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  1. Emmeline (The Book Herald) Emmeline (The Book Herald) says:

    I kindly received this ARC From Patchwork Press via Netgalley in return for an honest review I froze the first guy I ever kissed and I don't mean he got cold feet Megan Walker is just a girl from California the time of the sun is ever her constantUntil her aunt and uncle chose to move to some hick town named Grande Prairie in CanadaThat's where everything changedHer hair changes to Silver her eyes to a light blue her skin becomes as pale as iceMegan has no idea what is happening and then she is abducted by men who say they want to take her back to Jotunheim During her abduction she is taken by another man named Loki the trickster He is meant to be her enemy a Fire Giant but his warm gaze and warm demeanor encourages trustSuddenly Megan is thrown in a world wind of memories that aren't hers a love torn between two men powers that shouldn't be hers and most of all a title she shouldn't haveThe Ice ueen will not be so easily dismissedThe dawn of Ragnarok awaits In theory this book isn't badHonestly but i found itto put it nicely lacking in some areas and reasoning I read it and honestly this book has a lot of potential but i didn't feel any sense of connection to the characters It was of a huh okaycool type of reaction the whole time Some of the characters were just so petty especially prince Leifseriously who spat in his bean curd? I just felt like it was so cliche The enemy is warm and engaging the real enemy is as cold as your soul just kidding and the best friend is bouncy and warm loving and crazy the main girl is torn between two captivating souls but secretly she's some sort of Kung Fu panda I mean don't get me wrong it was entertaining and like I said in theory really good Just not everything I thought it would be Latimer writes really well i just wanted explanation of the character's feelings and maybe show of the romance aspect because it was just like oh kiss kiss but you have no idea how she actually feels about them Also character growthdidn't see it My goodness I feel like I'm being really harsh but this is honestly what i'm feeling here But the character Megan was short of flimsy at first prone to freaking out and then she gets to Jotunheim and she's all in your face kind of Gal to suddenly giving off 'i am your master' type vibes I kept looking thinking 'what the heck just happened?'But anyway the character i did appreciate a lot was Loki I'd want to be friends with him he's hilarious Kneel before the ueen the guard saidI'd rather not Loki shrugged Bad knees He's funny and warm but I feel like he might have some ulterior motivesor maybe i have trust issues But I really liked his character Give it a go you might really be into it By the way this is suitable for middle graders Stay Wonderful The Book Herald Tweet me thebookherald

  2. Dee☾ Dee☾ says:

    Thank you Netgalley for sending me a copy of this book Frost was a very entertaining read for me I found the whole world interesting because it included some Norse mythology with frost giants and fire giants These frost and fire giants are at war with each other and our main character Megan finds herself right in the middle The story was easy to get into easy to understand but yet compelling at the same time Frost offers something I have read before and I really enjoyed thatThe characters in this book were really what gripped me Megan is a realistic female lead that is torn with who to trust and what to do Her voice was strong and made reading from her perspective fun She has her own bit of sass and you have to give her props for sticking up for herself even when she feels like she’s two inches tall She resents that everyone keeps comparing her to the ueen’s former deceased daughter which would be exactly my reactions I felt so badly for her when everyone would refer to her as Amora and not her own name It seemed like everyone was against her at the palace and resented her for being who she was I look forward to see her development in the next coming books It was so interesting to see her ice powers get stronger and how her hair and eyes were turning color just because of her powersErik added a nice companion and protector for Megan At first I didn’t know if I should trust him because he kept seeing Megan and Amora and I didn’t know where his loyalty truly lied However the he tried to protect her I knew that he was really just looking after her I have to say I was completely surprised at the twist at the endThe one that really stole the show for me was LokiOh this handsome little devil was so swoon worthy that I was so disappointed when he was missing from the book But boy does he know how to make an appearance as disguising himself as a servant He added just the right amount of wit sarcasm and swoon Seriously this guy is adorable and I felt giddy every time he called Megan “darling”Now what I really liked about this book was the fact that it didn’t have a weird love triangle Megan mentions how cute she finds Erik a couple times but it never really crosses into romantic territory not the way it did with Loki and I am happy Loki felt effortless and the attraction was real It was a little instalove in the beginning but it developed over time The romance wasn’t a huge aspect of this book but an added element It offers you the chance to really fall into the story and the world However I look forward to see how Megan and Loki developNow we can’t forget about Charlotte Her friendship with Megan was truly heartwarming She just met Megan but immediately befriends her and they become best friends She is loyal and protective of her friend I really loved how no matter what happened if Megan said she was leaving Charlotte asked where and when? No uestion or hesitation she was truly there for Megan no matter whatNow the book wouldn’t be complete without a strong villain and I have to say this book has two I was completely skeptical about the ueen the entire time because something seemed off about her However the real creep for me is her psycho son Prince Leif Oh this guy gives me the creeps I couldn’t stand him He is cocky arrogant and acts so entitled like everyone should be kissing the ground he walks on I hated the way he treated Megan and I can’t wait to see her get revenge on him The ueen and Prince definitely have a lot coming to them I hopeOverall this book was really interesting I can’t wait to learn about the world and the fire giants now that it looks like we are headed to Loki’s kingdom The frost giants kingdom sounded so beautiful and majestic with their ice palace I can only imagine the fire giants kingdom being eually beautiful I am so excited to see where this series is headed and am enjoying the ride Thank you E Latimer for this winter fantasy and I look forward to of your workIf you enjoy fantasy that is easy to get into with just the right amount of action and adventure give this book a tryReview originally posted on my blog The Bookish Khaleesi

  3. Ally Ally says:

    NetGalley Thanks for the copy Frost Magic or cytokinesis? romance between two guys and one character who is caught up in a war Of course that one character is Megan Walker What do I think of Frost? Well Frost is interesting but not captivating It starts off with a bang Megan kisses her then boyfriend and freezes him accidentally with her powers From there a stall follows But the plot picks up again once Megan gets kidnapped gets rescued runs away becomes a pawn in a nasty game of power play and stalls again It is all very dramatic but to me it isn't suspenseful I'm not turning the pages to learn about Frost and its world I'm mostly hoping that something shiny catches my eye which only happened once I got really excited when a character named Loki showed up hello Tom Hiddleston but then he leaves for most of the book and shows up when you least expect him to Decent character but little development Also he is a prince Tad convenient don't you think? The flashbacks are odd but necessary for the plot A bit jarring to be pulled into another character's past The power play Frost reveals enough of the mysterious ueen's court to tell me a lot about the mysterious creatures they are Oh I should had mentioned that Megan is special Partially human and partially You got the picture? Though I'm fascinated by the ueen's insanity and dependence on a stupid prediction made hundreds of years ago I wish I know about the fire giants and frost giants Why are they enemies? Why? Why did they did fight? All because of a prediction? That's it? You can't be serious that every single one of the ueen's subject went to war to kill fire giants I have to admit that Megan is a stubborn girl but she is intelligent But I can't find an emotional connection to her No dice Overall Frost has a lot of action It isn't the type of book that stays with you even after you read it but it won't bore you for the hour or so Just okay Rating Two out of Five

  4. The Gypsy Emmy The Gypsy Emmy says:

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was a ridiculous hot mess The author was trying to make so much go on at once that nothing ever really went on except for some definite uestionably bad plot linesI'm beyond disappointed and can honestly say that if I had not received a copy of this book in exchange for a review a I would not have finished itEither way it was almost painful to read this book

  5. Kyra Nelson Kyra Nelson says:

    Everyone is talking about how swoony Loki is I just want to confirm that it is true And I am an excellent judge of swoonOverall I liked all the characters Leif is deliciously evil I loved the strong friendship between Megan and Charlotte Definitely looking forward to of them in the seuel

  6. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) says:

    I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Ah my first Norse mythology book okay I have another one by another author but I'm a little hesitant on reading another of their worksFor a debut novelist who started the book on Wattpad Frost isn't that bad of a book Latimer does a great job with building the world of Jotunheim there's another name but that's the easiest I remember – it's an icy world with frost giants and there's magic to keep the ice palace from falling apart etc I personally think the entire world is really cool and I would totally hop on an airplane to visit the place if it were real and I wouldn't get hypothermia from the moment I actually step off the planeRegardless though Frost had a decent grasp on a lot of elements that didn't make too much of an impact on me not to mention the fact there aren't much Norse mythology going on here The author is really using Norse mythology as a base and using the usual tropes of young adult fiction to fluff it upThe writing style? I feel like there's something missing but maybe it's because there's this gap when it comes to my relationship with Wattpad works I'm not exactly used to Wattpad works so I'm a little lenient in this departmentThe characters? Petty petty petty Too much pettiness going on here Too much flawlessness and perfection going on with the jotun I swear there is so much perfection going on with them the only flaw they probably have is they're assholes It's enough that jerk is not simply not good enough of a word to describe those jotunMost if not all hate Megan simply because she is the ueen's favorite They strive to take her down and pretty much urge her to leave and they do it through threats and attacks Meanwhile the ueen is completely unbelievable for doting on Megan – MEGAN IS A STRANGER FOR GODS' SAKES But Latimer establishes the fact her frosty majesty is perhaps a little cuckoo in the head – you're forgiven I supposeAnd then there's Megan and Amora – where do the boundaries between them end? Megan is called Amora Amora is Amora Megan is Megan With all of the characters calling Megan Amora it took a long while to get used to the fact Megan's given name by her frosty majesty is Amora However at no point in the book does Latimer mention why Megan was given the name of Amora Thus assumptions must be made and I personally believe it's grief and guiltMegan on the other hand is not exactly as insecure as she thinks She's secretly brave and I like her I would like to say however that she is uite naïve in the beginning when she is running from Loki She makes poor decisions that are worth facepalming – using a credit card even if it is not her own? Bad idea They can still track you Must be a media hermitThe plot and storyline? Weak but not that weak I personally think the jotun being vengeful for a good part of the book probably played a big role in the weak plot In the long run I think Latimer probably didn't go into much detail with the overall plot because there seems to be a seuel coming in the futureIf anything Frost is really just a book where the main character learns something unusual about herself and discovers who or what she really is As mentioned before there really isn't much from Norse mythology coming from this one but I sure hope if there is a seuel there are a lot mythological elements usedThis review was originally posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    You can see this full review and at Book Briefs Frost is a young adult norse mythology book which kicks off a new series by E Latimer I believe the series will be the same name as the title but I haven't found confirmation of that yet You all know how much I love mythology books and frost is a great take on the Norse tales I absolutely loved that author E Latimer took a uniue spin on the frost giants and made them the rulers of the realm Frost offers wonderfully imaginative writing solid friendships great characters and a refreshing take with a main heroine that has her head and her intuition completely on pointThis may sound a bit strange but one of the things that I appreciated most about Frost was that both the frost and fire sides seemed to realize that they were asking a lot for a normal 17 year old girl to believe not only that she was part frost giant but also that their side was the side to be trusted Loki and Erik and no there is not a love triangle for the record each realized that Megan had no reason to trust one side over the other because everything was completely new to her I appreciated the time and space that people gave her to make her own decisions It made the whole supernatural element of the story fit into what Megan thought was a contemporary world kind of other than that whole kissing and freezing a boy incidentI could not put Frost down really this book was over 450 pages and I DEVOURED it in one night It was that good I loved watching Megan piece together court life and figure out just what the heck was going on What everyone's hidden agendas were Some I could figure out on my own and some smacked me right upside the head Romance fighting mythology what could you ask for in a book Plus I loved the wintery setting And if you didn't like the main character Megan you and I need to have a serious conversation For real She is awesome This book was a homerun for me I cannot wait to see what is going to happen in book two This review was originally posted on Book Briefs

  8. Stacey Brutger Stacey Brutger says:

    35 StarsDESCRIPTIONMegan Walker’s touch has turned to ice She can’t stop the frost and the conseuences of her first kiss are horrifyingWhen her new powers attract attention Megan finds herself caught up in an ancient war between Norse giants One side fuelled by a mad ueen’s obsession and an ancient prophecy about Ragnarök the other by an age old grudge Both sides believe Megan to be something she’s not Both sides will stop at nothing to have herFire or frost It’s an impossible decision but she’ll have to act soon because the storm is comingReviewOkay I’ll admit it I’m shallow I picked this book up purely for the cover Enlarge the cover and look at the details and tell me you don’t love it too Add frost giants and Norse mythology and I’m hooked Megan thought she was a normal girl until she accidently froze a guy with her kiss Running away from her problems lands her in the frozen north of Canada On her first day of school she meets up with other girls so like herself that they could be related If that isn’t strange enough they all disappear on the same night Not one to go uietly Megan escapes her attackers but soon finds herself caught between the two warring fractions of fire and ice Megan must dig deeper in the mystery—and herself—and decide who to trust before all out war destroys them allI have to admit the beginning of the book dragged on a bit nothing really happening for the first few chapters Things only became interesting when Megan found herself kidnapped—twice—in one night The world building began to take shape and I was finally pulled into the story I enjoyed the setting I mean ice palace anyone? and the Norse mythology The theory of genetic memory was fascinating Unfortunately Megan seemed very two dimensional I wanted her to be kick ass in charge but it never happened Loki and Erik were both interesting characters but the love triangle between the three of them never really worked for me While there was some chemistry I didn’t really feel any I’m falling in love with you passion between the characters Overall I enjoyed the story the concept was interesting enough for me to keep reading I just wanted a bit action and grittinessPosted from my site wwwStaceyBrutgercom

  9. Vesper Vesper Vesper Vesper says:

    Frost is a very promising book about Megan Walker and her power over ice Upon reading the summary I knew I wanted to read it especially with its connection to my favored type of mythology Norse In fact I'm pretty well versed in the mythology I couldn't wait to see how it was played in this story The first thing I must say about the story was that it had a lot of potential However it did not live up to par via website

  10. Hannah Davies Hannah Davies says:

    A fun vivid fantasy with interesting characters and even interesting villainsread for the action and intrigue stay for Loki Son of Muspel ;Full review goes up tomorrow on

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Frost [Ebook] ➦ Frost Author E. Latimer – Megan Walker’s touch has turned to ice She can’t stop the frost and the conseuences of her first kiss are horrifyingWhen her new powers attract attention Megan finds herself caught up in an ancien Megan Walker’s touch has turned to ice She can’t stop the Frost and the conseuences of her first kiss are horrifyingWhen her new powers attract attention Megan finds herself caught up in an ancient war between Norse giants One side fuelled by a mad ueen’s obsession and an ancient prophecy about Ragnarök the other by an age old grudge Both sides believe Megan to be something she’s not Both sides will stop at nothing to have herFire or Frost It’s an impossible decision but she’ll have to act soon because the storm is coming.

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  • E. Latimer
  • 23 June 2016

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