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Zak SEAL Team Seven #3 ❮Reading❯ ➽ Zak SEAL Team Seven #3 ➶ Author Jordan Silver – After being separated for almost two years Zak finally has his girl back and this time this ex SEAL has no intentions of letting her go again She'd ran scared because she couldn't handle his over poss After being separated for almost two years Team Seven MOBI ò Zak finally has his girl back and this time this ex SEAL has no intentions of letting her go again She'd ran scared because she couldn't handle his over possessiveness and the way she Zak SEAL PDF \ thought he wanted to rule her life but two years apart had shown her that she couldn't live without him There was just one thing a secret that could tear them apart for good You fked up royally I don’t even know SEAL Team Seven MOBI ☆ what to say to you and she isn’t mine You shoulda known he was gonna go ape shit” I was sitting in Logan and Gaby’s kitchen trying to come to terms with the scene that had just unfolded outside Yes I had expected Zak to be pissed but I hadn’t expected the look of unbridled hatred in his eyes I wasn’t sure I would ever overcome that and now he had my daughter and had locked himself away in his house I felt the disappointment from the men around me even as Gaby Dani and even little Susie hung close and tried to offer me comfort “I know you’re all mad at me but try to understand I didn’t do this to hurt him” “This is a conversation you’re gonna have to have with him We’re not gonna go against him in this and you know that I don’t know your reasons for doing what you did but I do know my brother and right now you’re fked There’s no point in me sugar coating that sit Just take a deep breath accept that you were wrong and know that he’s not gonna be satisfied until he gets his pound of flesh” “But that’s not fair” “Nessa you had his fking kid and didn’t tell him do you not know who the fk you’re dealing with here”.

About the Author: Jordan Silver

Jordan Silver is the author of than Team Seven MOBI ò steamy romance novels and novellas featuring over the top alpha males and the women who love themhttpwww eBCVXJY.

10 thoughts on “Zak SEAL Team Seven #3

  1. Stories in Review Stories in Review says:

    I did love this There is rough sex and punishment scenes so if you don't like reading that this series isn't for you Little pushpull They do have an emotional separation that lasts for like 3 days but I think he makes up for it She does forgive way too soon There was no actual rape but at one point someone wanted to rape her and get her pregnant but she wasn't ever touched Great read

  2. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    SKIPPING THIS WHOLE SERIES FOR THE SAME REASONToo much pain and punishment for me here It's not the book it's just me The sample tells me I am not the intended reader of these books Still love this author and have read most of her other books just can't do this series

  3. CC CC says:

    This series is getting worse Rather than getting a story about Zak in his own book we get a little Zak and a lot of other stuff Setting up new stories playing out the previous ones etc it all takes away from the MC I could not get a handle on this couple at all Have no idea whether I like them or hate them We barely got any background on their previous breakup Why she returned Zak went nuts and behaved in a way that I believe is too OTT and I did not think I would say that Taking about killing her and meaning it tying her to a bed for days When did she pee? What she did was horrible And I do not condone it But his reaction well that was terrible in its own special way And the kaboom that resolved it all in an instant and all was perfect? What was that?While this is a safe series and free on KU I still do not know if it is worth continuing

  4. Jennifer McGurk Finn Jennifer McGurk Finn says:

    This is the third book in the SEAL Team Seven series Zak is a retired Navy Seal who is living in a gated community in a uiet Georgia town with his six Navy brothers When Zak was still fighting overseas he had an affair with a Marine Vanessa He wanted her out of the military telling her it was too dangerous she refused left him It's now two years later Vanessa is back but she's not alone she has a daughter named Zakira Zak is beyond pissed

  5. Raine Raine says:

    I think out of all the 4 books in this series this one was the least favorite After re reading it I'm changing my rating from 3 stars to 1 The reason for this is because I think it is terrible how Zak treated Nessa after he finds out about the big secret and towards the end when another big secret is revealed she forgives him so easily I'd love it if Jordan Silver rewrote the ending and had Nessa make Zak pay a little bit before she forgives him He deserves to grovel big time

  6. Jenny Jenny says:

    Adorable baby doting alpha male daddy and sex scenes are hot as hell

  7. Ansu Ansu says:

    I seriously thought that this book will be so much better as we have a female lead who is a MARINEalas no such luckThere was no suspense here as to what Vanessa's secret was I was just taken aback by Vanessa putting up with Zak's shit She is supposed to be this super duper marine and was the best but she came across as even useless than Dani Connor's bookThe part where Zak was name calling and wanting to kill her that killed this book for me And Vanessa of course I needed her to have of a backboneSex was good though if that helpsSeeing as how JS is my favorite author I will continue reading her books maybe one day I will be surprised and get a book where the heroine actually talks

  8. Laura Butler Laura Butler says:

    Fan Freaking TasticI love all of Jordan Silver's books I have been waiting for Zak's book and it was so worth the wait Zack is nobody to mess with The last time he saw Vanessa they didn't end things well The team has alot up in the air in the last two years so he didn't keep up with her When they meet again there are alot of secrets When those secrets come to light can Zak keep it cool and can Vanessa hold on This issue such a great series and I can't wait till the rest of the team gets their happily ever after

  9. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    Wow this is a hot oneThis was a well written fast paced story A story that grabbed you from the sentence and never lets you go The tension and passion between Zak and Vanessa is off the scales It makes for numerous hot sexy timesIt is heart touching to watch these hot sexy alphas discover how to care for a toddler's needs Zamora steals the hearts of her Uncles and wraps her daddy around her little finger Ms Silver has another great book on her hands

  10. Rogelyn Nay Rogelyn Nay says:

    3 starsI could have given stars but Vanessa was such a doormat She was in the marine got captured by enemies and lived then she puts up with Zak's crap and forgave him right away And Zak the way he treated her he was an ass It's a sick twisted abusive relationship Thank goodness I got this book free I would have been angry if I paid for it

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