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  • 257 pages
  • Morbius Reborn (Vampire Vic, #2)
  • Harris Gray
  • 28 February 2016
  • 9780988895751

8 thoughts on “Morbius Reborn (Vampire Vic, #2)

  1. diana diana says:

    I'm ecstatic to say this book is better than the firstVictor is just as adorably funny as the first time I met him The things he finds himself in are just unbelievably hilariousI love how real Victor's character is I think most readers will find themselves rooting for him After all aren't we all just striving to become better versions of ourselves so we'll take pride in what we see when we look at a mirror? Victor may be a vampire but he's just as imperfect as everyone else and I think that's what makes him so relatable and likableI didn't know this book was co written until now and I have to say I'm amazed at how well the authors work togetherDefinitely excited for I received an e copy to read and review

  2. Lipsy Lipsy says:

    Before we begin if you missed my review of the first book in this series you can check it out here But if you're too lazy to do that I'll just tell you briefly that I really enjoyed the witty light hearted nature of it in comparison to most Vamp Lit out there Morbius Reborn starts off pretty much where the first book left us Victor has finally become a respectable vampire One that bites people gets the ladies at 'Hello' and has not only survived his company's merger but has excelled during it He is a new man compared to the pathetic middle aged mess he was at the start of the first book However Vic is starting to get a little bit too good at the whole vampire thing and he can't stop biting people This leads to Vic having treatment for his vampirism which not only threatens to turn him back into the weak wobbly mess he once was but at the same time Eugene the Vampire Hunter is being pressurised to slay Vic and it makes no difference at all to Eugene if Vic is trying to get better or notI wish I could say that I loved this book as much as the first but I can't I found it really hard to get into this one One of the best things about the first book was how realistic it was Sure Vic is a vampire but it's set in a very real world of an average worklife cycle Morbius Reborn however felt like a bit of a leap away it had somehow lost that realness starting with the whole Extreme Revamp thingI was really pleased to see Eugene get of a part in this one though and I thought it was a genius idea to have him date Vic's daughter All in all I still enjoyed this book but not as much as the first It had its moments but I found it a bit muddled and very slow to start I'll definitely still give the next one a bash though I believe it's going to be a trilogy Thanks to Harris Gray and Sami at Roger Charlie for the opportunity to review these books

  3. Isis Ray-sisco Isis Ray-sisco says:

    I enjoyed Vampire Vic 2 Morbius Reborn though I must say that I liked the first book Vampire Vic 2 picks up pretty much where the last book left off Vic wasn't the same vampire as he was before He started out confident and had changed himself He is in control of himself and his life All that is about to changed when his new boss shows up at work He finds himself at odds with him than he ever has before To make matters worse his daughter is dating Eugene a vampire slayer that wants him dead When it is discovered that his treatments to make him human again has been tampered with his life will take another turn but will it end up being for the best? Or will it end up turning out all wrong He must navigate through the maze of people that are trying to manipulate him or want him to be something he is not to figure out who he really is Many think he is Morbius his ancestor reborn while others just think he is a nuisance that needs to be taken care of When his family is threatened he must rise up against the odds to save himself and them Will he be able to or will he find he is lacking?I liked this installment in the Vampire Vic trilogy and look forward to reading the conclusion The only complaint that I have is the cliffhanger ending But that is to be expected since the story will continue in the next book I would recommend Vampire Vic 2 Morbius Reborn to those how enjoy non cookie cutter vampire stories There is to it than your typical slayers fangs and love interests

  4. Jessica Bronder Jessica Bronder says:

    Vic is almost done with his treatments He doesn’t want to be the vampire that he was Unfortunately all the things he had going for him as a vampire are now disappearing But since he didn’t trust himself as a vampire Vic is willing to deal with this Sadly Eugene is back and doesn’t care that Vic is trying to stop being a vampire Eugene is back While still giving sage advice and killing vampires he is encouraged by his mentor to stop Vic before Vic realizes that power that he has inherited Let’s see how that is going to work while he is still seeing Amberly Let’s hope Vic can win round two with Eugene and stop being the vampire he is afraid ofYou can’t help feeling for the poor guy But he is still having trouble being a vampire and trying to do what he can to stop Sadly everything that he had is now gone since that part of him is gone All of the altercations with Eugene just make this book I loved Vampire Vic and couldn’t wait to see what Vic gets himself into in this book You can’t help but cheer for Vic and laugh at everything that goes wrong for the poor guy Make sure to check out Vampire Vic 1 2 I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  5. Angie Agerter Angie Agerter says:

    Vampire Vic is on an ongoing battle to be a Vampire and take the cure to be a human With Eugene still wanting him dead and his daughter still in love with Eugene It's a family drama filled with drama at its finest What will happen? You'll have to read to find outI will say with how it ended even though reading the book took me forever made me want to read the last book of the series to see what happens to Vic and his family Even Eugene

  6. Kristy Kristy says:

    I really enjoyed the first of the series so I was super excited to read this one Vampire Vic brings a refreshing take on your typical vampire and adds a fun new element to the lifestyle I liked the continuation of Vic's life so many ups and down for poor Vic which makes him an endearing character and easy to love A super entertaining series thus far don't hesitate on these books

  7. Kaitlyn Turner Kaitlyn Turner says:

    I received this for free through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway I'm excited to start it and hopefully I'll have a full review up for it soon

  8. Harris Gray Harris Gray says:

    We may be biased but we really enjoyed this read

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Morbius Reborn (Vampire Vic, #2)❮Reading❯ ➸ Morbius Reborn (Vampire Vic, #2) Author Harris Gray – Vampires walk among us Appraising our houses policing our neighborhoods crossing our borders We understand there will be biting and an occasional conversion These are small sacrifices for the sexy thr Vampires walk among us Appraising our houses policing our neighborhoods crossing our borders We understand there will be biting and an occasional conversion These are small sacrifices for the sexy thrill We do worry about vampires popping up in positions of power They are evolved difficult to slay not as sexy A backlash grows; but are we far too late Victor Thetherson is nearly cured The treatment buries the charisma and confidence that only vampirism seems able to resurrect and snuffs his rekindled love affair with ex wife Barbara Victor can’t trust himself as a vampire and doesn’t want to live with himself otherwise Eugene Foreman dispenses wisdom on his Sage Slayer site offs vamps when convenient and romances Victor and Barbara’s daughter Amberly His sensei the Civil War Soldier begs Eugene to slay Victor before he realizes his deadly inheritance Victor versus Eugene round two in an ancient war With Morbius Reborn our time at the top of the food chain is coming to an end.

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