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Witch Cat and Cobb [Download] ✤ Witch Cat and Cobb ➸ J.K. Pendragon – Thomashillier.co.uk Destined for an arranged marriage she wants nothing to do with Princess Breanwynne decides that the only option for escape is to run away Upon the announcement of this plan her trusted pet cat reveals Destined for an arranged marriage she wants nothing to do with Princess Breanwynne decides that the only option for escape is to run away Upon the Witch Cat PDF or announcement of this plan her trusted pet cat reveals he can talk by asking that she take him along Listening to his suggestion to venture into the lair of the Swamp Witch proves to be a very bad idea but Breanwynne would rather face a witch any day than be forced to marry a prince.

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  1. Dax Murray Dax Murray says:

    original review received a free copy of Witch Cat and Cobb from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewWitch Cat and Cob is set in a fantasy world of elves and kingdoms which seems rather ordinarily heterosexual with marriages of that type being the norm but there is mention of the occasional marriage between people of the same sex The story starts off with a Princess very determined to not end up in a heterosexual marriageWe learn very early on that there are many secrets being kept among the cast of characters and that some of those secrets involve mysterious events from before the Princess was born She finds herself in the center of a conflict between her cat whom she finds out is not a regular cat and a beautiful witch who lives in the forestAs each character confronts their past and what they are running away from they realize that they have responsibilities to than just their own self interest All of the characters went through growth and development and the ending felt as though all of the characters were at a satisfying conclusion to their growthThe pacing of the story was a little rocky at the start I felt that the introduction was rather abrupt with not enough context given at first The introduction of all the characters seemed a little rushed and I wish I could have had a little time to get to know each character on their own at the start Likewise the ending while satisfying left me wanting in a way that didn't feel good It felt rushed and I wanted to linger in those moments a little longerThe elephant in the room is the diversity in this book If you do not want spoilers please read no further Otherwise I felt this story handled ueer representation really well The way magic is used to handle transitions and the acceptance of those people as people and worthy of love was admirable This is a story that speaks to me on a lot of levels but the recognition of a cis woman and a trans woman in a relationship with each other was beautiful and respectful I appreciated that there was no gratutitous tragedy involved for the sake of tragedy Everyone got their happy ending and nothing bad happened to the characters just because they were ueer in some wayOverall read this if you want a happy fantasy story about ueer characters Don't read this if you hate happy endings

  2. Kate Kate says:

    I really enjoyed this story Princess Brean flees an arranged marriage with only a talking cat for assistance But the cat knows a witch and so Brean gets swept up into a life of potion making spell shopping and trying to figure out the mysterious history between her cat and this witchDaily life with a witch was a lot of fun There’s the ongoing war between the camps of miniature people in the garden love potions to brew and sell and elvish politics to avoid The tension between Fen and Mel comes to light at the perfect pace and very nicely foreshadowed tooEverything fit together at the end the mark of a good fairytale

  3. namericanwordcat namericanwordcat says:

    I enjoyed this fantasy romp with a curse talking cat and a swamp witchIt was fun but the pacing of the plot dragged a bit for me in the middle The really good parts happen in the last part of the book with lots of revealsI would have liked romance but this book is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon

  4. Blow Pop Blow Pop says:

    Content warnings witchcraft lesbian marriageI received a free copy of this in exchange for a fair and honest reviewThis was the cutest story Two trans characters included Well characters that can be read as such anyway literally one says that no matter how hard they tried they couldn't pass for female because of their male looking bodyI'm so full of happy emotions right now that I can't fully explain them allI know I spend a lot of time bitching about happily ever after types of relationships but there are some stories like this one that I adore the crap out of them I like it when it doesn't feel contrived just to give a HEA type ending I like it when it's of a this is the ending that feels natural to the flow of the story type ending Which is how it felt for this bookI liked the conflict with the little people in the garden I liked the whole elven politics thing AND I liked that this was a nicely done fantasy worldDefinitely recommend people to pre order and read It's a short read but it's a good short read

  5. C.L. McCollum C.L. McCollum says:

    OK this was just utterly darling of a read I loved the haphazard often accidental mess of a magical system and the three lead characters just made me smile like a loon I did figure out at least part of one of the twists but it was explained in a way I never saw coming Just really fun and I would have loved adventures in the Swamp Witch's hut

  6. Erin Burns Erin Burns says:

    I received an ARC of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley this does not affect my opinion of this book or the content of my reviewI picked this up because it sounded interesting and it is out of my comfort zone I think it can get a little too easy to just read the “safe” things and you can miss so many gemsAnd make no mistake this one despite its short length is a gem A sweet magical fairy tale with a few unusual twists this was an enjoyable read At around 20000 words it is very short so I hate to say too much and risk spoiling it It was an interesting premise with characters I liked who had back stories I would have loved to read of and of course the reuisite happy ending but with a bit of a twistAnd because we always uestion when it comes to self pubbed or alternative presses rest assured this was well edited and well written Honestly I would love to see what JK Pendragon could do with full length novel word counts and I may just pick up some other works And well I don’t know if this was Pendragon’s intent or if they would take it as a compliment or condemnation but it felt for lack of a better word accessible LGBTIA is not my usual milieu but once I started reading it that isn’t how I thought of it It was an enjoyable fantasy love storyhttpsburnsthroughherbookshelfword35 stars

  7. J.J. Carroll J.J. Carroll says:

    This book first caught my attention with the title and I thought the cover was charming so it went on my TBR pile I don't usually read ff so a bit of a departure for meThis was a very sweet story in all senses I enjoyed it though I felt the 'love' element didn't really seem convincing? developed enough? happened too fast? Not sure exactly but with a little depth and attention to that side of things and a little of the 'world' this would have definitely been five stars from me

  8. Susan Susan says:

    Witch Cat and Cobb by JK Pendragon is a great variation on the traditional fairy tale In this story the princess does not want to marry the elf prince so instead runs away She and her cat who now talks make their way into the swamp to the cottage of the Swamp Witch The three settle into a comfortable existence until they are found by the elf prince Of course they must return to the castle but escape back to the cottage to complete a spell that leaves everyone very happy with the results I love that HEA can come in many varieties one to suit each person’s needs and desires

  9. lov2laf lov2laf says:

    38 stars I thought this was a really cute story with some interesting twists The cat especially was entertaining and the two leads were worthy protagonists to follow The storyline kept me interested from start to finish There is a romance here but it's subtle which is why I put it in the cute category view spoilerThere's a transgender element that was unusual and a nice surprise as well hide spoiler

  10. Lie Lie says:

    This was a very very sweet story Two gals living in their swamp hut doing magic and alchemy together happy ever after God I wish that were meI only thought the resolution with the prince was a bit And Fen occasionally visits them from his mission to f everything and sings about his travels and adventures like a bard should while all 3 of them sit on the porch in the evening as the sun sets End credits

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