she could no longer enjoy the fluffy happy sueaky clean YA romance novels that she used to live onThis book set me straight It was the perfect little dose of escapism that I needed to cleanse my palette in between some of the heavier books that I’ve been reading the past few weeksThe rom com levels are off the charts the male lead is super believably uirky the female lead reads like a real and yet not annoying teenage girl just trying to figure life out and the Scottish highland setting complete with contrived reality TV fairy tale wedding added just the right amount of dramaI cannot recommend this highly enough for anyone who just needs something to read for sheer funThis review can also be found on The Alliterates

  2. Jaime Arkin Jaime Arkin says:

    I loved every single thing about this book I almost died of the cute banter and swoony moments I ship Dylan Jamie so much it’s ridiculous and I wouldn’t say no to something set in their future because I never want this story to end Full review to comeI love this book so so much and it might just be my new favorite thing everIt has witty banterIt has relatable and funny charactersIt has reality TV crazinessIt has a prince in disguiseIt has all the swoonsI don’t know why it wasn’t on my radar but once I read the summary I immediately bought it and when it arrived I immediately started reading it You’re not going to find and crazy twists and turns in this one it’s incredibly predictable but you won’t even care What you will find is one of the sweetest YA romances around It is so smartly written with so many fun pop culture and classic literature references and if you’re like me you’ll find yourself laughing every few pages From the very beginning the chemistry between Dylan and Jamie just pulled me in They just connected on this super nerdy level that I appreciated immensely Dylan is stuck in what might be considered her personal hell her sister’s reality TV wedding and with cameras everywhere she just knows all the awkward moments of her life are going to be magnified She doesn’t expect to find a kindred soul in Jamie the guy who rescued her from freezing to death at the train station The secondary characters were so fun too – Ronan Dusty Kit Heaven I couldn’t get enough of them If you’re a fan of light hearted swoon filled contemporary this is the book for you It’s got a permanent place on my favorites shelf and I definitely plan to do an annual reread

  3. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    I already know of two high school aged relatives I am giving this book to for Christmas and I hope I can see them read itThis is an utterly charming wish fulfillment romance featuring Dylan eye rolling younger sister of gorgeous perfect Dusty beauty pageant winner from Tupelo Dusty was chosen for a reality show at which she met Scottish laird Ronan and fell in love Now Dylan to her total disgust is being whisked off to Scotland for the second series as Dusty and Ronan marry at his vast estateDylan is no Cinderella in that she is anti romance She's no nonsense a long distance sprinter and is totally not ready for a super cold stint in an ancient castle until she meets Jamie there as a groomsman for Ronan and he leads her to a secret trapdoor tunnelThe fun is on as Jamie and Dylan make friends try to evade the ever present TV cameras and surprises occur as they lurch toward the wedding day Dylan's wise acre best friend shows up making the story even of a crackupI loved the evolution of the sisters' relationships and how Dylan handled the surprises both those provided by the TV people for maximum drama and the ones that just happened because life is like that A couple of twists an older reader can see coming a mile away but that is perfectly fine as the fun is really in seeing how Strohm would handle themA delightful read from first page to last putting Strohm on my watch this author list And like I said three copies already sold One of those is MINECopy provided by NetGalley

  4. Kat Kat says:

    Full Review Thank you so much to NetGalley and Disney Hyperion for giving me the chance to read and review this super cute novel by Stephanie Kate Strohm What an adorable book about a younger sister dragged along to Scotland for her sister’s wedding to a Scottish lord which to her dismay is being filmed for a reality TV series “Prince in Disguise”Gosh I just loved the chemistry between Dylan and Jamie From the first moment they meet they have this really natural cute nerdy vibe that works so well You feel like you’re spying on two regular teens falling in love Sometimes in books this feels rushed But I loved the way that while on this little Scottish get away their interactions whether hiding from the cameras or going on real dates felt genuine and full of the sort of bloopers you can expect in real life Jamie was sweet and just the sort of hero you would want to fall in love with and I like that Strohm made him loveable but not so over the top that he seemed like he wasn’t real Just perfectAnd I especially loved the relationships within Dylan’s family that we got to look at Before I forget it was really nice to see Strohm write a really tall girl It seems like I’ve read a lot of very petite heroines lately and it’s lovely when we see heroines that come in all different shapes sizes ethnicities sexual orientations etc So having Dylan be six feet tall and on eye level with her guy was a brave and lovely choice I liked the exploration of all the relationships Dylan had with members of her family won’t say too much since I don’t want to give away spoilers but I thought that was well worked out and brought story arcs to a nice conclusion This was a super cute read that’s perfect for cuddling up and enjoying on a cold rainy day or listening to that’s what I did when you’re not feeling well It’s light hearted and full of funny reality TV moments that if you’ve ever watched “The Bachelor” will make you roll your eyes Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the authorPlease excuse typos Entered on screen reader

  5. ✶Rachelle✶ ✶Rachelle✶ says:

    35 starsThis was so adorable I read most of it by the pool one afternoon which was odd seeing as this was set in Scotland at Christmasso definitely not your typical summer y read and had such a great time with the characters I am really intrigued by royalty and the royal wedding and so I went on a binge of everything royal I could get my plain American commoner hands on Jamie was easily the best part of this book I loved his character and his uirkiness He was so weird but it just made him even adorable and intriguing Dylan our MC was such a fun character as well I really enjoyed being in her head and seeing things through her eyes If you are looking for a cute beachy or pool side read this is a great choice Just be prepared for a lot of fluff and adorable geekiness

  6. Sophie Sophie says:

    I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley This in no way impacted on my viewI won a copy of this book on Twitter and even if I hadn’t it was already on my radar and wish list because of the royalty aspect to it When it arrived I simply couldn’t put it down because of how fantastic it was Dylan has been sent to Scotland all royalty books seem to happen in Scotland lately as her sister Dusty was the winner of a reality show very like the Bachelor and is now engaged to a Scottish lord Ronan The tv show want to film everything and as the maid of honour Dylan has to get used to the limelight and all of the traditions and rules that come with both the Scottish aristocracy and being a reality tv star Luckily one of Ronan's friends Jamie is on hand to help guide Dylan through everything even if TRC want them two to be the next showbiz coupleI just loved this book and it's another one I couldn't put down once I had started it Everything about it was swoony and even though it was uite predictable that didn't discount from the fun Dylan and Jamie's relationship was uite a slow burn friends to lovers sort of relationship but the chemistry was there from the get go and whenever they were on the page together I was proper smiling and giggling to myself not like me at all I was pleasantly happy and surprised that even though Dylan and Dusty were polar opposites that didn't mean they hated each other and actually really cared about each other and would do about anything in order to protect the other Because of this book I've gone out and bought of Stepahnie's books and definitely think she's an author who'll be on my auto buy list before long

  7. Vicky Again Vicky Again says:

    Cute I was wondering if the twist I expected would happen it did and it was a very fluffy a little bit cheesy romp through a Scottish castle like thing feat marriages with nobility and sisterly love Fans of Rachel Hawkins' The Royals will really enjoy Prince in Disguise

  8. The Candid Cover (Olivia & Lori) The Candid Cover (Olivia & Lori) says:

    45 StarsI am always a sucker for books about royalty so I knew I would love Prince in Disguise the moment I saw it This story is all about a reality TV show set in Scotland and contains a likeable main character This book makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside making it perfect for the winterThis book has such an original concept The main character’s sister is getting married to a barely prince and the wedding and the planning are all being aired on a reality TV show Dylan wants nothing to do with the cameras and the fake reactions but she has to deal with them as her sister’s maid of honour The plot thickens as the production crew uncovers some of her secrets and turns her life into the subplot of the show I enjoyed how the book portrayed life as a reality TV star and shows how hard it is to have everything about you shown on screen I really sympathized with Dylan and her strict contractSince Dylan’s sister marries Scottish royalty the wedding is set in Scotland I haven’t read too many books set there but I would definitely love to see I adored the descriptions of the castle and its secret passageways and the freuent use of Scottish slang There is also some traditional Scottish dancing and food which was so interesting to read about After reading this book I would definitely like to go visit ScotlandI enjoyed Dylan’s character in Prince in Disguise She has a sense of humour and is pretty sarcastic She also has a strong relationship with her sister and they stick up for one another I loved how Dylan wants to make her sister happy on her special day and is supportive of her decisions even if they aren’t what she would have done Dylan is just such a relatable character and reading about her misadventures is so entertainingPrince in Disguise is a witty and adorable story set in picturesue Scotland I loved the main character and the bond between sisters If you enjoyed books like The Selection you will love this one

  9. Erin Sky Erin Sky says:

    An Adorable Holiday Slump busterI was SO excited to be approved for this Disney Hyperion title on Net Galley and it did not disappointIf you’re in the mood for a fast slump buster read–whether to get you back into reading or to kick start you into the holiday spirit–this is it I loved Dylan immediately She’s the awkward self conscious shy younger sister of a beauty pageant winner dragged into a high profile world she never wanted to be part of When she ends up meeting a boy she might actually LIKE for the first time like EVER she’s forced to go through the roller coaster of first love on reality television UGH right???I’ll admit I struggled a bit between four and five stars–I FLEW through the book but it doesn’t have a ton of dramatic tension There’s nothing in the world uite like that teen anguish of is he going to like me? mixed with the rush of omg he might really like me and I didn’t always feel that here It was of an ADORABLE read than a dramatic one–the surprises weren’t terribly surprising and the complications weren’t terribly complicated–but sometimes that’s exactly what I’m in the mood forBottom line? After starting and putting down several other books that just didn’t hold my interest this one stuck with me I’m giving it 45 stars and rounding up for that “stickiness” factor It held my attention from the first page to the last and I genuinely enjoyed the read I cared about the characters Dylan’s romantic interest is eual parts nerdy and sweet–I LOVED him the pacing was excellent and the overall story was a fulfilling ride with a lot of smiles along the way I highly recommend both the book and the author and I will be following Stephanie Kate Strohm for sure

  10. Gillian Berry Gillian Berry says:

    That was just delightful Super cute and super perfect to read during Christmastime and during a season of high royal romance to boot This was really funny witty banterful and just plain adorable Jamie is my dream boy The twist is absolutely predictable but in a really charming way Like OF COURSE that's what happens but it's also so what you WANT to happen What a delicious slice of escapism this is while not feeling even a little bit trashy It's just a plain old wonderful time This is like a really REALLY good Holiday Hallmark or Lifetime movie PLEASE FILM THIS I WOULD WATCH THE CRAP OUT OF THIS but again a smart one with the most amazing banter ever referencing pop culture and classic literature as easy as breathing I was giggling the whole time Highly recommend if this kind of book is your cup of tea

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