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  • 05 December 2014

10 thoughts on “Make Me Dead

  1. Bob Bob says:

    I didn't give this book 4 stars because it's a classic or because the writing was outstanding or because the plot was innovative I gave the stars because it was great fun to read The book's about a vampyre ueen who also happens to be a hollywood scream ueen and her mother and grandmother who is faced with a dilemma when one of her fanged offspring goes all murderous at a horror convention Lots of inside jokes here The author is Adrienne Barbeau who played Maude's daughter in the TV show She also starred in uite a few scary movies including The Fog and Swamp Thing Her vampyre family includes a galaxy of hollywood stars including Orson Welles Rudolph Valentino etc I really enjoyed this book

  2. The Mustache Louie Matos The Mustache Louie Matos says:

    Many of the reviews I've read communicate that this story has wit and humor which it does However if you think you're reading JUST that you would be sadly mistaken This is a mystery The third part of a series and in each subseuent novel Ms Barbeau gets stronger The initial setting is at a Horror Movie Convention and the murders that happen there Strong effort with intriguing plot You don't need to have read the other stories to understand this one but the characters continue from one to the next Worth your time because there are real scares here along with the mystery elements

  3. Judith Judith says:

    Make Me DeadChaos reigns at a horror convention in New Orleans in this third installment of Vampyre's of Hollywood series This book held my attention better than the last It's a fun story for anyone who is a movie buff but it does have its tense moments I like the growth between Peter and Ovsanna's developing relationship Wonder if there will be a fourth

  4. Analisa Mac Analisa Mac says:

    It's an easy readIt's an easy read with a pretty good plot that did leave me want I g I hole this author continues with the series

  5. Ellen White Ellen White says:

    A good story and not your usual vampire plot It easy to read and full of twists and humor Well done and always look for by her

  6. Stanley Hutchings Stanley Hutchings says:

    The Vampyres of Hollywood is book 1 Love Bites is book 2 and Make me Dead is book 3 of a trilogy They feature vampires a hunky detective werewolves and many other supernatural monsters They should be read seuentially since they are the same story but continued over three books Make me Dead really needs to be read as a continuation of the first 2 books They feature a very sexy 450 year old vampyre; a human desirable hunky LA detective; Maral as a very interesting personal assistant; and a host of other characters in a three book romancemysteryhorror story There is lots of action in all the books with vampires werewolves boxenwolves shifters and other supernatural horrors as people and creatures end up dead Between encounters with monsters there is also plenty of sexual tension usually followed by intense consummation Considering the amount of violence and blood the books are surprisingly humorous Love Bites takes place in and around Los Angeles; and Make me Dead at the NOLA Ghoulfest III I just wish I'd read The Vampyres of Hollywood first because the books continue the story started there

  7. Cliff Townsend Cliff Townsend says:

    Not as good as the others but amusing as any of them and a good continuation

  8. Marge Marge says:

    Third time is indeed a charm Loved every book so far Keep them coming

  9. Warren Cartwright Warren Cartwright says:

    Fun little story

  10. William S. Flowers William S. Flowers says:

    Enjoyed the book Kind of a different slant on a vampire's life Lot of name dropping of some of my favorite actors

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Make Me Dead[EPUB] ✰ Make Me Dead Author Adrienne Barbeau – LA TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR MAKE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD As always in a Vampyres of Hollywood mystery the biting wit is sharper than a nip from a passing vampyre—in a word humor wit and satire are what t LA TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR MAKE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD As always in a Vampyres of Hollywood mystery the biting wit is sharper than a nip from a passing vampyre—in a word humor wit and satire are what this engaging series is really all about You’re going to get a good mystery every time with lots of action Make Me PDF/EPUB or suspense and adventure but the best part is the clever and witty writing Nobody’s better than Barbeau at skewering the foibles of Hollywood and its self involved denizens and nobody’s got a smarter mouth than her movie star heroine vampyre Please Never merely vampire Ovsanna Moore this time in New Orleans for a horror convention Fasten your seat belts—lots of fun to be had at the expense of horror conventions Traveling with Ovsanna is her human true love hot LAPD Detective Peter King Peter’s snake dancing neighbor Susie and the detective’s memorabilia selling mom But unbeknownst to the uartet someone else is with them—someone from the past who can be extremely dangerous It all gets off to a rollicking start when some poor fool dressed as Buffy the Vampire sic Killer has the temerity to take on an ACTUAL vampyre—ie the glamorous Ovsanna Moore From there we go to Snakes At the Con hoodoo practitioners bayou hilarity and a nail biting battle of the titans ending For all mystery readers who love humor—because if you think you don't like vampyre books you haven't met a woman sleuth like Ovsanna Moore Don't think “vampyre” think the fulfillment of your fondest fantasy—a woman who wins every fight; who being years old can say exactly what she wants with no guilt and no regrets; and who even at the advanced age of is sexy as a year old and still up for hot romance Part comic mystery part police procedural a little bit supernatural paranormal and cccult with a dash of old fashioned vampyre romance Make Me Dead is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud— than once.

About the Author: Adrienne Barbeau

All my life I’ve been a performer – an actress a singer a dancer even a talk show host – but never in the wildest dreams of my first years did I ever imagine I would write something that other people would read I still can’t uite get over it Adrienne began her career entertaining our servicemen Make Me PDF/EPUB or throughout Southeast Asia She made her Broadway debut as Tevye’s daughter Hodel in Fiddler o.