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Soaked [BOOKS] ✭ Soaked Author Stacy Kestwick – Having hope was her weakness If Sadie Mullins hadn’t started to believe in love again hadn’t let herself fall for him she wouldn’t be feeling this way Wouldn’t have her heart breaking Wouldn Having hope was her weakness If Sadie Mullins hadn’t started to believe in love again hadn’t let herself fall for him she wouldn’t be feeling this way Wouldn’t have her heart breaking Wouldn’t regret meeting West Montgomery The cocky bastard should have left her alone let her forget about him Let her move on with her life Of course he didn’t That could have been the end of it Of course it wasn’t Damn hope This is Book in the Water's Edge Series and is a continuation of Sadie and West's story that began in Wet This is not a standalone.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 299 pages
  • Soaked
  • Stacy Kestwick
  • English
  • 02 October 2016

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10 thoughts on “Soaked

  1. Geri Reads Geri Reads says:

    While Wet was enjoyable despite its many flaws Soaked kinda jumped the shark for meThe main conflict was a holdover from the previous book I expected this book to go deeper into West and Sadie's relationship or the lack of it and delve deeper into the reason for their breakup in the first place Instead we get a pseudo conflict where another guy and her ex fiance were involved It took me out of the main conflict about West and how he constantly puts an ex of his above Sadie's It was jarring The one good thing about this book was West's POV but then when I really think about it his POV didn't contribute any new information since we already know his ex was a manipulative bitch and that he loves Sadie very much It added nothingSadie's POV was just a hot mess If you're a reader who doesn't like her heroine spending intimate moments with another guy then run away Again that part with Nick was confusing because it didn't really add anything to the story I would go as far to say that it made me dislike Sadie a little bit

  2. NMmomof4 NMmomof4 says:

    2 StarsOverall Opinion This is going to be a little ranty so I apology in advanceI had some huge issues with both characters in this one I should've given up with the first one but I was just so darn curious as to what happens with them Oh well In the end I didn't really care about their HEA which I felt like I didn't even get because I didn't necessarily like either character BOTH of them were in the wrong and acted stupidly at times maybe that's what made them so perfect for each other sarcasm This one I ended up not liking which earned it just 2 starsBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Sadie and West's story This picks up where the first book Wet ends Sadie confronts West and ends up leaving for 3 weeks for a business trip There is some groveling going on some pushing away some OM and OW drama and some sexy timesand they eventually get their HFN endingPOV This was mainly in Sadie's POV with a few chapters in West's POVOverall Pace of Story Ok Even though I finished it uickly I actually skimmed some in this one when it was stupid drama and stupid inner dialogue by the hInstalove They already have strong feelings at the beginning of this bookH rating 25 stars West I appreciated how he kept trying to win her back but COME ON How freaking oblivious could he be?? He continued to be nice to this OW that was obviously a major issue for the h when he should've been cutting her out of his lifeh rating 2 stars Sadie I had huge issues with her in this one She needed to communicate with the H and ask him for what she wanted instead of holding it against him that he couldn't read her mind I also lost any respect I had for her with the OM scenes see OM drama and cheating spoilers Sadness level Low No tissues needed hereHeat level Moderate Still good chemistry and hot scenesDescriptive sex YesSafe sex Yes and no No mentions of safe sex practices and then at the end the h says she doesn't want him to use something because she's on birth control Still no mention of past practicesOWOM dramaYes view spoiler The H's family friend continues to cause drama for the couple and being a total bitch that is ALWAYS around The h's ex ends up posting the sex tapes of them online which causes some drama There is a OM that is another photographer that is hired to work alongside the h he strongly hits on her and she crossed the line with him see cheating spoiler hide spoiler

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review This book cannot be read as a standalone Must read Wet before reading Soaked “She filled my arms and my heart and all my fantasies She’d wake up in my bed in the morning the sheets still smelling like us And I’d make love to her all over again I didn’t need sweet dreams with a reality like that”So after I took the plunge with Stacy Keswick’s debut book Wet I was ready for I had to know what awaits for West Montgomery and Sadie Mullins And in true Stacy Kestwick fashion she once again splashes her readers with a fun sexy steamy and angsty filled romance that will have readers “soaked” Soaked with frustration soaked with sexual tension and most importantly soaked with love “I let go of the last of my lingering misgivings Let go of the past and wrapped my arms around him and embraced the future” “Sadie you’re not listening to me You’ve blinded me to everyone else I’m yours Only yours For as long as you’ll have me”Soaked was a sexy emotional angst filled romance that flowed at an excellent pace Ms Kestwick will have readers drowning with need as the Sadie and West “undefined relationship” is on a slippery course Are they a couple? Did West choose Aubrey over Sadie? Can Sadie get over her insecurities? These uestions will have readers begging Stacy for the answers Fret not because Stacy has perfectly splashed her readers with the right amount of angst drama steam and romance to keep her readers entertained Trust me Stacy Kestwick will have readers swimming with bliss and drowning with love Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Kestwick

  4. 1-Click Addict Support Group 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

    This is not an accusation I make lightly but I suspect this book might have been laced with crack I mean I'm not sure how else to explain how it kept me coming back for Ignoring my children and my grown up responsibilities I sat for nearly every waking moment—nose buried in my Kindle jaw slackened heart racing then breaking then hoping then racing again as I let Stacy Kestwick ease me down from the ledge she left me dangling on at the end of WetI'm safely off the ledge now and I'm bursting with happiness It was a bit of a wild ride—I was frustrated sometimes with Sadie I felt like there were some important conversations she could have had with West that would have resolved their issues much uickly—some conversations that they actually never did have—though they were able to resolve things in the most spectacular way without them So mostly that’s just a niggling thought rattling around in my hungover brain and honestly aside from that I adored how their story resolved Sadie experienced a tremendous amount of growth—made peace with her past and embraced a newer stronger version of herself And West Sigh West just kept stealing my heart over and over again He's amazing if a little obtuse sometimes Men I adored him I adored them I adored this entire story so so much I literally could not put it downThis was a completely satisfying conclusion to Sadie and West's story It also opened up a lot of doors for secondary character stories There are a lot that I'm going to need including Rue and Grady of course but also Nick And Theo And Wyatt And then I'm going to need some kind of detox if they're all laced with the same kind of crack that this one was Soaked was funny and smart charming and satisfying I was sucked in immediately and gripped by every word until that swoony sigh worthy conclusion I am loving this series so hard and cannot wait for from that to do list I just issued Ms Kestwick up there Shelly 5 stars I have SO MANY things I want to say about Soaked About how much I loved West and Sadie And Rue and Grady Hell even Nick And how much I HATED Aubrey And the Asshole Oh and about how completely and utterly diabolical Stacy Kestwick is Soaked picked up the story started—and left hanging off a cliff—in Wet and I feel like I waited FOREVER perhaps a slight exaggeration for it So was it worth the wait? That's a resounding HELL YES It was all I had hoped for maintaining the swoony funny heated charm of Wet and adding in a dash of real life frustration to boot In fact I wasn't even halfway through this book when I had to stop and take stock Because I'd already experienced basically ALL of the feels—heartache lust frustration swooniness adoration and anger There were others too For example that annoyance you feel to towards a character—or in this case character s cough Sadie and West cough—because they're not doing what you KNOW they should Also the love you still feel for them despite that And I did love this couple so so much I teetered on the edge of so pissed off I was feeling STABBY and so heart sore over their woes that I wanted to wrap them both up in a big warm hug Because their reactions are what anyone would do in their situation basing their assumptions on their own experiences and knowing only what they know—and not what we as readers are privy to For a book so focused on the water Soaked was a flame Beautifully mesmerizing able to destroy my heart and become the perfect place to start over It was smokin’ HOT utterly unputdownable and left me completely satisfied with a light heart and a big goofy smile And actually salivating for of the Water’s Edge crew specifically Rue and Grady With West and Sadie’s romance told oh so perfectly Rue and Grady seem to me to be the ideal place to start over I'm sure I'd have a lot to say about that book too Beth 5 stars

  5. books_and_brew books_and_brew says:

    Soaked was just as good as the first book and picked up right where Wet left off I liked the push and pull between West and Sadie but it never felt like it was too much They needed to work some things out but did it in a way where it was believable The chemistry was once again off the charts hot my one ualm was that I got tired of reading about her damn nipples all the timemaybe it's just me but damn This was a fun and sexy read and rounded out West and Sadie's story perfectly

  6. Paula Paula says:

    Great seuel I'm so glad I found this author when I did Looking forward to reading with the rest of the characters bring on Grady and Rue's book

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Silly me I just wanted to find out how everything ended Not only was the solution to the h’s online sex tape resolved in a completely unrealistic manner the h’s insecurities really started to annoy me after a while Ok fine Right away She started annoying me right away Add to that the juvenile inner monologue and dialogue the lack of safety issue and the utter idiocy of the H doing stuff that made the h feel even insecure than she did already and this is a one star read I skimmed all the intimate scenes of which there were many and that didn’t help my rating either I’m not sorry I found out what eventually happened with the MCs of this duology but I wouldn’t have started the series in the first place had I known how it all play out One star for the H who really turned things around at the end with his sincere gestures Too bad that didn’t happen earlier

  8. David Maher David Maher says:

    Sadie is done with West Resolved that he's just used up his last chance to prove himself the kind of man she's been hoping he would its time to move on and with her upcoming trip to shoot promotional photos for Grady's new resort just around the corner it couldn't come at a better timeIn the end it doesn't matter if he's got an excuse for his behavior it doesn't even matter if its a legitimate excuse since the way their relationship has gone there has always been the need for excuses and that's not the kind of relationship she's prepared to settle for The bottom line is that every time there's something that needs to be excused away it hurts regardless how good the excuse might be after the fact This breakup is so very different from the breakup at the beginning of Wet book one of the Water's Edge series however Back then despite the upheaval she was glad to be out and this time it hurts so much because she really wishes that things could have worked out differentlySoaked by Stacy Kestwick follows Sadie on her uest to put this latest failed relationship behind her even as West pulls out all the stops to get her to change her mind Throw in a handsome stranger a nightmare from the past the best of friends and probably too much alcohol and you've got the recipe for a volatile story Throw Aubrey West's bitchy ex into the mix and its downright explosiveI read a lot of stories and very few have major plot twists that catch me completely by surprise but this one did and as plot twists go I thought it was clever timely worked well with the story and even managed to be somewhat educational without getting preachy Beyond that the story was well paced moving from angsty through funny awkward suspenseful sad and extremely hot while keeping a hopeful tone throughout Read through in one sitting and thankfully no cliffhanger at the end this book had me feeling the joy of life and just warm fuzzies all overFor fans there are plenty of hooks tossed out along the way to be picked up regarding the minor characters setting the scene for other books in the series to pick up on and I for one am looking forward to see what comes next

  9. Three Chicks Three Chicks says:

    Review by Lisa KaneWhen Wet ended on that tidal wave of a cliffy I was furious with West Montgomery He tangled himself up with his ex whatever she is Aubrey and poor Sadie Mullins had had enough I have to admit I did too West could sail off on his boat the Vitamin Sea and never come backBut I have to admit that there was to his story than we readers knew When he returned after Sadie saw him carrying Aubrey on to the dock he tried to get a hold of Sadie But she was having no parts of it She was leaving for a photo shoot the next day and was not going to let him stomp on her heart againWest Montgomery The man who still made my heart beat faster at just the sight of himBut leaving him behind as a little harder than she thought Although the hot photographer she met on the plane Nick helped make the flight there fun and full of flirty naughtiness Imagine her surprise when she finds out that Grady hired him to work on the same shoot He is sexy and talented and self assured Could there be a little paradise found for these two?I just knew Sadie's ex Asher would rise from the pond scum and he didn't disappoint As if she doesn't have enough heartache going on he than proves that he is filth and Sadie is well rid of him But is she rid of him?He used me He took what wasn't his to share and gave it to everyone Destroyed my trust Sent me running from my home I thought he broke my heartCan West explain why he seems to bend over backwards for Aubrey? Will Sadie give him a chance to explain and if she does will it be enough?I didn't want to hurt again Could you love without risk? I didn't think so

  10. ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★ ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★ says:

    Very very disappointing which is sad because I was really looking forward to this book I don't know what the hell happened but I didn't expect the direction this book was going It's so incredibly boring that I fell asleep at some point LiterallyMaybe it's just me or maybe the novelty just wore off on me See this is the problem with me That's what happens when authors release their books so far in between We just lose interest

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