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Women in Red [Read] ➮ Women in Red By Jordan E. Rosenfeld – Thomashillier.co.uk Dead broke single mother Stella Russo daughter of a world class prima ballerina has nearly given up on her own professional aspirations—much less true love—when a dazzling impromptu stunt by a mys Dead broke single mother Stella Russo daughter of a world class prima ballerina has nearly given up on her own professional aspirations—much less true love—when a dazzling impromptu stunt by a mysterious troupe reminds her just how empowering performing onstage can be Convincing herself Women in PDF/EPUB or that a dependable gig with such a company just might be the ticket to a better life for her musical prodigy daughter and now invalid mother Stella takes a giant jeté of faith and joins up But when she lands in the clutches of an enigmatic and demanding impresario bent on making her his star at any cost has she risked too much As Stella untwists the troupe’s troubling secrets she becomes entangled in turns she could never imagine—and is forced to face her own past as well Women in Red draws readers into the dark dangerous and dramatically sexy underworld of the dance—but also into the longing of every living breathing being for a family of one’s own.

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  1. Emilya Naymark Emilya Naymark says:

    In this sensuous thriller author Jordan Rosenfeld explores the worlds of dance and family When Stella Russo a young woman struggling to fulfill her obligations to both her brilliant daughter and faded glory mother comes in contact with a remarkable dance troupe she is immediately spellbound And when an opportunity is offered to rekindle her own dancing career Stella finds herself reaching for a life she thought she’d left forever Torn between fulfilling her own powerful creative needs and being the perfect mother or even just a good mother and a dutiful daughter Stella finds herself losing hold of everything she always thought mattered the most Throw in mysterious family secrets gorgeous descriptive language and bucketfuls of passion and you’ve got yourself a delicious read Recommended with a glass of chilled California wine and good Belgian chocolate

  2. Jen La Duca Jen La Duca says:

    First I want to thank Sage with Sage’s Book Tours for recommending Women in Red to me I had mentioned to her that I was looking for psychological thriller books to review and she suggested this one to me I took one look at the gorgeous cover immediately I knew I wanted to read it once I read the synopsis I knew I just HAD to read it A psychological thriller that was centered around a dance troupe sounded fascinating and it actually made me think of the movie Black Swan which I lovedThis is a sensuous thriller one in which Jordan Rosenfeld thoroughly explores the often similar dynamics between dance and family life Women in Red is the story of Stella Russo a single mom whose dance career was put on hold in order to raise her musical prodigy daughter and to take care of her disabled mother who was once a brilliant dancer herself When a mysterious man walks into Stella’s life offering a chance to make her dream of becoming a professional dancer come true she falls right under his spell Stella is thrust into the enigmatic world of a dance troupe that’s filled with secrets and lies Soon she finds herself having to confront her own troubled past before she loses everything and everyone that means the most to herWomen in Red is a beautifully written story I was sucked into this fascinating world I knew virtually nothing about I became so lost in the complex characterizations and tantalizing exploits that I forgot the story was first and foremost a thriller When the twists started to unfold I was caught off guard and it thrilled me even adding to my enjoyment of this novel Usually I read psychological thrillers in a way that I’m constantly searching for clues and red herrings so this was a completely new reading experience for me and one that I enjoyed very much I would absolutely recommend Women in Red for fans of dark psychological thrillers; trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed This is the first book I’ve read by Rosenfeld and I was so impressed that it certainly won’t be my last In fact I’ve already chosen Night Oracle as my next Rosenfeld read it’s also a dark psychological thriller but with some paranormal mixed in Be on the lookout for my review Thank you so much to the author Jordan Rosenfeld and to Sage’s Book Tours for inviting me to participate in the Women in Red Blog Tour and for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

  3. Kara Kara says:

    Women in Red would earn 5 stars based solely on the beautiful storytelling of its author Jordan E Rosenfeld who could have been describing something as mundane as vacuuming the house and it would have been a work of art But the mysterious tale she weaves full of very real and flawed characters exotic parties and performances sexy affairs and imperfect relationships manages to pull readers in right from the very first chapterStella is a single mother raising a musical prodigy of a daughter and supporting her disabled ex dancer mother on a waitress's salary while daydreaming of her own short lived dance career When a mysterious stranger basically forces himself into her life offering her everything she'd been longing for in the form of becoming a dancer and performer again she is skeptical But how can she resist? And readers will be thrilled that she doesn't as she dives into the dramatic world of a dance troupe composed of secrets lies and damaged individuals The only way I could have personally enjoyed this book is if I myself was a dancer But overall Women in Red is an engaging and satisfying read from beginning to end

  4. Janet Janet says:

    I give Women in Red by Jordan Rosenfeld 5 stars Absolutely wonderful and extremely well written book Stella a former ballerina gave up her pointe shoes years ago in order to raise her daughter Now years later she's found dancing in the woods by Julien who owns a local theatre group He's admired Stellas' private woodland dances for sometime and finally makes his presence known and invites her to audition Due to harsh circumstances and being down on her luck Stella finally walks into his theatre Will she find her way back to the dance world? Will she be able to offer a better life for her daughter? or will she remain dancing in the in the woods only dreaming? I invite you to take a seat and watch as the curtains openRosenfeld draws her readers in with vivid scenery detailed dialogue and twists and turns that keep the reader on the edge of their seats Absolutely wonderful read I read straight through from page one without a break Rosenfeld truly captures her audience in Women in Red

  5. Leonie Stanley Leonie Stanley says:

    I received this book from the author for an honest reviewThe uick pace of Chapter 1 was a mere promise of what was to come Stella with her fire engine red hair and her sexy boss – no guessing about that affair but then the book takes a brilliant turn and if at all possible the pace gets kicked up a notchStella moves from her job as a waitress to a dance troupe in one slick movement She can finally pursue her dream Although her body is in pain from performing her spirits are lifted and soaring While she is trying to find her place in the new dance company her daughter is trying to find her place in lifeIn contrast to Stella’s new life is the life of her broken mother former prima ballerina Margaret Broken dreams broken heart and broken body until she meets up with Max and there is a promise of good things to come But Max wants and Margaret cannot allow that to happen When Max threatens her her health suffers a negative setbackJust when you think this book will have a slow downturn towards the end the twist of all twists happen Stella is kidnapped and the story shoots in a different directionThe book went from inspirational teaching us to follow our dreams to blood sweat and tears In short the book kept me interested to the last page

  6. Autumn Autumn says:

    I won this paperback and I have to say this was a pretty decent read It took me all week to read it and it wasn't because it wasn't good because it was I just found myself busyStella is a mother and use to be dancer she holds down a job that she doesn't fully like but hey it pays the bills and for her daughter's violin When she gets the offer to join a very secretive dance troupe she does it as she knows it will be better pay and plus she will be able to dance once again Though it seems that everyone around Stella including herself have secrets that no one wants to have others know There isn't really much suspense just secrets from different characters that will be finally brought to light I have to say Stella's daughter Izzy I was impressed with her she is a young girl who can play the violin and she is a bit sneaky when it comes to wanting to find out who her father is Which I give her props on doing that and how she did it Most of the action comes towards the end when the dance troupe and Stella's world collides Everything comes to the surface and why Julian really wants Stella to be a part of his world this is when a nice twist comes into playOverall a good read the plot was a steady and the characters were good

  7. Russell Ricard Russell Ricard says:

    Jordan Rosenfeld's novel WOMEN IN RED is a fantastic readMy take It's about a former ballet dancer who finds herself in a dangerous underworld navigating an eerie cast of characters as she rediscovers her love of danceIt's a real page turner; sensual prose that's both lush yet streamlined And Ms Rosenfeld plays adeptly with the reader's expectations there are many plot twistsThe story offers mystery thrills chills too and engages all the senses At the same time at the heart of the story are universal themes; at its core WOMEN IN RED is a journey of a woman's search for connection for familyA very fulfilling read

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