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  1. Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* says:

    This book sounded really cool Unfortunately it was a huge disappointmentIt's not really about a girl dealing with the apocalypse It's about a girl being an annoying teenager while the apocalypse makes the world disgusting I didn't care about any of the characters despite several attempts to flesh them and their lives outHere are some of my many issues with this book1 First person present tense No Stop This should only be done if the writing is seriously amazing which this writing was not2 Extremely awkward and surprisingly freuent use of the F word3 Inconsistency Early in the book we get this line School's closed for the foreseeable future as are most workplaces considered unessential—like Mom's But then the mom continues to go to work for half the bookI was also really annoyed by how the blood was handled It was several inches high and everyone walked carefully so it wouldn't get over the tops of their boots And then suddenly the characters are running through it At one point it was low enough to walk through with boots but somehow high enough to flood a car engine4 Half formed ideas Blood tinged rain mentioned once The hair in the blood starting to attack people only the main character that we know of mentioned maybe three times But then the ideas were abandoned altogether5 Lame descriptions Can we stop with the lame descriptive writing that sometimes have nothing to do with anything and seem totally out of place in the story? The tension in here is thicker than the blood outside LAME My heart claws at my throat with razor sharp barbs UGH I feel like our relationship is sun dried sand falling through the cracks between my fingers WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT SAND6 Character stupidityIdiot main character Back to that flooded car engine That incident took the characters by surprise It legitimately never occurred to them that driving through a liuid substance would damage their car Have they never dealt with flooding before or even heard of what happens when you drive through floods?Lea the main character gets a bit of blood in her hair from the blood tinged rain at one point and wants to wash it out but her parents won't let her because of water conservation Her response? How could I have thought they'd understand? Neither of them has tried to attract anyone in a long long time Yes people who aren't trying to attract other people never wash their hair and having enough water to drink shouldn't be the first priority anywayDespite the difficulties and danger of walking through blood and hair and bone and having to breathe through a respirator outside Lea decides to attend an apocalypse party in the park So basically a bunch of teenagers are wading around in blood and drinking beer through a straw while wearing respirators Uh fun? And then someone dares someone else to drink a cup of the hairy toxic blood and they're totally going to What the hell is wrong with these people?7 Idiot logic I know if we're skipping school we should be watching the news she says But I can't I'm pretty sure nobody ever skipped school in order to watch the news And the news in this book is all about the blood anyway The earth isn't trying to kill us; it's trying to unite us What other explanation is there for the way my parents seem to have become warmer toward each other? Right there is literally no other explanation for sudden warmth between two married people8 The blood Even though it started out sounding cool I ended up hating this idea It was disgusting and that was about it It turned out to be such a weird way to bring on an apocalyptic scenario And the explanations? The earth is attacking us The earth is uniting us God's doing it Obligatory uote from the story of Noah Another Bible uote from Ezekiel So what was the real explanation? view spoilerI have no idea At the end the blood just went away There was so much religious talk I guess we're supposed to assume God did it after all? Whatever hide spoiler

  2. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Egmont USA and NetGalley “This is the beginning of the end” This was an interesting apocalyptic horror story although the ending did leave me with unanswered uestions “The blood I saw today was only the beginning It’s happening everywhere Everywhere in the entire world” I liked Lea and I felt really sorry for her at points What was happening with the blood was really not nice and when people started acting like idiots it made things worse Lea wasn’t exempt from making bad decisions though who thinks it’s a good idea to go to a party in the park when the world is flooded with blood and hair? “The usual ten minute walk from my house to the park turns into twenty because I have to pick my way across the bone encrusted ground I trip twice but luckily I regain my balance both times Hair catches at my boots but I pull free of that too without having to use my knife This party is starting to feel like a really terrible idea” The storyline in this was pretty good and as things got worse and worse and things got worse and worse and and disgusting the book actually got and interesting “Hey Hill look out it’s” I trail off because what’s smeared on the heel of my shoes isn’t mud It’s darker It’s red“What happened?” Hillary’s voice has an edge again“I don’t know Something weird’s on my shoe”I crouch and inspect the ground The grass is slick with a reddish copper substance“Blood” I say aloud “I just stepped in fcking blood” I have to say that this book did get pretty gross as it went on but it was actually nice to read a book that was moderately gross and scary and didn’t just pretend to be a horror story I also liked how atmospheric this story was I could actually imagined how disgusting it would be to be going through something like this “The web of hair hidden beneath the blood’s surface is wicked thick at this point It bothers me than anything else Because it’s hair Other people’s hair Dead people’s hair And not just from their heads” There was some romance although not a lot It was girl on girl though which I know some people might not appreciate Lea and Aracely were pretty cute together though and I really wanted them to stay together even if Aracely’s parents weren’t aware of the relationship “Then we find that moment where everything aligns and the kissing feels like kissing and I decide it’s a great one” The ending to this wasn’t perfect for me I liked the way things escalated I liked that there was lots of deaths lots of obstacles and lots of uestions over who would live and who would die but I felt like when the book ended there were still loads of unanswered uestions view spoiler did her father know? He did tell her that the dam was euipped to 'ride it out' did he know that it would end so soon? What started it and why did it end? hide spoiler

  3. Ellen Gail Ellen Gail says:

    Three wishy washy stars I liked parts of it but the things that bugged me really bugged meHigh schooler Lea has it pretty good Loving parents despite their bickering A new relationship still in the honeymoon stage with a girl that gives her butterflies Good friends including BFF Hillary who would do anything for her Everything at the base of Maslow's hierarchy of needsSo when the earth starts oozing blood Lea's first instinct is to ignore it I mean she can't but she tries There is a pond of fucking blood outside her door You can't just ignore it and keep on making out with your girlfriend Lea Actually everyone in Bleeding Earth seems pretty cavalier about having blood and hunks of hair and bone in the street view spoilerFor the first half of the book anyway before the water goes all bloody and all of the riots and death hide spoiler

  4. Brigid ✩ Brigid ✩ says:

    Wait This sounds AMAZING Lea was in a cemetery when the earth started bleeding Within twenty four hours the blood made international news All over the world blood appeared out of the ground even through concrete even in water Then the earth started growing hair and bonesLea wants to ignore the blood She wants to spend time with her new girlfriend Aracely in public if only Aracely wasn’t so afraid of her father Lea wants to be a regular teen again but the blood has made her a prisoner in her own home Fear for her social life turns into fear for her sanity and Lea must save herself and Aracely whatever way she can Looks creepy and awesome and I want it now please

  5. Casey Casey says:

    everyone who rated this less than five stars is homophobic

  6. Gabe Novoa Gabe Novoa says:

    Ahhh this was awesome Review to comeREVIEW Right from the start I'm going to say this book is gross in the best way possible It's gory and disgusting and easily has the least pleasant apocalyptic scenario I've read yet—from the decay to the paranormal ish all around unpleasantness this is a seriously nasty end of the world bookAnd I loved every pageThis is not a coming out book Lea knows right from the start that she likes to date girls and she's already just started dating Aracely when the book begins And it was really great to read a book with ueer girls who not only already know they like each other from the start but are fighting something completely unrelated to their sexuality Aracely isn't out at the beginning of the book but Bleeding Earth isn't about Aracely coming out or people's reactions to two girls dating—it's about the world ending in the most disgusting and inexplicable way possible and two girls trying to survive and hold on to each other while the whole world falls apart and rots awayThis is a creepy as hell survival book that messes with your head and makes you uestion what you think you know It's gory as you would expect in a book about the world literally drowning in blood violent chock full of tension and kept me turning the pages and itching to get back to the book when I wasn't readingI definitely recommend this one for those who can handle a little or a lot of grossness with their scary It's so good even though I borrowed it from the library I pre ordered myself a gorgeous Bleeding Earth paperback copy even though I won't get it until FebruaryAll in all I really enjoyed this one and can't wait to read from Kaitlin Ward

  7. Faye Faye says:

    25 starsThis book had some really great parts but others really could have used work This is obviously the work of a debut author but Bleeding Earth was one of the better ones this yearSo the parts I liked'As the world starts descending into this bloody apocalyptic mess people start getting really desperate I love how everyone was first confused but then they sort of lost that human part of themselves and started to fight with each other This slow descent really is scary but all too real I also liked the narrator She's tough and also has a sexual preference different from most narrators as she's lesbian This sort of stuff is really uniue and I loved reading about itNow for the stuff that wasn't so goodThe side characters were all extremely underdeveloped They were basically all the same people And the ending was so inconclusive It was a walking into the sunset sort of ending and how the whole bleeding earth thing was resolved was extremely vague The book felt very short and I also feel like there was no purpose In addition to that things felt a little messyAnd in general this book didn't feel like the work of an experienced author but I can see potential for this author

  8. Allison Allison says:

    This book was so EXTRA In every single way Bloody emotional terrifyingLonger review to come

  9. vicky. vicky. says:

    ARC by Netgalley25 stars Beloveds don’t be afraid the sign still proclaims brightly beside meBut I am I am suddenly so afraid that the fear becomes a white hot brand pressed into my heart And I should be because something impossible is happeningThe earth is bleedingWell It was bloody and also annoying The earth is suddenly bleeding and no one has a sense of urgency Seriously there's blood on the street and kids still go to school people keep working and our MC Lea only cares about her girlfriend and hanging out with her friendsReally? I mean THE EARTH IS BLEEDING I would be freaking out but still Lea tells us that her town is calmed because well they are a small town and they want to set and example The book felt like a YA version of a Stephen King bookA small town the end is coming the characters slowly lose their minds but with a lesbian twist I truly liked Lea and Aracely And the fact that Lea had been out for a while and had three girlfriends while Aracely hadn't and Lea didn't push her to come out That was incredible The blood was uite scary too Because at first there's blood there's human hair it rains blood and it gets worst And the explanation for all of this left me very disappointedview spoilerBECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST The book abruptly ends with Lea and Aracely being safe and sound but it is never explained why the blood happened though it's hinted that God did it ? hide spoiler

  10. Kirsten Hubbard Kirsten Hubbard says:

    kaitlin is a best friend critiue partner of mine I'm happy to say BLEEDING EARTH is disturbing bloody exciting apocalypsey bloody unsettling bloody and romantic too everything you're hoping it it'll be and so much so much BLOOD

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Bleeding Earth ❮Reading❯ ➸ Bleeding Earth Author Kaitlin Ward – YA Highway blogger Kaitlin Ward's debut YA novel Bleeding EarthLea was in a cemetery when the earth started bleeding Within twenty four hours the blood made international news All over the world blood YA Highway blogger Kaitlin Ward's debut YA novel Bleeding EarthLea was in a cemetery when the earth started bleeding Within twenty four hours the blood made international news All over the world blood appeared out of the ground even through concrete even in water Then the earth started growing hair and bonesLea wants to ignore the blood She wants to spend time with her new girlfriend Aracely in public if only Aracely wasn't so afraid of her father Lea wants to be a regular teen again but the blood has made her a prisoner in her own home Fear for her social life turns into fear for her sanity and Lea must save herself and Aracely whatever way she can.

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