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Miria Becomes His Owned by the Master#1 [Epub] ➝ Miria Becomes His Owned by the Master#1 ➢ Casey Cane – Thomashillier.co.uk MIRIA BECOMES HIS is Book One of “Owned by the Master” a BDSM Master Slave Romance It is intended for mature readers Miria lives in a decadent dangerous world we can scarcely imagine—the world o MIRIA BECOMES His Owned Kindle Ò HIS is Book One of “Owned by the Master” a BDSM Master Slave Romance It is intended for mature readers Miria lives in a decadent dangerous world we can scarcely imagine—the world of the Darwellian Collapse One hundred years in the future resources have dwindled and the human species along with it Opportunistic men have seized absolute power and the concept of euality is a distant memory Decadence and luxury are the pursuits of the privileged Miria Becomes Kindle - while those of the lower class eke out lives reminiscent of medieval times rather than that of an advanced civilization The privileged spend their days in pursuits of the Becomes His Owned by the eBook × flesh where no sensual act is too bizarre no treatment of those beneath them too cruel Human life means nothing to these would be gods It is into this world that nineteen year old Miria is thrust when she is abducted from her bed by men who see her as Becomes His Owned PDF/EPUB å chattel But when she meets the strong and mysterious Ronan a man who commands himself as he does others she encounters both wonders and evils she could not have imagined before and her life is forever changed While this is a BDSM romance the world depicted herein is a very dark and dangerous place The non privileged are treated as if they do not matter and are used for the amusement of the wealthy Nothing is off limits Should Becomes His Owned by the eBook × you choose to read this story you will encounter graphic scenes that may shock you or even upset you Please be advised that this story is for mature adults who can handle scenes of decadence and violence It is not for the faint of heart.

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5 thoughts on “Miria Becomes His Owned by the Master#1

  1. Lisette Kristensen Lisette Kristensen says:

    What a gorgeous read This is unlike any fantasy I've ever read Cane brings to live a world of decadence intrigue and lust filled wantonness Her prose is magnificent and she portrays it with such beauty If you enjoy erotic BDSM stories you will not be disappointed with Miria Becomes His Time to read the next one

  2. Terri West Terri West says:

    I found this series very strange I'm not sure i really appreciate a society where men treat women as a 'vessel to use whichever hole he wants as is a woman's place' I found there was much of this story which is not truly BDSM like abuse at times although evidently evolution dictates that men are the masters and women are naturally submissive and need a good thrashing Also in what universe does a girl watching a bloke have a piss lead you to orgasm?I know this is fantasy I do however like the plot to be somewhere near believable Most of the men in this series have dicks the size of horses described in one of the books as descending down the leg of his pants to his knee Hello I would be running for the hills at that pointEverything in these books seems to revolve round sex it reminded me of a B rated porn movie Whilst I'm all for a hot sex scene it overcame any basic story line here

  3. Belletab Belletab says:

    finished but not sure if i continue with the series the book seems to be about the sex than an actual story Don't get me wrong i like sex in my books but also like a story to go with it

  4. Maria Almeida Maria Almeida says:

    Love it great series need I am hooked

  5. Jeanna Pride Jeanna Pride says:

    Let’s just start things off by saying – Wow Does that sound cliché? Ok so lets change it up I read a lot of smut because—well because it turns me on It takes me to a world of sex that I can’t experience—or don’t experience—in my life Most times the smut I read can be somewhat rote A series of stories that all start to look and sound the same don’t get me wrong – the formula works and I keep reading I’ve read Casey Cane’s work before and enjoyed her work but this seemed off the trail for her This was also recommended to me by a Goodreads friend So I wanted to take a read because her other stuff was always fun and exciting and pretty good at getting the engine runningWhat I got in this book is something entirely different from what I expected Her level of world building in this fantasy novel is nothing short of excellent not what you expect from our usual formulaic smut stories at all It is deep and professional and filled with coolnessBut that is not all her characters are three dimensional too filled with flaws and dreams and hopes and strength and weakness The main characters develop over the course of the story their own stories driving the plot of the book and getting us deeply involved in their lives Okall that is saidit is a great book but is it erotic? does it get the home fires going? to that I say a resounding YES It’s like the author knew exactly what would make me suirm getting me pretty worked up from the get go The first scene had me well let's just say she does a fantastic job building sexual tension and then she delivers on it And it doesn’t stop there her descriptive abilities are excellent and her ability to choose the right word to elicit the right emotionneeddesire is extraordinary I suggest you get this book and read and read and read again It is fun and thrilling and keeps the pages turning You won’t regret it You’ll find yourself picturing yourself right there—with Miria as Miria doing the depraved things she's doing

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