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Pulse [Read] ➯ Pulse By Liv Hayes – Disclaimer This work contains explicit sexual content language and delicate subject matter It's intended solely for mature readersAt twenty two years old Mia Holloway's life is up in the air Her gradu Disclaimer This work contains explicit sexual content language and delicate subject matter It's intended solely for mature readersAt twenty two years old Mia Holloway's life is up in the air Her graduation from UCF is looming over her head like a bad hangover Her long term boyfriend has up and left her for some Tinder fling and when sudden chest pains send her straight to the ER – that's just icing on the cakeAt thirty two years old Cardiologist Dr Alex Greene has what most would call a perfect life respect money and a sleek high rise loft in the city But since the departure of his unfaithful Ice ueen of an ex fiancée Alex also secretly longs for the one thing he's been missing – connectionWhen Dr Greene and Mia meet as patient and doctor something undeniable clicks Forbidden dangerous foreboding The kind of uncontrollable lust that threatens to tear both their worlds apartPulses will rise Hearts will be brokenBecause an affair like this doesn't happen in real life.

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  1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    ★★★★ ½ Pulse stand alone Cardiologist hot cold pursuit of young student patient who can ruin his career “And for a few seconds it was just us – the patient the doctor and the pressing realization that there was nothing we could do about it” They met at a cross road in life Mia Holloway aka Little Fox the much too young university student having an anxiety attack after having been cheated on then dumped by her boyfriend Ready to settle down and not looking for anything complicated Cardiologist Dr Alex Greene is the doctor on duty that night Increased heart rates beeping monitors Stolen glances tender smiles jagged conversations innuendos but mostly fear and reservations Mia knows her immaturity is an obstacle but is smitten and in awe with the mature accomplished and charming doctor Though he knows it’s wrong Alex is taken by the young petite beauty and shows her extra care and attention and even calls her pet names Forbidden romance doomed before it even begins Alex can lose his medical license for even flirting with Mia He is torn yet embarks on a clandestine affair with the young student Stolen moments and hidden rendezvous but Alex is conflicted In addition to the inappropriateness of their affair he is overworked and has secrets he rather keep Lies only begets lies They are lying to their friends and family co workers but soon also to each other; White lies secrets and hidden agendas When deeper feelings surface and their world come crashing down Will Alex mend or break her heart? beep beep beep “And I was still swimming in the deep end that was Dr Greene” Ten words to describe Dr Alex Greene Charming honorable conflicted moody hot cold closed off thoughtless immature interesting and complex “I became a doctor so I could fix people so I could help the sick But I can't help people like us I can't fix this Mia I just don't know how” Eight words to describe Mia Holloway aka Little Fox Sweet timid lonely meek impressionable transparent immature and loyal “He was a doctor I was a patient He was a man and I was a girl What could I have expected?” Pulse told from alternating POV is the romance that should never be and I had to keep in reading needing to know what would happen next It is sexy sweet angsty intriguing and bittersweet As for ending it left them at another cross road; happy and at peace I am happy to report that the author is writing an EXTENDED epilogue Intense and addicting plot Excellent story telling Butterflies in your belly forbidden romance “Pain makes you numb but love makes you blind” Hero rating 45 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 45 starsSex scenes freuency 45 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 375 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NA ARCOverall rating 45 starsWould I recommend this book YesWould I re read this book Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author Yes ARC provided to me by author Liv Hayes in exchange for an honest review

  2. Baba Baba says:

    DNF 7% no rating Mini review posted June 26 2015What made me accept the review reuest was the age gap between Mia and Alex So I started to read the book and Iwell I tried I really did but my blood pressure went through the roof when I read this6% One thing to make clear I wasn't in love with her I was merely disarmedThat's his inner monologue after meeting his patient It happened mere seconds after saying Mia Holloway? I asked with my eyes still glued to the clipboard Would that be you?Her soft voice seemed to catch the air in a way that traveled as if by wire into my brain My skin prickled immediately and I glanced up at herOn the very same page When she stopped she looked at me and I knew immediately what she was thinking Hello Doctor McDreamy Still 6% I really thought I was dying she said uietly We locked eyes again and for a second I could feel my lips part but I couldn't say anything I just clasped her hand for sake of bedside manner I swear and smiled as she added Do you think it's serious?Or this 7% And this time I felt it With each beat the blood sped through my veins like wildfire I could feel my skin start to heat with each beat almost forming almost something melodic A song only I could hearWhen I drew away and removed the earpieces our eyes met again I hoped she couldn't see how dilated my pupils must have been a tell tale sign of interest There's some free advice for youIt's still a little tacky I said and she laughed at that tacky Are you stressed honey?Shit I called her honey As soon as the word tumbled out I could have strangled myself with the stethoscope A Freudian slip When I say DNF it's not a Freudian slipSeriously I will be very kind and sayjust no This is fiction and I know that an author must make write a connection between Hh Yet I ask you to at least try and make it somewhat realistic and believable Alex is a thirty two year old cardiologist a doctor and did act like an immature and starstruck teenager when he first laid eyes on Mia who had to be examined because she was afraid she would die of a heart attack Frankly I doubt that a serious cardiologist would come up with such trite inner monologue and blatantly unprofessional advancesI'm sorry Liv but I'm not your target audience Movin' on Review reuest of author Liv Hayes

  3. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    This book sounded amazing I couldn’t wait to start it I love books that surround doctors set in hospitals It’s all the episodes of ER and Grey’s Anatomy I’ve watched ; but you rarely see them I know there have been some over the years but there aren’t that many The thing that made this book so intriguing from the blurb alone is that the doctor and patient fall for each other So let the book beginHonestly from page 1 I couldn’t put this down Even when I woke up in the middle of the night and decided I’ll read “just a few pages until I fall back to sleep” turned into me finishing the book I was hooked to Alex aka Dr Greene and Mia’s story They had an instant attraction that just kept getting bigger There were definitely twists and turns in the story with different obstacles that Mia and Alex had to face I did love their chemistry and loved the time that they spent together I didn’t mind the “taboo” nature of their relationship But I had an issue with Alex keeping secrets from Mia in regards to the situation with Cait I get not telling her in the very beginning since it was new between Mia and Alex but later when things became serious between them he should have told her what was going on My other issue was near the end when Mia was still calling him Dr Greene I wish she had been calling him Alex I just couldn’t help but feel like using his name was intimate than Dr Greene especially at the end when she was no longer his patient Even though the ending was satisfying I kind of wish there had been an epilogue so see where they are a little further down the road I just had uestions as to what would happen next Would he move to England for her? Would they have a long distance relationship while she was at Cambridge? Would they end up married with 25 kids a dog and a house? What about meeting the parents? Overall I really did enjoy the book This was a great debut from the author and I’ll definitely read from her in the future

  4. Tahsin Tahsin says:

    I've never done this before but I think I just write down my honest opinions? Okay here goesI wasn't the biggest fan of either of the characters in this story The plot was good but there were some definite holes that needed filling Not that way lol but plot devices I honestly found Mia uite annoying; her motivation for her actions were lacking and her tantrums over the top Alex was better A lot better The secondary characters not so muchAnd there was this one small thing that bugged me a lot view spoilerIn the 11th chapter Aimee's boyfriend Eric is said to own a Anthropologie “We need to get you something for tonight” Aimee said and I said “I don't have much cash to spend on clothes I'm kind of pathetically broke right now” “My treat” she said “This guy I'm seeing – the one from Chiller's he's been sort of spoiling me Guess what he does?” “Whoa wait” her news actually managed to liven me up a bit “It's been what two weeks and he's giving you money?” “Not money” she insisted “He owns an Anthropologie and you're looking at his newest employee Granted I work a whole ten hours a week – but he gives me super steep discounts on top of the employee discount on anything and everything I want I'm practically paying nickels and dimes” And then in the epilogue while the two are Skype ing Aimee informs Mia that they're moving to Chicago Eric wants to go back to school Open up his own store eventuallyWhat am I missing? Owning a chain store isn't considered owning a store any? hide spoiler

  5. Lorie Lorie says:

    DNF 34%The doctorpatient thing definitely grabbed my attention I was really looking forward to this but unfortunately this one just didn’t work for me It never really captured me and I struggled uite a bit with it The writing style is “telling” of the story rather than creating something the reader can feel and experience I didn’t feel like I connected with the characters Even through 34% there wasn’t much I knew about either one of them aside from what sat on the surface I wish I could love ‘em all

  6. Tracey Nelson Tracey Nelson says:

    I'm not sure if I could think of enough words to describe this story but I think I'll start with these ones Emotional heart wrenching realistic romantic relate able I was sucked in and by page fourteen I was hooked I was holding my breath waiting to see what would happened to these forbidden lovers This story is about Mia a young woman studying English in university After a breakup occurs she is sent to the hospital complaining of heart pains which is how she meets the swoon worthy DrGreene I don't want to give too much away in terms of the story as it was so strong and well written it is worth going into it without knowing any spoilers But I will say the story line was very uniue and refreshing I found Mia's character to be very realistic So much so that I couldn't help but completely relate to her I felt as if I knew her I could imagine myself making the same choices she did She wasn't a typical cookie cutter heroine that we find so often in new adult novels She was learning about who she was what she wanted and how to deal with difficult situations as any young woman would and that made this read just that much better NowDr Alex Greene I justI don't even know He was a perfectly damaged man in my mind An older man than Mia with a little life experience who unfortunately had not gotten to the point where he was satisfied in his life He has a past he has his own insecurities and his own faults as any normal person would but his heart was big and he had a lot of love to give No wonder he was a cardiologist These two characters embark on a very forbidden but passionate ride and I enjoyed every minute of it The writing was fluid and articulate The characters were well defined and had their own voice and I never found myself bored or uninterested it kept my rapt attention from beginning to end The only reason this one did not earn a five star from me was simply because the ending felt a little too rushed and I would have liked an epilogue However those are just personal preferences I would definitely recommend this oneFour solid stars OHHHHandanyone who is described as looking like Robb Stark? Yeah I am ALL over that

  7. Liv Hayes Liv Hayes says:

    Early Release PULSE is officially LIVE If you're a bloggerGR member and would be interested in receiving an ARC please feel free to get in touch lhayesauthorgmailcom If you'd like you can read a preview below MiaMeet Dr Alex Greene

  8. Samantha Samantha says:

    I actually liked this 4 little fox stars


    It started out goood But didn't stay goood All i kept repeating was Get over your shit already

  10. grace grace says:

    Purposefully complicated

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