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Batgirl Vol. 1: Silent Knight ☆ Batgirl Vol. 1: Silent Knight PDF / Epub ✩ Author Kelley Puckett – Cassandra Cain is a fighter like no other At only 17 the teenage assassin takes down enemies three times her size without batting an eye But her incredible skills come at a cost unable to speak or wri Cassandra Cain is a fighter like no other 1: Silent PDF Æ At only the teenage assassin takes down enemies three times her size without batting Batgirl Vol. PDF/EPUB ² an eye But her incredible skills come at a cost unable to speak or write Cassandra instead reads body language as naturally as breathing Vol. 1: Silent PDF Ë an ability that makes her even deadlierAfter Batman witnesses her save the life of Commissioner Gordon during the events of No Man’s Land the Dark Knight sees in Cassandra the successor to the Batgirl name Now under the tutelage of Barbara Gordon the original Batgirl herself Cassandra Cain must find a new purpose and make amends for her violent pastBut can someone who was born to kill ever be worthy to take up the cowl of a fallen legendCollects BATGIRL and BATGIRL ANNUAL .

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  1. Amanja Amanja says:

    This is the spoiler free review for the entire run of Batgirl as written by Kelley Puckett and starring Cassandra Cain as Batgirl If you would like to read the spoiler full review please visit am disappointed in this run as a whole As is far too often the case an interesting character gets diluted to be just like every other character you see over and over again It's frustrating This run of Batgirl started out with a lot of promise Cassandra Cain is being trained by Batman and Oracle to be the new Batgirl She was raised to be an assassin by super bad guy Cain He raised her without language or any other distractions from fighting and killingSince she was raised with zero human communication she is mute and has a very difficult time getting along with fellow humans That's interesting I haven't seen this character before Give me Well you'll get that character for 3 whole issues before everyone wussed out and found a super lame way to give her the power of communication It's so lame Just all of a sudden she comes across some random guy who happens to be able to to re wire her brain to give her language but is unable to turn it back He does this all without her permission and of course giving her language wrecks her fighting skillsWho the heck is this guy who thinks it's his place to go around changing people's brain patterns like he knows what's best? Doesn't matter apparently because he only shows up to ruin the only thing that made Cassandra Cain stand out in overcrowded Gotham City The rest of volume 1 still had some promise so I remained hopeful that it could turn around by the end Short story it doesn't It gets worse and worse as it goes along and by the end I didn't even know what was happening anyAs with many comic books this one assumes that you have a lot of previous knowledge Good luck with deciphering several issues if you're unfamiliar with Stephanie Brown I barely know who she is and those issues got very confusing for me As well as several weird mystery plots that came out of nowhere and then got solved just as uicklyAlso for some reason ancient Rome gets into the mixI honestly don't know why this bothers me so much but it does Why does Rome need to be involved in anything in Gotham? This book certainly doesn't explain it very well so I still don't have an answer for that uestionI would love to see this run finished in a totally different way Keep the initial 3 issues keep the premise but change the rest Keep Cassandra Cain interestingBy the end of this one she's just another mask in the Bat Clan

  2. James DeSantis James DeSantis says:

    I love 90's art Fuck you if you don't Kidding I know most dislike 90's stuff in general in the comic world Especially the art which is just big muscled guys and ass shots on the women Still something about the cartoony feel makes me just love it soooo much So this volume is 300 pages of Batgirl Not Barb but Cassandra Cain Right off the bat no pun intended I really dug this character She barely speaks she's a trained assassin and fights like a motherfucking badass Think Damien Wayne but not as much back talk Also her costume is on f'ing point I love it so much So through the issues we see her begin her days as Batgirl Batman follows her around trying to harness her skills and throughout you see the mentor situation which is always a highlight for me with Batman and his underlings Another great part about this volume is she doesn't always win the situations She loses fights she loses people and it makes this character grow in unexpected ways througout the first volume I was surprised how much I grew to really love her as Batgirl Should you check this out? Well it's 10 bucks for 300 pages of awesome 90's funness I'd say YES very much so Hope you enjoy it as much as I did

  3. L. McCoy L. McCoy says:

    SUPER FAST REVIEWI’m not sure if I consider this book bad ass or ridiculousSo this ain’t Barbara Gordon Batgirl she’s still in a wheelchair here This is Cassandra Cain who was trained to be a super killer so much so that the language part of her brain was replaced with fighting skills see what I mean by not sure if ridiculous or bad ass but she doesn’t kill she’s just a slightly grittier though not super over the top Bat family memberSo this book has some very high uality art and fast paced action scenes throughout The story itself though is really nothing great it’s very standard DC which isn’t bad but don’t expect anything particularly extraordinary I honestly didn’t care about the characters as much as I probably should have There are a few kinda lame parts including the end of this bookOverall it’s not bad but don’t expect greatness It’s really in the “eh it’s fun I guess” category I’ll add book 2 to my reading list but ain’t really recommending it to anybody35

  4. Brandon St Mark Brandon St Mark says:

    You can definitely tell comics have change a good bit since this was originally published It's not bad by any means just different to what I'm used toI like Cassandra a lot so I had fun reading this but the plot was a little scattered I didn't care much for the annual included in this tradeI don't have much else to say really The art could be weird sometimes but I think that's just because the art style is different now for DC I like Cassandra's costume a lot tho

  5. Batastrophe Batastrophe says:

    Ever since I started reading Batfam comics I've been hearing all about Cassandra Cain but I've never actually read anything starring her before So I made a special effort to find a copy of her first trade and I'm very glad I did I uite enjoyed Silent Knight and there are only a couple things I can really complain about in it Most of it was a really great tightly told story with great characters and themes throughout which is really the #1 thing I want from a tradeWhen the book begins Batman has already brought the new Batgirl into the fold Despite the fact that she can't speak and Batman doesn't even know her real name yet she's already shown both her dedication and her prowess at fighting so she gets her turn to don the cowl Throughout the book both Batman and Oracle are working to train her not only in the fighting arts but also in the realms of interpersonal interaction Cass was raised without ever being exposed to language and as a result she can't speak read or understand most words but she has a high level understanding of body language and communicates and understands others through actions Cass bears a strong resemblance to Bruce himself and it's even pointed out a few times in the bookBut what's most interesting to me is how although both of them are very direct and action oriented both of them also don't tend to show much emotion despite having very deep emotions under the surface But because of Cass's unusual way of communicating there are a few very interesting moments when these emotional barriers very suddenly come down through non verbal communication It's an interesting side of Cass but it's also a really interesting side of Batman that I really enjoyed seeingIt was kind of great to see Batman so relatively expressive even if it was reluctant accidental and briefThe main highlight is Cass's growth as a character especially her struggles with her speech and her past which are tangled together in so many ways that they're really inseparable We also have a storyline where Batman himself has to come to terms with Cass's past and learn to accept who she wants to be rather than who she was What's especially interesting to me is how the writing reflects the content It's an emotional journey for all involved but the writing isn't overly emotive; rather everything is perfectly understated letting events and actions speak for themselves Puckett strikes exactly the right chord allowing the book to express itself in a way that perfectly reflects its main characterThe plot isn't very complicated the book is about Cass's personal journey than any large overarching plot or villain We do have the figure of David Cain as a villain but all his crimes are in the past and as such it's really just the memory of him and the repercussions of his past actions that both Batgirl and Batman need to overcome Lady Shiva also makes an appearance but very similarly she doesn't really act as a villain but stands in as a physical representation of a personal obstacle Batgirl needs to overcome view spoilerOnce Batgirl gains the ability to speak and understand words through a psychic intervention she also loses her ability to read people's bodies Her inability to defeat Lady Shiva really represents her struggles with the loss of her former abilities and her struggle to gain them back Why Shiva is even in Gotham isn't even clearly explained; rather she's just there both as a way of representing Cass's struggle to regain what was a lost and as a means to regain it hide spoiler

  6. Anna Anna says:

    I like the story in this with Barbara coming to terms with being a mentor and Cassandra trying to atone for past bloodshed It was hard to connect to Cass though with her being such a weird mix of adult assassin and innocent child I'll be reading the next volume but I think I like Stephanie Brown better

  7. Chelsea & Chelsea & says:

    This is written and drawn in a way that makes it super easy to see how this would look on screen The action seuences and each panel made this one of the most entertaining and interesting books I've ever read And Cassandra I am adopting her It'd be easier to name which members of the Batfam I don't want to adopt than which ones I do because they're all special in their own way In a way her origin reminded me of Elektra's in Daredevil season 2 I felt sorry for her because what kind of monster trains someone from infancy to be a killer The most important aspect of her character to me is that she chose to not kill people She chose to stop and that makes her a hero Regardless of what Cain tried to make her into she chose to save people instead Watching Bruce train her was a little painful Not just when she's losing but when he's blaming her for not being good enough or starting to look into her past I got a huge kick out of him kicking David Cain's ass though Well deserved beatdown that was Cassandra and Babs' relationship was great to see She seems to be the only one desiring to see Cassandra's humanity and treats her like a person first I wish we'd gotten on how she felt about Alfred and David Cain The scenes between her and Shiva were probably my favorites There's such an interesting dynamic there and I hope we get of that later The art was okay Not my favorite but you get a feel for the motions in each action scene For a book where the main character rarely speaks we still got to know uite a lot about who Cassandra is I really enjoyed this and I can't wait for the next book

  8. Chad Chad says:

    Contains the first year of Cassandra Cain as Batgirl stories This incarnation of Batgirl was raised from birth to be an assassin She was not taught language so that she could read body language to anticipate an opponent's moves As a young girl she was sent on her first assassination and couldn't do it She's been on the run ever since until she met Batman and become the new Batgirl with Barbara Gordon as her mentor It's an interesting take on the character and I really enjoyed this book Damian Scott's are is hit and miss He has a dynamic art style but his facial features drive me nuts at times

  9. John Yelverton John Yelverton says:

    It was a good book I will not pretend that it was not That being said I despise the very concept of Cassandra Cain being the new Batgirl and I feel that this was one of the low points in DC Comics history

  10. Kay Kay says:

    Loved everything about this except for the very first issue #1 which was choppy and jumpy and all over the placebut we can ignore that with an overall great bookI love Batman's adoption of Batgirl He pushes her and monitors her and he knows she has a lot to work throughand a lot of work to do Out of all of Batman's proteges he thinks she needs it as much as he does and I kind of love that he's trying to help her in the only way he knows how by being Batman of courseI loved the story of the good samaritan John Robinson Cass's loss is so acute She wins some as Batgirl and she loses a lot I've never seen a Batkid so bruised and beaten in one bookI love the language concept her inability to speak understand spoken language and I thought it was so interesting to see her be gifted with it by a Meta Once that happens I loved reading her inner monologue She's even a little funny But mostly she has so much goddam heart 3Lady Shiva was an awesome baddy here Plus I'm sure we all loved the pearls in the pool of blood panelsAnd David Cain was also a great recurring character I loved the issue where he tracks down his tapes Every interaction with him and Batman was A I kind of love Batman the most when he's fallible And also when he kicks ass lolI really didn't mind the 90's art at all; it has its place Except for the recurring closeup of a dead slack jawed and wide eyes corpse in every issue It was a little much stylisticallyI also did not like the Annual at the end The story was fine and interesting about India and the casts but the art was rough and the writing was less than awesome The story switches perspectives mid way from a general Batman story to all of a sudden Aruna Ramanan's story with her narratingmonologing So 45 for an awesome Batgirl book

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