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Veiled Empire Sundered World #1 ➫ [Ebook] ➦ Veiled Empire Sundered World #1 By Nathan Garrison ➶ – The Empire is Shrouded not only by the barrier that covers the land but by the lies and oppression of the mierothi regime Magic is the privilege of the elite and the people of this shadowed country ha The Empire is Shrouded Sundered World ePUB ´ not only by the barrier that covers the land but by the lies and oppression of the mierothi regime Magic is the privilege of the elite and the people of this shadowed country have forgotten what it means to hope under their ruleBut there are some who would resist with plans put into motion millennia before For returned to the Empire is a valynkar servant of the god Veiled Empire ePUB ½ of light and with him come the strength and cunning that could tip the scales to end the Emperor's reign He has gathered a group of heroes ready to ignite the flame of rebellion and fight against the dark power that has ruled for nearly two thousand years A power that has champions of its ownNathan Garrison's Veiled Empire throws a mythical land into chaos with races long thought forgotten and magics only Empire Sundered World PDF ☆ just discovered Steel and sorcery clash as brave souls vie for freedom and control in this astonishing debut novel.

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  1. Bookwraiths Bookwraiths says:

    Originally reviewed at BookwraithsMy rating is 35 stars Veiled Empire is an ambitious story filled with complex characters twisting plots and than enough action to keep every fantasy fan satisfied In short this is a book which aims for the moon and even though it misses slightly it still lands among the starsFrom page one Nathan Garrison drops readers into the middle of a uickly escalating rebellion The mierothi hegemony over the world has stood unchallenged for millennia protected by the Shroud above and by their iron grip on all magic but now a serious challenge to their control has arisen led by a mysterious leader whose motives seem pure and whose cunning seems beyond compare The revolt which he unleashes well planned far reaching and uick to gain and momentumSent out to help crush the rebellion in its supposed infancy is the savage brutal and efficient Mevon a magically augmented and highly trained killer of magic users He and his hand chosen soldiers closing in on a group of mages in a search and destroy type mission However soon Mevon’s unshakable confidence in his invulnerability and purpose in life are rocked to their very coreMeanwhile the leaders of the revolution begin to come into focus They are mysterious powerful and determined to destroy the tyranny of the mierothi But behind the noblest of purposes lie less altruistic motives waiting to slowly bubble to the surface and affect everyone they leadWithin the heart of the mierothi empire there lie two friends from different worlds Voren the valynkar and his unlikely friend Draevenus a mierothi assassin The two drawn apart by their parts in the swirling events of the revolution Voren’s life as a prisoner in a gilded cage uickly turning into a turning point in his life; his desire to survive warring with his guilt at his past betrayals Draevenus also is torn setting out on a shadowy mission to right age old wrongs and perhaps find a path to redemption for his part in his races enslavement of a worldWhile all that sounds damn good I have to admit completely overlooking Veiled Empire when it was released My assumption being that this bookseries was yet another generic fantasysword and sorcery hybrid which would travel along familiar trope lines and offer nothing new Little did I know that Nathan Garrison had something in store determined to push the envelope mixing and matching magic and combat intrigue and characterization world building and stunning twists until he had created a new flavor of fantasy And I have to say I liked it uite a lotLike always it all began with the characters themselves; several of whom I uickly grew to like and empathized with wanting to know about their past and their motives Definitely a few seemed a bit overpowered at times or their sudden change of personality seemed a bit dubious but overall I felt Nathan Garrison did an outstanding job of creating realistic people whose differences were noticeable and did affect their choices and behavior throughoutI also immensely enjoyed the world building The mierothi empire was filled with a rich history which — while only hinted at in broad ways — was still was very tantalizing especially the ancient past before the Shroud sprang into existence; uniue races populated the landscape; and the magic which permeates this place was realistic powerful and used in some cool ways Now I’m not suggesting the magic system itself is in the same category as Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn or anything but at least the author built in enough uirks and surprises to keep it interesting throughout which I can’t always say for some fantasy offeringsAbove and beyond all these great things though is the twisting turning plot which Nathan Garrison weaves especially regarding a few characters This trio and their choices keeping a reader guessing throughout the narrative wondering what they are hiding what their true motives are and when another subtle but significant twist is going to happen causing the tale to speed off in unlooked for direction Call it Game of Thrones lite or whatever but I found it all really entertainingThe only real complaint I have with this book was the characterization of two characters I won’t go into details for fear of spoiling anything but I just have to say that their sudden change of heart never felt very compelling or realistic Yeah reasons for the changes were provided but they did not ring true to meAll in all Veiled Empire was a pleasant surprise It was a novel I read without any preconceived expectations of its brilliance and it turned me into a fan of its exciting fantasysword and sorcery style tantalizing me with brutal combat vicious intrigue and than a few touching moments Will others enjoy it as much as I did? Can’t say for sure but I do think people should give it a try and see what they think of it

  2. T. Frohock T. Frohock says:

    I could have sworn that I rated and reviewed this book shortly after I read it I remember writing the review and now it's gone weirdIt's been a while since I've read it but I recommend this book to people who enjoy Rothfuss's work The story has some very neat twists and it is simply a good solid fantasy

  3. T. Frohock T. Frohock says:

    This was one of the most enjoyable stories I've read this year The characters and story struck just the right balance between epic and grimdark for me Garrison also uite cleverly subverted a few tropes along the wayBeware the blessings I loved the scene that described the blessings but I think what I liked best was how Garrison explored the ideology of accepting belief systems without uestion and also the lies we tell ourselves to get by one day A solid story with excellent characters I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle

  4. Pratik Amin Pratik Amin says:

    I was really surprised by this book reading the description I didn't really know what to expect and jumping into new world by a new author is always a little daunting I initially picked it up from the rFantasy Self Promotion thread to give it a try while waiting for other books to come out but ended up getting engrossed in the plot I really enjoyed the story of the book the characters were well written with a few of them being much complex than others For example I felt like Voren and his counterparts character progress throughout the story was much detailed than Mevon The pacing was also good and kept my interest throughout I especially enjoyed the way the book brought together all of the plot points in the last act of the bookThe chapter structure is a bit strange multiple POV's within the same chapter which may not be everyone's favorite structure There were minor formatting issues in my ebook version as well no gaps between changes in POV Some characters were fairly overpowered and when these characters are put in dangerous situations near the end of the book it feels like real because up to that point they had just been crushing all their opponents Overall I enjoyed this book uite a bit and would definitely recommend it

  5. Denise Hallauer Denise Hallauer says:

    Review can also be found on my blogSeriously one of my favorite fantasy books I have read this year The world building is complex the characters are complex the plot is complex and everything is just simply amazingly done As soon as I finished I immediately tweeted Garrison asking if there was going to be because I NEED MORE BOOKS IN THIS WORLD I am hoping Harper Voyager green lights them because seriously this world is amazing This book is amazing I finished reading this book at the beginning of May and I’ve held off writing my review in hopes that I’d become less flaily and insightful but that’s clearly not happening I don’t want to talk too much about what happens in the book there is a lot that happens and I always worry about spoiling people I don’t like to be spoiled so I don’t like to spoil others If you like complex and well built high fantasy novels with AMAZING characters then you definitely should check this one out Garrison has a wonderful debut novel and I definitely will be checking out of his workI received an ARC of this book from Harper Voyager on Edelweiss This in no way affected my review

  6. Snowleesi Snowleesi says:

    This book can be summed up this incredible world building and weak characterization Unfortunately engrossing characters is what makes me care about a story and in this case I found none that would meet the reuirement In fact I found a lot of the characters' actions inexplicable and unsupported by way of internal voice The world building is impressive but in a way only used to provide lengthy descriptions of military action extended discussions of strategy and tactics That's the kind of narrative that puts me to sleep so DNF But i made it to 299 pages which is past the half way point before I gave up that's a testament to a lot of good stuff in this novel just not enough great

  7. Melanie Melanie says:

    Read this review in the voice of Stefon from SNLFantasy's hottest new title is Veiled Empire This book has EVERYTHING bloodlust romance vengeance magic gods tyrants secret plots surprise twists you name itThis book slams your eyeballs into the back of your head on page one and it doesn't stop till it's over The characters are solid the world is richly but not overwhelmingly detailed and the plot lines are complicated enough to keep you on your toes but not enough to confuse you There are enough pauses for strategizing and poignant relationship moments to prevent the reader from getting actioned out but then MOAR ACTIONIf you want a face paced in your face fantasy read this is the book for you

  8. Dan Koboldt Dan Koboldt says:

    An engrossing fantasy read The empire in uestion lies beneath a shroud In two ways first the oppressive regime of the mierothi a powerful race of mages And second a physical barrier that helps them keep and consolidate their power But there's a resistance gaining momentum and chinks appear in the emperor's iron grip on the land Pros Immersive world building and lovely proseCons Not for the faint of heart The body count starts on page oneIf you enjoy grim dark fantasy in the vein of Malazan Book of the Fallen and The Grisha Trilogy this book is for you

  9. David Pomerico David Pomerico says:

    I edited this book so super biased but I truly think it's one of the best fantasy novels to cross my desk in a long long time Do yourself a favor and try it out It stands alone has a great mix of darkness and traditional sword and sorcery elements and is an incredibly well written debut

  10. Mark Wilson Mark Wilson says:

    I turned in a shorter review of this book to my library for a chance to win a prize from them even though I wanted to get reading again but I'll go in depth hereThe book started out promising The premise was a nice hook and right away I got a glimpse of how awe inspiring the world they live in is I could definitely tell there is a lot of lore that went behind this book so on that front I do commend that Nathan Garrison did his research Actually what was said about The Cataclysm The Shroud The Shelf and many other aspects about the actual Veiled Empire gave it life so I really wanted to enjoy this book Build an imaginative world and you can draw your reader in and the same can be said for interesting premisesHowever I do have to warn you as I read through this book I liked it less and less and even as I was getting near the end I was on the edge of whether or not I'd want to recommend this book Yet once I finished the last page of the epilogue my thoughts and verdicts were clear I ended up not caring for this book at all and wouldn't really recommend this book to anyone at all See although the world building was great the character development was subpar and there are a few bones I have to pick with this book When the book began I had high hopes that the characters we were given would develop into something memorable and that I'd have a reason to root for these characters That being said many of these characters felt like they were either filler or wooden maybe even both This is not the entirety of the reason but it's a good part as to why I just ended up having a hard time caring about the fates of anyone in the book I never shed a tear for anyone or anything none of the relationships meshed well with me and no one was really memorable view spoilerThere was a scene in Chapter 4 when the nurse has Voren and Rekaj bless a baby with their blood I wanna say? Regardless the only thing I took away from it is that when it was Rekaj's turn to bless the baby all I could imagine was Bagheera from The Jungle Book snorting crack cocaine No matter how you see the scene it was sickening and didn't really add anything to the characters although it did give an insight as to how the mierothi can continue to last as an empire hide spoiler

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