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The Evening Spider ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Evening Spider Author Emily Arsenault – “The evening spider made its visit some time later—when Martha was almost five months old I know Matthew saw that spider I know it was na product of my imagination”In this compelling mix of psyc “The evening spider made its visit some time later—when Martha was almost five months old I know Matthew saw that spider I know it was na product of my imagination”In this compelling mix of psychological suspense and historic true crime two young mothers— years apart—are haunted by the same house From inside a New England mental The Evening PDF/EPUB ² hospital Frances Barnett recounts the months that led to her hospitalization She believes that her pregnancy the birth of her child and the first days of motherhood may have impaired her sanity and she has come to distrust her own memories She escaped the monotony and isolation of her daughter’s early months by following a local murder trial and as her story unfolds Frances must admit that her obsession with the details of the murder was not entirely innocentPresent day Abby Bernacki has been adjusting to motherhood smoothly—until odd sensations and dreams began to unsettle her while home alone with her baby When she stumbles onto the timeworn diary of Frances Barnett Abby is surprised to see how similar their situations are But as she reaches the diary’s disturbing final pages she becomes obsessed with the idea that a supernatural influence might be inhabiting her homeWith each passing day Abby feels her own grip on reality slipping—and most troubling of all she fears for her baby’s safety.

About the Author: Emily Arsenault

I haven’t had a terribly interesting life so I won’t share too many details But the highlights include• When I was a preschooler and a kindergartner I had a lazy eye and I was Connecticut’s “Miss Prevent Blindness” appearing on pamphlets and television urging parents to get their kids’ eyes checked I wore an eye patch The Evening PDF/EPUB ² and clutched a blonde doll wearing a similar patch I imagine it was all r.

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  1. Meg Cabot Meg Cabot says:

    Fascinating true historical mystery told in diaryepistolary format interspersed with contemporary 1st person narration both about newly married women with infants living in the same house Sounds complicated but it wasn’t once I got into it then it ended up keeping me turning pages late into the night Loved loved loved how it all turned out

  2. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

    1885 Northampton Lunatic Hospital Frances Bernett is retelling her story to a visitor Frances is a young wife and a mother who started to uestion her memories and her sanity after her child was born Could her pregnancy have hurt her sanity? And her obsession with the true murder trial of Mary Stannard seems a bit oddPresent day Abby is a new mother and she has adjusted to motherhood just fine but then she starts to have odd experiences in her house It feels like there is something someone in her daughter's room and she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night hearing through the baby monitor “shh” like there is someone in there comforting her baby Through research she finds out that Frances Barnett lived in the house 125 years before Could Frances be haunting the house and if so why?The cover and the interesting blurb caught my attention and I was eagerly approaching the day I could start to read this book I love reading books with a parallel story line And this one appealed to me uite much because I love haunted house stories The blurb I read said that it was a psychological suspense and I can understand that the book has been labeled that unfortunately I never felt any suspense while reading this book But I can understand that there are readers that this book will appeal to very much I'm just a very hard reader to impress sometimes I think my main problem was that the story set in 1885 never really got interesting enough for me the diary notes about the trial and another case that France's husband was representing just never fully worked for me I did wonder about Frances growing interest for arsenic especially when she apparently had done something awful to be put in a lunatic asylum But I just never really found myself that deeply interested in Frances and her lifeI did however like Abby and reading about her struggle with coming to term if the house was haunted or not And through Abby's struggle we get to know about her and a very painful memory that she is carrying with her I think Abby slowly learning about the house revealing some info here and there about her past is what makes the book truly interestingThe ending was good especially when the truth about Frances being in a lunatic asylum was revealedWould I recommend this book? Yes just because I didn't feel that this was a thrilling psychological novel doesn't mean that other would not find it so As I wrote before; I'm very hard to impress sometimes However it was interesting to read and I think if you like reading about women in the last 1900 century and their role in society will you like this book I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through Edelweiss for an honest review Read this review and others on A Bookaholic Swede

  3. Vanessa *the Pixie Princess* Vanessa *the Pixie Princess* says:

    I won't add a book to my to read list unless it has an average rating of 39 stars or higher The exceptions are aif it's the start of a series and the ratings get better for consecutive books or b the book just sounds so interesting I just HAVE TO add it this is rare Obviously this book fell under B It just sounded so good I just had to give it a chance And it had a great cover Great cover great premise it has to be good right?Sadly no This book was NOT a thriller it was not suspenseful and it wasn't really about ghosts either It was kinda mysterious but not in an exciting way in a lets talk about the history of our small town every waking moment which is what the MC did kinda way The story was scattered with lots of past storylines being introduced which I guess was supposed to give the story depth or something It didn't work for me it just made the story harder to follow and too convoluted The book ended abruptly and left me wondering what the point was Disappointing all around

  4. Heidi Heidi says:

    Three stars An interesting read that falters with an abrupt ending and unconnected story lines Abby is a new mother living in an old house She fell in love with the uaint old home that had been in the same family for 125 years but now she isn't so sure about her house Abby has been hearing strange sounds on her daughter's baby monitor and she has the unsettling feeling that she isn't alone in her home When she starts digging Abby comes into possession of a journal written by Frances Barnett another young mother who occupied the house in the 1800s Can Frances' journal help Abby unlock the secrets of her house?What I LikedThe Evening Spider is a book that drew me in with its haunted house and history This book incorporates two view points from two young mothers living in the same home 125 years apart I also liked that it utilized a real life murder case and trial from the late 1800s If you want an interesting mystery with a ghostly twist this is a book to tryAbby's narration takes place in the current time and it drives the story however I found I was drawn to France's story that takes place in the past France's voice comes through via her journal entries and letters to her brother Frances is locked in a mental asylum and the reader isn't sure if she is a crazy unreliable narrator I liked not knowing if Frances was mentally ill and I was most curious to find out what she did to land in the asylum As her story unwound I fascinated and shocked The story incorporates a real life murder case that took place during the late 1800s Frances becomes infatuated with the trial and the reader is treated to forensics and detective work from this era I was intrigued by the scientific presentation on arsenic I liked the ghost story that takes place in the present and I was curious to see how Abby's and Frances story would tie together The combination of the ghost story and the historical murder case kept me invested And The Not So MuchI enjoyed the story right up until the ending The book ends very abruptly leaving too many story lines unexplained and I was disappointed that the author didn't do a better job connecting the story lines It didn't make sense especially regarding the whole haunting thing It wasn't completely clear as to who was haunting the house I felt like there were too many things that weren't explored in depth The book could have been so much better if the author had taken a bit time to flesh out and connect the story lines As it stands everything felt thrown together and it didn't make sense nor did it work I was very much invested in Frances' story and I was extremely frustrated with the way it ended There was a big revelation and then the book ends with a cursory explanation of what happened to Frances I wanted much I wanted a better understanding of what happened between Frances and her husband what happened to her in her later years and so on At first I liked Abby but as the book wore on I liked her less and less She is a young mother feeling a bit trapped by the burden of motherhood I thought that she was unfriendly and often times rude to the people trying to help her and I didn't like that way she treated her husband By the end of the story I didn't like her at all The author goes into lengthy descriptions regarding the infant Lucy At first it was fine but this is another thing that got annoying by the end of the book I could have done without the pages and pages of Lucy's baby behavior Instead of focusing so much on what the baby was doing the author should have been working on connecting the story linesThe Evening Spider is a book that I really wanted to love I was drawn into the story and enjoying the book but I ended up disappointed in the end The finale was abrupt and it left too many uestions and it failed to connect the story lines This read that ended up having several story lines that didn't come together and it didn't work I was hoping for so much I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review PostedRainy Day Ramblings

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This started out really creepy and then uickly became really dull

  6. Book Riot Community Book Riot Community says:

    Do you like spooky houses and historical murders and mysteries? Then this is the book for you Abby is a new mother in a big home and she thinks things are going well until she starts to develop strange sensations that seem to be tied the house In investigating the house's history she reads the diary of one of its former occupants Frances Barnett who was later an inmate at a mental institution Is the ghost of Frances behind the strange happenings? Told from the perspective of both women The Evening Spider is a delightful mystery Tune in to our weekly podcast dedicated to all things new books All The Books

  7. Michelle Will Michelle Will says:

    I had been researching my family history in 16th century connecticut and then picked up this galley that had been on my nightstand waiting for the perfect time to be read It was the perfect time Based on an actual murder trial this book consisted of many things I love a haunted house an unreliable narrator diary entries newspaper clippings meetings at a library A perfect package

  8. Talk Supe Talk Supe says:

    The Evening Spider is an engaging read I loved a lot of its parts the mystery pertaining to several old court cases; Frances' psychotic break; Abby's pending breakdown; a haunting; a dead woman's journal; actual court documents; the novel told from two different perspectives from two different lifetimes This is fascinating read for sureBut the sum of all its parts left me frowning Frances seems to be a huge catalyst to Abby's own issues But that became evident towards the end So there are actually three storylines here and it didn't intersect well IMO Not to mention the lack of closure on Abby's part The mystery regarding Frances was concluded well but what of Abby? Her ghosts wasn't laid to rest and there's a lot of things implied that didn't have much clarity for me to at least imagine a good resolution for

  9. Diana • Book of Secrets Diana • Book of Secrets says:

    I enjoyed this book very much I’ve read a couple of Emily Arsenault’s books and her characters are always complex and relatable especially the two women in THE EVENING SPIDER It combines true crime from the 1800s with a modern day ghost story There are two young mothers living in the same house than a century apart a secret diary a grizzly murder and troubled ghosts trying to make contact I loved the spooky Gothic atmosphere and trying to figure out who was doing the haunting and what became of the characters who originally lived in the house I liked the ending The author doesn’t come right out and say who the restless spirits are but she gives enough clues to where I was satisfied Makes you think Great book 45 stars

  10. Marcia Marcia says:

    Somewhat disappointingan unresolved sort of ghost story and what felt like a very abrupt ending

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