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The Girl on the Run (Vengeance #1) [Read] ➳ The Girl on the Run (Vengeance #1) ➻ Gregg Olsen – A riveting edgy Young Adult thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Gregg Olsen with a memorable protagonist who is a mix of Lisbeth Salander and Dexter MorganA twisted murder a tangle of l A riveting edgy on the MOBI î Young Adult thriller from New York Times bestselling author Gregg Olsen with a memorable protagonist who is a mix of Lisbeth Salander and Dexter MorganA twisted murder a The Girl PDF \ tangle of lies Now Rylee must run for her life What if you discovered that everything you thought you knew about yourself was a lie Rylee has spent her life being shuttled from Girl on the Kindle Ö city to city by her parents She assumes the reasons are normal But the truth couldn't be shocking One day Rylee comes home from school to find the most horrifying thing imaginable — her father dead with a knife through his heart and a key clutched in his hand Her mother's purse is on the counter but she appears to be long gone A message in blood is written on the floor RUNWith her brother in tow Rylee begins a dark journey that will uncover horrific and chilling crimes and lead her to an unexpected and gruesome discovery and who is behind these horrific crimes Run is the first book in the Vengeance series following Rylee as she begins to piece together the story of her life.

  • Hardcover
  • 259 pages
  • The Girl on the Run (Vengeance #1)
  • Gregg Olsen
  • 22 April 2014
  • 9781940610696

About the Author: Gregg Olsen

Throughout his career on the MOBI î Gregg Olsen has demonstrated an ability to create a detailed narrative that offers readers fascinating insights into the lives of people caught in extraordinary circumstancesA New York Times The Girl PDF \ bestselling author Olsen has written ten nonfiction books ten novels and contributed a short story to a collection edited by Lee ChildThe award winning author has been a guest on.

10 thoughts on “The Girl on the Run (Vengeance #1)

  1. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    A total impulse read I grabbed from the library I almost didn't check it out because it wasn't on my insane tbr I am so glad I did this book was a total dark gem full of twists

  2. Georgia (The Bibliomaniac Book Blog) Georgia (The Bibliomaniac Book Blog) says:

    really really good but really freaky and a little too uncomfortableI liked the story but the ending was a bit um Strange and unexpected in not so much of a good way for me

  3. Brianna Klopf Brianna Klopf says:

    Ok this book will win no awards for being realistic BUT I DIDN’T EVEN CARE It’s good and I flew through it Can’t wait to read book 2

  4. Melissa Hart Melissa Hart says:

    Loved this book So many twists and turns just couldn’t put it down

  5. Jennopenny Jennopenny says:

    I got a proof from hot key books of this book Thank you so much I so enjoyed it Fast passe exciting unexpected and sometimes brutalThis is a book that has a fifteen year old main character but at least in my opinion this is something between a young adult and adult novel if not all adult The story is about Rylee a teen on the run with her brother after finding their father dead Rylee is young but feels rootless all her life having to move from one place to another She doesn't really have any friends and she doesn't trust anyone She has her mind set to find her mother figure out what has happened and make someone play for it I really like Rylee she feels like a very well rounded character to me She is strong smart and brave at the same time she doubts herself being only fifteen and alone She's someone I liked to follow and see how she gets herself out of one situations to the other and how she solves the problems she's faced withI don't want to give away anything about the story because I felt it was better to just start it and see where it takes you I had no idea what was going to come next and I enjoyed being keep on my toes throughout this novelIf you like a thrillers with a well thought out plot fast passe that will keep you interested from pages one pick up this bookI will definitely pick up the next part in the Vengeance series

  6. Napua Napua says:

    Riveting to the very endI really enjoyed the journey with Rylee So fast paced and riveting held me captive all the way thru Another great work from Gregg Olsen I can hardly wait to get into the next one

  7. Keren Hughes Keren Hughes says:

    For a start I must tell you that I finished reading this book the end of last week It has taken me until now to compose myself enough to write a review Talk about a book hangover this hangover lasted for several days Why did I take so long to write my review? Simple I needed to distance myself from the book Had I sat down and written a review as soon as I had finished I would have spent too long talking about the things I enjoyed and I would have had to write SPOILER ALERT over the whole thing because I wouldn't have been able to keep it all in I didn't want to do that I don't like spoilers So on to what I thoughtFirstly let me tell you I am in such awe of Gregg Olsen As an author myself I can honestly say my novels feel like a kind of 'ten a penny drivel' but Gregg is an author to beware of He is my new idol I think I have a bit of an author crush on him if I'm honest He has a way with words that cannot be explained it has to be experienced first hand He is masterful and oh so very clever He commands your attention in such a way that you dare not put the book down This book was all consuming and what every thriller should beI didn't know what to expect during reading Run but I found myself shocked at the twists and turns the nature of this particular beast it was gripping and had my internal alarm bells ringing The first thing I wanted to know was who He was and when I found out it was like a knife in the heart I mean poor Rylee Then I had other uestions that I needed the answer to the same way I need air to breathe I was reading this book every spare moment I got There was nothing in this book that disappointed me absolutely NOTHING The only bad thing about the whole story was the fact that it had to end Run was dark and edgy gritty and sinister and super intense I was hooked from the first word to the last I am in awe of what a terrific author Gregg is and what a beautiful thing his mind must be especially when it's dark and edgy Run seriously has any book I've read recently beaten hands down for how addictive it isRylee is a mere fifteen years old when she comes home one day to find her father dead her brother next to his prone body and a message scrawled on the floor in blood it says 'RUN' It has to have been their mother who wrote it she's nowhere to be found Forced to flee their home and go on the run Rylee and Hayden have no money no family no plan All they know is they have to keep running if they are to survive Rylee also knows she must find her mother before 'he' gets her Or does he already have her? If so where is he keeping her and why All Rylee's life they have been forced to up and move at but a moment's notice They call it 'the switch' and they never know where they are going It's best not to plan ahead to just up and leave Why? Well Rylee has never really understood All she knows is she has never settled in one place long enough to make any friends let alone a boyfriend Now she's got to find out who the mysterious 'he' is that might have her mother and free her from him How? She doesn't know But she manages to come up with a plan and hopes that it will help her gather intelligence about who he is as well as where What ensues is a perilous journey that no fifteen year old should have to undertake She won't call the police and thinks she is capable of everything that can possibly be thrown at her But when she finds out who he is what he wants with her mother and frighteningly what he wants with Rylee things take on a whole new meaning I was in the grips of this book from the start and the treacherous journey Rylee undertakes to rescue her mother is one of the most intriguing haunting bone chilling I have read Gregg Olsen has to be one of my favourite authors After reading the perfection that is Run how could he not be? I am still thinking abut how awesome it was even though I finished it days ago I know that it's the first book in the Vengeance series I am hoping that means that there is Rylee It could mean one of two things I guess 1 the rest of the series is based around Rylee or 2 the rest of the series are about other characters and their lives I personally hope it's option 1 I want need to know what happens to her from here

  8. Kirsty-Marie Jones Kirsty-Marie Jones says:

    Run is a special one my friends You know I'm weird right? You know I like serial killer books right? You know I loved Dear Killer for that very reason right? Don't judge ; This book was made for meWhereas Dear Killer was set in the mindset of a teenage serial killer it wasn't uite as disturbing as Run I know Hard to believe Being in a teenage serial killers head what's worse or creepier than that? Run That's what It's also really inappropriate to say I laughed But I'll get to that reason later because you know I don't make it a habit to laugh at murder books I'm not that weirdRylee has been on the run with her parents and later on brother for most of her life it's pretty much all she's known and though she doesn't know much about why she just knows that she's here one place then there the next To avoid being caught the family has a very important system Be ready at all times Never plan ahead Nobody can follow you if you yourself don't know where you're going You leave no trace Trust no one Don't get attached When Rylee's brother calls for her and she comes down to find her father dead and her mother missing the word Run written from her father's blood on the floor She doesRylee follows the rulesShe also breaks one of themRun is hard to review and not because it's short but because if I say one thing wrong it'll spoil it all Dominos It's dominos Nobody likes to set them off But I will say there's a bunch of holy shit in there I even said it out loud a few times With people in the room Don't do that It's also dark and slightly twisted okay a whole lot of twisted and Rylee on a psychological aspect is pretty interesting to dissect She's a tough character and she's had to be She's smart and a little devious she knows something's not right about their lives and she doesn't believe what her mother's told her but she goes with it She's pretty cold in the beginning and everything seemed a little methodical but once it gets going you'll be addicted You'll never completely warm to Rylee it's pretty hard to like I said she's cold in the beginning doing what she's told and trying to reign in her emotions but once she learns out the truth she's angry hurt and that ignites her want for revenge You might not warm to her but you will understand her on whatever level She goes where nobody wants to go she's a part of something nobody ever wants to be a part of and she also does what every one of us would love to do to someone as evil as that And she's rational about it She has a personal vengeance to it but she also has this underlying need to do what she did She's been lied to her whole life everything she thought she knew isn't what it was supposed to be even the people she thought she knew She doesn't even know who she is herself She's trying to use what she has to do for good To even the score Which blurs the lines between right and wrong Is an eye for an eye ever right? Is something unspeakable to someone that's evil make it right?And that rule that she broke? You'll have to find outRun is a uick and addictive read with a story that's dark and twisted with a lot of lies and secrets that'll shock you but it's also about the lengths people can go to to survive Run pushes boundaries and it's not afraid to do so A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Review originally posted on Studio Reads

  9. Rita Rita says:

    This review was originally posted here I am getting my head caught up in a thriller again I was actually unaware that this one was part of a series but I'm glad it is I want to see what else happens following these events because it's got me interested in where the plot is leading On with the reviewIn my last review I mentioned how you don't normally see how the people around a victim deal with grief I felt that Run joined the previous book in going against that statement by depicting how different relations of different victims were dealing with grief The difference between Run and the last book however was that these relations had ended up losing the victim and we were seeing their grief a good number of years after the event I liked this particular theme of the book even though it was very sad due to the fact that you saw very different people dealing very differently with a similar situations It shows how no two people will ever deal the same with anything Just the thought of their feelings is heartbreaking am I right?Since we're still on the topic of the plot I wanted to mention that I really didn't expect the ending to this book In part it's to do with the fact that I thought this was a standalone like I already mentioned but on the other hand it was just surprising I think I just didn't even speculate how the book would end and what it would lead on to I think it also surprised in terms of character developmentThis brings me onto Rylee She was uite the unpredictable character and she was smack bang in the centre of the surprising ending You see Rylee came across as being very sure of what to do and being willing to do whatever it takes to get her Mum safe If I'm honest it was kind of scary just how ruthless she became At the beginning of the book she was at badass thriller character level but by the ending I was a bit Woah woah woah Rylee You might want to think things through a bit In short I felt like telling her violence isn;t always the answer This didn't bring me not to like her however because as you read this you have this kind of twisted knowledge that she had set out to help someone but it had turned into a much bigger uestion of her morals by the end These kind of books are always conflicting because you know the character is trying to put things right but sometimes you can't help but uestion how right their methods are?I actually ended up talking to Georgia about this on Goodreads because her comment on Rylee was exactly the way I felt Moral of the story hunt down your friends make them read the same books as you then sit and talk about which characters you want to slap and which ones you want to marry It's like therapy for readersCaleb Rylee's love interest in Run does not fit into the above categories I do not know him well enough to want to slap him but I also do not like him enough to marry him Nor do I ever think I'll feel that wayThe problem is Caleb is mentioned occasionally throughout the book and then appears at the end Long story short Caleb is not needed I felt like he was a random addition to the story if I'm honest Rylee didn't need him the story didn't need him and the only reason he was there was to accompany Rylee on her journey into the next book To be honest I don't see what the point of his character was SORRY CALEBTo Sum it UpRun was enjoyable in due to a prominent theme and engaging ending however I did feel as though one character wasn't necessary to the story which let me down a little

  10. SJH (A Dream of Books) SJH (A Dream of Books) says:

    Fast paced bloody and unflinchingly brutal 'Run' is a book you will not be able to put down It is a scary and terrifying suspense thriller which will keep you on your toes the whole way through Rylee and her younger brother Hayden go on the run after their father is murdered and their mother disappears They have been trained for this but nothing could have prepared Rylee for the truth she is about to discover A truth which will change her whole life forever I had my theories at the start about Rylee and her family and why they had moved so many times and assumed different identities but I was so wide of the mark that my original thoughts seem ridiculous now The actual reason behind it all was utterly terrifying and shocking and very very scary As I was reading 'Run' half of me didn't want to know what was going to happen next and the other half of me was impatient to tear through the story and see what lay in store for Rylee She is a pretty spectacular main character She is strong courageous determined and resourceful and she is brilliantly depicted as a whirlwind force of nature that has one goal in sight to get her mother back I was gripped by her journey and the way in which she refused to back down or give up even when she was confronted by some horrible revelations I enjoyed following her as she put all the clues together and came up with some clever ways of tracking her mother down The content of the story is extremely hard hitting and there are some disturbing scenes in the book which I wouldn't recommend for younger readers The ending in particular is full on and although it is brilliantly truthful to Rylee's character did cause my jaw to drop big time I may even have wanted to hide behind the sofa at times Gregg Olsen has written an incredible book and never once takes his foot off of the gas 'Run' is the first in his Vengeance series which will be followed soon by 'Hunt' I can't even begin to imagine what lies in wait for Rylee next but I'm eager to follow her as she takes her next steps

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