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A Fool and His Monet (Serena Jones Mystery, #1) [KINDLE] ❤ A Fool and His Monet (Serena Jones Mystery, #1) ➜ Sandra Orchard – Thomashillier.co.uk Serena Jones has a passion for recovering lost and stolen art one that's surpassed only by her zeal to uncover the truth about the art thief who murdered her grandfather She's joined the FBI Art Crime Serena Jones has a passion and His MOBI ☆ for recovering lost and stolen art one that's surpassed only A Fool PDF/EPUB ² by her zeal to uncover the truth about the art thief who murdered her grandfather She's Fool and His PDF º joined the FBI Art Crime Team with the secret hope that one of her cases will lead to his killer Now despite her mother's pleas to do something safer like get married Serena's learning how to go undercover to catch thieves and black market tradersWhen a local museum discovers an irreplaceable Monet missing Jones leaps into action The clues point in different directions and her boss orders her to cease investigating her most promising suspect But determined to solve the case and perhaps discover another clue in her grandfather's murder she pushes ahead regardless of the danger.

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  1. Sarah Grace Grzy Sarah Grace Grzy says:

    Wow Gobsmacked is a good word for what I'm feeling right now I initially wasn't super interested in this book but saw some of my GR friends reading it and it was free on kindle so I thought why not? And boy am I glad I did This is pretty high up there with my favorite mystery series For me I find it especially hard to find clean innocent 'light hearted' mysteries that suit my standard of cleanliness And this one totally did I even handed it off to my little sister with no hesitation There wasn't anything overly violent no sexual content romance was EXTREMELY low key and there is zero swearing I think what makes Orchard's novels is her fantastical characters I know that's what made the book for me Serena Jones the MC is completely unlike any other character or person I have ever known With so many hilarious and endearing uirks and idiosyncrasies I just couldn't get enough of her Everything from her claustrophobia to her ignorance of any romantic attention given her just makes her character so amazing Even the secondary characters Was there any cookie cutter secondary characters for Orchard? No From crazy Aunt Martha to tough FBI agent Tanner to apartment super Nate to Zoe head security at an art museum All are so uniue and fascinating Sandra Orchard's writing style is the other thing that makes these books for me Incredibly witty and hilarious in her dialogue and descriptions I found myself in stitches than once I could happily lose myself in a million books like this one She balances humor action and heartwarming story lines all in an intriguing captivating way All in all I am so glad I picked this up and can't wait to finish the series I'd gladly recommend this to ages 14 15 CONTENT NOTE While I would gladly recommend this for mid teens and up there is some things that would make me hesitate to hand this to a younger child or suggest it as a family read Serena is an FBI agent so there is a fair to middling amount of violence gunplay not described barely mentioned murder etc etc Also there is technically a love triangle throughout the series but really the romance is SO on the back burner it's really not an issue And as I said previously even the violence isn't described hardly at all

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    This one had me from the titleand then the cover was irresistible too I'm trying not to buy any books for a couple of months to catch up on my to be read stack but I reuested this from the library and they bought the ebook the very day it came out See how I get around my own rules? TBR stack still huge So naturally I had to read it right away I actually got to the end of this with my phone propped up on a chair while I ran a bunch of copies at work it is hard to put down I'll definitely be reading the rest of the series and have already recommended it to othersThe writing style is easy to read and flows well along with characters that pop off the page and a plot with twists than a roller coaster However Orchard managed to dream up such a complex crime I don't know but I am impressed Normally I can figure out the crime but this one had me baffledSerena is dealing with issues from her pastsevere claustrophobia from watching her grandfather's murder from a secret passage is the first we encounter She's a new FBI agent hoping to use her job and her art knowledge to finally solve her grandfather's cold case She's still figuring out the job trying to decide how paranoid she ought to be trying to find her place in her new team and how she feels about her nice protective brusue partner Tanner She isn't fearless but she is brave and she views life with a pleasant vein of humorThis is not a book saturated with Christian talk It is clean and Serena is patently a moral woman who believes in the God of the Bible Don't expect a Bible study herethis one's a good solid clean mystery

  3. Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) says:

    This is an updated review Originally posted March 14th 2016 it was updated on July 1st 2017 to the Official Rating SystemAbout this book “Serena Jones has a passion for recovering lost and stolen art one that's surpassed only by her zeal to uncover the truth about the art thief who murdered her grandfather She's joined the FBI Art Crime Team with the secret hope that one of her cases will lead to his killer Now despite her mother's pleas to do something safer like get married Serena's learning how to go undercover to catch thieves and black market traders When a local museum discovers an irreplaceable Monet missing Serena leaps into action—and a whole lot of trouble”Series Book #1 in the “Serena Jones Mystery” series Review of Book #2 HereSpiritual Content Prayers; A Scripture is uoted and mentioned; Mentions of prayers praying bargaining with God thanking God blessings over food; Mentions of church church going church members; A few mentions of God; A few mentions of those in the Bible; A couple mentions of worship bands; A few mentions of nuns; A mention of a church’s youth group; A mention of divine judgement; A mention of Mother Teresa; Note the phase “guilty as sin” is said onceNegative Content Minor cussing including a ‘blast’ a ‘deep doo doo’ a ‘kick butt’ a ‘moron’ a ‘shut up’ a ‘what a crock’ a ‘wuss’ two ‘crud’s four ‘stupid’s eight forms of ‘idiot’s; A mention of a curse said not written; A mention of a rude gesture; Some eye rolling; Fighting Pain BloodBleeding up to semi detailed Guns are aimed fists are thrown up to semi detailed; All about mentions of felonies stolen art stealing thieves burglaries; Many mentions of murders attempted murders killing a partner dead bodies shooting deaths criminals kidnapping blood knives threats up to semi detailed; Mentions of pain blood injuries stitches; Mentions of hit and runs setups; Mentions of fighting fights hitting abuse bullies; Mentions of what looks like suicides overdosing carbon monoxide poisoning; Mentions of drugs dealers users up to semi detailed; Mentions of the Mafia mobsters mob hits loan sharks and one that is rud to have killed those who owe him; Mentions of people selling buying organs illegally barely above not detailed; Mentions of a black market adoption agency; Mentions of being run off the road; Mentions of break ins stealing; Mentions of blackmail threats; Mentions of prisons; Mentions of debts gambling; Mentions of barspubs bottles of alcohol drinking drinkers parties; Mentions of lies lying liars; Mentions of divorces; Mentions of gossip; Mentions of rotting meat blood a butcher some of it is from a nightmare; Mentions of cat catching mice barely above not detailed; A couple mentions of gangs; A couple mentions of passing out; A couple mentions of tattoos; A couple mentions of piercings; A couple mentions of smokers smoking; A couple mentions of throwing up; A couple mentions of a knitting needle in someone’s eye; A mention of horror movies; Note Mentions of actors actresses singers movies; Mentions of brands Gucci Prada Armani Boglioli ; A mention of Sears; A mention of the Boy Scouts Sexual Content Remembering a kiss up to semi detailed; Touches Embraces up to semi detailed; Noticing Nearness; Blushes Flutters Winks; Serena says of course to getting married first then having kids; Many mentions of dating dates exes girlfriends boyfriends wannabe boyfriends being interested in someone; Mentions of unmarried couples living together; Mentions of winks flirting touches blushes; Mentions of crush a Casanova; A few mentions of gold diggers; A few mentions of young girls getting giddy over the thought of holding hands with a crush; A couple mentions of smelling someone; A mention of a hint that a man had company part of the night; A mention of a single pastor running off with his married secretary; A mention of women getting off on guys with accents; Note A couple mentions of shirtless men; A mention of testosterone; A mention of a man zipping his pants after using the bathroom; A mention of a dead naked body no details; A mention of a man paying attention to a woman’s curvy body; A mention of a “friendly” woman in a skimpy outfit; A mention of a long legged woman Serena Jones age 28 1st person POV of Serena 323 pagesPre Teens One StarNew Teens One Star and a halfEarly High School Teens Three StarsOlder High School Teens Four StarsMy personal Rating Four Stars Okay that was fun Can I say that about a murder mystery? Hang on let me explain the back cover makes it sound like her grandfather’s murder is a large part of this book While it shaped Serena’s career choice and is mentioned a handful of times I wouldn’t say it was the main part of this story Truly the murder parts and such were really light and pretty clean about the art thieves paintings It was really interesting with neat tidbits thrown in I really enjoyed the first person POV and humor I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the series Also #TeamNate all the way Hahaha ;Link to reviewBFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this authorI received this book for free from the Publisher Revell for this honest review

  4. Kellyn Roth Kellyn Roth says:

    That was pretty good Funny and excitingI was annoyed by the love triangleevery guy in the world being into Serena even though she claims to be some forgotten old maid though SERIOUSLY Is there a guy in this book that is not attracted to Serena? So tempted to rate it three stars just for that except it was super low key and romance was not the focusOther than that it was funMy favorite character was probably Serena's grandmother She was just awesome I actually didn't find her that annoying at all? I mean yes she does some stupid annoying things but ? Didn't annoy me so much as make me crack up I just have a high tolerance for stupid characters as long as they're matchmaking stupid characters Don't ask me why PI'm definitely prefer Tanner over Nate if I must make a choice in another stupid love triangle which I don't give a monkey's pajamas about Tanner is the obvious choice He's awesome and relates to Serena's work Nate is plainly just handsome and handsome and what else is he really? Likes painting and old movies? Uh uhTanner is hardcore He's FBI That alone makes him the Top Pick Who cares about some dumb guy who owns an apartment building? That job isn't glamorous at all would totally pick her husband based on job alone is going to eat crow someday will probably marry a hobo except I would never do that says the liar I don't even know what the point of this is anyAnd that is allBecause I read this so long ago well a little over a month but whatever that I can't remember it and reviewing is really falling to the side this yearKellyn Roth Reveries Reviews

  5. Gabriellyn Gabriellyn says:

    Three words Serena and Nate

  6. Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...) Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...) says:

    I was in the mood for something light and uippy not too much angst and boy did this book deliver I never would have thought I'd call a suspense novel delightful but the main character Serena sure makes it that way She's the type that you'd love to have for a best friend She's a perfect blend of intelligence and naivete Even though she's an FBI special agent you see the details of how she works the case and doesn't always get things right or perfect which made it so much realistic It was fun to follow the clues with her and even though I tend to prefer romance the plot held its own and the uick pace kept me reading Interspersed are cute and fun moments with different men in her life that interact with her in ways where the reader can see that they like her but she's rather oblivious to it most of the time ; Such a great dynamic between Serena and Tanner and also Serena and Nate But there's no love triangle drama here which I was relieved to avoid It may come to that in later books but this was a perfect introduction to characters that I'm happy to read of Serena's meddlesome great aunt was another favorite that provided some uirky humor and you can see where Serena gets hers I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own

  7. Kate Willis Kate Willis says:

    This looked like a pretty fun concept so I decided to borrow it from my library and give it a try As I mentioned in my original “I just finished this let me think” mini review my star ratings and I are still pretty confused ;I loved the theme of art crime investigation I liked the movie “Woman in Gold” and while this was a little different side of things it was along the same lines and pretty interesting I got really happy when she was actually handling the art Definitely made me want to study up on all the different artists Serena was fun Not your usual heroine although extraordinarily clueless? kinda a klutz and pretty down to earth Especially when talking to her cat or being jumpy XD At least in this first book I did like Aunt Martha She reminded me a lot of someone I’ve known before and it was fun when she was innocently curious and trying to help view spoilerAnd she was really helpful near the end hide spoiler

  8. Jason McIntire Jason McIntire says:

    This is the kind of book I would only read if it was on a free Kindle promotion which it was It was generally well written and entertaining and I liked the realistic informative aspects of the FBI story element I agree with previous reviewers that the infamous love triangle is unrealistic contrived and distracting nothing but a cheesy device to dress up the story as evidenced by the fact that the book closes with an opportunity for readers to vote on whom Serena will marryA Fool and his Monet is fairly clean with the exception of a few thoughts Serena has about her multiple would be boyfriends that I do not think should be spelled out I found the plot confusing at times but I was following along okay by the end and went away feeling like it made sense As others have noted previously Aunt Martha is indescribably over the top and irritatingIf you liked Sue Thomas FB Eye especially if you liked the episodes featuring romance and less law enforcement you'll probably enjoy this book

  9. Staci Staci says:

    Wow Is this the same author?I've also read Deadly Devotion by Sandra Orchard and found that suspense novel to be just ok Clearly she has found her sweet spot in comedic mystery A Fool and His Monet was super cuteMain character Serena Jones is an FBI Agent that specializes in art crimes While solving the mystery was a strong part of the novel the characters were even stronger Serena's mom just wants her to be safe and get married Serena's Aunt Martha is a hoot She involves herself how she can in solving crimes And then there were the numerous men in Serena's life that could be viable mates for herIt was just plain fun to read this novel and I highly recommend it

  10. Allison Tebo Allison Tebo says:

    It's been a long time since I read a contemporary book I usually stick with 'dead authors' and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed thisWhat I LikedChristian without being shoehorned in or preachy I guess people would probably characterize it as 'religious' than Christian because other a brief references to pray or being grateful to God or going to Church not a lot of Christianity But for me Christianity in a book is a lot about what an author DOESN'T write about and this authoress kept things much clean than most 'Christian authors' The story Though I could get a little bit lost sometimes this book was actually clearly written and really kept me guessing throughout For the most part I was able to follow all the 'knowing that he knew that we knew what he knew' plot twists And then it's about the FBI what's not to like? and that fact that it is about art recovery makes it even fascinating That's a sub genre of thrillers that I think? is rarely delved into plus as an artist I found it cool The Narrative Though I felt like there could have been 'voice' sometimes it felt like a long recitation of every single step in Serena's investigative process like a field agents report than a field narrative still it was uiet funny and easy to readSerena It was nice to read about a female FBI agent who was so human instead of being an ice maiden she is just a normal intelligent person who has struggles and uirks like everyone else And any parts where she had to fight where much believable as well none of that absurd kick your teeth in stuff but of her catching people off guard and relying on training and speed Carmen The sweet surprising and sympathetic mafia guy 3 3 Hilarious and intriguing Her Neighbors I just wish there had been MORE about these uirky individuals What I Was 'Meh' About Her Family I really had the feeling of 'seen this before' with the parents and aunt What I Didn't Like Neither of the guys in the book have any faults I really hate this 'perfect guy syndrome' it's a lie Nate conveniently pops up to make her heart race get ride of mice fix her tea uote poetry and basically check all the boxes for dream guy I personally found him annoying to begin with and I kept getting and annoyed with him throughoutTanner is a smidge better at least we see him working and doing something with his life instead of living to for Serena but again other than being teasing he doesn't have any faults eitherWhich brings me to the love triangle; didn't like it I could have liked Serena's character if there hadn't been constant comments from her friends like You have to beat off guys with a stick And it was kind of true random guys on a park bench had a romantic interest in her basically I would have preferred no romance AT ALL For once I would like to read a book where the main girl is content and focused and has an arc that doesn't involve a guy She has only just begun her career as an agent it seems a shame that she would give it up so uickly WHAT I HOPE HAPPENS IN BOOK 2 I hope Serena remains an agent for a long timeI hope she remains SINGLE but since that isn't like to happen I would have to pick Tanner But she'll probably get Nate those types are usually the ones that win 'grinds teeth'In Summary I'm impatiently waiting for Book 2 to become available at my library Content Very brief references about suspects living together One motel owner makes an insinuation about this subject Very brief references from a guy about a girl being hot or describing her physiue Some brief violence but not extreme

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