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The Retail Therapist ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ The Retail Therapist Author Colette Kebell – Window shopping Don’t you just hate the term It is like going into a sweet shop and not being able to buy anything or not knowing what to buy first That is exactly my line of business helping people Window shopping Don’t you just hate the term It is like going into a sweet shop and not being able to buy anything or not knowing what to buy first That is exactly my line of business helping people make the right choice I’m one of The Retail Epub / those fashion consultants that are so popular nowadays amongst the upper crust although I started ages ago Choosing the right clothes for the right occasion is not an easy task the dress has to match your personality and if it can enhance it This story is about how I abandoned the rat race spending days in a legal office and followed my dream of becoming a fashion consultant I believe I’m something though I’m a Retail Therapist and I’m sure you are itching to know the story about how I started and how I helped my clients look fabulous So what are you waiting for Hurry up click that “buy” button up there and be prepared to enter the mysterious world of a Berkshire Retail Therapist girl.

10 thoughts on “The Retail Therapist

  1. Linsey Linsey says:

    A ray of sunshine on an emotional weekend

  2. Holly Holly says:

    Originally reviewed for Bookaholic ConfessionstAfter loving every minute of Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen Or So Mother Says I was massively excited about reading its preuel The Retail TherapistGiGi ranks amongst some of my all time favourite fictional characters and I couldn’t wait to become re acuainted with her and her shopping addiction only this time we are going back in time see how it all started off for GiGi before she became the successful fashion consultant that she is todayThe novella kicks off with GiGi indulging in a little window shopping in Ted Baker Not that GiGi is a big fan of window shoppingit’s just that she is currently living at her best friend Ritchie’s place after abandoning her less than glittering legal secretarial career and she is trying her best to save for a rainy dayHowever when Ritchie loses his job one thing leads to another – and before you know it GiGi decides that Ritchie would be the perfect partner for her own personal shopping businessThe rest is historyI was relieved to see that GiGi is still exactly the same fashion addicted fun loving girl who can sniff out a bargain at fifty paces as she was in Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen I now like to think of GiGi as a personal friend we have so much in common after all that re visiting this character was exactly the same as bumping into a good friend in real life You forget how much you love them and suddenly realise just how much you’ve missed themI felt exactly the same about GiGiI can’t imagine how difficult it must be to write a preuel and there’s always the worry that things won’t sit right or characters traits will be altered However nothing could be further from the truth in the case of The Retail Therapist Colette Kebell ensures that the story glides back in time seamlessly and it was absolutely fantastic to get a better insight into GiGi and Ritchie’s past So many things were explained and you feel as though you understand a lot better as to why they are like they are when we meet them in Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen It’s almost like being given the opportunity to dig just that little bit deeper into your characters personalities when you can understand what makes themwellthem There’s also a real tear jerker side to this story which gives it a bit of an edgeColette Kebell easily matches the brilliance of her full length novel in the form of The Retail Therapist and I really hope we get to hear from GiGi and Ritchie in the future as I feel as though they are characters who have a whole lot to give I would happily read about these two all day – I just love them They make me smile big timeFull of fun shopping and friendship The Retail Therapist is a must read if you’re a fan of Colette’s first novelIn fact it’s a must read even if you haven’t yet been introduced to the wonder that is GiGi

  3. Andi Andi says:

    A fun short story I thought that this was a fun story with a few laughs along the way I liked Richie thought he was good fun Gigi was growing on meThe narrator was easy to listen toAll in all a good book to listen to Would recommend

  4. Sandra Sandra says:

    35 stars This was a good story which dealt with a number of current issues and focused on GiGi who was trying to build her business as a personal shopperstyle consultant The story was well written and easy to read but i felt it was rushed as it covered about 8 months in 136 pages There were uite a few characters mentioned but none of them made much of an impact because they were only in the story briefly There were a few occasions where i had to think about what was happening in the story because it jumped forward a few days or with no notice had it been the start of a new chapter it would have been much clearer In short this is a nice easy read for when you have a few hours free and fancy something light and interesting

  5. Terry Terry says:

    Audiobook review I listened to this while I was sewing it filled my time perfectly Gigi has gone up the ladders to a retail therapist Via personal shopper It’s a perfect job for her since she loves to shop now enjoys helping people It’s a feel good book yes it does twang your heart strings at times but it’s a lovely story is narrated really well Thoroughly enjoyed it

  6. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    AUDIOBOOKWhat a fun audio book The characters were warm and witty and I really wanted friends like Gigi and Ritchie in my life It is a really great read and the story it touching and funny and won’t disappoint I also thought the narrator was perfect for this book

  7. Kate-Beth Heywood Kate-Beth Heywood says:

    I really enjoyed this book although I was tempted halfway through to throw the book down But only because it had made me want to go out shopping However I resisted the temptation and continued the book Fabulous story and I really enjoyed Colette's writing style too Looking forward to reading 'Blue and Green Should Never be Seen' next

  8. Book-shelf Shelf Book-shelf Shelf says:

    Gigi is a personal shopper with an amazing talent She seems to get people and know what they need before they do her business is slow but gradually she gets commissions and takes on her best friend together they are unstoppable A lovely light read perfect for holidays

  9. DubaiReader DubaiReader says:

    Too shortI enjoyed this fun novella about shopping Not the sort of shopping that you or I do but the upmarket need a stylist sort of shopping And it kind of reminded me of many years ago when I used to do a lot of sewing I was spending way too much on fabrics etc to make clothes I didn't need so I decided to put an add in the local Post Office offering my services as a seamstress That is pretty much what GG does she decides to earn money from her need to buy clothes The important thing is that she's good at it; she can make people happy make them feel secure and confident in themselvesHer business has its ups and downs and a fair share of uirky customers but she manages to get by with a little help from her friendsI enjoyed this audiobook narrated by R Bond although I would have liked the male characters to have sounded a little male they weren't all gay after all My other observations were that I'm sure it isn't politically correct to take a teenager shopping without first checking with her parents And GG splitting her takings with her friend 5050 surely didn't allow any money for the purchase of the clothes for the minor TV actressYes this was too short but I believe it is a preuel to the full length Blue and Green Should Never be Seen so I shall look out for this one when it becomes available in audio

  10. Melanie Lewis Melanie Lewis says:

    This little book is a fun few hours spent in the company of the endearing Gigi and her friend and flatmate Richie The story of Gigi's transformation from legal secretary to personal shopper was cute and lively and her many and varied experiences along the way helped add depth to this otherwise frivolous character The only downside of the tale for me is that I got a touch of the green eyed monster I would love to have a personal shopper to turn me into a sleek sophisticated 50 something instead of my current look which is much 'mattress with unmatching bed linen thrown over it' Still a girl can dream I must say because this is my bug bear that if a narrator cannot 'do' an accent in this case South African then I really really wish they wouldn't try When I read to myself I don't read in accents The poor South African secretary cum typist at Lowe and Partners sounded part Welsh part Indian a smidgen of oop North and goodness knows what else She did such a great job apart from that and it was a very small part of the narration but it grated on me But don't let that put you off because the story is fun fluffy and fulfilling and definitely worth a listen

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