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  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps
  • Kai Ashante Wilson
  • English
  • 14 March 2014
  • 9780765385246

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  1. Erik Erik says:

    DSKLSJDL#NRK#JNFLKNGSNKMNCJNKS#FJNSRKJWR ARGHOkay Vexation voided frustration exfoliatedSo I’m gonna lay into this mafa I gonna take a machete upside this beyotch gonna show you guts some shock of white bone a little bit o critiue hoodooBut before I do allow me to expound on why I must needs wage this figurative war I believe in the ‘Challenging’ book exhibits A B C A disparaging of the easy pleasure read being not my intent I nevertheless offer the following thesis the most worthwhile and memorable reading experiences usually involve a level of difficulty These books by the hammer and chisel of structure language and character reshape our preconceived notions on race gender culture history epistemology or even basic story telling The shattering of long held beliefs is a beautiful cataclysm and I might state with no ualification that human experience contains no greater sublimity than the upward transformation of a mindAnd yet the same key which unlocks heaven can also unlock hell It’s often difficult to distinguish between literature whose challenge is a function of its complexity and literature whose challenge is a function of obscurity or bad writing These latter lesser uality doppelgangers can be uite the malediction I would posit that indeed they can weigh the entire readership down They can lead to anti elitism nihilism and ennui I have witnessed first hand their effect on young readers especially who get turned off literature as a result of assignments by undiscriminating English teachers As such I’m a regular assassin of the pseudo challenging exhibits A B C a class of literature which alas contains The Sorcerer of the WildeepsWhich I regret real hard This bro Kai Ashante Wilson got some srz writing chops Bones ‘n cojones a plenty this g thug gangsta masta flash blaster gots He can chalk a wicked storm when he wanna Slash the first hunnered fitty pages and you got a mad killer story here Stone cold uality and ain’t that a shame?Because the obvious talent of the author and my enjoyment of the final 50 pages notwithstanding the first hundred fifty are a bore and a chore and I shall lay before thee on the altar of your consideration my ruminations on whyThe first failing an incongruous interweaving of two disparate dictions On one hand the unknown narrator writes in a sophisticated and antiuated style that I have herein attempted to replicate This juxtaposed with dialogue replete with urban slang the type of whipsong back n’ forth you might encounter in a rap battle between two gangs in the hood There IS a deeper literary purpose for this in that it approximates the dual nature of the book’s protagonist Demane who is a demi god containing both mortal fallibilities ie the ‘lower’ diction of the dialogue and divine powers ie the ‘higher’ diction of the narration You could even argue it serves as a sort of implicit societal commentary a check against racial preconceptions – after all why am I calling this diction ‘lower?’ What makes it ‘lower’ exactly? Unfortunately this duality of diction is one of those conceits that doesn’t uite work in application In actuality the checkerboard language constantly pulls the reader out of the story reminding us over and over of the artificiality of the work in our hands It’s like a kung fu movie where the wires are obvious on the actors’ backs Does it MATTER how beautiful their choreography how magnificent their palikinesis given it’s so obviously manufactured?This book also contains the style gimmickry of footnotes Here's mine I invented the word palikinesis because I have long sought a word to mean ‘the motion of a warrior’ and found none So palikinesis – ‘the motion of battle’Problemo numero duo This bae be one big oozy blob o structureless guano Just cuz ima use my bro Orson Scott Card’s structures He throw down uatro categoricals Milieu – in this story some regular negro enter a cray cray land and be all what up with this cray cray land? Sorcerer Demane ain’t no regular negro – he FROM the cray cray land So it ain’t no exploration of the cray cray Character – in this story some negro get all fed up with his shit and be like eff the po po imma change my life Sorcerer Demane ain’t like that he chill as a caravan guard He ain’t gon’ change a dayum thang and dun wanna anyway Idea – in this story there be some wild n crazy mystery some hollah mystery like who dun killed this bro or like in 2001 Space Odyssey what up wit dat black stone and dem monkeys? Ain’t no mystery here tho Mebs wat this lion creature wizard ‘jukiere’ doin killin’ folk on the Road the caravan gotta traverse but it ain’t much Event – in this story some crazy shit be going down in the fabric of the universe like dat cray mafa Sauron be knockin some tall ass pointy eared crackas left n right or that white bruh Emperor Palapatine be unbalancing the force like crackas always doin But ain’t no imbalance in this story And dems the uatroIn other words the Sorcerer of the Wildeeps appears blind to story telling structure Plot remains elusive throughout the first three fourths of the book which find not their home in the Wildeeps but in a waystation called the Station In fact the events of the first 150 pages are completely inconseuential to the events of the last 50This MAY have been interesting had there been any stakes in this section but there aren’t What does Demane want? The human heart of The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps is a love story between protagonist Demane his fellow demi god the Captain Demane yearns to couple with the Captain physically emotionally But he does Nothing stands in their way Social stigma maybe but this is anemic in the supreme Such stigma is implied rather than explicit The book lazily assumes that today’s societal standards apply to this non contemporary fantasy setting What does the Captain want? Dunno What’s stopping them from getting what they want? Dunno Why are these characters even part of the Caravan? DunnoWhen I was halfway through The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps I had the opportunity to expound upon it to an acuaintance over supper I mentioned how its epidermis of beautiful language exacerbates its lack of plot or stakes I analogized in the following manner an unscrupulous automobile merchant sells you a classic 1967 mustang gorgeous except it lacks an engine Fie you conniving merchant and your Machiavellian chicanery You’d rather have been sold an ugly car with no engine because then at least you’d have had reasonable expectations At least your cynicism would have been increased to only the N 1th degree At least you wouldn’t have been so vulnerable to the merchant’s dastardly deceptionWhen I made this comparison I thought I was just being clever But it was in fact propheticCuz this bitch gets real After hunnered fitty this homeboy gets itself an engine and it freakin moves It soars My bruhs D and the Captain actually get to the Wildeeps and they got a real hanker for some killin’ vengeance and dat cray lion beast ‘jukiere’ dun wanna let em have it and it real sexy I mean it helped that the distracting language shifts between dialogue description were eliminated but primarily it was the addition of an internal structure over which the well written coating could be hung You know a plot The powerful description made SENSE when Demane and the Captain traversed the Wildeeps moving from planet to planet throughout the cosmos in a haphazard maze of spacetime discontinuities The sense of wonder was palpable I found myself rapidly churning through the ink scape engaged in frenzied fevered page turning actually interested in what occurs next That’s the power of having character stakesSo GAH Frustrating I didn’t really want to lay into this I take minimal joy in it I like its fresh perspective its intimate scope And the author's talent at wordcraft is undisputed But that doesn’t change the reality of the reader's time being wasted for 150 pages If only the author had taken a machete to his story I wouldn’t have needed to If only he had hacked off that structureless blob in the front and provided the salient points in sharp staccato within the journey hunt then he’d have had a fantastic novelette That’s not what we got though We got a confusing bipolar dramatically unbalanced novella Basically we got bad juju and that’s the truth bruh

  2. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    After seeing literally dozens of reviews for this novella I had to see for myself what was going on here I'd read only one other story from Wilson previously and it didn't blow me away but this this was greatA few of the reviews I'd seen criticized the style as being opaue andor confusing I didn't find it so at all On the contrary it was much straightforward than the other story I'd read 'The Devil in America' Sure there's a gradual reveal of information which adds depth to the scenario but that's kind of the point The 'Sorcerer' is Demane a young man who's been hired to be one of a number of caravan guards accompanying a group of merchants through the dangerous wilderness known as the Wildeeps 'Sorcerer' is the nickname he's earned for his seemingly magical knowledge and abilities Although he's a brawny fighter healing is where he really excels From the start it's clear that Demane hails from what we would call a much progressive and egalitarian society than his fellow guards But although the ignorance and savagery that he is faced with on a daily basis often disgusts and depresses him he has a deep respect for the Captain of his crew Unsurprisingly the caravan's owner ignores warnings in favor of profits and heads into the Wildeeps As the story progresses we learn of Demane's past and the truth about his backgroundThe finale is both action packed and heartbreaking I fail to see how anyone who has ever felt like an outsider surrounded by the ignorant masses could not love this story If you've ever thought you've found the one person who could understand youIn addition the world introduced here is wholly intriguing I'd love to learn March 2016 Nominated for Hugo

  3. TheBookSmugglers TheBookSmugglers says:

    I wish to preface this review by saying I was entranced by this story and I loved it with all my heart – the same heart that was PULLED FROM MY CHEST AND STOMPED ON by its ending Oh look my heart bleeding at Kai Ashante Wilson’s feetThe Sorcerer of the Wildeeps follows a caravan traversing a dangerous roadIt’s a story about brothers in arms the army of warriors hired to defend the caravan The bothers all stem from different backgrounds with different languages and cultures They are all men if there is one major criticism I have for this story is this one where are all the women? and they all support and are loyal to one another They joke they fightAnd here we have this guy – the narrator – Demane a big bear of a man a warrior and also a doctor a healer In his own mind and his own language what he does the way he cures it is all science and physics To others he is a sorcererI mention that Demane is a big bear of a man on purpose This is a narrative that beautifully subverts expectations around warriors around the idea of manhood and masculinity If Demane is a bear he is a Care Bear He wants to fix the world’s painHe cares deeply for his comrades and above all for their Captain IsaIsa who like Demane is a demigod a descendant from immortal beings Demane is big and strong whereas Isa is smaller agile and his hair is covered at all times because without his headscarf his hair would eat sunshine and he would become even stronger Isa doesn’t speak he sings So it’s a love story too Between Demane and Isa and from Demane’s perspective and voice we really know what he feels for Isa It’s harder to tell what Isa feelsThe Sorcerer of the Wildeeps is the first novella published by Torcom’s new program It is uite the start for their new publishing venture – this novella is incredibly dense and it’s definitely not an easy read but it’s ultimately rewarding as well as devastating in a myriad of waysIt’s not an easy read because the narrative is anything but straightforward It’s nonlinear intricate complex meandering It is rewarding because the world building is intriguing the story does wonders with the idea of masculinity and manhood the main romance is a LGBT one and the way that it explores language is incredible The latter does add a layer of difficulty because there is a lot of code switching the narrator thinks in his own mother tongue but then there is the language he speaks with his comrades each with their own common usages But it is oh so cleverIt is devastating because at its heart this is a tragedy And here is where I am conflicted about it and why it took me so long to write this review even though I read this story a long time agoThe narrative is ambiguous in places does Isa really sing when he speaks or is that Demane’s love for him that makes him hear his beloved’s voice as song? Is Isa self destructive because of his past because of his age? In many ways the ending is foreshadowed in different ways – in the footnotes how people tell the tale of Isa in a later conversation between Demane and him Because of this foreshadowing because of the world building and because of who the characters are this story feels like it couldn’t be anything but a tragedy and the ending feels very organicBut it is still a tragic ending that happens to the two ueer characters in the story although not thankfully because they are ueer And here we go back to the problem of scarcity in which mainstream SFF is plagued with tragic ueer stories and sometimes it feels as though ueer characters never get a happy ending and it is so frustrating Sad making And I so wished that Care Bear Demane had his happy ending with his beautiful Isa who sang songs and had sunshine hairTo paraphrase its own writing I finished reading The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps and on both cheeks I bore a delta of rinsed skin

  4. karen karen says:

    i liked the style and the energy of this book very much it’s an appealing mash up of traditional fantasy adventure tropes peppered with harlem renaissancejazz age cadence The horseman pulled up short Breeze blowing northwesterly still Fat Man’s bowels let goand others modern and hip hop rambunctious”You almost got him That was gold my nigga Not fake not fool’s not dross GOLD Nigga it was some official shit you just did almost beating the captain like that That my nigga was straight up gold plated LIKE SHIT”there’s also some nice work with different accents written phonetically and multi lingual utterances usually untranslated which along with those instances of playful cadence gives the prose a musicality that is very pleasing to readi’d heard great things about this one and even better things about its seuel A Taste of Honey and since i’d really liked both of the free tor shorts i’d read by this author The Devil in America and Super Bass i decided it was time to pay for my play and give a little to tor to show my appreciation for all the freebies they’ve given us all over the years on their sitei’m glad i read this one and i’m excited to read the follow up although i did get a bit confused in places all the TSIMTSOA stuff went right over my head and i wasn’t always clear who knew what about whom in terms of powers and romantic relationships this is most likely my own failing i get lost a lot whenever i attempt to read fantasy and i freely admit that i rushed the ending a bit desperate to dive into the unexpected pre release gift of Down Among the Sticks and Bones which is also a tor title so i feel less guilty than i would otherwise the adventure parts were great and i loved the ending despite my less than ruminative attention to it and any stuff i didn’t understand was just detail stuff that didn’t affect my overall positive feelings about the story and the characters i already bought A Taste of Honey to YOU tor and i'm looking forward to reading it and i promise i will give it all the attention it deserves because even if i'm dumb at fantasy i love the way this man writescome to my blogMerged reviewWELCOME TO DECEMBER PROJECTlast year i carved out my own short story advent calendar as my project for december and it was so much fun i decided to do it again this year so each day during the month of december i will be reading a short story and doing the barest minimum of a review because ain't no one got time for that and i'm already so far behind in all the things however i will be posting story links in case anyone wants to read the stories themselves and show off how maybe someone could have time for that here is a link to the first story in last year's project in turn links to the whole monthlong project in case you wanna do some free short story reading of your own links to the stories in this year's advent ure will be at the end of each review enjoy and the happiest of decembers to you allDECEMBER 4 You know your better when you see herthis is so short i'm not even sure it ualifies as a story so much as just another blink in this world but honestly i am growing to love his writing and this world and so even though this is just a brief moment in the world i am intrigued and left wanting give to me the read it for yourself here 1DECEMBER 2DECEMBER 3DECEMBER 5DECEMBER 6DECEMBER 7DECEMBER 8DECEMBER 9DECEMBER 10DECEMBER 11DECEMBER 12DECEMBER 13DECEMBER 14DECEMBER 15DECEMBER 16DECEMBER 17DECEMBER 18DECEMBER 19DECEMBER 20DECEMBER 21DECEMBER 22DECEMBER 23DECEMBER 24DECEMBER 25DECEMBER 26DECEMBER 27DECEMBER 28DECEMBER 29DECEMBER 30DECEMBER 31

  5. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    Rating 5 of fiveJustwow Gorgeous I'll pull a real review out of the tears and snot as soon as the jukiere's tusks rip themselves out of my fleshSo because I found a pull uote from one of my reviews unattributed on back to posting links to my blog#ReadingIsResistance to homophobiaTHE SORCERER OF THE WILDEEPS of a series of SFnal fantasy works set in a distant future post apocalyptic Africa Delightful reading beautiful prose mongering deeply satisfying in its blend of a future brought to us by FTL traveling gods and their descendants left on Earth Demane the PoV character in this volume is a demigod His ancestress a goddess is presented in such a way as to be clearly human with genetic modifications It's a wonderful blend of fantasy and SF tropesDemane's love for Isa his Captain is the most beautiful expression of true love between men I've seen in fantasy worlds The series continues in A TASTE OF HONEY and well beyond that or so I hope Kudos to Torcom and Author Kai Ashante Wilson for bringing this beautiful and necessary book to the world

  6. Julio Genao Julio Genao says:

    oh yes yes yes yes yessoon belovedSOON

  7. Nicky Nicky says:

    I was all braced to love this based on the reviews that I’d read I wanted to especially because the world is interesting the relationships and the fact that it features a gay love story and because it’s written half in vernacular half in something formal which keeps it very much aliveHowever I had two problems One was with the structure of the story The last fifty pages were frenetic and packed full exploding with stuff The first hundred fifty however barely went anywhere and the story itself seemed to hide all the things that would have hooked me — the aforementioned relationship details about Demane and where he comes from And the other problem is just that there seems to be fascinating background to how the world was colonised? terraformed? is it Earth? It’s so hard to tell and I wanted to know I get that this is a novella and thus limited but still I wanted than just that tantalising sense of what was going on — I wanted it to apply to the story I guessSomething about the narration just bounced off me — it reminded me of Nnedi Okorafor’s writing in Lagoon actually I might try rereading it and see if it makes of an impression but I’m not in a hurry Still I’d be willing to try something else by WilsonOriginally posted here

  8. Acqua Acqua says:

    On the surface The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps is a story about Demane a sorcerer accompanying the Captain he loves in a dangerous journey across the desert and then the Wildeeps where he'll have to face something powerful and horrible It's not necessarily always linear and there's very little plot because its heart is elsewhereI want to point out that I can't do this novella justice This is a book whose very structure and use of English is a commentary on language and what's considered respectable portraying the experience and struggles of a multilingual protagonist with that I know I missed half of it because I'm ESL and don't recognize the nuances of different forms and registers of the English language that well The irony isn't lost on me and I'm not sure how I feel about it?That's far from the only thing this novella did with language however Code switching is part of its structure on multiple levels and language is used to lay down the worldbuilding which even holds a sci fantasy twist inside One of the things I look for the most in short fiction is the unraveling of genre boundaries so I really appreciated what I understood of this book There are pieces of dialogue written in other languages as well not something I often see in fantasy stories that don't seem to be directly tied to the Earth we know currently I think this choice might have been made to use how these languages are coded in American society to translate the situations in terms an American might understand which I have mixed feelings about There are some let's say puzzling choices made with Italian words but this is an American book and I don't have it in me to have expectations anyIt's also really gay You might want to know though that this is a view spoilersomewhat ambiguously tragic gay story hide spoiler

  9. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    Demane is a man with a family legacy that marks him as separate from other men such that his companions refer to him as the Sorcerer He is deeply loyal to his Captain a man also marked by power but of a different sort and their band of mercenary guardsmen They find themselves at the city Mother of Waters where they hear stories of a malevolence that has made its home directly on the route that their caravan plans to takeLanguage is the star of this unusual fantasy tale and you can see how other reviewers describe it as lyrical I've been guilty of that adjective in the past myself but I've come to believe that it means language of obvious beauty but of a different enough structure as to be hard to readily parse It's also clearly heavily influenced by modern African American speech and culture something of which I'm profoundly ignorant not my country so I'm fairly sure that there are terms and references that I'm just missing completely I think what I'm saying here is that I liked it despite finding it a bit hard to readThe characters are also well fleshed out including many of the mercenaries in the band most of whom are as simple as such a job would believably attract but also fully human Demane is a complex man but his motivations end up being surprisingly simple Isa is a lot complicated and it would have been nice to get about his motivations In terms of story this is really clever This isn't so much a straight fantasy world as a science fictional one where for a few the technology and science have passed into the Clarke sufficiently advanced realm whilst the rest of the world has slipped into barbarism Demane's primary other worldy skill other than his advanced knowledge comes into its own as he enters the Wildeeps and faces the creature thereI believe there's a seuel planned for next year and I think I'll be picking it up

  10. Timothy Urges Timothy Urges says:

    Tell us my son how are you faring in those strange lands so far from home? Whom have you chosen to walk with to talk to some good woman some kind man? Demane the Sorcerer joins Isa the Captain and others charged with guarding a caravan of merchants journeying through the Wildeeps Demane is faced with the divinity in his DNA new love and a necromantic beast that stalks the caravan A challenging and original novella blending science and fantasy I am very interested in seeing of this world

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The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps❰EPUB❯ ✰ The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps Author Kai Ashante Wilson – Since leaving his homeland the earthbound demigod Demane has been labeled a sorcerer With his ancestors' artifacts in hand the Sorcerer follows the Captain a beautiful man with song for a voice and ha Since leaving his homeland of the PDF Æ the earthbound demigod Demane has been labeled a sorcerer With his ancestors' artifacts in hand the Sorcerer follows the Captain a beautiful man with song for a voice and hair that drinks the sunlightThe two of them are the descendants of the gods who abandoned the Earth for Heaven and they will need all the gifts those divine ancestors left to them to keep their caravan brothers aliveThe one safe road between the northern oasis and southern kingdom is stalked by a necromantic terror Demane may have to master his wild The Sorcerer MOBI :↠ powers and trade humanity for godhood if he is to keep his brothers and his beloved captain alive.

About the Author: Kai Ashante Wilson

Kai Ashante Wilson's stories of the PDF Æ 'Super Bass' and the Nebula nominated 'The Devil in America' can be read online gratis at TorcomHis story «Légendaire» can be read in the anthology Stories for Chip which celebrates the legacy of science fiction grandmaster Samuel DelanyHis debut short novel The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps won the Crawford Award Kai Ashante Wilson lives in New York City.