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Maldeamores (Lovesick) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Maldeamores (Lovesick) ⚣ Author Mara White – Belén I’ve loved Luciano ever since I can remember desired him before I even knew what it meant He’s always been the only man in my life—my constant protector and his rejection only intensifies Belén I’ve loved Luciano ever since I can remember desired him before I even knew what it meant He’s always been the only man in my life—my constant protector and his rejection only intensifies my need Luciano I’ve never known a love fierce than the one I feel for Belén But I force myself to deny her no matter how much it hurts Our love is a sickness and both of us are infected Because there’s no cure for being from the same family.

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  1. Baba Baba says:

    1 star DNF 42% I skimmed the final 10% Review posted June 7 2015 view spoilerI think that's what happened when view spoilerLucky took my virginity so politely with his mouth hide spoiler

  2. Angie - Angie& Angie - Angie& says:

    It's LIVE on and it's ONLY 099 This book is awesome ➔ We're both each others poison but we're also each other's only antidote WOW WOW WOW WOWI have so many things to say SO MANY FREAKING THINGS First off I was not planning on writing a review for this book I told the blogger I received the ARC from that I've gotten away from writing reviews of late I don't know I feel as though people don't read them and yet I find myself needing to get my thoughts down about this novel I feel myself needing to release the conflicted feelings that are eating at my soul My heart is bleeding right now It's aching And in the midst of my pain there are so many emotions I can't get a handle on I feel as if this book has changed me as a reader As if it's taken a part of me and altered it So I write this review for Belén and Lucky I write it because I have fallen so deeply in love with these gentle souls I have taken their pain as my own I have soaked in their desperation their undying need for one another and I can't seem to let them go This book owned me It's stolen me It's made me it's own It's so very good I feel possessed by it Ahhhh Anyway here is my overall reviewThe truth is I accepted the ARC without reading the blurb I was told that a friend of mine who I trust wholeheartedly had read the novel early and loved it That was enough for me I went ahead and started reading and when I was 5% in I thought Hmmm This is odd Why are we reading about cousins? Bahahahahahaha Again I hadn't read the blurb I had no freaking idea Anyway I ended up talking to said friend one day and Maldeas happen to come up in conversation I mentioned that I had received an ARC and she was like OH MY GOD THAT BOOK That book is amazing It's powerful and dark forbidden yet so well written and developed Of course I was glad to hear that but the I thought about the forbidden part of her comment the it had me pausing AND then out of nowhere it punched me like a fist to the jaw OH MY GOD This is a book about cousin's who fall in LOVE My initial response to learning that was NO NO NO I can't go there Incest is a hard limit It's not something I want to read about I was ready to message the blogger and back outBut then something happened I took a day or two and sat on it Over that time I grew curious A little blossom began to spread it's petals inside me and I decided to read I decided to stop being closed minded and TAKE THE RISKHOLY FING SHT I'll tell you right now this book has CHANGED ME It's awakened me And it makes me sad to think that I would have turned Maldeas away because the subject matter made me a little uncomfortable and in doing that I would have MISSED OUT on a story that was going to rock my world and shatter it open into a million shards of red glass AhhhhSo as I sit here and write my review I'm desperate to find words to describe what this author's done to me I want to find a way to urge you to take the very same chance I think as readers we have to stretch our boundaries and try new things even if those things are out of our comfort zone When we do that we grow as human beings our brains our emotions expand and we are able to delve deeper into our preconceived notions of right and wrong I'll say I'm a ball of conflict right now I swear if you were around me you could probably feel the waves of raw emotion I'm emitting There's so much depth in this story And I have to say this author is brave Maldeas is not something everyone is going to pick up and most readers who are like me will read that blurb and think Ahh maybe not AND THAT KILLS ME I implore you to take the chance Just take the chance You might surprise yourself I know I fell deeply in love with everything that makes up this novel OMG wipes cheeks This story is dark and raw it's gritty and rough It's filled with pain and angst and a soul deep yearning you feel in your bones I'm not sure what I was expecting once I realized the content covered incest but it wasn't like anything I read This was deep the kind of deep that literally penetrates you spears you open and makes you uestion yourself I'm sitting here and still I ask myself What the hell? How could I go for this?How could I be so accepting?And yet I want to scream Who cares? You can't change who you loveAnd you can't Love is a choice but it's also not Love is something that takes ahold of you and sometimes you can't control who you feel most connected to I think as human beings we need to be accepting We need to be open That said I know it's wrong but my heart doesn’t want to accept thatThese characters they felt REAL TANGIBLE PALPABLE I couldn't help but love them fiercely and root for them relentlessly It was impossible not tooAs you begin to read you fall in love as they fall in love It's tentative at first your heart expands and twists slowly as you follow them from childhood into adulthood It's a journey and the connection between Luciano Lucky and Belén is kinetically powerful It's as pure as it is wrong and I think that's what makes this book so fantastic you truly want what they can't have It's an honest to goodness forbidden romance True to it's coreAnd by God did I wanted them together From pretty early on in the book I was SOLD It's something I can't wrap my head around This topic was my HARD LIMIT And yet as I was reading I felt the urge to go to war for these characters The fact that their love was deemed wrong by society standards didn't seem to matter It began to feel insignificant and that is a testament to this authors writing that she could take something that would typically make me shudder in disgust and turn it into something that had me yearning is just WHOA It's unreal It's magic I don't know what else to sayGAH I don’t want to get into the plot of this book This review is of a way for me to express the way I was moved I can honestly say I was stunned by how addicted I became and also how much I learned from the story itself I learned that love is inexplicable It's an emotion that cannot be tamed And even if you desperately don't want to feel it it happens I learned that those feelings as wrong as they might be can still be pure and clean even though they go against every moral fiber inside you It's so fcking powerful I have no words This story is something you need to read It’s something you have to journey through to grasp Mara White has blown my mind She's taken me to a place I typically would not ever want to go and insane than that she's made me want to go back there I’m not done with these characters even though the story is done I want and I think this is a book that I’ll always look back on and remember It’s a book I will carry with me When the pen falls into our hands we can't erase the past All we're allowed is the chance to create a new ending These characters are beautiful This story is emotionally combustible And this novel is sure to have you thinking and feeling It’s than a five star read It’s unratable And this is an author I will most definitely read again and again BRILLIANTGAH She is raw Pure emotion Savagely in love with me and willing to sacrifice whatever it takes

  3. Shabby -BookBistroBlog Shabby -BookBistroBlog says:

    I read a uote once Love is rarely flowers and sunshine and rainbows and laughter it's of pain and heartbreak and angst and yearning and craving so why do we love ? Because we can't control who we fall in love withthat just happens you ride the wave or you drown that's kismetWe’re all parts of a narrative that we didn’t writeso writes mara white Luciano and Belèn are the doomed lovers taking their love not to great heights of pleasure but spiralling in the depths of Hell where their souls are continually tortured and destroyed by the intensity of their love for each other The ties that bind them become their bane keeping them apart where they burn in almighty Hell and we as readers burn with themthis world and society that we live in is made by us and the norms dictated by us so why has love so many rules and diktat while hatred roams freewhy this story gutted me to say the least It so well written the language the formatting is so perfect that you feel the emotions flowing from mara's pen straight into your heart and lucky and len are right there in front of my eyesmy tears filled eyes that isit's a beautiful emotional poignant heart touching sweet love story that will stay with you like Raw or Carnage or bright Side didi hope mara writes another book because I refuse to accept ths story as isI refuse

  4. ~♡AB♡~ ~♡AB♡~ says:

    ★★★ 3 Stars ★★★I totally enjoyed this forbidden love story it was angsty I liked the writing and I felt really connected to the charactersThe story starts when cousins Belén Luciano Lucky are kids they are as tight as brother and sister and the closeness of their mothers ensures that they are always together Lucky looks after Bey and being only 9 months apart they are best friends as well as family Belén My cousinMy own heat waveThe flame to my fire We grow up with them and as they hit puberty and feelings start to change we experience Belén's shame and Lucky's struggle to resist his beautiful cousin Whilst Bey distracts herself with school Lucky distracts himself with drugs and girls on the streets of Washington Heights New York Belén I love you back Sometimes I love you so bad I get sick from itBut we can't do thatWe can love each other without that partWe have to Although this is a taboo story all I kept thinking was that it's actually not against the law to marry your cousin and I felt like their mothers would have actually been OK with their relationship so for me I was so frustrated that they felt so bad about being togetherThis was a raw and gritty story which contained MMF and a dash of FF It was steamy and emotional I really did enjoy reading it but I was left feeling discontent with how it all panned outThis story is told from childhood up until they are 20 and it was a solid 4 stars from me right up until the end in fact in my opinion the epilogue killed the book which I find a shame I just don't understand why it had to go in the direction that the author took it in If you are looking for a happy ending you may be in for a shockThis is a standalone preuel to the Heightsbound Series told in dual POV ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

  5. ~IreneOust~ ~IreneOust~ says:

    Whoever said 'a heart wants what it wants' must have been talking about Belén Lucky I swear this journey these two my heart hurts What a beautiful story of love and sacrifice I won't say much but I will say this it took me no time at all to become Mara White's newest fan and I am here to stay Her writing style is so real At times you almost feel as if you are there in the Heights with the gang Growing up Confused Getting high Loving Hurting Denying yourself the undeniable If you love the elements of taboo in your reads and can keep an open mind I urge you to read this beautiful story I can't wait to dive into book 2 to see what life throws at two of my new favorite characters Cheers

  6. Natasha is a Book Junkie Natasha is a Book Junkie says:

    FULL REVIEW EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE NOW POSTED “When will I ever be free from this sickness? When will love stop feeling like a curse?” It doesn’t happen very often that a book makes my mind spin in such a way that it takes me weeks to collect my thoughts rein in all my initial reactions and get over my inherent reflex to just scream at it Because this book was justwhoa And while a taboo scenario such as this one almost always makes my skin uiver from the forbidden allure of it all Lucky and Belén’s tale redefined everything I thought I needed in a love story in order to walk away happy it crashed all my preconceptions to smithereens and it left me reeling in a haze of second thoughts This is not a traditional romance by any stretch of the imagination but it is a romance nonetheless and a very poignant one at that It is undogmatic in its approach bold and broad minded in the way it presents this unconventional love story to the reader and it pulls us in like a whirlpool regardless of what we keep telling ourselves we should be thinking or feeling Skillfully written the uniue prose as much a part of the story as the evocative scenes it describes this is a book that was difficult to walk away from nearly impossible to stop thinking about and I’m still mulling over it dissecting it in my mind and slowly coming to terms with the fact that some love stories hurt until the very end And beyond “I’ll die without you There will never be anyone else for me Lucky Ever I don’t want there to be” Raised in one of the poorest New York City neighborhoods by two first generation immigrant sisters from the Dominican Republic Luciano ‘Lucky’ Cabrera and his cousin Bélen have been close since birth Their earliest memories of falling asleep in the same crib of always being there for one another and of loving each other for as long as they can remember have shaped the way they felt about each other all throughout childhood making their unbreakable bond something that eually confused them as well as gave them comfort “Belén My cousin My own heat wave The flame to my fire” We follow them through adolescence and into early adulthood we witness all the ways such a uniue bond between two first cousins could become an inextricable part of their emotional makeup ultimately playing a key role in whom they end up falling in love with—each other “My glass heart sits trapped at the bottom of a honey jar with Lucky’s name permanently written all over it” But loving one another has always felt like a curse for Lucky and Belén their hearts and bodies drawn like magnets but their minds telling them that such a love is wrong abhorrent and never to be We feel their struggle from the moment they become aware of those feelings we see them hide them battle them succumb to them hate themselves for them and that struggle continues to define the way their perceive relationships love and even their own sexuality For Bélen Lucky has always been the only man in her life someone who made her feel safe and loved and the only man who has always ignited her body in a way no one else could But while Bélen expresses her feelings towards her cousin openly her innocent heart always winning over reason Lucky tries to deny his heart what it desires the most knowing that Bélen is the only woman who could ever uench the ever raging fire coursing through his veins “Belén had a way of opening me up that was addictive I wanted to fck her Jesus Christ did I want to fck her I wanted things from her that I never wanted from a girl” And yet he keeps fighting her advances wanting her to have everything in life—children a husband to feel proud of a proper family—everything that he could never give her “I’ll keep pushing you away Belén a million times if I have to All that means is that I love you better than I love myself” A story of tremendous passion of a love that should never be of a bond that endures no matter what in all its tortuous beauty and ultimately shines selflessly and for all eternity But do not expect to be able to predict its fate because the author keeps throwing curveballs at us from start to finish and the sting of them never stops hurting Often in the best possible way This is a book I will recommend wholeheartedly to anyone wishing to have their minds stretched prickled aroused shocked and even stunned into silence in the end at least for a moment because this is a story that will leave you agonizing over a million different feelings pondering over a million possible aftermaths and if you’re anything like me eventually feel at peace with it all “What happens if one of us moves on and the other can’t move at all?” 45 STARSREAD A DELETED SCENE HERESee this review on my blog | Follow me on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter US UK CA

  7. ☽•☾-Ari ☽•☾-Ari says:

    45 totally fucked up stars Read the review at Readin' Under Street Lamps WHAT THE MOTHERFUCKING FUCK JUST HAPPENED HEREI will not lie to you people I loved this book but it was a serious mind fuck And do get intimately acuainted with that word because I shall be using it a lot in this review And I mean a LOTI was really tempted to throw this book out I won’t deny that I mean that ending I feel like someone should’ve warned me about it because dude that shit is not cool I don’t care how much you hate me warning me about an ending like that is national fucking priority Argh I wanted to rip every single hair out of my scalp And I mean s l o w l ySo yeah the angst was turned up all the way alright and I was totally feeling the heat and someone looks side eyed at Mara White forgot to turn it off Even long after it was over Because where the fuck is Malentendido woman Someone come save my head because it is aching from being banged on hard unyielding walls so many timesOn to the main story now this book revolves around two kids LennyBel Belén and Lucky Luciano They’ve known each other for forever They’ve loved each other for forever And now they wish to be together for forever Only problem? Because you know that there is going to be many problems because duh They Are Cousins First cousins at that Like their mothers were real sisters first cousinsYeee aaah Talk about taboo bitchThey both get crazy attracted to each other when they both hit the teens but where Bel just wanted Lucky to be hers and for her to be Lucky’s Lucky couldn’t run away faster and harder because he felt that their attraction was completely wrong And that constant rejection of his convinced Bel that it was a sickness One that she spent years of her life trying to get rid ofPoor girlThat is literally just it That is all the story is about and that is all that you need to know about the story But oh my GOD For a premise so strong and a plot so simple White totally destroys you with her writing I’ve read a lot of books as you might already know and so yeah I’ve come across a lot of writing styles Almost every author has a uniue accent and I’ve come across the one that White writes in but still it’s easy for me to say that she is uite different It took me no time to warm up to her style and once I warmed up the temperature just kept rising to feverish pitchesThere were moments in this book that straight up made me uncomfortable and no they were not when Lucky and Lenny were getting intimate That was hot But Lenny’s clinical outlook at sex hit too close to home for comfort And a few instances Like literally every scene where she and Jeremy made out ugh I wanted to rip his dick off and shake her crazy hard and scream in her face And the whole thing with Jaylee Don’t remind me of that Nuh uh I don’t want to remember itOne thing I completely loved about this book was how obsessed Bel was with Lucky and how resolute she was that he was the one Even after everyone disagreed with her Gotta commend the girl on that I mean it’s not like everyday you see someone going gaga over their cousin and determined to sleep with them and putting love spells on said cousin Man is that woman a complete nutcaseAnd don’t get me started on Lucky That bastard That absolute self serving selfish piece of shit BASTARD I LOVE him don’t get me wrong but I kinda hate him too Especially after that wretched ending Oh my god Someone get me a new laptop because I think I might have broken this one I’ve never had such a strong reaction to a book ending on a cliffhanger before but this one literally pulled a violent outburst out of me I was so crazy for Lucky because he really proved himself to put Bel’s needs before his own but then he went and did what he did spoiler no he did not cheat and now I’m completely mad So I’ve decided to do us all a favor and keep from ranting about him until the next book is out and he has eaten mud to beg for my redemptionBut on a serious note this book was very angsty completely taboo and so goddamn beautiful that I just can’t stop myself from being all angry lovey dovey about it Do I recommend this book? Definitely Go for it if you wanna check out something totally inappropriate and totally wonderful and something totally unforgettable I tip the jar back and forth and Lucky’s name barely moves It’s magnified by the honey and the paper has come unraveled a bit This is going in the fridge behind Hector’s beer where no one will find it Luciano Cabrera will feel my love and be sweet on me forever

  8. Beth Beth says:

    My initial reaction immediately finishing the bookFUCK YOU BOOK I HATE YOU COMPLETE TOTAL BULLSHIT I'M SO FUCKING MAD RIGHT NOW YOU GAVE ME ALL THOSE EMOTIONS MADE ME INVEST AND CARE ABOUT THOSE CHARACTERS AND THEN THAT FUCKING ENDING AFTER EVERYTHING THEY WENT THROUGH??? HELL NOI have had some time to reflect for a few days and I don't see how it's possible to rate this book I enjoyed 90% of the story but I absolutely loathe the ending I don't think I can ever read another book by this author because I don't feel I can trust her to give me a satisfying ending I mostly read HEA but not always and that's usually ok However in this case I just felt angry to the point it took me hours to fall asleep I was so unsettled and upset Those are not the feelings I desire after reading those characters' lifelong journey

  9. Dee Montoya Dee Montoya says:

    45 Forbidden StarsLuciano and Belen have always been together They lived in a complicated world where they could only count on each other Their love grew bolder and intense as they grew up becoming an addiction something that both were ashamed of but a love so fierce that nothing could destroy it no matter how hard they tried They were both born with this powerful love inside them Blood a lifetime together and their toxic love will forever bound Lucky and Bey Intense is the most accurate word I can use to describe this story Luciano and Belen fought against their love with everything they had they made big sacrifices for each other but nothing ever worked Maybe only death could finally bring closure and help them move on but even then I'm not even sure I will post a full review of this book once I finished the second installment of this duet

  10. Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦ Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦ says:

    WOW Another passionate loving and emotional book from Mara White I had the great pleasure of reading an early copy of Maldeas and I haven't stopped thinking about itHeed the warnings on this one because Maldeas is unlike amy book I've read Belén and Luciano are star crossed lovers fiercely in love but forced to deny their true feelings for each other Like Mara's other books I felt anxious emotional distraught and fascinated by these two characters and their tumultuous journey The writing is stunning sharp and incredibly erotic and the characters richly detailed I was drawn into their world and was stunned by the turn of the events These two are truly lovesick and simply cannot live apart from each otherThere are some very graphic and steamy scenes in this book but they fit in with the story and add fuel to the deep emotional bond Belen and Luciano share If you like to be challenged and thrilled when you read then Maldeas is the book for you It is not an easy story but I loved the rollercoaster ride of emotions Mara White is a talent to watch and I hope she will keep on writing these complex sexy storiesWhen the pen falls into our hands we can't erase the pastAll we're allowed is the chance to create a new ending

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