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  1. Emer (A Little Haze) Emer (A Little Haze) says:

    I have only recently read Jane Eyre for the first time and I have completely and utterly fallen in love with it I don’t know why I was so nervous to read it It is sheer perfection in book format So if you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading Jane Eyre I suggest you remedy thatHASTILY If a positively glowing review of all things Jane would help to sway you in your decision to reading it then you can find my review hereThis year also happens to be 200 years since Jane Eyre’s author Charlotte Brönte’s birth and to celebrate this collection of short stories by modern authors inspired by the novel has been commissionedAnd I just want to make a note about the beautiful cover A pomegranate heart I'm curious as to why the publishers andor editor chose the pomegranate There is a scene in Jane Eyre where Rochester talks about making his decision regarding Bertha while he walked under the dripping orange trees of his wet garden and amongst its drenched pomegranates and pine apples I suppose you could reason that the pomegranate therefore played an important role in Jane's life because of Rochester's decision that day The path he chose to follow How ultimately it led to those four words Reader I married him Each author in this collection took that famous line of Jane’s ‘Reader I married him’ and let their own imagination take flight but all the while holding fast to Jane’s independent spirit As with all short story collections some stories appealed to me than others I would like to mention that the majority of these stories are both very modern and loose interpretations of the source material Jane is purely the authors’ muse What follows is a brief review of each of the 21 short stories My Mother's Wedding by Tessa Hadley All his experience had been in books and he'd never properly come up against life in its full force before he fell for the first real thing he laid his eyes on like an innocent in a Shakespeare play Each story in this compendium is inspired by the line Reader I Married Him This particular story follows along the thought process of how brave it was of Jane and Charlotte to make that statement Reader I married him I made up my own mind I chose to do this I have my own free will My future is mine alone to decide what to do with This story primarily follows the tale of a seventeen year old girl at her slightly kooky mother's wedding in the middle of the Welsh countryside It's a story about making bold choices a story about being different from the crowd I liked this story uite a bit It twisted and turned and I enjoyed the ending Three stars Luxury Hour by Sarah HallA young mother is torn between past and present looking for that sense of peace and calm for a luxury hour at the lido away from her infant son but then comes face to face with her past and her decision Reader I married him Who did she marry? Why did she marry? And was it the right choice? This story looks at the idea of committing oneself but trying to forget about it for just an hour And then maybe even longer Three stars Grace Poole Her Testimony by Helen Dun The pale one thinks she has the measure of us all Up and down the garden she goes in the shadows of the evening She ticks us off in her steps The old lady Mr R The little girl The guests who come and go She would tick me off too but she only knows my name She asked it and they told her Grace Poole Oh this story was VERY interesting I guess it's like a little bit of Jane Eyre fan fiction??? The focus is firmly placed on the shoulders of the character Grace Poole who featured in the original novel and how she came to her station in life Her interactions with Mr Rochester before Jane ever arrived on the scene and thenthe coming of the pale one as she refers to Jane It's not a story that paints Jane or Rochester in great light but OH is it a little bit goooood Reader I married him Oh she WOULD say that cue judgmental eye roll from Grace Poole Haha I loved it three and a half stars Dangerous Dog by Kirsty GunnThis short follows an incident in which a woman taking a writing class compares her life to that of the young orphaned Jane Eyre in the beginning of the book The scene with Jane locked away in the red room resonates so strongly with her that she finds ways of communicating with others using the book as a conduit It took me a little while to get in to this story to see Jane so to speakbut towards the end things clicked together and there was a lovely twist on the Reader I married him line It really is lovely how that one line can influence so many different people in so many different ways two and a half stars To Hold by Joanna Briscoe As my parents' only child no further births; no boy to help with the rough work; no man's wages to soften old age; only one womb available for the grandchildren they already treasured I was aware that all hope lay with me though they never said it and the knowledge made me swallow a rise of nausea They were good parents This story starts with the words 'Reader I married him because I had to' It set the scene for a sad and wistful story about one woman's struggles for love The writing was uite sharp but I mean that in a beautiful way It was as if the writer used a blade instead of a pen to write these words The story just immediately cut into my heart and I could feel the narrator's sorrows her pain her hopelessness at her situation I found myself sniffling and attempting to hold back my tears I wasn't successful four and a half stars It's a Man's Life Ladies by Jane GardamOf course I married him states the character in this short However for me that wasn't enough I could not find the spirit of Jane Eyre in this story I even reread it but I got bogged down in strange talk of seals and babies??? I'm still scratching my head about all that And it was all rather haphazard in the end Sadly this one wasn't to my likingone star Since First I Saw Your Face by Emma Donoghue But it doesn't sound to me as if it's modern life that's done the damage Minnie's given the headmaster six children in eleven years and her health collapsed after the last Small wonder I tell her The womb is our WaterlooThat makes her laugh Is that why you've never gone to war Ellen?Spinsterhood has than that to recommend it This short gives a fictionalised account of the time that Mary Minnie Benson née Sidgwick the wife of Reverend Edward Benson Archbishop of Canterbury spent convalescing in Wiesbaden It describes her relationship at the time with a woman named Ellen and how it may have been romantic in its nature Much has been talked about the later relationship of Minnie and Lucy Tait a daughter of another Archbishop of Canterbury with whom she shared a bed with after her husband's death I married him and there's no getting away from that states Minnie The story is told from the viewpoint of Ellen a woman with a pallor to match Jane Eyre's and how she is transfixed by Minnie How she wants from their relationship but how circumstances will not allow it How is Minnie supposed to choose between loves; the love of her children who are at home and to whom she must be return or the love of this woman who is restoring her soul and who is making her feel alive? Despite all the conflict and heartache in this short story sadly it didn't uite fulfil its potential I felt two stars Reader I Married Him by Susan Hill Security was all I ever longed and struggled and schemed for because since very early and forgotten childhood I had never had it and my deepest my driving fear through it all was that I never would SecurityDid I achieve it? GAHHHHHHHHHHHH This was perfect The way the story slowly reveals itself to you how it tugs on your heartstrings the dawning of realisation just EVERYTHINGIt's the memories of a woman who all her life dreamed of security Reader I She married for security mistaking it for love and the conseuences of what followed when she met 'the one' Oh I don't want to say any so as not to spoil this wonderful little story for anyone who may eventually read it I just loved it And Jane Eyre's independent will was ever present in my opinionThe last lines were utterly perfect I completely broke down into a teary eyed mess five shining stars The Mirror by Francine Prose This story is told from the point of view of Jane Eyre herself reader I married him and here is what actually happened I didn't particularly care for it The storyline tried to be too smart and in the end lost the heart of who Jane truly was This one wasn't for me one star A Migrating Bird by Elif Shafak His words so unexpected and so sincere shake me to the core This short doesn't mention the words ‘reader I married him’ throughout its text and so comes at the idea of marriage in a very different light It explores the heart of a young girl who allows herself to hope for a future filled with love with her dream for marriage and happiness It's very bittersweet and very beautifully written four stars Behind the Mountain by Evie Wyld This story again doesn't mention the words ‘reader I married him’ but instead uses that line to show what happens to a good woman and in her words a good man when life gets stale It follows the story of an English woman who moves to Canada because of her husband's job and how she is slowly losing herself It's uite a sad story and one that made me feel very sympathetic towards both the MC and her husband Sometimes life just doesn't uite turn out the way we had hoped three and a half stars The China from Buenos Aires by Patricia ParkThis short follows a young woman who has always felt like somewhat of an outsider; she is Argentinian but with Korean parents and this has shaped her whole outlook on life it seems The story follows what happens to her when she moves to New York and the decisions she has to make about her life; following her heart or her responsibilities to her family Reader do I marry him?two and a half stars Reader She Married Me by Salley VickersSPOILERS FOR JANE EYREThis short story is Mr Rochester's version of events of what happened when Jane left Thornfield after their failed marriage ceremony It looks back upon his first marriage with Bertha and how after her death he didn't actually want to marry Jane any but Jane being the wilful creature that she is insisted on marrying him Reader she married me Okay I thought I'll bite BUT THEN Oh but then THIS happened there's a creepy idea that Jane reminded him of someone in his past that made me want to get sick and I went HELL NO That's not freaking Edward Rochester THAT'S NOT MY BOOK BOYFRIEND So I didn't like this Okay fine maybe that's because I love the way the characters were written by Charlotte Brönte so very much and this was just much too alien to all of that for me But in my opinion writing from Rochester's point of view could have been wonderful It could have shown how broken he had become and the genuine difficulties that would have no doubt occurred within his marriage to Jane But that creepy comparison of Jane view spoilerto his supposed dead child with Bertha hide spoiler

  2. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    It has been uite a while since I have read Jane Éyre maybe too long because some of these stories I just could not see the connection In some it was easy because they directly used something from Jane Éyre a name in most cases Some of the writing was good atmospheric but some were just okay not much of anything Didn't really have a favorite though I did like the story with the pit bull called Mr Rochester obvious connection and all The best part of this was all the well known authors contributing many of my favorites and seeing what they came up with Definitely not one of my favorite short story collection in a year when I have already read so many great onesARC from publisher

  3. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    A mixed bag Although there are some very good stand alone stories from Tessa Hadley Sarah Hall Emma Donoghue and Elizabeth McCracken as you might expect ultimately the theme is not strong enough to tie them all together and some seem like pieces the authors had lying around and couldn’t figure out what else to do with Think about it this way what story isn’t about romance and the decision to marry?A few of the tales do put an interesting slant on this age old storyline by positing a lesbian relationship for the protagonist or offering the possibility of same sex marriage Then there are the stories that engage directly with the plot and characters of Jane Eyre giving Grace Poole’s Helen Dun or Mr Rochester’s Salley Vickers side of things putting Jane and Rochester in couples therapy Francine Prose or making Jane and Helen Burns part of a post WWII Orphan Exchange Audrey Niffenegger My feeling with these spinoff stories was I’m afraid what’s the point? Plus there were a number of others that just felt tediousMy least favorites were probably by Lionel Shriver incredibly boring Kirsty Gunn unrealistic and she gives the name Mr Rochester to a dog and Susan Hill the title story but she’s made it about view spoilerWallis Simpson – and has the audacity to admit as if proudly that she’s never read Jane Eyre hide spoiler

  4. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestLike most of the people picking up this title Jane Eyre is one of my favorite classic works of literature It seems a bit coincidental until you really take the time to think about it What bookish girl or boy wouldn't want to read a story about an intelligent plain and stubborn heroine who ends up getting her own grand epic love story even if it is a bit of a downer? Jane is the EverygeekREADER I MARRIED HIM is an anthology of stories from many different authors some of them big name all claiming to be inspired by JANE EYRE Oh and the editor? Tracy Chevalier? Yeah she wrote a book too one you may have heard of A little thing called GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING Good stuffWell no not really READER I MARRIED HIM is actually a huge disappointment You'll probably notice that the average rating is pretty low 3265 as of the time of my writing this That didn't really scare me away because it's pretty common for retellings and reimaginings to be slammed by the purists We don't like it when people mess with our favorite works of fiction If it ain't broke don't fix it seems to be the rallying cry thereThe problem here isn't that the authors looked at the story in an unwelcome or uninspired way It's that many of the stories here have nothing to do with JANE EYRE at allThe first two stories My Mother's Wedding by Tessa Hadley and Luxury Hour by Sarah Hallare nebulous and blend into each other because the narrative style is so similar I barely remember what happened in them only that they had nothing to do with Jane EyreGrace Pool Her Testimony I itch to put a comma in there seriously by Helen Dun was the first story that I liked It's a reimagining of JANE EYRE from the point of view of the servant Grace Poole who sees Jane as an interloper It doesn't portray Jane or Rochester in the best light but it keeps to the gothic theme of the originalDangerous Dog by Kirsty Gunn is about a joggerlit student who saves a pitbull from being abused by talking about JANE EYRE to some wannabe thugs She uses the red room that Jane's aunt put her in after her uncle had died to relate to them It was cheesy and only tangentially related to the original story but it's hard to be mad at a story where the heroine nips animal cruelty in the budTo Hold by Joanna Briscoe is a story about a woman who keeps putting off the marriage proposals of a local lord instead marrying other men whom she cares nothing about while having clandestine relationships with a woman I felt like it was trying too hard to be edgy didn't have anything to do with the original story of JANE EYRE so I didn't really care for this one much at allIt's a Man's Life Ladies by Jane Gardam is about a woman and her grandmother who reminisces a bit on her late husband Also didn't really have anything to do with JANE EYRENot Since First I Saw Your Face by Emma Donoghue was a story that I got excited about because Donoghue's been all over the place and her last two novels were very highly spoken of by critics and readers alike This story is apparently about two real life historical figures Mary Minnie Sidgwick Benson and EllenElizabeth Hall and the clandestine affair they had while Minnie was recuperating in Wiesbaden It wasn't a bad story but it had nothing to do with Jane Eyre except for the fact that the man Minnie was married to was named Edward That's a tenuous connection at best I also think it would have been effective if it hadn't been so close to another very similar story To HoldReader I Married Him by Susan Hill was another story I was excited to read because Susan Hill is a well known gothichorror writer author of THE WOMAN IN BLACK If anyone could stay in keeping to the gothic feel of JANE EYRE I thought surely it would be she Nope Instead she presents us with this story about a woman's doomed relationship with a king It wasn't King Edward either which I feel was a lost opportunityThe Mirror by Francine Prose was easily one of my favorites in this collection probably because it was in keeping with what I expected It's an unsettling epilogue to JANE EYRE in which history repeats itself and Jane wonders if she is going as mad as his first wife I've read Prose's other work and really like her style and she adapted it well to this macabre retellingA Migrating Bird by Elif Shafak is about a relationship between a Turkish Muslim girl with strict parents and a Dutch exchange student This one was really well written but also sad Once there's no connection to JANE EYREBehind the Mountain by Evie Wyld is totally bizarre It's about this woman who is fascinated by this other woman who has been scalped by a bear Stop laughing I'm being completely seriousThe China from Buenos Aires Park by Patricia Park is about this Argentinian woman of Korean ancestry She feels out of place in Argentina because she doesn't look like everyone else She feels out of place with Koreans because she doesn't speak Korean When she comes to the US she feels out of place there too because she doesn't speak English Then she gets in a sort of relationship with this guy whose ethnic background is similar to hers but it all gets blown up in the air when she is forced to honor her duty to her family I can sort of understand the connection here duty vs love but I felt emotionally distanced from the story because it felt so rushedReader She Married Me by Salley Vickers was another of the few stories with a direct JANE EYRE connection This short story is narrated by Rochester and actually uses the flowery Victorian dialogue fairly well I feel like this work was very much influenced by Jean Rhys's WIDE SARGASSO SEADorset Gap by Tracy Chevalier was another one of the okays It's a story about a pretentious girl I honestly wanted to slap her and the doofy boy who is in love with her They sign a book in a sort of makeshift time capsule with two uotes from JANE EYREParty Girl by Nadifa Mohamed was a really interesting story about a Muslim girl's coming of age Which is great because we need diversity in fiction but it wasn't really Eyre relatedI'm getting a little bored so I'm just going to sum up the last stories uickly In Transference by Esther Freud woman sort of maybe falls in love with therapist while also seeking to better her relationship with her husband The Mash Up by Linda Grant is about a JewishPersian wedding that ends badly The Self Seeding Syca by Lionel Shriver was super cute I think it's my favorite in this collection a modern day retelling of JANE EYRE between an army medic and a widow The Orphan Exchange by Audrey Niffenegger was also decent about a lesbian love story between two European orphans and how they overcome a terrible tragedy Don't ask me to describe Double Men by Namwali Serpell and Robin Crusoe at the Waterpark by Elizabeth McCracken because I'm still not sure what was happening in those stories Only that they weren't JANE EYRE relatedI know I've said it 100 times over the course of this review but if you're going to have an anthology of stories inspired by JANE EYRE then they should be inspired by JANE EYRE and in such a way that the audience can actually make the connection themselves so they don't feel cheated like I did Granted it's been a while since I've read my beloved JANE so I'm willing to concede that some of the allusions may have been so subtle that I missed them once or twice But since this happened with every other story in this anthology I'm fairly sure that the fault did not lie just with meThere are some great stories in here but they can't carry the entire collection It's unreasonable to expect them to2 stars

  5. Jess Jess says:

    A grim mockery of a tribute to my beloved Jane EyreThese short stories don't work together as a collection Although each is supposedly inspired by Jane Eyre the contributions were disparate and abstract; apparently to merit a place in this collection the author just needed to touch briefly on the theme of marriage Jane Eyre is about than marriage What about female self determination and fulfilment huh?One of the authors and yes I am going to name and shame Susan Hill hasn't even read Jane Eyre How pray tell is one supposed to write a response to a novel that they haven't even read? All but maybe three short stories were entirely forgettable Many had a half told uality which is such a striking contrast to the solidity of Jane Eyre Others were painfully mundane and banal it was like the respective authors had been incubating an idea for a story prior to this brief and then just altered the original slightly But that doesn't go to say that all of these were unmemorable Helen Dun's Grace Poole Her Testimony Joanna Briscoe's To Hold and Tracy Chevalier's Dorset Gap resonated with me and I think are well worth a readA real disappointment Maybe this would've been a enjoyable read had I not been agitated by how this was apparently the best these authors could come up with for Charlotte Brontë's bicentenary Please please please don't subject Emily and Anne to something like this

  6. Diane Barnes Diane Barnes says:

    Like most short story collections especially an anthology by different authors some stories rated a 2 some stories rated a 5 and 3's and 4's were mixed in as well So a solid 3 stars for the whole which I enjoyed immenselyTwenty women authors were asked to write a short story based on Jane Eyre using as a springboard the famous line Reader I Married him So these stories all have something to do with marriage or the idea of marriage in one way or another Some of them stick to Jane Eyre's storyline some of them start earlier or end later than the book and some of them seem to have nothing to do with it at all I read one story each day so I could digest each one and appreciate it for itself which seemed to work well for me My favorite stories were the ones by Lionel Shriver and Elizabeth McCracken although Susan Hill's foray into the mind of the Duchess of Windsor and why she had to marry King Edward because he abdicated the throne for her was an eye openerAnyone who loved Jane Eyre would probably enjoy this book

  7. Katie Lumsden Katie Lumsden says:

    uite a mixed lot of stories some 5 star and uite a lot 1 star that I didn't get much out of I was a bit disappointed and overall I don't think they work together as a collection The vast majority are not inspired by Jane Eyre but by the line 'Reader I Married Him' or just by marriage in general and then there are a few that are very directly inspired by Jane Eyre which leads to uite a disparate collection that feels like every writer was working to a different brief There are some real gems in here such as Audrey Niffenegger's 'The Orphan Exchange' Tracy Chevalier's 'Dorset Gap' or Emma Donoghue's 'Since I First Saw Your Face' but in general I was left disappointedIf you'd like a collection of short stories that is actually inspired by the Brontes then The Red Room edited by AJ Ashworth is what I'd recommend

  8. Abbie | ab_reads Abbie | ab_reads says:

    25 stars there were a couple of gems in this collection but overall I was underwhelmed Full review to follow

  9. Katie Katie says:

    This book was not what I expected so I think I liked it less than I maybe could have I thought it would be stories based on Jane Eyre but instead it was stories inspired by the line Reader I Married Him from the novel

  10. Jolene Jolene says:

    I waited a few days to post this review as I wanted to remove myself from the grumpy state this book gave me I love Jane Eyre it's a classic for a reason Jane is the first oddball girl who sticks to her chops and is tenderly optimistic sometimes in the face of great disasters I recieved an ARC of this book so some of the stories may have changed but I feel like this book is a collection of amateur writers given the words Reader I Married him as a writing exercise in which they had to create a story around I was hoping for a collection of short stories inspired by the spirit of Jane Eyre a celebration of the hope and fierceness found in the book ALL OF THESE stories are depressing except two of them which are found in the last half Now short story collections are known for having a mix of enjoyable ones and some dodgy ones but honestly I can't think of one person in my tribe who I could recommend one story much less the whole book of them The entire book comes off as uninspired leaving me to wonder if I read the same Jane Eyre as the authors Perhaps it's supposed to be inspired by Withering Heights? That would make much sense

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Reader I Married Him Stories Inspired by Jane Eyre ✿ [EPUB] ✷ Reader I Married Him Stories Inspired by Jane Eyre By Tracy Chevalier ❥ – This collection of original stories by today’s finest women writers—including Tracy Chevalier Francine Prose Elizabeth McCracken Tessa Hadley Audrey Niffenegger and —takes inspiration from a lin This collection of original stories by today’s Married Him ePUB ↠ finest women writers—including Tracy Chevalier Francine Prose Elizabeth McCracken Tessa Hadley Audrey Niffenegger and —takes inspiration from a line in Charlotte Brontë’s most beloved novel Jane EyreA fixture in the literary canon Charlotte Brontë is revered by readers all over the world Her novels featuring unforgettable strong heroines still resonate with millions today And who could forget one of literature’s best known lines “Reader I married him” from her classic novel Jane EyrePart of a remarkable Reader I PDF or family that produced three acclaimed female writers at a time in th century Britain when few women wrote and fewer were published Brontë has become a great source of inspiration to writers especially women ever since Now in Reader I Married Him twenty of today’s most celebrated women authors have spun original stories using the line from Jane Eyre as a springboard for their own flights of imagination Reader I Married Him will feature stories byTracy Chevalier Tessa Hadley Sarah Hall Helen Dun Kirsty I Married Him Epub á Gunn Joanna Briscoe Jane Gardam Emma Donaghue Susan Hill Francine Prose Elif Shafak Evie Wyld Patricia Park Salley Vickers Nadifa Mohamed Esther Freud Linda Grant Lionel Shriver Audrey Niffenegger Namwali Serpell and Elizabeth McCracken Uniue inventive and poignant the stories in Reader I Married Him pay homage to the literary genius of Charlotte Brontë and demonstrate once again that her extraordinary vision continues to inspire readers and writers.

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