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Man of the Match ➣ [Epub] ➝ Man of the Match By Noël Cades ➭ – He may have been able to wait but I’m not I need you Cara urgently Now England cricket captain Matt Curran is fed up with his demanding model girlfriend and the stresses of fame Being on tour is a c He may have been able to wait but I’m not I need you Cara urgently Now England cricket captain Matt Curran is fed up with his demanding model girlfriend and the stresses of fame Being on tour is a chance to escape women and the public eye Cara is taking an overseas trip to get over a broken heart She’s vowed never to let another man into her heart let alone her bed Neither Matt or Cara are looking for further complications or an attraction they can’t resist Full of hot sensual action and shocking twists Man of Man of eBook Õ the Match is a steamy romance set in the glamorous world of international cricket.

About the Author: Noël Cades

Noël Cades writes sizzling hot forbidden romance and Regency romanceMajor themes include Regency RomanceNoël's first historic romance The Substitute Bride features an arranged marriage with a twist identity swap Noël's second historic romance also with an authentic Regency setting is Teaching His Ward Student Teacher RomanceNoël's first novel Forbidden Lessons .

9 thoughts on “Man of the Match

  1. Elise Elise says:

    I started reading this book just two days ago and completely fell in love with Matt and Cara and their relationship The protagonists were so well introduced in the book that you couldn't help falling in love with them The story takes you to a whole other place during the first part the trip in Sri Lanka and you can't help but be brought back to reality at the sams time as Cara and suddenly everything goes downhill This book was full of steamy sex scenes drama and plot twists and what made it one of my favorite books was the natural bond that linked Cara and Matt that was so well protrayed by Noel Cades which made you instantly disregard any other obstacles that were thrown in their way

  2. Sharon Mariampillai Sharon Mariampillai says:

    This was an incredible read The story was amazing I loved that the story first takes place in Sri Lanka My parents were born there and I really like books that tell about the Sri Lankan culture The characters were introduced really well into the story Matt and Cara are amazing and I fell in love with them and their relationship Matt is an English cricket captain and he is hot Cara is a student who went to Sri Lanka I thought she was cute and smart There were a lot of steamy scenes and I am happy that they got their HEA Overall a fantastic read

  3. Violet Violet says:

    No words Except cheating which was part of the book is sanctioned here and for the reader's sake Cheating is WRONG except and only in fiction when it's okay because it's not real Cara needed a break and she found it in Matt Curran an international cricket player during vacation Full of twists and turns as well as the ENDING was interesting Forbidden romance is always fascinating for a read but this situation was peculiar but different The book was wonderfully curated but very short This is a great beach read or a book to use your spare time up with

  4. Shim Shim says:

    wow Noël I love you writingThis book was very well written The plot was good and something I've not read beforemaybe in bias I like cricket therfore u liked reading about the cricketer This was a short sweet yet Hot book although I personally felt the twist near the end wasn't needed thank you Noël

  5. Noël Cades Noël Cades says:

    Author's note Man of the Match is currently being published for free on Wattpad so you can read it there if you like but I'm also happy to send review copies as well Just pm me if you're interested

  6. Hollie Hollie says:

    Not my usual style of book at all but I thoroughly enjoyed it Cara and Matt have an undeniable connection I could hardly put the book down Would totally recommend to anyone who loves romance novels Once again well done Noel

  7. Kate Kate says:

    This was a wonderful and exciting book I thought it was written well and had a ton of suspense which kept me up late finishing it far sooner than anticipated It's a romance with a dash of thrill

  8. Namrata Mayekar Namrata Mayekar says:

    I don't know where to begin I'm soo taken away by this book 😍😍I read this book 2 years ago on wattpad while searching for books with the hashtag cricket and came around it and I had an all nighter cause this book had cast a spell on me and I couldn't sleep without reaching the end of the book And trust me it was worth it ❤❤❤❤And today I read this book again for the 7th time and it was still worth it ❤❤🙌The bond between Matt and Cara is sooo beautifully written and all the steamy sex scenes no wonder you can't help but read it again and again ❤❤❤I'm sure even after 10 years and over in the future I'll never get tired of reading this book again and again cause I know it will never lose its charm in my eyes ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Noel Cades lots and lots of love you ❤🙌

  9. Collyn Collyn says:

    So good Lots of steamy scenes lots of emotion even some suspense I couldn’t put the book down won’t soon forget this story

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