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The Girl in the Well Is Me ❮Download❯ ➺ The Girl in the Well Is Me Author Karen Rivers – Longing to be one of the popular girls in her new town Kammie Summers has fallen into a well during a fake initiation into their club Now Kammie’s trapped in the dark counting the hours waiting to b Longing in the Well Is ePUB ½ to be one of the popular girls in the PDF/EPUB Â in her new town Kammie Summers has fallen into a well during a fake initiation into their club Now Kammie’s trapped in the dark counting the hours waiting to be rescued The Girls have gone for help haven’t theyAs hours The Girl PDF \ pass Kammie’s real life predicament mixes with memories of the best and worst moments of her life so far including the awful reasons her family moved to this new town in the first place And as she begins Girl in the Well Is MOBI :↠ to feel hungry and thirsty and light headed Kammie starts to Girl in the Epub Ú imagine she has company including a French speaking coyote and goats that just might be zombiesKaren Rivers has created a uniue narrator with an authentic sympathetic sharp funny voice who will have readers laughing and crying and laugh crying over the course of physically and emotionally suspenseful utterly believable Girl in the Well Is MOBI :↠ events.

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  1. Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm says:

    Honestly it was the title that really got me interested in this book I thought this was kind of like a dystopia or steampunk or mystery with those titles that begin with The Girl The Girl in Iron Corset or The Girl On the Train or The Girl Who Kicked My Butt okay the last one doesn't exist The Girl in the Well Is Me is mysterious indeed but the topic dwells on a lot of matter including bullies hallucinations and zombies? Kammie fell down a well after three bullies Sandy Mandy Kandy told her to stand on top of it believing that this was part of the girls' initiation so she could join their cliue Down the well random thoughts filled her mind like her father's incarceration her mom and brother's struggles as they moved into a new town her desire to be accepted by the community starting with the Mean Girls all the while shouting for help as the air inside the well depletes Hallucinations about goats and zombies filled her mind as well and I the reader is left guessing whether she'd be rescued or be left to die This book is dark and imploring two factors I never thought would jive in a children's book Countless times I asked why aren't there any rescuers trying to save little Kammie in the well? And countless times I wondered if I am reading about Kammie's present dilemma or reading her thoughts about her past or present company I literally got lost in the book because of the tenses used It was rather confusing reading what's happening around Kammie and then suddenly we're taken to another time in the past I would have preferred it if there had been a prelude per chapter or something like that But overall I loved the story It made me cry a bit made me deliriously angry with the three stupid mean girl and made me wish I was there to comfort the girl in the well I loved her resilience her positive demeanor and most especially her deeply profound and penetrating thoughts If I were the one there in the well I think I'd end up with tears in my eyes face red and voice hoarse from shouting Karen Rivers writing was uniue and promising I think her novel offers so much than what's on the surface Readers will be able to relate and connect with the character and that's what really is important One thing for sure though This book is clearly imaginativeNOTE I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  2. Ahmed Ejaz Ahmed Ejaz says:

    I try not to panic The first thing everyone says to do in emergencies—earthuakes or house fires or if say you fall down an abandoned well out in the wasteland behind town—is to stay calm I had really high hopes for this book But I couldn't get anything out of it except for boredom Feeling very sorry that it couldn't work for me

  3. Laura Nowlin Laura Nowlin says:

    There are few perfect things in this worldThis book is one of themI picked up this book a little after midnight looking for an insomnia cure I'd forgotten that the reason I'd gotten the book in the first place was because the blurb on the cover from the legendary KA Applegate I dare you to pick up this riveting novel without reading straight through to it's heart stopping conclusion I finished it at 3amRivers has created a story that is suspenseful insightful heartbreaking and thankfully hilarious If Kammie was not such and funny character this book would be unreadable; it be just too intense for children and even adults This novel deserves the 2016 Newbery Award Brava Rivers BRAVA

  4. Short Reviews Short Reviews says:

    I wasn't moved throughout this entire book In fact the only thing I felt was boredom I guess it sort of picked up towards the end but at that point I was far too sick of the main character's rambling that I sped read through it

  5. Caryn Caryn says:

    Has some important middle grade themes like bullying Overall it was a dark read especially given the grade level But I really liked the protagonist's voice and appreciated her view of the world

  6. Marathon County Public Library Marathon County Public Library says:

    Being the new kid in town eleven year old Kammie Summer is perhaps just trying to impress the popular girls at her new school when she accepts their dare and ends up in a deep abandoned well It’s wet smelly cold dark and scary and it hurts being cramped in there with her arms and body wedged against the sides of the well Where are her so called new friends? They don’t even appear to be eager to try to rescue her if they are even still there Will she live or die and why did she do it anyway? Our likable narrator has a lot of time to examine her life so far and discover what is most important in this compelling novel for tweens Sharyn H Marathon County Public Library Find this book in our library catalog

  7. Camillia (Twenty Three Pages) Camillia (Twenty Three Pages) says:

    Originally Posted This book was given to me to read and review by the publishers but all opinions are mineThis was honestly such a uniue and refreshing book I mean how often do you get to hear the life story of a girl who is literally stuck in an actual well in the middle of Nowheresville? Not often that's for surePlotSo okay let's start with the plot I loved the plot I loved how fast paced it was and I thought it was very cute The book was a little crazy though in that it jumped all over the place and was a little odd at some points but I actually found that to be uite okayI think a lot of readers thought that the book was a bit too jumpy but in my point of view she could barely breathe She was about to die Cut the girl some slackCharactersKammieI'm just going to talk about Kammie in this review because in my head she was the only relevant character Everyone else was secondary So I loved Kammie I thought she was an extremely well developed character I especially loved the fact that she was mature yet not mature enough that she started to act older then she actually was You get what I mean right? I also really loved that her stream of consciousness was all over the place I really enjoyed hearing about everything that was going through her head while she was stuck even if that meant that I had to hear about phantom zombie goats at the bottom of the well I loved it because it was honest I mean it just had this element of authenticity you know?Like no one thinks coherently Everybody has spaghetti thoughts Thoughts that are messy and jumbled and that never have direction But I've never read a book that showed that human side of the brain if you willOverallOverall I really enjoyed this book It made me angry and sad and happy and I really enjoyed the rollercoaster I don't have much to say about it because its not really a book that you can summarise and trivialise It's the kind of book that you just really have to experience But I can say that you won't regret it if you pick it up when it gets published

  8. Suze Lavender Suze Lavender says:

    Kammie and her family moved to a new town and Kammie is doing her best to be part of the group of popular girls at school It seems to be going well until the initiation process Kammie discovers they didn't really plan to make her part of their group and set her up She is now stuck in a well and she isn't even sure the girls are looking for help to get her out of it again While she's being on her own for hours Kammie thinks about the recent changes in her life and the awful time before the move She's alone in the dark without knowing if someone will come for her and Kammie feels lightheaded thirsty and famished and to make matters worse she thinks something is hungry for her Will she be rescued on time? The Girl in the Well Is Me is a beautiful heartbreaking story Kammie's family moved because of something her father has done While Kammie was used to having a lot of friends she has to start over at a new school and that isn't easy especially since she finds out how mean the popular girls actually are the hard way I had tears in my eyes when I read about her predicament but Kammie is strong and she doesn't give up easily I loved her from the start she's a sweet girl with too much on her plate and at a young age she's already learned so much about life That was interesting but at the same time very difficult to read about Kammie is being bullied and she's lonely but she doesn't despair which is uite admirable Even though being in a well is scary she acknowledges she's afraid and tries to distract herself which makes her incredibly brave She's a fabulous heroine for a book because she is such a versatile and sympathetic person Not every child has it easy and The Girl in the Well Is Me is an example of that It's an honest emotional story with plenty of sadness but also hope Karen Rivers has a wonderful descriptive writing style it's both vivid and smooth Most of the story is set in the same space the well and she's cleverly managed to turn this small confined location into something really big with unlimited possibilities It's never gruesome but it is a bit creepy and it definitely made my imagination run wild Karen Rivers is a creative writer with a great imagination and I loved this amazing nerve racking story

  9. Quirks Quirks says:

    Wow I'm not sure what to say here I'm still a bit caught up in the story It was very captivatingBut yeah I'm gonna give my head a good shake and organize my thoughts Or at least try to Here goes nothingThis was a really short read Took me about 4 5 hours and I'm not even a fast reader It was a very easy to read book with a likable protagonist The pace was also good despite the fact that you might feel that it's dragging at time All that dragging is part of getting to know Kammie and how she ended up in the wellThere were a lot of things that led up to it and you'd be surprized by many of the things that happened in Kammie's life It makes her even admirable She's an incerdibly strong girl not for falling in a well She was plenty strong before But the resiliance and optimism she showed in the well was amazingI thing the narrative is the most important part of this book You see it takes place in a very short period of time and if it weren't for the humourous imaginative and interesting narrative finishing the book would have been a chore short book or notBut Kammie's perpective was so great and getting to know her family and her life was interesting because of her She made you feel connectedSome might complain that since it's pretty onvious Kammie isn't going to die in the well it takes away from the story It doesn't; not in the least This story wasn't really about the well It was about what happened before it how it and the well affected her and the changes that were brought in her It was about the person she would becomeAnd in that department the character development one the book excelled Kammie realized so many things in that well and though so much about her life her family and what she wanted She discovered herself while stuck in a well and beyond dazedOverall this book was a short sweet and yet deep book with a great protagonist I loved itPS I know I didn't give a reason for not giving it 5 stars I do have one but I strangely don't want to write it I don't want to write anything bad about this book I recieved an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

  10. Julia Julia says:

    One of the best books I have read this year From start to finish Powerful

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