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  1. Becky Becky says:

    Well I didn't know that this was a series Apparently Goodreads thinks so I happened to just stumble on the fact that Bill Nye had another book with a similar catchy Un based title when browsing at a bookstore and then proceeded to not buy it in favor of using an Audible credit for it Which is fine but eventually I'll probably buy it them anyway because they are both great books Undeniable goes into evolution and was to me at least a little surprising in how disparaging and critical he was about creationism I wasn't surprised that that was his viewpoint but the delivery surprised me because I am used to Bill Nye the Friendly Science Guy not Bill Nye the Withering Creationism Critic I mention that because in this book we're mostly back to Bill Nye the Friendly Science Guy and it's much familiar ground He goes into some details about how ridiculous and selfish and short sighted it is to ignore climate science or worse pretend like it's not really real but for the most part he is his normal Be part of the solution self This book runs the gamut from talking about how he lives in his own home with solar panels solar water heater smart venting to circulate air for temperature control water reclamation methods etc along with a little friendly Green rivalry with his neighbor Ed Begley Jr to ideas for society to move forward into a greener era And not just greener but whiter He's not just talking about reducing carbon emissions he's talking about ways to reduce the heating of the planet as well Instead of using blacktop on roads use a lighter color surface to reflect the heat instead of trap it Float light colored balls or even biodegradable bubbles on the surfaces of auifers to slow evaporation etc These are things I never thought about before uite interesting He talks about electric cars improving mass transit systems improving infrastructure for bicyclists to commute telecommuting He talks about nuclear options and how it might be possible to safely design nuclear plants so that they are failsafe even in the event of a catastrophic event like what happened in Fukushima He talks about economic changes that would structure fees and rebates for carbon usage He talks about how we need to change our outlook and pessimism which really kind of translates to fatalism if I'm honest and actually get off our asses and try to be better stewards of the Earth He speaks about it as an investment in humanity and it is We aren't going to kill the planet We can do a lot of damage to it but Earth will still be here It's just us that won't be Anyway I thought that this was an interesting book even if you aren't on the Climate Change bandwagon It's chock full of excitement for the future and inspiring thoughts about the direction that technology and human advancement can go while making the world a better and sustainable habitat for the species who live here

  2. Jim Jim says:

    I love Bill Nye the science guy so this was a treat to listen to just on that basis His enthusiasm love for science is boundless very upbeat On top of that he has a very good message about the evidence for ways we can alleviate climate change stress on the world with our burgeoning numbers voracious wants needs He also continually keeps the rest of the world in mind not just the US There wasn't a lot of material new to me but he packaged it really wellAll was not perfect He goes into a lot of detail about how bad coal is from soup to nuts but he doesn't look into batteries nearly as much I'm continually seeing articles about the costs of fossil fuels but almost never see any about the costs of batteries If he mentioned any I didn't notice them They are there but I suspect they're far nebulous tough to figure That doesn't mean they're not as bad but most are out of sight His attempts at making his house energy efficient especially in competition with Ed Begley Jr were wonderful It was interesting a lot of fun He skipped some important issues with that though I was really disappointed that he didn't supply sites to get tools such as solar power or wind speed meters to calculate how much electric would be generated I'm fairly sure they make such a thing but a good one one that allows graphing over an extended period is tough to find He mentions spending thousands getting it paid off in 10 years How do I know if it would work for me? I live in Kentucky where we have cheap electric due to coal Sun power isn't a good bet according to the NOAA data for my area Roof turbine generators probably wouldn't pay off for me either but I'm not sure He was very light on details about wind power in general I need a device I can stick on the roof for a year that lets me know in simple terms what the payback will be I checked his web site saw nothing The only thing for sale was bow tiesNot every roof can take solar panels easily I hope brackets to hold them on to terra cotta slate roofs have been addressed but I wouldn't put them on a shake roof I wouldn't have a shake roof on a house but that's another matter He didn't mention the Tesla roof shingles but maybe they came out after this book Insulating a house stopping all the leaks is something a lot of people did in the late 70s early 80s after the oil crisis It didn't work out well for uite a few Houses must have an exchange of about 13 of their air per hour or moisture builds up condenses in cold spots such as around windows which leads to rotting black mold Often the fix is a new HVAC system running it if only to circulate air making sure vents are in the right place When a vent isn't in the right place or needs to move air it's often a major ordeal to fix This is of a problem with houses from the 1950s or 60s earlier but there are a lot of those still around so bewareStill he came up with a lot of good ideas ways of thinking about doing with less An excellent message if a bit light on actual fixes Very well narrated by him of course A real pleasure highly recommended

  3. Sara Sara says:

    I really enjoyed Undeniable but I must say I was not a fan of this one I'll just say it some of the chapters are sinfully boring and even inaccessible The book has some strong earlier chapters about alternative energy and engineering I learned about interesting facts though I must say some diagrams pictures would be enormously helpful odd he didn't consider this given his TV showWhat really irked me about the book is that he talks very little about sustainability mass consumption and waste Instead he wants to throw money and engineering innovations at the problem He also makes no note of factory farming practices a huge contributor to global warming That might limit his lavish lifestyle it seemsAnd boy oh boy does he go on about that He has 4 chapters dedicated to green engineering his house As a non home owner he completely lost me there This would have been better placed as its own book with Ed Begely Jr He also raves about his multiple hybrid cars He encourages the fossil fuel industry to jack up prices Great So how are the little people without gobs of money to blow that don't live in urban areas supposed to go from A to B? I just frankly got tired of reading about his privileged lifestyle and his prattling on about throwing money at problems Sorry Nye Still like your tv show and your work on supporting evolution But I'll pass on this one

  4. Darius Murretti Darius Murretti says:

    NoteThis book is definitely to be rereadlistened to again and again back to back readingslistenings Do not make the mistake of reading listening it just once Immediately start again You will enjoy it MORE the second time You will see both Nyes strengths and weaknesses clearer the second time You will see his approach clearer and be able to sit yourself with a denier if you listen to this book 2 3 times back to back Note the last 1 hour of this audio book is a solid 5 star pep talk about defeating climate change worth memorizing or listening to again and again the whole book will be a pleasure to reread Bill Nye is an entertaining narrator and alot of the books especially in the beginning is the solid climate changing facts I was seeking to arm myself with but then Nye digresses to some highly speculative futuristic hi tech scientific solutions to climate change that are just ramblings and some are just plain dumb like coming up with a GMO wheat that is white so it will reflect sunlight or making boats that put out a specific size of bubble that stays suspended in the ocean water and reflects sunlight and some better ideas but those are for engineers and inventors and not for the average citizen so if you want facts to give deniers you will get a few chapters wroth and then be lead on a future land tour or maybe this maybe that new technology will save us The only things that will save us without tons of political red tape is for all of us to stop using so much electricity and gas and become vegetarians buy local produce have only one kid and recycle all paper and card broad and use only uick growing lumber and leave the rain forests alone Simple easy cheap no congressional red tape But there are people out there driving hummers driving for pleasure NASCAR racing fireworks and people burning lights all night long using dryers instead of clothes lines etc so a big part of the job is bringing the facts to their attention of just how bad the situation is getting and how much suffering what they are doing will cause so billions of humans keeping the pressure on them to cut the shitEvert time we make a choice like using a dyer instead of a clothes line or keeping our old refrigerator instead of a new energy star one or going on a pleasure trip instead of staying home in the garden or any activity that used rater than less electricity and gas we are choosing to these things at the cost of making billions homeless malnourished impoverished sick and dying in a miserable climate Those who live on the coast will be displaced and those who live inland will be crowded by those who were displaced All will be miserable Want to rethink that choice ? God gave us free will and the ability to discern right from wrong A judgement day is coming and our every decision that causes suffering will be punishedpain and sorrow and our every decision that helps relieve suffering will be rewarded pleasure and happiness Also its not your grandchildren will be facing the conseuences of your decisions Its YOU Reincarnation is now regarded as a legitimate science See 24 documentary videos about over 200 investigations of children claiming to be a person who recently died when investigated the child's memories checked out Death is NOT an escape from this earth YOU will be back to face what you have done I am studying facts about climate change because I feel DUTYBOUND to GENTLY and LOVINGLY as possible plant these FACTS in peoples minds who have been benighted by falsehoodsTo do this I have to have the facts committed to memory so that I can casually and deftly slip them past people's defenses I've learnt that to be convincing you really have to know your stuff You have to be a climate change buff because in real time your person is not going to stand still and let you hit them with the facts They are going to counter punch duck and dodge and throw a fit or even runaway and to be the calm clear voice of reason you really have these facts down SPECIFIC Facts About how bad it is andSPECIFIC Facts About How solvable it is This book does a good job of presenting BOTH types of facts but it is not a substitute for making ones own notes so you can really make things lucidly clear to people Alot of it is too elaborate for a 10 20 minute conversation Still the audio book its highly recommended due to the most enjoyable narration All of us could be doing and the clearer the fact are in our minds the we will do BUT WE HAVE A RIGHT TO OUR OPINION Leave us alone we have a right to our opinion you have a right to your opinion say teh deniers I tell them the other people who inhabit this earth also a have much essential right to continue enjoy the earth’s environment as it is now Therefore I know that fact studying people are DUTYBOUND to gently pass those facts to those who may not want to hear themIf I fail in this duty those individuals may fail to take remedial steps in their own lives that affect us all The false hood filled people also may take political stands that hinder governments from taking remedial steps on a large scale If it were NOT NECESSARY to cuts away the false propaganda festering in peoples minds with keenly honed facts I would definitely respect the opinions of the ignorantBut since it we need these peoples cooperation it's Game on It is important to understand that being confronted with these alarming facts puts people in a flustered mood therefore to follow up uick with a comforting solution to each alarming fact is a must to calm them before hitting them with the next alarming fact If there were no solution there would be no point in ruining someone's mood with alarming facts So before you tell a denier an alarming fact have the solutions to that fact ready in your mind Hit them with alternating waves of realizing how serious the problem is and how easy it is to fix The facts ARE alarming but the sooner we answer the alarm the sooner the damage will be stopped But before we can answer the alarm we have to be alarmed so if people get alarmed and angry its a good sign it means they are waking up maybe a little grumpy at first but getting riled up and its important to have a clear course of action to give them for that energy to be expended or it may be expended on your face CHEER THEM UP One helpful insight Bill Nye gives is that deniers are pessimists that believe nothing can be done so why not just deny it While those who accept the reality of climate change are the optimists So when you are talking to a denier its is important to cheer them up and tell them that the earth is very resilient if we all act now You have to convince them that it is doable or they give up in despair and get angry at you for bothering them about something that is going to happen any way FACTS Every second humans dump 24 million pounds of Co2 per second What to do ? Reduce electricity gas use any way you can and support non fossil fuel electricity generation and transportation industries Every 14 seconds a football sized area of forest is cut down or burned What to do? It is possible to buy forest friendly products recycle forest products don’t buy rain forest lumber become vegan The live stock industry is the biggest contributor to methane emissions and deforestation by simply becoming vegan we can help stop both The Government Environmental Protection Agency is the most concise credible web page I could find about all greenhouse gases pie charts sum up climate change 1 Is a VERY DEADLY HORRIFIC PROBLEM 2 a very solvable problem IF EVERYONE acts NOWIt helps to know all the pseudo mantras that deniers repeat to cast doubt and to keep your facts very sharp so you can slash right through them A sharp blade hurts way less and is much easier to control than a dull one you really have to go into battle with the facts very sharp and handy so you automatically and reflexively respond to each and very challenge You have an ace for every jack they put down Replacing specific lies with specific truths is the only way to get people to see the truth and act on itNOTE I AM DEEPLY SUSPICIOUS of Bill Nye's getting into bed with Monsanto on teh GMO issue which coincides with his visit to Monsanto's head uarters Nye is not a geneticist and how the hell would be know if Monsanto was selling him bullshit or not I would NOT listen to Bill Nye on the subject of genetics but to leading geneticists who are NOT allied with Monsanto We know that monsanto has paid millions of dollars in campaigns to cast doubt in the public's mind about the need to label GMOs and it is extremely likely that they paid Bill Nye or a charity he supports money when he went to visit them if he would read their script to the world on GMO labeling

  5. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    Bullet review2017 President Donald TrumpPick for Energy Secretary Rick PerryEPA Secretary Scott PruittOther Cabinet MembersThis a book people will read in 30 years and laugh how wrong it was Like 2001 A Space OdysseyOnly we might be living on boats like Waterworld or riding dusty vehicles like Mad MaxBetter brush up on your dystopias

  6. Michael Hicks Michael Hicks says:

    My original Unstoppable audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerDealing with climate change reuires a fundamental change in the way we think about and view our place on this planet – according to Bill Nye we have to view our role as owners of this earth rather than mere renters The earth needs our constant attention and we have to be careful about what we put into the air water and land since we all share these resourcesIn Unstoppable Nye rejects the altruistic notion that we have to “save the earth” – the Earth isn’t going anywhere It was here long before us humans and will be here long after us Also rejected is the notion that climate change has always occurred will always occur and that we shouldn’t worry about it The truth as is often the case between two such extremes lies somewhere in the middle The Earth doesn’t need saving Rather we need to keep the earth habitable for us If we’re not good stewards or responsible owners then we run the risk of making our planet inhospitable and hostile to our continued survivalThe goal then is to try and mitigate the effects of the global disaster that we have already created With the amounts of carbon emissions that we are pumping into the atmosphere every second of every day and the long term trends that demonstrate the warmth and expansion of Earth’s waters leading to changes in air and water currents we’ve already created what amounts to an irreversible situation or one that if reversed would take many many hundreds of years Hence the book’s title Unstoppable Rapid climate change is occurring and the havoc that it will wreak on our entire ecosystem is a force to be reckoned withOver the course of the book Nye discusses the science behind climate change and lays down some grisly facts surrounding the accumulation and perpetual proliferation of carbon dioxide into the air we breathe defeats one by one the most common assertions claimed by climate change deniers and explores the causes and effects of this man made disruption tornadoes in Chicago More snowfall More flooding The collapse of infrastructure and the displacement of millions of people living in coastal regions He also notes not unreasonably that freeing ourselves from fossil fuels would go a long way toward cutting off a primary source of income to terrorist groups like ISIS that control the oil fields whose productions we are so dependent on Also supremely beneficial to both the United States and the world at large is cutting loose climate change deniers from their political officesWhile there’s plenty of doom and gloom in the future forecast it’s not completely without some measure of hope Nye also discusses the technologies that we can and should be adopting in order to ensure our continued existence Nye offers plenty of practical thought not necessarily cheap efforts that could be undertaken literally right at home like installing solar panels collecting rain water and making slight alterations to the way you insulate your home and buying an electric vehicle Each of these small environmentally conscious steps can help off set the decades of damage we have done and continue to do to the world around us If we want to continue living on the Earth though we will have to make some tough choices in the way we liveAs a long time science communicator Bill Nye is able to lay down the surprisingly large breadth of information surrounding the topic of climate change And as narrator of his own book he’s able to present the material with his trademark wit and passion making the book a real joy to listen to The Science Guy brings with him all of the entertainment value that made his television series such a joy to watch back in the 1990s and the production value on this audio book is superior running along with nary a hiccup Throughout the narration he provides plenty of real world illustrations to support the scientific data which helps hammer home the importance of dealing with this dangerous reality and reminds us that we can no longer keep our heads buried in the sandWe cannot ignore this problem until it goes away because as Nye makes abundantly clear this problem is simply not going to go away no matter how loud the uninformed denial Information is relayed in an easy to understand and cogent fashion which is a very wise approach since this is a topic that literally everyone should be made to understand You don’t need a PhD to get clued in on the science at hand and this book serves as a refreshing primer that will make it very easy for people to become informed In fact the information is so easy to grasp that even Ken Ham should be able to understand it providing he’s willing to once again get schooled by Bill Nye the Science Guy

  7. Tudor Vlad Tudor Vlad says:

    It's hard not to love a book written by Bill Nye he's so passionate and fun According to Goodreads this is the second book in the Un series but you don't need to read the first book to enjoy this one Undeniable Evolution and the Science of Creation talks about the theory of evolution and its deniers Unstoppable talk about global warming and how we can use current and future technology to try and buy Earth some time Really insightful it explains in great detail how all current methods of generating electricity work as well as trying to predict what the next big thing will be

  8. James James says:

    Nye opens up a fire hose of ideas and proposals to fix global warming some are pretty far out there but I agree with his basic premise try everything and see what really works I was worried that this book might be too shallow to engage someone who's already familiar with many of the issues and has a science background that was not the case Indeed in the case of electrical power distribution it's the first time I've ever seen mention of resistive and reactive loads outside an EE manual The clear and straightforward writing style makes it accessible to non technical and younger readers as well It's suitable for a wide range of readersAs a companion volume I would recommend Drawdown The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming get started right away Example for most Americans cut back your meat consumptionWhy did I rate such a great book as a 4? Where's the bibliography? Oops there's none Its one major defect

  9. Nathan Nathan says:

    After hearing about Bill Nye's first book Undeniable through the podcast StarTalk which Mr Nye often is a part of these days I was excited when I heard that he was working on a book about climate change So when the book was released this November I had to get my hands on it for a few reasons First I wanted to learn about climate change and second I have come to really respect Mr Nye as an educator and a writer Thankfully this book did not disappoint Mr Nye produced another book which contains his optimism and love of science I was able to take a lot away from this book and it made me want to science some What I liked about this book was that it was not a book about answers; it was about uestions and possible solutions No one has the answers for a lot of upcoming climate issues but I think Bill Nye did a nice job of introducing a lot of different issues and writing about possible solutions that are being looked at right now In comparison to his last book on evolution this book was slightly conceptually and mathematically heavy A lot of the chapters on energy and new energy technologies were prefaced with background of thermodynamic laws and power consumption calculations and so on However I think the way Bill Nye explained these heavy parts in his book made the reader able to understand the hard concepts Since I have taken a lot of physicsengineering classes in the past year I have background knowledge of a lot of the topics Luckily Bill Nye is such a talented educator that I believe that a person without a science background would not have trouble understanding the concepts eitherAnother great thing that Bill Nye did with this book was that he included his own experiences in it too There was a section of about 6 or so chapters at the end of the book which focused on his own home and the renovations he has done in order to make it environmentally friendly These chapters provided nice examples to see what he has done and to show that he walks the walk and doesn't just talk Overall I think this book was a nice overview of a lot of different climate change issues with many possible answers that are being looked into now The author definitely knows his stuff and does a great job at explaining all of the different topics addressed For anyone interested in climate change definitely a great book to get you thinking Together we can change the world

  10. Kory Shrum Kory Shrum says:

    Listened to it on audiobook and love his voice and energy Smart writing by a funny guy

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Unstoppable ✶ [BOOKS] ✪ Unstoppable By Bill Nye ❀ – Thomashillier.co.uk Just as World War II called an earlier generation to greatness so the climate crisis is calling today's rising youth to action to create a better futureIn Unstoppable Bill Nye crystallizes and expands Just as World War II called an earlier generation to greatness so the climate crisis is calling today's rising youth to action to create a better futureIn Unstoppable Bill Nye crystallizes and expands the message for which he is best known and beloved That message is that with a combination of optimism and scientific curiosity all obstacles become opportunities and the possibilities of our world become limitless With a scientist's thirst for knowledge and an engineer's vision of what can be Bill Nye sees today's environmental issues not as insurmountable depressing problems but as chances for our society to rise to the challenge and create a cleaner healthier smarter world We need not accept that transportation consumes half our energy and that two thirds of the energy you put into your car is immediately thrown away out the tailpipe We need not accept that dangerous emissions are the price we must pay for a vibrant economy and a comfortable life Above all we need not accept that we will leave our children a planet that is dirty overheated and depleted of resources As Bill shares his vision he debunks some of the most persistent myths and misunderstandings about global warming When you are done reading you'll be enlightened and empowered Chances are you'll be smiling too ready to join Bill and change the world.

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William Sanford Bill Nye popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy is an American science educator comedian television presenter actor writer scientist and former mechanical engineer best known in popular media as a science educator.