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Consider [Download] ➾ Consider Author Kristy Acevedo – As if Alexandra Lucas’ anxiety disorder isn’t enough mysterious holograms suddenly appear from the sky heralding the end of the world They bring an ultimatum heed the warning and step through a po As if Alexandra Lucas’ anxiety disorder isn’t enough mysterious holograms suddenly appear from the sky heralding the end of the world They bring an ultimatum heed the warning and step through a portal like vertex to safety or stay and be destroyed by a comet they say is on a collision course with earth How’s that for senior year stressThe holograms claiming to be humans from the future bring the promise of safety But without the ability to verify their story Alex is forced to Consider what is best for her friends her family and herselfTo stay or to go A decision must be madeWith the deadline of the holograms’ prophecy fast approaching Alex feels as though she is living on a ticking time bomb until she discovers it is much much worseFinalist of the Philip K Dick Award for science fiction Winner of the PEN New England Susan P Bloom Children's Book Discovery Award.

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  1. Kristy Acevedo Kristy Acevedo says:

    Greatest book EVERI may be biasedI hope you enjoy it Kristy Acevedo the authorUpdate Woohoo School Library Journal gave CONSIDER a starred review VERDICT Order multiple copies of this must have is one of Barnes Noble Teen 13 Top Anticipated YA sci fi of 2016

  2. Michelle Morrell Michelle Morrell says:

    The world is stunned when portals and holograms appear claiming the earth is going to be destroyed by a comet Told there is no hope but to step through into an alternate future who will choose the unknown over the prophesied? As society starts to close down the answer is suddenly not so clear anyOne of the Phillip K Dick award nominees for 2017 this is definitely a YA book with a protagonist as concerned with her friends and romance as she is with the end of the world But still it was smart and there were plenty of big ideas and sciency scenarios to cement its place with the big kids And the ending really did surprise me even though it fit well with the motivations of the main character setup and plot My one complaint was the heavy handed way we were shown the main character's anxiety By the 15th mention and Ativan popped I got it But then she meets with one good psychiatrist and it suddenly disappeared 1 Those pills are linked to Alzheimer's stop making them seem like a miracle and 2 someone with that level of severe anxiety is not going to have such an extreme turn around in the space of a couple of weeksStill a solid contender and a cerebral notch above typical YA fare I'm happy to see the range in this year's nominees

  3. Laura Laura says:

    Kristy Acevedo’s debut novel for young adults is a taut sci fi thriller featuring a uniue concept and a complex protagonist Consider Book 1 of The Holo Series is garnering much attention and has already won the 2015 PEN New England Susan P Bloom Children’s Book Discovery Award and has been named to Barnes and Nobles’ “13 Most Anticipated Science Fiction YAs of 2016”Measured pacing captivating relationships and unexpected plot turns make Consider an exciting debut And the breathtaking conclusion will leave you yearning for the second book Contribute to be published ASAP Lucky for you it is slated to be published in January 2017

  4. Jamie (Books and Ladders) Jamie (Books and Ladders) says:

    Actual Rating 45 Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWith the synopsis and the holograms telling everyone to make a choice I spent the whole novel weighing my options Which made it a really fun and engaging read for me I put myself into Alex's shoes and thought What would I do in this situation? At the end when it was do or die I had made the decision to stay When you read the book you should try this and see which decision is the right one To stay or to go Let's start with our MC Alex I really liked her She felt so real and made so many brave and great decisions throughout the novel I liked being inside her mind and seeing her anxiety disorder up close and personal although I would warn anyone who suffers from anxiety to be cautious because some of her attacks are described so well that I found myself starting to have panic attacks of my own So just a head's up on that one But the descriptions and the portrayal was so accurate and that was so important to me It was one of the main reasons I wanted to pick this one up tbh And it did not disappoint on that front I think what I liked most about this one is that while it is a Science Fiction novel it is almost a pre Science Fiction novel almost all the events in this novel take place before the actual main event which is the ending So it was interesting to see the sort of pack mentality that cropped up in the people of the world as it came closer to the deadline I think this was it's strongest point though I think one of the biggest problems in YA Science Fiction is that we don't get to see characters think about the decisions they make they just make them and live with the conseuences In this one we get to see Alex weigh her options before and after making her decision and having to live with the conseuences every time she made a decision And I think as time went on I felt and connected to Alex It was almost as though I adopted her personality and thinking as my own I even started chipping at my nail polish Why I just painted them today Acevedo really brings her characters to life in this one I liked the side characters as well They all had their own stories arcs and decisions to make And while Alex's decisions impacted their lives it didn't stop them from doing what they thought was best for themselves I liked that as each character made a decision it made Alex reevaluate what she believed in But I also really liked that she stood firm in her beliefs no matter what others said to her I do think some of them were a tad bit self destructive but we all make decisions like that sometimes My only tiny little complaint was that Alex started going for counselling and it was helping but then that plotline kinda got dropped I know that Alex says her counsellor probably jumped ship but it seems like it had some potential to go some place and then was sort of forgotten And I think I liked this arc so much because it was positive about therapy Therapy isn't always a nightmare and while some people don't get help from it lots of people do And I just kinda wish it had been expanded on a bit or at least acknowledged a bit Overall I highly highly highly recommend this one It has a great MC who is strong even though she has a mental disorder And it has holograms And people being idiots but being called out for it And it shows you legit what would happen if we had time to make a decision about staying or leaving And this can transfer into any aspect of your life really If you have a choice to make you have to consider your options And THAT ENDING OMG It was something I really should have seen coming but I was blindsided by it and LOVED IT ALL AT THE SAME TIME I'm so glad I don't have to wait too long for the next book to come out but until then Pick up CONSIDER on April 19th friendsBooks and Ladders | ueen of the Bookshelves | Books Are My Fandom | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin'

  5. Mia Siegert Mia Siegert says:

    I was able to read an e ARC as Kristy is one of my JFP buddies I'm not sure what to say about CONSIDER in the sense of where to begin where to end the thoughts in the middle I suppose that's appropriate for a book that will have a seuel As well as a disclaimer I'm not big on SFF so this comes from the perspective of a writerreader who takes things very literally So in typical me fashion I'll stick with the standouts The descriptions of anxiety attacks in particular though out of context crude bathroom emergencies were extremely well done and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading them Perhaps this was because it was something many people would be able to empathize with By far these descriptions were what made the book for me A few times I'd lose my breath because of the fear Alex's relationship with Dominick was really lovely as is her friendship with Rita I was particularly fond of Rita The description of a military family who suffers the dysfunction that accompanies PTSD is palpable and something that probably many people will be able to identify withWhile I did predict the ending that's something that usually happens with me It was clever tying into the themes of the novel and I'm sure a lot of people will have a OMG moment As I'm not a particularly huge SFF fan I was unable to follow most of the references I suspect people who enjoy the genre really will be delighted by the winks and nods Congrats on your debut Kristy Happy to be publishing buddies with you

  6. Peri June Peri June says:

    I loved this book so muchThe main character Alexandra suffers from anxiety Something I relate to a little too well Trying to make it as an author makes my anxiety worse but in an ironic twist writing and getting lost in a character's head makes it better How's that for tricky? But I digress Back to the bookAlexandra's anxiety is exacerbated when giant holograms appear in the sky proclaiming that a comet will obliterate Earth in just a few months Oops Bye bye everyone Of course the world is frantic to destroy the comet before it reaches Earth But the holos offer an alternative Humans are welcome to step through the vertexes to save themselvesHumanity pauses Should they abandon Earth to save themselves? Or should they attempt to save the planet?Everyone has a different opinion Alexandra her boyfriend and her family all disagree on what should be done as does the rest of the world population Resources diminish banks close people uit their jobs After all what's the point of anything when the whole world will be blown to smithereens in a few short months?I loved the romantic relationship between Alexandra and Dominick But the best aspect of the book was the sci fi Disaster has a way of bringing out the best or the worst in people Some become animals while others show just how HUMAN they really are I loved how the author weaved that throughout the story She kept me guessing till the final page I NEVER saw that ending comingJuly can't come fast enough so I can get my hands on the final book

  7. Rikke Rikke says:

    I really liked the ending Probably even enough for me to want to read the seuel I liked the idea of the story too And I liked the choice of a main character with anxiety disorder Yet I didn't like her all that much possibly because it's a first person narrative Also I felt the story dragged than I would have expected Still the seuel might be awesome I'll definitely be keeping an open mind if I get to read it

  8. Zyra Zyra says:

    I actually wanted to know about this alien holograms of this not actually focus on teenage anxiety girl

  9. Jenny Baker Jenny Baker says:

    Update 6 26 17 Only 99 on Kindle today

  10. i. i. says:

    This book surprised me and I am not easily surprised I was expecting another sci fiinsta love YA novel and I found a very well written book about pulling oneself together and making tough decisionsThe ending took me aback ; I could have predicted it but I was too worried about the characters to even think about itIt is a science fiction novel but that's not the most important part of the plotIt is in fact the most realistic sci fi book I've read lately because the author focuses on human behaviour much than on fiction and actionKristy Acevedo has done a briliant job and this is her debut novel I just can't wait for the next oneI would strongly recommend this novel to YA fans sci fi fans and the kind of people who always wonder what ifwwwtheleisurediariesblogspotcom

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