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  • Paperback
  • 330 pages
  • Bohunks Big To Do
  • Julian Jones
  • English
  • 01 July 2014
  • 9780692453261

2 thoughts on “Bohunks Big To Do

  1. Shannon Shannon says:

    I was entertained I laughed out loud So there's Bo hunk a hilariously amusing young man whose narration of his own life's trajectory into chaos is uite fun What better way to throw a bunch of crazy characters together than to send them on a road trip to Eerie Kansas so that Bo hunk can say goodbye to his estranged father on his death bed What happens along the way and after they've arrived just gets crazier and confusing Poor Bo hunk is such an unreliable narrator that you're left shaking you head at him on than one occasion I was truly rooting for the guy He's lovable even if he is a little slow in the wits department I wanted him to find contentment and happiness and love on this journey It's just a shame he can't see what's right there in front of him

  2. John John says:

    I'm not really sure what I expected when picking up this book What I got was a fun interesting and somewhat raunchy story of family in it's most unconventional presentation What starts out as a trip to meet the Dad he grew up not knowing Bo ends up meeting the family his just deceased Dad left behind The hijinks both families get up to are beyond entertaining The relationship between the main character and his step dad is twisted and uite entertaining The characters make up the ultimate dysfunctional family and I'm glad I got to know them

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Bohunks Big To Do❴Reading❵ ➷ Bohunks Big To Do Author Julian Jones – Incredibly created through the wonderful words of the narrator Outword Magazine October 22 2015Funny interesting somewhat raunchy and unconventional Vital VOICE magazine September 16 2015 Featured as Incredibly created through the wonderful words of the narrator Outword Magazine October Funny interesting somewhat raunchy and unconventional Vital VOICE magazine September Bohunks Big PDF/EPUB or Featured as one of three Summer Reads David Atlanta Magazine August Bo Mickey’s wanted to run away from home ever since his mom married his boyfriend two months back First time out of Arizona though and damned if they’re not both along for the ride Worse yet one too many sightseeing stops puts Bo in Kansas too late for a deathbed introduction to the dad he’s never met The other Mickeys – his dad’s second family – put Bo and his lot up in the RV in the driveway to wait out the funeral That’s mighty close uarters to share though with the drug damaged party girl who raised him and her new groom a know it all castoff from Arizona foster care who can’t shake dirty thoughts of Bo and won’t keep his hands to himself The way too how the second Mrs Mickey breaks glass and whatnot up against the walls inside her house; the mean streak that oldest daughter’s got It’s near about impossible to pass the time in any sort of vacation minded way When a little yellow notebook sends Mom into hysterics Bo decides now’s as good a time as any to make his escape But he doesn’t want to go it alone Who will he take with him the man he loves or the woman who loves him While he makes up his mind changes it and decides again the heartbreaking choices of his father’s past come together in hints and whispers all around him But will Bo notice in time to make the right choice himself.

About the Author: Julian Jones

Julian Jones was born and raised in Kansas the setting of his debut novel Bohunk's Big To Do He now lives with his partner Bohunks Big PDF/EPUB or in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley They both work in the entertainment industryFind out at the website.