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  1. C.T. Phipps C.T. Phipps says:

    HARD LUCK HANK SUCK MY COSMOS is the fourth novel in the Hard Luck Hank series The series changes every volume with the station of Belvaille going through a variety of social and economic changes In this volume Hank's efforts in the previous books have paid huge dividends and it's gone from being Mos Eisley to a combination of Manhattan Vegas and Dubai Hank can barely afford to to live on the station now and only manages to do so by doing the odd favor for the city's upper classIn this volume Hank takes on a contract for a beautiful femme fatale who ISN'T Garm who hires him to investigate her husband for adultery Hank fails this mission in a spectacular fashion when an hour later he witnesses her husband getting blown up by two men who look exactly like him Hank is soon hired to find the killer except for the fact the wife is the most obvious suspect but discovers he's paid by the hour with the city council not really all that concerned if he ever does solve it So summarizing Hank's character in a single act Hank decides to milk it for as much money as possible by doing nothingThis is a real return to form for the series as while I didn't much care for the previous volume I felt this was hilarious Hank dealing with the super rich and famous is a new area for the series to go I also love how it's a non mystery as no one cares about the crime not even Hank There's great moments spread throughout the story ranging from Hank accidentally ticking off a group of female ninjas who can't hurt him Hank's horror at the realization he's dating the granddaughter of one of his old flames and the final action filled climaxI have to say the best part of the book though is the addition of Hank's robot butler Cliston Hank is such a delightfully thuggish persona that the addition of a C 3PO like character except infinitely capable plays off of him well The fact Cliston is a Dredel Led Hank's archnemesis race also helps matters because Hank is too lazy to care about his origins Cliston will make a gentleman's gentleman out of Hank if it kills him Hank that is or at least his bank accountI actually had a lot of fun with the mystery itself as the stakes are significantly lower for Suck my Cosmos than previous books This is just about the murder of someone no one cares about and how the case just won't die due to Garm insisting on solving it as a matter of professional pride There's a military coup in the works but the fact no one actually cares about the aristocracy also makes it delightfully off beat It's a non mystery and that is perfect for a deconstructionalist take on sci fi like the series excels atThe Hard Luck Hank series is full of action humor and great characters While I don't think Hank Garm and Delova are enough to sustain the series by themselves Cliston is an excellent addition to the cast and helps balance them out If they can add some permanent characters to the cast then this book series could last forever The switch to high class rather than low class is something which doesn't fit Hank but works well as a one offIn conclusion this is another book which is worth reading if you're a fan of the series You could actually pick up any of the Hard Luck Hank books and they'd be as entertaining as hell but this works best if you've read the previous volumes910

  2. Amyiw Amyiw says:

    4 12I'm bumping it up because I laughed a lot This was really fun and the characters his butler Delovo Garme Hank they were just great Still the ending left a bit to be desired as there was no answer It wasn't a cliffhanger just that there was no answer There didn't really need to be and maybe by default we understand who it was It was very fun

  3. Jen Evans Jen Evans says:

    Liked this better than 3 I listen to these books whenever I'm working on the house so they are a great way to keep me entertained while painting

  4. Wes Wes says:

    Hank continues to make me laughThe HLH stories have always been sort of a guilty pleasure for me when I want a light and funny read Although I usually give them 5 stars I have this one 4 only because I didn't laugh hard enough to wake my wife up from sleep lol Anyway looking forward to reading the next installment Keep up the good work

  5. Justin LeCheminant Justin LeCheminant says:

    This is the 4th book in the hard luck Hank series I didn't think there would be another one after the third so I was pleasantly surprised to see this pop up in my list I've generally enjoyed all of these books However I feel this one wasn't the strongest of the series Hanks is still Hank and his cast of characters are all there and they progress and develop but the story wasn't as strong Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed it but I found myself not nearly as engrossed as I was before If you're a fan of this series pick it up if you haven't read any of these books before you can still enjoy it but I would start with the first book and if you like read the second and third and possibly skip this one

  6. Reader73 Reader73 says:

    Having lots of fun with this series

  7. Bryan M Bryan M says:

    The Hank books are always fun Some of the best interactions in the book take place between Hank and Delovoa and they usually make me laugh which gets me weird looks at workI've read all of these books and they've never let me down The one gripe I have about them if I just have to have one is that Hank never advances I get that the bumbling incompetent nature of the protagonist is part of his charm but he can remain incompetent while still developing and evolving Protip You can make your character better and still have him in over his head by giving him difficult circumstancesobstacles

  8. Shawn Dvorak Shawn Dvorak says:

    A centuries old bullet proof mutant Hank is a celebrated figure on the Bellvaille space station where he's spent most of his life He's seen many changes come to Bellvaille and in the latest incarnation the space station has turned into a center of civilization after a galaxy wide civil war In place of gang kingpins the rulers of Bellvaille are now aristocrats who flocked to Bellvaille Hank has to walk a fine line between the aristocrats and the large criminal population who still remain It's unclear which group will turn out to be deadly

  9. Joel Joel says:

    After being a little iffy on Hank #3 I was delighted to find that Hank #4 really sucked me in and held me captive Things have changed again on the space station and Hank is now a working man in a world of rich and richer He finds himself trying to be an investigator when it seems that everyone around him would rather he didn't There are beautiful women strange thugs explosions and lots of weird story corners that make sense than not It's a lot of fun and leads directly into book 5 More or less

  10. Joe Burke Joe Burke says:

    They aren't high literature but I enjoy them The stories ramble around uite a bit but I like Hank and the people he deals with

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Hard Luck Hank Suck My Cosmos [Download] ➾ Hard Luck Hank Suck My Cosmos Author Steven Campbell – Thomashillier.co.uk Life is tough on the space station Belvaille Not for the aristocratic nobles that call it home but for the poor slobs like Hank Hank is considered a celebrated cutthroat and the oldest living person i Life is tough on the Hank Suck PDF/EPUB ç space station Belvaille Not for the aristocratic nobles that call it home but for the poor slobs like Hank Hank is considered Hard Luck PDF/EPUB ² a celebrated cutthroat and the oldest living person in the city His occupation is to be hired muscle for those people who don't want to get their hands Luck Hank Suck PDF/EPUB ç dirty but still want dirty things done He possesses a mutation that allows him to be bulletproof and weigh thousands of pounds two helpful traits in his line of work When the wife a City Councilman approaches him about spying on her husband Hank worries he's flying too close to the flames for safety When the husband is assassinated he's sure of it Hank has to keep himself from getting framed for the murder while he finds himself increasingly manipulated by increasingly powerful people as the machinations of the City Council start to spill into his daily life NOTE Seuel to Hard Luck Hank Screw the Galaxy Hard Luck Hank Basketful of Crap and Hard Luck Hank Prince of Suck.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 412 pages
  • Hard Luck Hank Suck My Cosmos
  • Steven Campbell
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  • 24 September 2015