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Thorn ❰EPUB❯ ✰ Thorn Author Liv Hayes – Disclaimer This is a dark Contemporary Adult romance The novel contains mature elements including but not limited to infidelity deathbereavement involving the loss of a child and an explicit sexual af Disclaimer This is a dark Contemporary Adult romance The novel contains mature elements including but not limited to infidelity deathbereavement involving the loss of a child and an explicit sexual affair between a student and teacher It is intended for readers only They say that bad news comes in threes – and for Emilia Tóibín this is an understatementThe anniversary of her son's death her husband's affair and a scathing separation All on her th birthdayIn sorrow's wake she leaves her editorial job behind packs a single suitcase and exchanges Manhattan – and the past twelve years for her long abandoned and deceivingly idyllic hometown of MontaukThere on the beachfront she meets a boy They share a single night together And she believes like everything else that she'll never see him againWhen she takes accepts an impromptu position as a Creative Writing teacher at the local high school she sees a way to begin picking up the pieces A new life chapter A chance to healBut when a familiar face appears in her classroom – the boy from the beach Bryan Thorn – everything changesShe is broken He is troubled And despite the whispers pain and the shared pasts that threaten to destroy them both – neither can keep themselves away One thing is certain some affairs prick like Thorns.

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  1. Saunders Saunders says:

    DNF 78%SPOILER ALERTThe synopsis tells you that things come in threes For Emilia Toibin they didOn the the anniversary of her son's death and her 30th birthday she walks in on her husband in bed with another woman Despite his sorrow and his “I’m sorry’s” she walks out on her 12 year marriage and heads to her hometown of Montauk A new start is what she wants and a chance to grieveOn the first night she meets a stranger on a beach and they back to her house they share a bottle of wind and she lets him have her Her excuse? Their paths will never meet againWhen an impromptu position comes up as a Creative Writing teacher in the local high school she sees a way to begin again a new chapter and a chance to healOn her first day a familiar face appears in her classroom – the stranger from the beach Bryan Thorn 18 years old and a student in her classI like a lot of readers sat on the fence with this book and I hoped that it would turn out much different than it didI didn’t like Emilia I found her hypocrisy with her husbands affair off putting Considering she walked out on him for that reason she walked right into the same situation with an 18 year old student and began a relationship whilst still married She was so absorbed in her self pity she actually made my blood boil due to her selfish behaviour Her to ing and fro ing between her husband and Bryan was not something I was comfortable reading about nor was her habitual lying and her constant “I love you” that she threw around between her husband and Bryan Then around 78% her behaviour sickened me and I could not longer go on reading this book and it was a DNFSPOILER She slept with her husband got pregnant and went back to continue having sex with Bryan telling both of them she loved themGrief is a very personal thing but for these characters grief made them sick Ultimately making wrong choices instead of starting the process of finalising a separate life or making the decision to work out their issues especially dealing with their griefFor 12 years Emilia had loved Jack but she let Bryan Thorn fall into her hands like a apple and she bit into the forbidden fruit and became his poison So not just your usual studentteacher forbidden romance This book dealt with so much Despite being strongly written it was not for me

  2. Jana Jana says:

    A realistic depiction of one woman's struggle with grief and depression and the effect that it has on her marriage career and life in general There were parts of the book that I found a bit repetitive and I felt that the ending wrapped up a bit too neatly but overall I really enjoyed it and would recommend reading it

  3. Kika Kika says:

    Review comming soon

  4. Bookphenomena (Micky) Bookphenomena (Micky) says:

    This was a gritty read Words I would use to describe it were desperate painful grief filled opportunistic forbidden but with various shades of love I have read some other books that would come under a similar genre of student teacher but I would say they sometimes 'dress up' and idealise the situation This book did not portray anything other than a realistic narrative The heroine Emilia is a bereaved ill and desperate woman who seeks solace in a chance encounter She's newly separated from her husband She's not warm or whole She's broken and making poor decisions The lead male character Bryan demonstrates an infatuation and love appropriate for his young adult age There wasn't real depth to their love and I'm not sure there was meant to beI had become an impossible woman driven only by incalculable insanity and griefThis was an interesting story that kept my attention whilst making me feel consistently uncomfortable The narratives of Emilia's grief were very well written Grief is a peculiar thing It's the kind of thing we never fully understand until we're drowning in itWhilst this book invokes strong feelings of discomfort it has a realistic story I admire the author's decision not to sensationalise the story or character development and I enjoyed her writing Reviewed for JoIsaLoveBooks Blog

  5. Alissa Alissa says:

    45 stars I just finished this book and I have to say I loved it Beautiful writing and such a realistic story Poor Emilia and Jack were so deep in the throes of grief over their loss that they both made some awful choices Emilia's were much worse than her husband's and while reading I almost forgot how wrong her relationship was And then I'd remember and it was just so forbidden and wrong and cringeworthy This story was like a slow moving train wreck and even when the inevitable crash came it was still so heartbreaking I highly recommend this one if you're a fan of forbidden love stories I'll definitely be reading from Liv Hayes in the future

  6. ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★ ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★ says:

    DNF This book is very beautifully written It plays with your emotion and you find yourself grieving along with the characters But Bryan's and Emilia's relationship did not sit well with me Don't get me wrong I love student teacher romance but this one is too cringe worthy The clear abuse of power was too glaring that I had to stop It wasn't working for meview spoiler She did not end with him hide spoiler

  7. Kathy Reader Kathy Reader says:

    Loved this book A beautifully written story with such grief and sadness in it It really tugged at my heart strings

  8. Liv Hayes Liv Hayes says:

    Update THORN is LIVE EmiliaMeet Bryan ThornMeet Jackand MattieIf you'd like an ARC in exchange for a review please get in touch There's no limit on participants You can reach me herelhayesauthorgmailcomAlso in celebration of THORN's Release Date STAR CROSSED is available for99 cents indefinitely Grab a copy if you'd likeSTAR CROSSED

  9. Briana Pacheco Briana Pacheco says:

    45 starsThere are some authors that can write a novel and have you immersed within seconds Liv Hayes is one of those authors I read her first book Star Crossed and absolutely loved that Give me a studentteacher novel and I'm soldAfter losing their son Emilia and Jack become distant There is no love no happiness A year after Mattie's death Emilia tries to be alive again only to end up majorly devastated by the actions of her husband Moving out of her apartment into her childhood home Emilia feels like she can somewhat breatheMeeting Bryan Thorn at the beach where the two are contemplating life or death they share a connection that ultimately becomes Emilia knows she shouldn't continue to see her student but he makes her feel aliveBryan Thorn was the problem for me Not the whole time just for liketwo minutes It was this one scene that he followed Emilia to a park and everything turned upside down that made me want to beat him with the flowers Like I don't even know what he was doing there but he pissed me off It is described throughout the book that Bryan has his childish ways because he is younger than Emilia but ohmygod he should have known better Not sure if I'm making any sense there What I'm trying to say is the dude should have stayed home But it had to happen soAnyways Emilia's story touched me I was torn between wanting her to be with her husband again after what he did or forgoing the relationship she was having with Bryan Both men gave Emilia something she needed Both men were her poisonIf you're looking for an emotional thought provoking well written novel I'd recommend this to you It's not everyday you'll come across a studentteacher novel where the teacher is a female ;

  10. Remareca Remareca says:

    I thought it was simply about the story of an affair between a student and a teacher but it was than that This story was about second chances and healing A woman found solace in a boy and it was bittersweet I found myself shedding my tears a couple of times from the beginning towards the end It was a journey that I did not want to end because it was written painfully beautiful I closed the book with a heavy sigh Also I was torn between the husband and the student it was so confusing The ending was perfect alas I was secretly rooting for Bryan and Emilia but all is well

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