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Borderline ❄ Borderline kindle Epub ❦ Author Mishell Baker – A cynical paraplegic screenwriter with borderline personality disorder gets recruited to join a secret organization that oversees relations between Hollywood and Fairyland in the first book of a new u A cynical paraplegic screenwriter with Borderline personality disorder gets recruited to join a secret organization that oversees relations between Hollywood and Fairyland in the first book of a new urban fantasy series from debut author Mishell BakerMillie is a bit of a mess she’s cynical disabled and self destructive And she has Borderline personality disorder So she’s a little confused as to why she’s been recruited for a top secret agency that oversees deals between Hollywood icons and fairy muses Even though this hidden fantasy Hollywood isn’t exactly wheelchair accessible Millie is determined to ace her first assignment and not let her mental illness get the best of her But when her first routine mission takes an unexpected and dangerous turn Millie finds herself hip deep in some of the scariest situations Fairyland has on offer—and she may not make it out in one piece.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 401 pages
  • Borderline
  • Mishell Baker
  • English
  • 12 March 2016

About the Author: Mishell Baker

Author of Nebula finalistTiptree Honor Book BORDERLINE Repped by Russell Galen Mother language nerd MH advocate Guardian of Liberty.

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  1. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more says:

    Reviewed by Rabid Reads45 starsI've been book funky for like WEEKS I've binge watched Gotham The Flash and the first three seasons of Suits I've decimated my Secret Garden coloring book And on the day I read BORDERLINE by Mishell Baker I tried to read four different books FOUR This is the only one that stuck Millicent Millie Roper is a most unlikely urban fantasy heroine She has two prosthetic legs And I'm not talking futuristic bionic limbs that give her superhero like speed or strength NOPE Just the usual kind Not that I'm saying people with prostheses can't be heroes it's just not the standard in fiction She lost her legs when she landed feet first from a seven story jump and YES I do mean jump it was a suicide attempt A suicide attempt that took place after a failed romance with one of her professors Millie also has BPD Borderline Personality DisorderBasically she's a HOT MESSShe's also one of the most compelling characters I've read in recent memoryWhen we meet Millie she's languishing in some kind of a rehabilitationrecovery facility With shrinks She's been there for six months and while it seems like her stay hasn't done her much good as the story progresses we see that it really really has She's learned terms that help her identify her behaviors She's learned coping mechanisms And we learn about her disease than I ever thought was possible without falling asleep But as it turns out people marked by unstable moods behavior and relationships NOT boring Especially when they get recruited by a government funded agency to liaise between the humans and the fey Recruited with a bunch of other crazies Who all live in the same houseSo that's awesomeAlso awesome is Baker's writing I have so many highlights so many ridiculously good examples of Baker's awesome that it almost physically hurts not to be able to use them all SO After careful consideration I limited it to three “I’m Gloria” she said “I uh” My brain felt like a bumper to bumper traffic jam “You’ve never met a little person before” She giggled in that cute way Southern women do instead of punching you in the teeth I know that giggle I may have even used it a few times myselfThen there's Millie's painful honesty Like when she discovers Caryl has separated her volatile emotions into a familiar I had a sudden desperate urge to talk to Dr Davis This woman her former patient no less had torn her mind in half Her Emotion Mind was perched on my shoulder while her Reason Mind drove the car and told me it didn’t matter It was fascinating and horrible and I was deeply sickeningly envious rubs fist over heartBut where Baker really excelled was in her throwaway descriptions Union Station is the sort of place that looks like it ought to have ghosts And it does if you count the dead eyed people shuffling through the cavernous main terminal or perched in uncomfortable chairs watching rows of demonic red numbers That shit is EVERYWHEREBORDERLINE by Mishell Baker is that rare something new something different something GOOD that we're all silently hoping for every time we pick up a new book Baker puts her own uniue spin on the fey while maintaining their basic integrity Her writing is bloody fantastic Her characters are real and I straight up love Millie she is deeply flawed possesses an honesty that is alternately painful and hilarious and manically likable Any fan of urban fantasy should check this one out Highly recommended

  2. Bradley Bradley says:

    This was an unexpectedly good Urban Fantasy novel with Fae and a differently damaged protagonist that sets it apart from most by dealing with mental illnessWhat? Mental illness? What kind? BORDERLINE Personality Disorder Just think unstable and you've pretty much got it It makes for hell on all her personal relationships her professional relationships and to make things worse her suicide attempt took her legs from herWoah She's got problems It should make for some rather interesting reading in any normal circumstances I'm sure but it looks like she's just been selected for an untraditional work therapy program with Fae It helps that this UF ties creative abilities with the Fae and we're in LA I mean everyone's fairly close to the borderline anyway and I'm sure no one would blink an eyelash when they were told that Hollywood is run by the Unselee Court OR some variation The rest of the novel picks her up as an investigator which is pretty boilerplate but I didn't care in the slightest because of all the interesting twists and turns Is it primarily a character driven novel? Absolutely Is it fresh? Absolutely Did it renew my faith in UF? Absolutely The fact that the author took on a topic that is difficult and disturbing and wasn't afraid to let me actively dislike the main character while simultaneously making me search and find things to love about her is definitely a big bonus Bravo

  3. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    A fairly ordinary urban fantasy plot and setting made stellar by a brilliant protagonist and a fascinating castThis is basically Men in Black with Fey and magic instead of aliens which sounds cool but it's been done before What takes it into brilliance territory is Millicent Roper a sufferer of Borderline Personality Disorder who is recovering from an extremely serious suicide attempt that's left her a double amputee physically scarred and with some brain damage on top of her existing BPD Very much not your typical uber competent UF protagonist but perfect for a position with the Arcadia ProjectThe Arcadia Project is the Men in Black organization It's staffed primarily with people with significant mental health issues who live in group housing so they can be warded against hostile fey I'm not sure I uite buy that but it makes for some really interesting householdworkplace dynamics Milli's first case looks to be trivial but it turns out to be anything but and she turns her formidable intelligence and creativity to getting to the bottom of the situationThe fey the missing persons the magic the portals and the bad guys all of this is pretty standard urban fantasy material and it's done well here Great world building action packed plot interesting bad guys with a diabolical scheme All good And nothing to do with why I'm giving this five starsNo why it deserves five stars is that it's really opened my eyes to a whole lot of issues regarding the treatment and competency of the mentally ill and to a lesser extent disability One thing I remarked on early in the book is how the people that Milli lives and works with give almost no consideration of her issues When walking they don't wait for her she's a double amputee with a below the knee prosthetic on one leg and an above the knee prosthetic on the other The share house she's in doesn't allow any form of drugs most leg amputees deal with significant stump pain when they use a prosthetic An assault by her early on that has some provocation nearly gets her kicked out And for a lot of the book I have no idea if these people are being assholes or actually being pretty wonderfulAnother thing about this is the nature of this employment for people with these issues There are several reasons why people with mental health issues are perfect for this job One of the reasons that you realize fairly early on they're expendable Another is that jobs with this group may be just about the best jobs people like this can get so the Arcadia Project has enormous power over these employees and can enforce some pretty strict rules I'm really not sure if I'm ok with any of that but it probably extrapolates well to all sorts of employment situations that exploit people like thisIt's all really eye opening but there's positive messages here too Milli's strengths her near obsessive drive actually potentially part of her BPD her creativity again common with BPD and her acknowledgement of her condition and the various coping strategies she utilizes all of these end up allowing her to save the day And I think that's something really positive to read about when people like this are often demonizedLoved it You should read it

  4. ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ says:

    The rating? We start at 5 stars1 star I totally love the setting with all the Echo thing and norium and turning into wizards and Lovely1 star A tortured heroine Ironbones going through the phase of learning to live in the aftermath of her suicide attempt while struggling with bipolar disorder and prostetic legs and deep scarring about everywhere Gosh1 star lovely techniues Millie uses throughout the book to keep her sanity in check1 star uirly dialogues multidimentional settings1 star Engaging premise what's with all the fey plotlinesWhat's not to love about it? 5 starsSuicide is not a way of ending pain; it’s just a way of redistributing it cThat’s her—that’s the thoughtless girl who broke a dozen perfectly good branches on her way to the pavement cOne of the fun bits about BPD is a phenomenon shrinks like to call “splitting” When under stress Borderlines forget the existence of gray Life is a beautiful miracle or a cesspool of despair The film you’re making is a Best Picture candidate or it’s garbage People are either saints or they’re scheming to destroy you c“Is there something that makes you think I can function?”“The twenty five years of your life that elapsed before you did something colossally stupid” cAside from wardrobe color she fit the Man in Black profile perfectly and I didn’t have much to lose by sounding crazy c“Not in the way you mean” she said without asking what I meant cAt this point I was not very far along in my dialectical behavior therapy and unmanaged Borderlines have a partially deserved reputation for manipulating others I knew how to make Dr Davis feel she was doing well and I had learned which of my tangents fascinated her enough to keep her off the topics I didn’t want to discuss cI knew Caryl hadn’t been a hallucination but Dr Davis hadn’t seen her and I didn’t have a great theory to counter “Millie’s last marble finally rolled under the fridge somewhere“ cAt the time I had money than sense and so I had been languishing at the Leishman Psychiatric Center in Silver Lake for just over six months cI hated optimism; it served only to remind me how inconceivable the depth of my failure was to normal people cAny emotion good or bad lasts only a few moments unless we feed it c“No” she said like a snuffer on a candle Not the no of ignorance the no of don’t even think about it cBut that’s a weird side effect of BPD; your perception of truth shifts so often in the normal course of daily life that crazy talk doesn’t automatically trigger your bullshit reflex сSunlight poured across the one and a half story octagonal room like honey illuminating the emptiness of the freshly refinished floor Five of the eight walls were mostly glass; the bamboo Roman shades had been rolled all the way up flooding the room with afternoon sunI don’t know how to describe the feeling that overtook me except to call it love It had the same bouuet electric top notes of want smoky warmth at the heart and a bitter base note of unworthiness cMy imagination ignited so powerfully that I felt nostalgic as though I were remembering a past rather than planning a future Months’ if not years’ worth of compressed longings unpacked themselves to fill the empty space cIt had been a long time since I had been awakened by a sunrise and I’m one of those rare people who adores it I love a day I haven’t screwed up yet c there had to be some reason that particular elephant was shuffling unmolested around the room cIt hadn’t occurred to me until the sun started going down that the same windows that let in light could let in a lot of darkness too c“What happened to your old partner?”“Killed herself just like the first one”“This—seems a less than ideal job for me”“It’s not the job Caryl just gives me the craziest ones” “And how sane are you?”“I’m the one eyed man in the land of the blind Bipolar” c“Am I invisible? Or is this a subtle joke about the fact that I don’t exist?” “He’s being melodramatic He means he has no legal identification; his mother didn’t register his birth”“Or my existence really except for the occasional attempt at an exorcism cI snatched up my cane; I’m not sure whether I intended to prove him wrong or just awkwardly flounce out of the room Either way I thought better of it and focused instead on the chill smoothness of the aluminum against my palms As Dr Davis had taught me I filled my mind with the object’s shape and temperature color and texture Be one mindful Empty your thoughts of the asshole on the other couch cPeople throw around the term “self loathing” without really knowing what it means I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy cOnce you reach the main entrance all pretense of conservatism is promptly defenestrated cNot all fey are sunshine and rainbows cWhen it comes to drama I am both amplifier and sponge You want to keep drama as far away from me as possible c“Doesn’t it seem like a terrible idea to you hiring a bunch of crazy people and penning them up together?” c I guess we’re open minded ’cause we’ve got no illusions that life makes any sense c“There are reasons besides snobbery that someone might not like to be touched”“Either way when we find him my boot is going to touch his ass” c“What if one attacks me?”“Then you take the beating Smiling optional” cTo them our way of reasoning and organizing is the most amazing thing ever cI love people randomly and suddenly and it’s a curse most of the time When it isn’t it’s a lifesaver cWhen you’re Borderline by the time you get a diagnosis you’ve done so many vicious things and blamed so many other people for them that the guilt of facing even one truth sets off a mental landslide You start to wonder which of the evils done to you were real and which were just reflections of the evil in you Most Borderlines are virtually incapable of a sincere apology Tell a Borderline she has hurt you and she responds with a list of ways you’ve hurt her worse Why? Because in a “split” world someone has to wear the black hat and for a person with suicidal tendencies avoiding guilt is uite literally a ­matter of life and death nothing pisses off a Borderline uite like the truth ca construct a recursive arcano ­linguistic lie bound to itself by pure logic c“Do you have no feelings at all?”“Not when I am at work”“Wow Must be nice to be able to just switch them off”“It is” c“Have you noticed that you’re impossible to have a normal conversation with?”“I am not inclined to elect you arbiter of normal” cI hadn’t just burned my bridges; I’d nuked them from orbit c;“If my boss has crippling mommy issues I feel like it’s pretty damned relevant” cWhy is some accident of uncontrolled neurochemistry the ‘real me’ and a carefully reasoned system of priorities somehow false? I have lived of my life without emotions than with them cThis woman her former patient no less had torn her mind in half Her Emotion Mind was perched on my shoulder while her Reason Mind drove the car and told me it didn’t matter It was fascinating and horrible and I was deeply sickeningly envious c“Shall I walk you to the porch and kiss you good night?”The fact that I found the idea vaguely appealing was evidence of the severity of my social famine cHow would you even know?”“Because I pay attention to shit besides myself Try it sometime cWithout even meaning to I catapulted headfirst into one of the distress tolerance skills Dr Davis had taught me namely comparing your problems to someone else’s larger ones It pisses you off if it’s forced on you but if you do it on your own it’s like a hit of refined sanity straight to the veins cCaryl will be collecting all the sharp objects from your room later today So if you want to slit your wrists I suggest you do it in the next couple of hours” c Hollywood people always sound like you’re just the person they’ve been dying to see cI could feel a Borderline paradigm shift Without a stable sense of identity—something most people have mastered by the age of four—it becomes very easy for other people to tell you who you are just by the way they treat you As I stood there in my own mind I was becoming what he saw a crazy and slightly scary woman with delusions of importance c“I don’t ask my clients a lot of unnecessary uestions in this economy” I loved dropping “in this economy” into conversation; it was like a get out of logic free card especially if you were talking to people who couldn’t remember the last time they had to pick up their own dry cleaning cThere were about eight things wrong with that plan but I had no time to argue c mostly I’m stumbling around in the dark No one tells me the rules until I break them which seems like a horrible way to run an organi­zation cYou’re a mess but you’re my kind of mess cI was working I can’t help it if I make it look fabulous cWhat a terrifying honor Would you like to come in for sex and oranges? c you need to know I have so much steel holding my bones together I get hit on by robots cDilated pupils are what make eyes seem to sparkle People respond to this sign of joy on an unconscious level warming to you without really knowing why An old sales trick c“I need a washcloth a sink a plastic trash bag and some fresh clothes” I said in a brisk director voice c

  5. carol. carol. says:

    One of my friends once called me 'The Anti Drama' It was one of those moments of startling clarity when one thinks 'wow; that could be the truest thing I've heard' I've found myself shying away from people that seem to enjoy confrontations outbursts reversals confessions and living life on a roller coaster of emotion All of this is to explain that it isn't Mishell Baker's book as much as it is her protagonist Millie of the borderline personality disorder and recent suicide attempt that prevented me from enjoying BorderlineWell maybe the writing has something to do with it Baker drops us into Millie's world without background almost exactly like meeting a new person in real life We don't know her childhood although there's clues dropped that her mother was absent and her father abusivedistant We learn she was a prodigy in the film world with a shot at winning Sundance but have very little of the in between These hints come about as she talks with other people or as she thinks about her coping skills The advantage to this is avoiding awkward explanatory backstory; however it does little to mitigate the perception of impulsive selfish behavior Millie's own habit of stating 'borderlines do this' and 'of course mood swings are borderline' etc contributed to the outsider effectEually difficult was her inability to demonstrate compassion or softness with others She seemed to value other people in terms of usefulness or in response to sudden affection characteristic of borderline of course not just your average 20 year old who recently left an isolated environment She has little empathy for their own struggles even after learning everyone at the house that serious issues For me it was a barrier to connecting Millie as she continually sabotaged her moments of possible connection and success On the plus side there were a couple of moments where she was able to coach herself through 'borderline' of course situations because who else over reacts? It ended up not really being enough to connect with her or actually care particularly when she was so uick to abandon the group again 'borderline' not an impulsive young person It was a little like watching a mouse run a maze Would she navigate it? Did I care?The setting was a split world fairylandreal world set up centered in Los Angeles California movieland Baker's spin on the two worlds is that many people have an emotional fae twin on the other side and allowing the human and fae to meet would allow the human to express new heights of artistry The plotting focused eually on Millie's development in this new world and a missing Fae There's a lot of sarcasticdry humor mostly from Millie so it can be amusingMy last mental association is unfortunate because I never really cared for Madonna I'm sure younger readers won't have this problemI read this with somewhat high expectations after GR buzz knowing it won a World Fantasy Award and a Nebula Award nomination shocking and a very enthusiastic podcast where someone called it the 'best urban fantasy I've ever read' I'd like to introduce him to A Madness of Angels and Kate Griffin

  6. Philip Philip says:

    45ish stars This is a 400 page book that feels short I honestly could have read 100 pages and not complained I was that into this The setting plot seuence of events are pretty straightforward and not particularly deep But I couldn't put it downThe Hollywood aspect of the story is glitzy and fun The connections to real world stars and savants and the alternate reality sources of their inspiration through fey Echoes is pretty awesome So we can get inspiration from fey and vice versa Anybody who's anybody has an EchoAll of them? You're saying Martin Scorsese hangs out with fairies?Yup Not all fey are sunshine and rainbowsKubrick Eastwood Coppola?Kubrick's before my time but probably Eastwood and Coppola yeahSpielberg?He doesn't need one; he's a wizard Let's talk about the characters They elevate this story so far beyond what it would otherwise have been Our non heroine Millie as well as an incredible supporting cast are such awful cringe worthy despicable people and I could not get enough of them In a lot of ways this book reminds me of The Magicians which is one of my favorites You kind of hate everyone at some point and love them at others Baker doesn't hold any punches by trying to make these people likable or relatable or excuse them in any way By so doing if anything she's created characters that are relatable just by their nature of being human except the ones who aren't human I guessAlthough as Millie explains BPD and its effects she kind of sounds like she's uoting a WebMD article her actions seem to transcend the symptoms checklist and paint a legitimate portrait of someone living with the disorder This isn't the sanitized PC version of mental unwellness this is real and I love it Can't wait to go deeper into this world view spoilerI'm pretty devastated that Gloria and Teo died I was really looking forward to delving deeper into their pasts and motivations and seeing them throughout the rest of the series I need closure with Teo especially Looking at the synopsis for the next book Phantom Pains it appears we may yet get Teo in one form or another hide spoiler

  7. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum ’m so glad I finally got the chance to read Borderline I admit I haven’t been trying out a lot of new urban fantasy lately since after a while so many of the common themes start to run together until I can’t keep the different stories straight in my head any Borderline though is special Very special It’s completely invigorating and just what I needed to rekindle my excitement for the genreThe story which I originally thought would be darker and grimmer in tone due to what I read in the publisher description actually turned out to be a lot of fun The book stars Millie Roper a young woman with borderline personality disorder who is in recovery for a failed suicide attempt a year before The incident caused her to lose her legs and her promising filmmaking career but just as Millie has decided to resign herself to her new reality a strange woman called Caryl Vallo shows up in her room at the psychiatric center claiming to represent a group called the Arcadia ProjectAnd what is the Arcadia Project? Now that’s where things get interesting Imagine something like Men in Black but replace the aliens with faeries Arcadia is the name given to the “other” realm where the Fey and other mythical creatures reside They freuently come visiting in our mundane world and some even make it their home It’s the mission of certain secret branches of the government working with the Arcadia Project to track these Fey visitors and make sure they don’t stir up too much trouble on this side of reality What that also means is when the Fey break the rules or go off radar agents have to be sent in to investigate That’s where the Arcadia Project comes in and now Caryl is asking Millie to be their newest recruitWow where do I start? First of all Millie is an incredible protagonist Yes she’s a complex fully realized character And no she’s not always likeable Her borderline personality disorder sometimes makes her emotions volatile and her behavior unpredictable But paradoxically I also found her very genuine despite her moods and thoughts constantly swinging in different directions I find that unreliable narrators are commonly used in stories about characters with mental illness or behavioral disorders but Millie also somehow breaks that mold coming across to me as an exceptional and very different kind of protagonist She can’t help what she feels in the moment but she will always tell you straight She has her dark and low moments but when she’s not experiencing symptoms she can also be a very humorous energetic and upbeat person I loved her uniue voice and wouldn’t have wanted anyone else at the helm of this wonderful storySpeaking of story on the whole Borderline features a rather conventional urban fantasy plot but the joy of it is in the details The book takes place in Hollywood amidst sprawling film studio lots and glitzy celebrities Millie herself was a former film student and an indie director before her suicide attempt Both the character’s background and the setting are woven tightly into the story so we also get to have some uirky twists involving the movie making industry For example almost every successful filmmaker and actor or actress in the past century has had some connections to Arcadia Central to the plot is the really cool concept of Echoes The idea suggests that every creative genius in our world will have a muse or Echo in Arcadia And when they meet it’s like the faerie touched version of finding your soulmate—you just know Once a person and their Fey Echo are joined their talents can reach their full potential unleashing even creativity into their work and furthering their success It’s a lovely idea and I find it works especially well in this world Mishell Baker createdI really don’t have many complaints Perhaps the only thing that tripped me up is the way the author sometimes portrayed Millie’s BPD I used to work in the therapy and rehabilitation field and spent a great deal of time working with clients with mental illness personality and behavioral disorders as well as acuired brain injury Millie’s “checklist” style of discussing her BPD at times felt exactly the way I’d described—often it felt like she was reading out of a copy of the DSM and ticking off all the major points like “Borderlines do this because” or “I am like that because” it’s what the info on the disorder says she should feel or do It hasn’t really been like that in my experience; every individual is different and rarely does the full gamut of symptoms come neatly described and packaged together like that with any one person It didn’t greatly affect my overall enjoyment of the novel though and I appreciate the fact that Baker is trying to shine a light on mental health issues and the personal struggles of people who live with themI really wish I had read Borderline sooner as it was such an extraordinary refreshing novel It’s exactly what I want in an urban fantasy entertaining original and even meaningful The fantastic cast simply further highlighted this read for me from protagonist Millie Roper to my personal favorite character Caryl Vallo Everything about this book was a delight and I highly recommend it

  8. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Updated 21619Bumping up to 4 stars Is it possible I am a little less shallow because my opinion on not enough romance completely changed? Plus why didn’t I mention how great the concept of Echo a fairy soul mate is? And how heartbreaking Millie’s situation is in that respect? Compensates greatly for the lack of smutOriginal review35 starsA solid urban fantasy novel The fae lore is not entirely new here but the characters are MC is a double amputee with a border personality disorder for instance Movie centric Hollywood setting is not bad eitherI would have liked it even if there was fodder to ship somebody Basically the story needed some romance in it not just a few hints at a possibility of a romance But this is how I like my UF I am shallow like that

  9. Justine Justine says:

    Borderline is an amazing book in every way While the story is fairly straightforward Mishell Baker has made it something special in the tellingBorderline is fillied with deeply flawed characters but Baker lets them be who they are without any apologies and the story is that much richer for it Her writing is fresh and visual and feels intensely personal throughout This book is going on my favourites shelf for 2016; it is a clear standoutBaker has established herself as a talent to watch and I will definitely be picking up any other book she writes

  10. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    Okay this was an astonishing example of how diversity revolutionises genre The story here is pretty standard urban fantasy young woman introduced to magical world meets ragtag gang of misfits solves crime It's perfectly good urban fantasy well written and niftily handled just nothing to set the world on fire What makes this an astounding read is that the protagonistnarrator has borderline personality disorder and this is not window dressing or treated lightly It informs every aspect of the plot her motivation her behaviour reactions of others This wouldn't be anything like the same story with a neurotypical narrator I stress this point because there are so many tiresome people who like to bleat about diversity being shoehorned into books as if different perspectives and experiences didn't lead to completely different output or as if you can slot in white cis able men to any plot without making a differenceAs it happens the narrator is also a double amputee after a failed suicide attempt That isn't gratuitous and the consideration or lack thereof for her physical difficulties and pain is an ongoing thread but it's not plot crucial; the ways her disability intersects with the plot could have been handled by other means if need be That's not a criticism rather the opposite as with all divrse rep we need disability rep in books that isn't plot related because people aren't always plot hooks Whereas her BPD informs everything for good or ill mostly ill and becomes a hugely compelling aspect I can't comment on the accuracy of the depiction or on how Borderliners might feel about reading this I will say that if you havehad an untreated Borderliner in your life you may find the narrator's behaviour hits home at points; I had to put the book down a few times because it brought back some very raw feelings BPD is depicted with enormous clearsightedness here in my entirely uninformed opinion we come to empathise with Millie and desperately wish her success but the book doesn't make excuses or seek to minimise the conseuences of her words and deeds on othersStartlingly good and I really want a seuel

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