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Just the Three of Us ★ Just the Three of Us PDF / Epub ✪ Author Samantha Sinclair – Thomashillier.co.uk Robin's best friend Gretta is going through a rough patch Her emotionally abusive boyfriend dumped her leaving her an emotional wreck She convinces Robin that what she needs is to get back in the sadd Robin's best friend Gretta is going through Three of Epub á a rough patch Her emotionally abusive boyfriend dumped her leaving her an emotional wreck She convinces Robin that what she needs is to get back in the saddle with office hottie Jackson but doesn't think she'll have the courage to do it on her own Robin agrees to go out with them as a group but when Gretta gets sloppy drunk in order to work up some Just the MOBI :↠ liuid courage will Robin be able to resist the years long crush she's had on her best friend Or will she take advantage of Gretta being nearly blackout drunk Just the Three of Us is an explicit erotic short story words of a drunken threesome It is intended only for adults Excerpt Robin turned her attention back to Greta letting Jackson move her as he would She put a hand over Greta’s pubis the the Three of ePUB ´ mound fitting her cupped palm so perfectly that it seemed made for her It emanated heat into her hand and Greta thrust against her urging her fingers in But Robin was enjoying herself She traced her fingertips along Greta’s creamy thighs then stroked her nails through her closely trimmed pubes Greta moaned into Robin’s mouth and thrust against her fingers whenever they passed over her pussy and finally Robin pressed on her lips right over her clit and a small shudder passed through Greta’s body Jackson had worked his way up to removing Robin’s skirt and she lifted her body to help him pull it then her panties down What she didn’t expect was for him to drop to the bed and begin kissing her smoothly shaved lips The pressure sent a jolt of electricity through her that like lightning left flame in its path The amount of hot breath that spilled over her sex in rhythmic plumes made her think of some huge stalking alpha predator Her lower belly burned and she spread her thighs and tipped her hips to meet his mouth He accepted the invitation slipping his hands beneath her ass and lifting her to his mouth Spreading her lips with his thumbs he planted his mouth over her hole and began to lick and suck His mouth was big his lips plump and firm his tongue seemingly everywhere at once and his big hands gripped and kneaded her buttocks holding her easily to his mouth as if he were primitive man and she his freshly caught meal She groaned into Greta’s mouth began to kiss her vigorously slipped her fingers between Greta’s lips parted her folds and began rubbing her clit She couldn’t help but pass on the amazing sensation that was rocking her and soon Greta’s hips were moving to the same rhythm Robin shut her eyes lost herself in the waves of impossible pleasure the heat filling her belly taking over her body’s nervous system And as her pleasure increase she rubbed Greta faster and faster until she felt Greta’s loose body begin to tighten the pressure building and moving her fingertips in tight circles she brought Greta to orgasm Greta bucked and groaned and clutched Robin tightly It apparently inspired Jackson because he went into overdrive lifting Robin higher so that her lower back left the bed putting her in a better position to devour her Within seconds Robin felt the pressure within herself building her own core going rigid and she buried her face in Greta’s soft breasts to muffle her cry of agonized pleasure as her body released and shuddered wracked with an orgasm that poured heat into her every extremity Jackson’s mouth worked to pull every last shudder of pleasure from her and then he sat her down.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 16 pages
  • Just the Three of Us
  • Samantha Sinclair
  • English
  • 07 June 2015

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