✓ Alice in Quantumland: An Allegory of Quantum Physics

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  1. J.P. J.P. says:

    This book is a well written straightforward allegory for an introduction to the basics of uantum PhysicsMechanics I think it's helpful to understand at least a little about the subject because if you're interested in books written about the Universe different aspects of this topic tend to come up fairly often It is very odd because of the way things work in such a counter intuitive manner yet experimentation agrees with it's predictions It goes into protons electrons uarks spin Pauli Exclusion Principle Heisenberg Uncertainty principle much It explains these concepts in a very straightforward manner which is made very easy with the use of the allegory I recommend it for anyone who is interested in the subject needs a good starting point

  2. Nada Khaled Nada Khaled says:

    uantumland Rules Probability is the only certain thing here Penetrating barrier is available Being in than one place at the same time all together until being observed is normal Electrons are unseen Interference take place Electrons are seen No interference behave classically The impossible takes shorter For every particle there is an anti particle goes backward in time Destruction before creation is normal Electron Positron←→Photon Nucleus splitting is possible Okay after those rules I feel like being splitted into two versions a Classical a uantum one and that was the resultClassical me It's all nonsense Einstein must be right; God doesn't play diceuantum me Aha but Einstein didn't see all the technological advances based on uantum mechanicsClassical me Even if he did It's not persuasive It can't beuantum me Don't be so traditional Be open minded pleaseClassical me Open minded or Mindless you mean ?uantum me If you don't believe in it so explain how the euations are working perfectly wellClassical me It must be mathematical tricks and no uantum me Then explain such technological devices took place based on those euations? The mobile phone you are holding How is it existed?Classical me I don't know but there must be another thing Something is missing I'm certainuantum me I don't believe in certainty Probability is what I followMy MindSince all my knowledge about uantum Mechanics are Youtube videos some articles and it's my first time to read a book about it; I find it a very mind blowing confusing theory and if you decided to apply it on daily life you are going to hell by your own choice D Regarding the book it is pretty amazing; It's involving this great story Alice in Wonderland in the real fantasy of the uantum world producing this masterpiece and the book is so simple and easily understandable for those who know very little about this theory though some parts beat my brains out but comparing to the whole book they are neglected so if you don't even have the main concepts or a background about it you don't have to worry ;

  3. Noha Noha says:

    I'm not going to lie and give a higher ranking to look smart I almost understood the first half of the book only

  4. Cynda Cynda says:

    Twenty years ago I spent time at the coffeeshop with a group of medical folk We used to talk about metaphysics and they used to talk about uantum physics I wish I had known about this book thenYet I am glad to have read this book now or anyway I have enjoyed the curiosity of Alice as she has led me into a world of which I have vague high school memories of and into areas I did not know about the uarks and gluons Sure I have seen images and have read a thing or two But fear limited me from retaining any knowledge This allegory helps me to remember and to add information to my mental fileBecause high school was 4 decades ago and because I am only now being introduced to uarks I will be rereading in another couple of yearsBecause I appreciate the allegorical teaching style I will read at least one of Robert Gil's allegories Scrooge's Cryptic Carol Visions of Energy Time and uantum Nature I think it will be the most accessible to me

  5. Teo Teo says:

    I went into this book under the impression that Robert Gil would use Alice as a medium to teach readers about uantum physics I was hoping that this would read like a novel rather than a textbook Unfortunately this is not the caseInstead Gil is uite literally teaching you He is the professor You are the student sitting in a classroomThe word 'allegory' is defined as expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence In Alice in uantumland our heroine goes from place to place where she meets characters who give her actual lessons in uantum physicsHello I am an Electron Let me tell you something about myself Begin lesson The 'narrative' is even interrupted by actual block uotes which go deeper into the lessons and also end of chapter notes for additional lesson y stuffBasically add the sentence The uantum Mechanic said before any uantum physics textbook and you get Alice in uantumland Not exactly the allegory I was hoping for honestlyLesson after lesson after lesson dryly presented by so called characters such as the Photon the Electron the Classic Mechanic the uantum Mechanic etc I say so called because there are no actual literary characters in this work; there is no plot; there is nothing besides physics lessonsGranted Gil does offer some neat scenes that do make some aspects of the whole uantum jumble understandable to the average reader It's not enough however Myself I do have an amateur interest for all this physics stuff but still this book was pretty tedious to finishIt seems like a lot wasted potential and that something really remarkable could've been done with this idea Too bad To conclude as Alice herself comments in the last line of the book Boring Can't recommend it

  6. ron btdtbttsawio ron btdtbttsawio says:

    I made it about 30% into this book before I bailed It's of a novelty book and doesn't really teach the concepts of uantum physics very well

  7. PABlo Bley PABlo Bley says:

    By adapting Lewis Carroll's well known story Alice in Wonderland physicist Robert Gil offers an entertaining and educational look at the theoretical framework of Physics uantum Mechanics which seems to provide the most accurate explanations of the way things are in the physical world The story takes us to uantumland where Alice encounters a world of electrons and photons wave functions the Pauli Principle and the Uncertainty Principle Along the way Alice meets Schrödinger's cat an emperor a little mermaid and an ugly duckling all of whom have something to tell her about uantum physics It's accessible yet in depth with scientific definitions and fun illustrations that help the reader to imagine very complex concepts “Throughout the narrative you will find many statements that are obviously nonsensical and uite at variance with common sense For the most part these are true”― Robert Gil Alice in uantumland An Allegory of uantum Physics

  8. Allen Allen says:

    As the subtitle says this is an allegory of uantum physics We find Alice on a dull rainy day as she watches uninteresting TV programs which leads her to daydream about doing something interesting As Alice continues watching the TV screen becomes fuzzy and she finds herself being pulled inside tumbling headlong into a new world a world where electrons always bounce and wiggle so that they can remain small where rabbits run headlong at locked doors and pass through unharmed eventually where no matter what path Alice takes she always ends up where she is supposed to be This is uantum World the world that we live in the world that would make our heads spin if we could see into the atom The book is full of colorful and uarky characters and was a lot of fun to read I recommend it to imaginative science geeks

  9. Mohamed IBrahim Mohamed IBrahim says:

    the amazing story when we put it in this strange world the uantum world it all about real world magic small scale is real and is not just an imagination like what in the original Alice story you will feel enjoyed with every line of this book I have and objection only about over simplification of some points

  10. Julie Julie says:

    This is an allegorical book that is supposed to help teach you the different aspects of uantam mechanics by following Alice around as she encounters the different theories This got very high marks but this is not for everyone I had taken physics many decades ago but had lost that knowledge since it was never my major field of study I think someone studying beginning uantum physics now would benefit from reading this cleverly written and illustrated book

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Alice in Quantumland: An Allegory of Quantum Physics ❮Read❯ ➵ Alice in Quantumland: An Allegory of Quantum Physics Author Robert Gilmore – Thomashillier.co.uk My eyes tend to glaze over when I encounter YAPBAPs Yet Another Popular Book About uantum Physics But this volume captured my attention and imagination Told in the same way as Alice in Wonderland with My eyes tend to glaze over when Quantumland: An eBook ☆ I encounter YAPBAPs Yet Another Popular Book About uantum Physics But this volume captured my attention and imagination Told in the Alice in ePUB ½ same way as Alice in Wonderland with many of the original passages re tooled to their new purpose and a hint of Flatland Gil guides us through the principles in Quantumland: An PDF/EPUB Ä of uantum mechanics in a truly lively and fun way I suspect it may even be a good read for teens or extremely bright children.